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In every generation there is one that is chosen. She is chosen to fight the demons and vampires. She has to fight her inner demons along with learning to be immortal and to be a mother? When did things become so complicated and when will the Knight start acting like one and when did he become a father? Are the Powers that Be evil, for bringing back our hero? She has to endure heartache, betrayal, jealousy, songs, love and midnight feedings. However haven't we learned time and again that the chosen one is not alone. She is not alone in her calling? She has to have Faith She has family. Brother, Sister, Lovers, Watcher's, Friends..

Part 1
I sigh and fidget under Xander's glare, it was one of those of half disbelief and shock. Willow on the other hand is just staring at me with a grin on her face and Tara is happily rocking Conner. Anya was looking bored as usual and Faith was just shaking her head.

I look back over at Xander and asked, "Honestly Xander, did you see me all fat and preggy? My hips are not huge."

"Ya know that's how I would like to have my children, Xander. Buffy do you think you can have the Powers hook me up?" Anya asked.

I just glared at her and Willow popped her on the back of the head.

"Ouch," Anya yelped.

"Hey watch it. I don't want damaged goods," Xander joked.

Faith snorted," She's 1100 years old, she's probably already damaged."

"Hey, I'll have you know that I was raised a proper lady," She said giving Faith the finger.

It started as a small giggle and I ended up with tears in rolling down my face and my side hurting from laughter and me on the floor and Xander trying to defend his girlfriend while Willow was using magic to separate Faith and Anya constantly. It was a riot. I can't imagine the wedding but I'm glad someone can see a white light at the end of a tunnel on the Hellmouth. I'm glad its Xander and Anya. I'm glad they are making it work. For some reason I see them together forever, even if they are an odd couple, they seem to be perfect.

I was good to be home. For the first time since I was brought back things felt well they felt normal. I knew the reason I was brought back. Willow was a pawn in their game, it had been a shock to her but she had admitted to waken up with a spell in her head. She had no idea how or why she just thought it had been something she had read and instantly had the urge to get the ingredients together and knew that the only day this would work was the was the last day of summer and only this day. She told me crying that she had this overwhelming urge to raise me from the dead. She knew where I was but she couldn't stop herself.

I hugged her and I started crying myself. I whispered to her and told her it was ok. It was the PTB, she was under their spell, they wanted me back. We held onto each until we felt like we had connected once again. This was my friend, my best friend, my Willow, my confidante, my sister, and the person who has been with me since the beginning. I couldn't let her slip away and that made me think of the other person who had been with me from the beginning.

I haven't even told them about me being Immortal. I think that's something I am going to keep to myself. As I look around the room my laughter stops. I'm going to watch them die, hopefully it's by old age but I'm going to watch them die.

I was startled out of my thoughts by the sound of a phone and I looked around. Everyone was looking at me. I frowned when I heard it coming from Conner's diaper bag. I peeked inside. I should have known. I pulled out Angel's cell phone and picked it up.

The number on the caller I.D. was the Hyperions', like I was expecting anything else.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in before answering.

"Ya?" I asked slightly annoyed that the phone was slipped in the diaper bag.

"Buffy?" a voice said.

"Fred?" I asked.

"Buffy oh thank goodness I found you, see I really need to talk to you but Cordy said leave you alone but I really need to talk to you but maybe I shouldn't but you know or maybe you don't know, cause things are really bad and you just left?" She babbled

I rolled my eyes.

"Fred, maybe you should calm down," I said.

"Oh Buffy I cant, things are so bad and who is Drusilla?" She asked.

Her question caught me off guard and I looked around the room because I haven't told them yet about Dru.

"Hmm, what about Dru and please Fred give me the short version?" I asked pleading. I saw heads shoot around to me. I avoided everyone's eyes. I knew I had some explaining to do as soon as I got off the phone.

I head her sigh," Buffy, Will took off to his room and refuse to come out for a few hours and then when he did he was drunk. I'm not even sure where he got the alcohol. Probably from Mr. Giles or Wesley. He headed straight for Angel's room hollering about taking care of Darla once and for all and finding out about where Drusilla was and what she wanted. Angel stopped him and they got into a huge fight and they both got some punches in, however Will took off before Angel could knock some sense into him and Darla was standing there laughing. Buffy you need to come home," she pleaded. I could hear she was crying.

I didn't say a single word. I wanted to strangle Angel. He should have dusted Darla already and Will is probably going after Dru, and Angel didn't go after him.

"Damnit," I whispered.

"Fred you go tell Angel I said go after Will," I said.

"Ok," she said.

"I'm on my way," I said and hung up before she could say anything.

I looked at the gang who was hanging on every word that I had said.

"Its like the whole God damn World is against me," I snapped.

Xander grinned," Bong!" he screamed.

We all looked over at him.

"Xander honey, are you sick?" Anya asked.

He frowned," No don't you people ever watch movies?" he asked.

I grabbed my stuff in a hurry and stuck my stuff in the Jeep and grabbed Conner. After he was in I turned to look at everyone and I gave them a hug.

I turned to Faith.

"I know you're not Five by Five B. You're still having the dreams because I'm not sleeping well. You need to get back to what you're best at Buffy. That's Slaying girlfriend. You and me, we are sisters," she said. She hugged me and headed down the street.

I was slightly shocked by her speech but she was right and I knew as soon as I stepped back into Sunnydale.

I turned to Xander and said," She's really changed hasn't she?" I asked.

He just shrugged and gave me a hug. " Don't be a stranger," he whispered.

"Ya, I really need your measurements," Anya said.

I grinned and hugged her. She seemed surprised but hugged me back.

I turned to Tara and gave her a quick hug and I told her to take care of Willow and I hugged Willow, I didn't want to let go, I just got her back.

"Buffy, have you talked to Angel lately?" she asked looking around.

"Um no we really don't talk much. It depends on what you mean?" I asked.

She studied me for a few minutes and shrugged and smiled.

"Never mind, I'm sure he will be talking to you soon. Be safe," she whispered and shoved me in the car before I could ask her what she was talking about.

I headed towards LA as fast as I could with a baby in the car. I blocked everything out my head but the music that was playing. Jungle love? Who the hell plays that anymore? What the hell, I might as well listen to it.  I'm starting to think that the Hellmouth is a better place to raise a kid than LA. or I should say the Hyperion.

I stumbled down the street knocking into several people. I didn't care I could feel her. I was getting close. I was going to find her. Shit too bad I didn't think about bringing a stake? Ha, I snort, could I even stake her. Not bloodly likely she had been my Black Princess, my Black Goddess. I had fucking done everything for her. I died for her she made me immortal, my sire. My beautiful sire. Pain and guilt hit me all at once and a feeling of nausea, we had done some pretty nasty things in our time together. Of course she couldn't have made me this way if it wasn't for that pounce of a dork called Angel or Angelus back then who made her. He did a great job making her nuts.

As I got closer my demon could feel her calling out to me. I stumbled to a park bench and stopped what the hell am I doing? Dru is nothing but trouble and that means she's here to raise trouble. Darla. I don't trust her and if she's seeing Dru then she's the mastermind in something. If Angels not going to stop her then I will, I thought through my hazed mind.

"Hello my Spike," Dru said. I twirled. She was right behind me. What the hell was she wearing? She was wearing leather pants and a red top. Huh? When did she start wearing this type of clothes? I actually licked my lips she looked wonderful, shaggable..

Damnit no, bloody hell.

She smiled, in a predatory way and moved closer so she was sitting on top of my lap. I was frozen in place.

"Do you like baby? Darla thought I should start dressing in the now," she whispered as in my ear. She ran her hands up over my shoulders and through my hair. I shivered. Think of Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred who?

"You need to come back to me. That nasty ole Slayer stole Daddy and my William. She needs to be taught a lesson. She's a bad, bad girl. Daddy always told me girls like her need to be taught lessons. Don't you think so Spikey? " She giggled. She nipped my ear with her teeth.

"The stars told me that you have a soul like Daddy's but yours is different. I can't take yours away. Its permanent," she pouted.

I let out an unnecessary breath and nodded thank the sweet Lord, even if there was one. Which I let out a small ironic laugh..

"But don't you feel it, your demon is calling out. Its calling out to me," she whispered as she ran her fingers down my chest and unzipped my pants.

"Miss Edith says that I have a new brother, how come I don't get to see him, Spiky?" she whined kissing my neck. I groaned.

I pushed her off and turned around and said, " Because you're evil."

She grinned," You use to love me like that," she said running her hands up against my chest again.

I backed up against a wall of an old building. There was no denying that I still wanted her.

"Dru, Why are you here?" I tried asking.

"Cause mum, wants me here. We have plans," she said. I groaned as I felt my cock come out of my pants.

She placed her hands on my cock and I groaned. I jerked; it had felt like forever since I had felt my lovers touch on my body. My eyes opened wide. My lover? A picture of Fred flashed and disappeared quickly when I felt her tongue sliding up and down my cock.

"Oh Lord," I cried.

"Dru, What does Darla want?" I croaked.

I peeked down at her to see her lift her mouth off my cock and her dark eyes look at me and I pushed her hands aside, I didn't want this but I did but she was talking maybe I could get more information out of her? Ya right, I was drunk and I wanted to get shagged, laid, whatever.

I closed my eyes and asked again," What does Darla want with Angel?" I felt her greedy hands and her tongue. That was it. I lost it. Darla and Angel who?

" I want you to be mine again, William," She murmured insanely and grinned.

I looked down at her. She was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, sucking up and down. The pleasure was simply wonderful but her eyes caught my attention they were void of anything. They held no emotion, no passion; no love no nothing, just coldness. I shuddered and thought of Fred whose eyes flashed with so much pleasure when she had an orgasm. Fred who enjoyed being around me for the hell of it Fred who had no idea who I really was, but Dru did

I closed my eyes and grabbed her hair and sighed.

"This is going to hurt me more than you baby," I whispered.

I yanked her by the hair and she squealed with pleasure. Dru always loved pain. She had no idea that I wasn't going to play.

"Dru, I'll play with you if you tell me about Darla," I whispered in her ear. I vamped out and was nipping at her neck. My demon was screaming for her blood and honestly it had been too long since I had tasted her. I couldn't resist so I took a taste.

"Shhh, she just wants him. She's just looking for away to get back her Angelus, for Daddy to return to us. Don't you want to come back to us, to me, baby?" she screamed trying to bite me back but I wasn't letting her.

After I had my fill, I threw her to the wall. "That's it?" I grounded out? I was annoyed I knew that. That was old news.

She nodded.

I turned around and walked away as quickly as I could. I could hear her screaming.

"You can't leave me Spike. I'm in your blood. I'm your sire I made you. The stars are screaming something bad is coming. An old enemy is coming," she laughed hysterically.

I turned back to make one quick look to see her spinning around in a circle. Angelus really did make her nuts. I turned back and ran straight into the man.


I had pulled up not more than five minutes ago and I was about to strangle Fred. She had told me that Angel had agreed to go find Will but he had been gone for about thirty minutes and on top of that Darla was gone. To shut her up I ended up giving Conner and telling her I will get her when Will comes back and to her which my Watcher's mouthed a "Thank you".

Ten minutes later the lobby was completely cleared and I was standing in the middle with a wooden staff. I started twirling and doing a set of exercises. I let my mind wander to Faith and her words. I was a Slayer, this was my job, my duty, my life and my destiny but now that I was Immortal how would that play with my life? I twirled and ducked and jumped with speed faster than any human could possibly dream. Should I continue being a Slayer or should I stop and let Faith bloodline continue the Slayer heritage? Could I just raise Conner and be a regular mom? Or would I watch him grow old and die? What about Angel's Shanshu? My thoughts were starting to get muddled when I thought of Conner and Angel. I eventually blocked everything out and thought of Darla.

"Bring it on," I whispered with a grin and brought my staff down. My imagination was doing a great job of beating the shit out of her. I took a quick look at the clock and noticed that the sun was going to be rising very soon They weren't stupid and sure enough they walked in soon after. They stopped when they saw me all sweaty and swinging a staff. They knew from the expression I was wearing to be very weary.

"Buffy," Angel says surprised.

I don't say anything; I just glare at them and narrow my eyes at their bruises that are healing.

"Buffy," whispered Will.

They just look at each other since I haven't said anything and they don't like the way I'm twirling the staff.

"Umm how was your trip," Will says as he makes his way to the stairs.

"You going somewhere? My trip would have been better if I didn't have two psycho vamps go at each other and I got called home," I said and ran in front of the stairs.

"You heard about that huh?" Angel said.

"You think?" I snapped.

"What the hell, were you thinking Will?" I asked.

"I was thinking Angel was a dumb ass for not kicking Darla on her ass," He said.

What could I say to that? I just nodded. The bitch had to go.

"Now wait a minute, were you the one who just had a confrontation with Dru a few minutes ago," Angel snapped.

My head snapped up to look at Will, he had a confrontation with Dru? That wasn't good. I just sat down on the steps. I'll just stop them before it got bad.

"Listen Angel, I don't know what the hell you are thinking but Darla just wants Angelus back, that's what Dru told me. So she fooled you, so what, get rid of her. She's nothing but trouble, and at least I was able to stop Drusilla," he said getting in Angels' face.

"I just don't want to do anything rash," Angel said.

"Oh please of course I want my dear boy back," Darla said sweeping into the room.

"I want them both back," she said.

"Sorry, you cant have Conner, and I don't think Angel wants you to have Angelus," I snapped.

"Did I ask you?" she said.
"Nope but when it comes to my son you don't even have to ask," I grinned and relaxed on the stairs.

"Anyway Dru said that's all Darla wants is you back," Will said not even paying Darla attention.

"I knew she couldn't keep her mouth shut," Darla said with a grin

I just looked at Darla who was grinning. Why was she grinning? I really didn't like the grin, she looked like a predator who really needed to die. Something was really up with her.

"Oh and as I was leaving she also said that an old enemy was coming," Will said.

Angel just shrugged, "There is always someone" he said

That's when I remembered the old creepy guy.

"Oh maybe she means they creepy guy that keeps following me," I said.

That got everyone's attention oops I guess I should have told everyone sooner.

"Buffy, don't you think you should have mentioned this sooner?" Angel asked.

"Well duh, but I was a little busy with but if you weren't so preoccupied you would have noticed that he was watching you as well Angel," I snapped.

At least he looked a little guilty," Did he have a name?" he asked.

" Hmm he was dressed in old clothes like 18 century stuff and it was funny name like Stoltz. Hmmm Holtz that's it," I said.

I looked up to see a horrified look on Angles face and a scared one on Darla's. Oh this is not going to be good.

Part 2

As soon as Buffy mentioned Holtz I had a flashback. I remembered killing his family. We had killed them all, the baby the mother and turned the little girl as a message. I closed my eyes. I turned to look at Darla who I saw was grinning but looked scared. God I wish she would stop grinning. I was a fool a soul? What was I thinking? How could I have been fouled like that? I felt like reaching out and snapping her neck.

"How can Holtz be here?" Darla asked.

My thoughts exactly that had been over 100 years ago. Was he a vampire himself? Had he been changed? How the fuck had he gotten here? Why was he here?

"Whoa, who is Holtz, cause gotta tell ya the guy is freaky? He's out for revenge?" Buffy said.

I turned quickly and walked up to her and grabbed her arm," Buffy, what did he say he wanted?" I asked in a deep voice. My thoughts were only of my son. If he was on revenge that meant Conner.

"Angel, let go you're hurting and he just said to let Angelus know that revenge was coming in a creepy way or something like that. I'm sorry I dont remember everything he said. I do know that he was human or at least not a vampire I didnt sense it on him," she said.

I immediately let go and felt ashamed to see the bruise on her arm. I backed up and ran up the stairs to where Fred was and quickly grabbed Conner and headed for my room and shut and locked the door.

I sat in the rocking chair and held my son.

I felt the tears fall and I didnt bother to brush them aside. For the first time I felt what it was like to be a father, I felt Hotlz's pain for what I had done. Now that I had a child of my own I knew that he was coming for me for us. I didnt want to think of the magic he had used to track me down over the centuries. However I would do the same thing and I only have one child and I didnt have to kill my child. I couldn't even imagine the pain he went through having to kill her. I rocked Conner and held on to him for dear life.

"No one will ever harm you as long as I am alive," I whispered. I held him tight but Conner didnt seem to mind he just stared at me with trusting eyes, the same eyes as his mother.


As I watched Angel flee I wanted to go with him but I knew I wasnt going to get any answers from him. He had already placed a wall up but I might get them from the blond evil skanky ho who calls herself his sire so I turned on her but Will had her pinned already.

"So Darla, you want to tell us who Holtz is?" he asked.

I walked towards her swinging the staff; it really felt good to have a weapon in my hand.

"Honestly, back when Angel and I were soulless, we had an encounter with Holtz he was a vampire hunter or he thought he was. He never caught us. I remember leaving Angel to burn though. He followed us everywhere, anyway we killed his family, baby, wife and turned his little girl and gave as a message. Guess he had to kill her," She said with grin.

I placed my hand over my mouth I thought I was going to be sick, and turned away from her grin. Oh god, no wonder he wants revenge and Angel I looked up towards his room; I wonder what he's thinking. I saw Fred standing at the corner of the hallway it was good she wasnt coming down here.

I heard Darla laugh, how the hell could anyone think she had a soul, well that was going to end now. Before I could turn around I heard a slap, I quickly turned around to see Darla getting off the floor. She was screaming at Will and she was pissed off.

"How dare you, boy. You have no right to touch me. I'm your elder, my blood created you, its flowing through your veins through your mates veins. I smell her all over you," She shouted.

"That just makes me want to hate you more," Will yelled but I saw him flinch .So he did see Dru, I looked up towards Fred and she had heard it too. Damn she took off down the hall. Shit anything else want to happen around here?

I saw Darla running towards Will and I took the staff and tripped her.

"You bitch," she screeched.

"Come off it, Darla. Can't you learn another word by now? Your like ancient, you should know the dictionary backwards and forwards by now," I snickered.
"Sorry, but I was too busy having fun and having sex with Angelus and not going to collage like you were Slayer," She snarled as we circled each other. I twirled my staff slowly this should be fun. The idea of her touching Angel or even Angelus was too much. I was instantly jealous.

"You didnt hear? I really didnt go to collage either. However I did pick this up in "I'll Bitch SlapYou 101," I said with a smirk and I took the staff and brought it down behind her knees so she came crashing down to the floor. She rolled to the side and she took a punch, which I ducked easily, and I swung the staff around and hit her from behind again. I then proceeded to punch her in the stomach. I threw the staff to the grown. Screw this shit, time to go basic and go with what God gave me. I jumped up and kicked her straight in the face. She flew back into the wall with a crash.

"Come on is this all you got?" I asked. It was like she wasnt even trying. Which was weird for Darla. I figured she would like to take me out given the chance.

She just laughed

"Will had me a stake," I yelled. I could here one coming through the breeze and I simply reached up and grabbed it without every taking my eyes off her.

I walked up to her and she never got up as soon as I got closer to her I leaned down and said," Ya know I would have thought you had more in ya," I said with a smile.

"Oh I do," she whispered.

Before I knew it the bitch injected me with something.

"OWW!" I yelped dropping the stake and going unconscious and Darla taking this opportunity to run upstairs and hide.

Part 3

"Well shit," Exclaimed Cordelia as she stalked into the office and throwing open the door.

I barely glanced up at her as I was trying to wake up Buffy and move her to the couch.

"Cordelia," I murmured.

"Well hello to you too ensoulled vamp number two," She snapped.

My temper was not in the mood for her and Buffy was not waking up.

"Cordelia I am not in the mood for this, could you just get Angel and why are you here at five thirty in the morning?" I growled.

"Ya well lets see, I was having wonderful sex with my Groo baby and then the next thing I knew I saw Buffy. It did some damage to my sex life. So no sex for Cordy this morning," She said.

"Ya know Cordy, You could shut up and give me a hand, something happened to Buffy," I said.

"Oh ya thats why I'm here, did you not hear me what I just said. I saw Buffy. It means I had a vision. Searing pain, only it was weird I just saw her but it wasnt here it was like weird and then I saw her and Darla cause I saw the whole fighting then the drug thing but guess I was too late. By the way I called what's up with the phone?" She said walking over to the phone and noticing it was off the hook.

"You might want to go get Angel. However you might want to tell him it's an emergency," I suggested.

I watched as she ran up the stairs and I looked down at Buffy. I smoothed her hair back and kissed her warm cheek.I heard her moan and I heard her heartbeat start to pick up.

"Buffy, can you hear me? Are you all right?" I asked.

"Uuuggghh as long as I'm not in a hospital I'm not in a hospital right?" She asked blinking and looking around like she was confused.

I stared at her, her eyes looked a little drugged and she looked confused but other than that she looked the same.

"No your not in a hospital, Your in La in Angel's hotel," I told her.

I saw her hesitate then smile.

"Buffy," Angel ran down the stairs, Cordelia and Fred in tow.

"Are you ok?" He asked as he checked her over from head to tow.

She just nodded like she was unable to talk; I was starting to think she couldnt. Her eyes were going in and out like she wasnt there.

Angel grabbed her and took her upstairs and that was the last I saw of her. I watched as Cordelia followed with Conner. I looked over at Fred who was glancing at her feet. She started towards the stairs.

"Hey," I said but she kept going. I frowned.

About half way up the stairs she turned to face me and looked at me with those eyes. The emotional eyes and I knew that she knew. I could see them so well with my vampire eyes.  I had no clue what to do or what to say. For the first time I was not paying for sins of the past but sins of the now. My conscience was holding me responsible for hurting Fred. Did I love her? I dont know. She was my friend, my lover and my support but my love? That I did not know.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. Sorry wasnt good enough and I knew that. I didnt have sex with Dru but I might as well have, in the eyes of Fred. I watched as she walked the rest of the way up and it felt like I was dying all over again. I walked into the entertainment room and sat down and I did something I never thought I would do...brood.

It was weird because for a minute there I could have sworn I was in the hospital again and Dr's were telling me I was ok and that I would be leaving shortly if I got well and that my husband would be picking me up and the next thing I know I felt a kiss on my cheek and Will was telling me I wasnt in a hospital. Had my mind had to be playing tricks on me? What the hell did Darla give me? What was Angel doing? He was acting strange, he whisked me off to his room and laid me down on his bed and roamed his fingers all over my body to make sure I was ok. Not that it didnt feel good, but is this Angel or is my mind-playing trick on me again?
"I'm going to kill her when I find her? What the hell were you thinking Buffy? You know better than that I dont want you to kill her," He swore under his breath, but his fingers were under my ribcage under my shirt and I shivered. Had it not been for Cordy in the room I probably would have cum right then. I hadnt felt Angel's fingers on my flesh in such a long time.

I turned over on the bed and closed my eyes. I felt him get off the bed and I could hear his footsteps and I heard him talking to Cordy. I heard about the vision and I heard him ask if she was ok.

However as I closed my eyes, I was suddenly back in the hospital.

"Mrs.O'Connell, honestly if you will just work with us you will be able to go home and be with your husband and your new baby," The Dr. said.

I sat there staring at him like he was freak from another planet. I wasnt about to say "HUH" or "What the FUCK" cause honestly this place looked like a loony bin but a nicely well paid for one cause the Dr. has a Rolodex on and I have beautiful wedding band that has several nice diamonds and one hell of and engagement ring.

"Look Buffy you have a visitor," the Dr said soothingly. Ya right how much are you getting paid buster.

I looked anyway, this was my dream right?

At the door stood my mother. My Mother and I instantly knew this was a trick. I knew I was on drugs but my heart couldnt take it. I knew my heartbeat was starting to pick up. Even heaven wasnt this nice cause I never saw her. She looked so real. She was holding something and coming closer and it cooed.

"Oh God," I whispered.

"Oh Honey, Liam and Conner really wish you would get better and come home," she whispered as she came in the room. She sat down beside me and handed the baby to me. I looked down to see Conner, my Conner. This was some dream.

I started crying. This was Conner down to every detail, I even had the urge to nurse him. Who was Liam? If this was Conner was Liam, Angel? He had to be. Is this place real? I reached out to touch my mother's face and I jumped when I touched her skin. My mother was real? When has a dream ever been this real? This is what I have always wanted to see my mother see my child, to see her holding him. Angel to be human to have a child with him but I'm in a loony bin?

"Oh God," I whispered. I backed up against the wall and just watched as she talked to the Dr. Wasnt this everything I wanted?

I just blinked and opened my eyes I had to shake my head several times and I was back with Angel who was on the bed sleeping with Conner and me. My shirt was soaked with tears and milk. I reached over to pick up Conner to nurse and thought about the drugs Darla gave me and cursed. I sighed and had to get up and away from Conner my breast were starting to hurt. I was going to make Darla pay for this. How was Conner going to eat? Were the drugs going to stay in my system long? I needed to talk to Wesley soon.

Normally I would have looked at the scene and smiled but this was starting to wig me out. This wasnt your typical nightmare; I wasnt just drugged was I? Was I going in and out of a dimension? Was that me somewhere else? Was there another me and a husband and a baby who was living a somewhat normal life beside me being schitzo? I know there are different dimensions but is there a drug possible to make someone crossover? Why would Darla give it to me? Duh Buffy thats obvious, I grazed Angel's face with my fingertips and I felt him moan, I felt my body stir. The more I'm around the harder it gets. I sigh and I kiss Conner, he's going to want to eat soon. Will it be safe for him to eat?

I walked downstairs to get something to eat and saw a light on and found Will sitting there just staring at nothing. I studied him a moment, he reminds me of Angel. Fighting his emotions.

"Mind if I join you," I asked after I sat down.

"Be my guest. Feeling better?" He asked quietly.

I paused and nodded.  I thought it was better to lie.

He wasnt even looking at me. I knew he was lost in his thoughts.

"This is about Fred and Dru, isnt it?" I asked.

He didnt say anything but didnt matter.

"You can't always fight your feelings. Look at Angel, he slept with Darla and they made Conner. Then he turned around and slept with her again and again and again. He may want to say it was just to escape the cold but I know it was more than that. She's his sire, she's going rank up there," I whispered.

He was silent.

"I can't say I know what your feeling cause I dont. Personally I want to kill the bitch. Angel can't kill Darla again, he's tried and he doesnt want to try anymore. He doesnt care if he looks like a fool. A part of him loves her always will. I know that, but it doesnt stop me from trying to kill her. She's soulless and she's got to die. I dont know what she injected me with today but its bad," I whispered.

"I think you got it in one," he said.

"Give it time and talk to Fred. If you love her than try to work it out. Angel and I never tried to make it work. We never tried to work for a spell to make his soul permanent. I always thought that Angel never wanted to be with me. In some ways I'm glad he left. It gave me time to grow up. However I wish he had been around I really needed someone to love me," I said. I felt the tears threaten.

Will turned to me and said," Hey you had me," he grinned.

I laid my head on his shoulder, " Ya, I had my stalker!"

"Besides werent you the one who said, I may be loves bitch but at least I'm man enough to admit it?" I snickered.

"Shut up Slayer," he growled and threw a pillow from the couch at me.

"Sorry, ya know I have always been waiting to get back at you for that one," I admitted with a grin. I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes.

I felt his hands on my shoulders and I snuggled down more.

"It will be ok," I promised.

I can only hope it will be. I tried to keep my eyes open but the more he rubbed my shoulders and my hair I couldnt help myself and I knew he was drifting off himself. Tomorrow is another day and it couldn't be any worse than this.
On 5th street at the Cortella Apartments Penthouse I, sat down and looked at the pictures that surrounded me. I saw the pictures of my sister and Darla and Angel and his followers and even my nephew. I was determined to get rid of Angel. An Angel dead was fine with me. He was no good for my little sister. All he ever did was hurt her. Holtz wanted to kill him and when I found out he was hanging around and I remembered who he was from all my research of Angel. At first I had been surprised considering the guy should be a dead corpse rotting in his grave but when I first saw him in the alley with Buffy I noticed he followed us back to the Hyperion and I followed him to his residence. Not that I would call an old warehouse a residence.

Once he found out I wanted to get rid of Angel and supplied him with a few bits of information like the "soul". Not that it mattered to Holtz he was out for revenge after all. I invited him back to my apartment and showed him the floor plans of the hotel. When he found the pictures of Buffy however I actually became nervous. He was hooked on her for some reason. He had figured it out by just paying attention. The attraction that was between them, he didnt even have to listen to a conversation between Angel and Buffy. He believed the key to Angels downfall was Buffy, for an old man he was completely right. However he wanted the child. That was not going to happen. Conner was my heir. He may be Angel's but he was also Buffy's which meant he was my bloodline as well and I dont plan on children. I was going to keep a good eye on Conner a vampire's child and a Slayer's child I will go straight to the top, to be a senior partner.

That was how Lilah found us. I wasnt expecting her visit. She had always seemed to do things on her own. I guess she was getting desperate.  We concocted a story to keep her out of our hands for a while, however she's smart and she will be back.

Not long after Lilah left, Darla tracked me down like I knew she would.  Darla was an interesting woman and as a vampire she was obsessed with Angelus. That had always pissed me off. She had come to me and asked how she could get him back. I never invited her in and almost turned her away but looked at the syringe sitting on the table. I looked back at her with a sad smile. I gave it to her with a sad smile and actually hoped that someone would forgive me but then I thought of Angel and my hatred over came that.

She had asked what it was and I said it would make Angels wildest dreams come true. She had taken it thinking it would make Angel lose his soul and I told her to give it to Buffy. She didnt like that idea but I said, " What like you think he's going to lose his soul with you?"  It had been a lie of course it would do the opposite or at least that was what Holtz had told me. I told her what do to with it. It was all up to Buffy. She left with a grin and I heard her whisper, "I'm going to get my boys back," and she was gone in a flash.

"Stupid," I whispered as I sat back in the chair. I only felt hatred for her, at one time I felt what I thought was love but she took it and through it away for Angel.
Now she wasnt going to get him, it was a shame and she wasnt going to get Conner either I would make sure of that.

I looked down at my wristwatch and noticed the time. I needed to get up and take a shower and get change and go check on my little sis and then decided what kind of help she needs and honestly Conner shouldnt be left with vampires it just wasnt sanitary, I thought with a huge grin.

Part 4

A wail startled me awake, I sat straight up and my head hit the headboard and I rolled of the bed with a crash. The wailing increased and my head was pounding.

"Damn," I muttered. I lifted myself and looked at Conner who was on his stomach staring at me screaming his head off.

"Well little one, your not helping my head any," I whispered. Its too bad Tylenol wouldnt help about now. I rubbed my head and looked down at Conner to see him sucking on his fist.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, already knowing the question. It was early for his feeding but Conner was screaming. Had Buffy not fed him? That wasnt like her. Although I could smell her milk but it wasnt strong and it wasnt on Conner. The baby was starting to turn blue from screaming and even if I hadnt made up my mind he was Buffy's son. I had now He defiantly had her temper.

"Come on kiddo, lets go find your momma, maybe she just forgot," I tickled his tummy anything to stop the screaming. Do kids always scream like this?

We walked down stairs and Conner slowly calmed down almost as if he sensed we were going to look for his mom. Maybe he had the same feeling I did when I got close to Buffy. I could feel I was getting close to her. As I got closer to the "Entertainment room" I peeked in and saw her sleeping in the arms of Will.

Now I know I shouldnt have been jealous but at that moment I felt like I was going to lose it. If I hadnt had Conner in my arms I probably would have ran across the room and ripped him apart. For what I'm not sure, maybe it was because he got the simple pleasure of holding her and I couldnt. Maybe it was because she allowed him to or maybe it was all of the above. I wanted to take her upstairs and ravish her till she was mine but I couldnt or could I? My thoughts went back to Willow's phone call.

She had been nervous and she had the right to be. She actually started whispering on the phone. She reminded me of the Willow I had first met. Not the powerful Witch that the Powers had used to bring Buffy back. She had told me she had wanted to make it up to Buffy some how for the anguish she had caused. Of course she didnt know at the time she didnt cause it. So she enlisted Tara's help and they had searched for weeks till they had found a spell that went along with the original curse that the gypsy's cursed me with. She said it would bind my soul. She told me to think it over and we would talk later and hung up on me, Willow just hung up on me! She just lays this one me and hangs up.

Staring at Buffy lying with Will is tearing me up; I want her to be comfortable with me like that. I know they are not lovers. Hell, I caught him with Dru and wasnt he with Fred but his arm was around her waist and her hand was on his chest and my face had already changed but I heard a small sniffle and I calmed down remembering what I was here for.

Buffy must have heard Conner as well because she started to wake. I watched as she blinked and looked at us and smiled. I was transported back to when she was eighteen all over again. I love this woman. I want her to always see her smile like that in the morning. I watched as she untangled herself from Will and gave him a kiss on the cheek, I frowned at that. However, by the time she turned around I didnt let her see it. She came towards us and Conner started squealing.

"He's hungry," I said stiffly.

She looked at me with discomfort and frowned, then she did something funny, she walked past us.

"Buffy, Conner is hungry, he needs something to eat, you missed his feeding last night," I said following her. She was still silent and walking up the stairs. She walked into her bedroom and I watched as she turned from me and stripped her shirt. I could smell the milk on her, I frowned and quickly turned and gave her some space and few minutes later she was dressed in another shirt and lying down on the bed.

I was completely puzzled about what was going on. Conner was starting to scream and Buffy was ignoring him.

"Buffy," I yelled. She looked up at me.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked. She shook her head no and I handed her Conner and she just placed the baby on the bed. Conner's screams got louder.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and said," Buffy you have to feed him, he's hungry."

"Angel, I have a drug in my system, I cant feed him," she whispered with tears flowing down her face. I saw her look at our son and reach out and her hands where shaking and with the tips of her fingers she brushed away his tears and, then she took off down the hall before I could stop her.

"Now I have a dilemma Conner, how do I feed you and find your momma?" I whispered. I hadnt even thought about the drug and Buffy not being able to feed Conner. Geez, and the day has barely started.
I took off down the hall. I could barely see the tears were blinding. I cant breath. I stumbled into a room and closed the door with a bang. I looked around and saw it was one of the older rooms. Looks like Angel hasnt even bothered to even go in here, which was good, he won't look in here for a while. I grabbed a mattress and pulled it to the door so it was blocking the entrance. It wouldnt hold against him coming in but it would do for now. I just couldnt feed Conner. I slid to the ground and sobbed.

"Oh God," I moaned.

I'm going to kill that White Trash Ho when I find her. I had a feeling she was still in the hotel somewhere. Knowing what little bit about her I had a feeling that she would want to watch my downfall. The bitch is going to pay; I cant even feed my own son.

"Ok Buffy you have to calm yourself," I whispered to myself. I laughed out loud maybe I am going crazy. At least I havent answered myselfyet.

"This is just a dream," I whispered to him. He just looked back at me and smiled. I smiled back at him. He started nuzzling again. I obviously wasnt nursing since I was in this hospital but since this was a dream what the hell. I slipped him up to the breast. I was grateful I wasnt in a gown and I was in my own clothes even if I was sweatpants and a t-shirt, and Conner nuzzled a little bit more. I smiled down at him and I figured he wouldnt latch on and I was about to take him away when he did. It was an odd feeling not to have his fangs come down at the same time and for a person who didnt have milk, I felt it come down and I fed my son. I gasped, this cant be a dream.

"See Buffy, Conner wants you to come home," Liam said in awe. He had walked up beside me and was watching. How had I not noticed he was standing beside me?

I looked up at him to see the love I had been wanting from Angel, and to be this intimate with Angel and Conner, this was family. I wanted this. He had leaned down beside me and whispered," you know what you have to do." As soon as he had said that, the real Conner, my Conner had woken me from my dream. I have to remember it's only a dream.

I got up and walked over to a small table covered in dust. I had woken up and , everything had felt so real. I felt like I hadnt slept at all and the worst thing was I had milk all over me. I had ignored Angel and kept walking even though every fiber in my being told me to pick up my child and hold and comfort him.  How could I? How could I tell Angel what was happening to me? Was I going insane? The thing was I wanted the other life.

"ARGHH," I screamed and picked up the chair I was sitting on and threw it out the window. I sat on the floor screaming and rocking.

"This is realthis is real. this is real..," I screamed till my voice gave out and went to a whisper but I continued chanting the phrase over and over. I never noticed or felt the tears that fell. I simply sat there and rocked, I was starting to get lost again.
Part 5

We were standing in the lobby when we heard the crash followed by the screaming.

"Buffy," I whispered in anguish, I could feel her pain. Will was already running up the stairs and I gave Conner to Fred. As soon as he was safety in her hands I sped off and was past Will to where I could feel my love's pain. Our trip ended up on the 3rd floor I could see Giles trying to get a door open.

"Angel, Will, help me now," he yelled.

We could barely hear her now. It sounded like 'This is real' I could hear the pain in her voice. I looked at Will to see he could hear it as well and we pushed the door open with ease and what I saw pained me.

"Buffy," I breathed. I heard Will took an unnecessary breath in, so I knew this was affecting him as well.

"Oh Dear Lord Buffy," Giles whispered.

Buffy was kneeling in the middle of the room right in the sunlight. She was rocking back and forth, running her hands through her hair pulling and tugging at her locks and whispering 'Its not real' and she had a stake in her hand. Then she looked up and my heart broke in a million pieces. I have never seen such anguish come from her. Her eyes were bright green and her face was drenched with tears and she had dirt and dust covering her.

She looked at us taking her time, almost like she was memorizing us. She looked at me last and whispered, "Its not real." Then she started laughing and in a flash she took the stake, I thought she was going to throw it but she turned it on herself.

"NO!" We all yelled.

Sunlight be damned Will and I both jumped. Will grabbed the stake and I pulled her out of the sun. I could smell the blood; I looked and saw it wasnt deep.

I looked up at Will and Giles. "She will be fine from this," I said solemnly and picked her up. I took her to my room and took her shirt off. I swallowed and reminded myself that I am cleaning her wound.

"Damnit Buffy, what the hell is going on in your head," I whispered why placing a bandage over her heart. She knew she couldnt cut herself so she did it right, she went for the heart.

"Damn you Buffy, I cant lose you again, neither can Conner," I whispered. I laid my head on her belly and rubbed her sides.

"How the hell could you have even thought about doing that," I shouted this time. However she didnt move.

"Buffy," I said shaking her.

She moaned and I sighed and I walked out of the room and I went downstairs to go find Conner some food.

As soon as I got outside the room I saw someone I didnt want to see, Darla.
Hello, Lover, miss me?" she purred.

I was at her side in an instant and she was pinned to the wall.

"What the hell did you give Buffy?" I asked. I was disgusted at the site of her.

"What not enjoying your gift?" She teased.

"What the hell are you talking about, Buffy's sick, you bitch and I have a hungry son thanks to you," I yelled and twisted her arm. I saw her flinch.

She paused like she was debating something. "Hmm, well I guess that will work instead. Oh well, I really hated that girl and its not like I dont have milk." she said and licked her lips and brought her hands up to her breast.

"I have tons of milk, its a shame Buffy cant feed him but if he's hungry we cant let him starve now can we?"  She said sweetly, her blue eyes sparkling with laughter.

I really wanted to kill her but she was the only one who knew what Buffy had in her system and I could hear Conner crying because he was hungry. Fuck, I smiled an evil grin.

"Meow, lover wants to play," she said.

"Yes, just you me and some chains and how about a little torture. You like torture dont you baby? I remember you use to love torture, you taught me, except you messed with my mate, Darla. You know what happens when you mess with my mate, your going to wish I had just staked you. Kind of like last time," I whispered in her ear.

She reached up to whisper in my ear, " Bring it on, she deserved it. She took my mate remember."

I blinked at that. Is that what she thought? I was about to say something when I heard a commotion downstairs. I grabbed her arm and pulled her downstairs with me.

"You are not going upstairs," Cordelia yelled.

"Look I dont care who you are, thats my sister and thats my nephew so hand him over. I have the right to hold him," Lindsey snapped back at her.

"Fred do not hand him Conner," Cordelia said standing in front of Fred.

I just shook my head, what the hell was going on down here and Cordelia was actually at work?

"Honestly Cordelia. Why dont you let him hold Conner, the man has a right to family," Said Gunn.

Now why didnt I notice Gunn? He, Wes, and Giles were standing beside him watching the commotion. Personally, I was cheering Cordy on because I didnt trust McDonald for a minute, he was slime but he was Buffy's brother and why was he here. I felt Darla tense up and I heard her sigh. Lindsey was not Darla's type of man so I never figured out why she had saved him from the vault but then again she had also saved Lilah but she did live with Lindsey for a long period of time without killing him. That was unusual for Darla.

I looked back at Cordy who looked ready to kill Lindsey and I figured I better stop the bloodshed before Buffy found out. It wouldnt be a pretty site.

"Lindsey," I said with no emotion in my voice.

"Angel," he said with a grin.

I shuddered," What do you want?"  I asked.

"Well, for one I wanted to see my sister and I would like to hold my nephew. You do realize he is my heir. I have left him everything in my will so I can at least hold him and why can't I see my sister. What have you done to her?" he asked.

I wasnt in the least bit shocked by the information. I didnt trust Lindsey. I nodded to Fred to hand Conner over to Lindsey. I watched as he held him and with ease like he had done it all his life. He looked over at me and smiled.

"He looks just like Buffy," he whispered.

"How can you say that?" demanded Darla.

Lindsey looked up startled like he had just realized she was there and almost dropped my son. He sat down and stared at Darla like she was a ghost. Then he made a one-eighty and smiled at her that had even Cordelia drooling. Now I know why Darla was with him. I looked over to see Darla smiling her most brilliant smile she was charmed by him. It was a sad day when a human charmed a vicious vampire like herself. I snickered and looked over at Will who had been thinking the same thing because he was looking at the floor. I had to look away because I was about to start laughing. Spike and Buffy, Angelus and Buffy, but I plead the fifth on that one because my soul had been in my body already. Darla and Lindsey, it was really interesting actually.

Conner started screaming again and I went to take him and Darla snatched him before I could take him.

"Come to your.um soon to be mommy," she whispered and she sat down beside Lindsey and was going to try to feed him. Soon to be mommy my ass, but I didnt say anything and I was hoping no one else heard what she said.

"What the hell is going on here?" Lindsey asked.

"Buffy is sick, something happened to her," I said

"Ewww, she's not, your not going to let her," Cordelia said. I looked around everyone was looking away.

I had no clue and Conner, poor Conner was not latching on. Good for him, but I knew he was hungry.

"What do you me she's sick?" Lindsey asked

"Yes, well that Ho your sitting by gave her something and now Buffy's sick and cant feed Conner," Cordy snapped.

"Well said," I muttered. I watched as his eyes went wide and he flinched away from Darla in what looked like shock. She wasnt paying him any attention but trying to get Conner to nurse. Conner was screaming.

Something made me look up and I saw Buffy standing at the top of the stairs staring at us. She didnt make any move to join us she just stared. What caught our attention was she was staring at Darla and Conner and she had a smile on her face.
It was scary, she looked at me and I saw her mouth the words 'It's not real' and she turned and walked away. This puzzled me but I heard a scream and had to turn away. I swallowed my disgust when I realized it was out of delight, Conner had started nursing from Darla and the baby did not look happy and neither did Lindsey who was standing now beside Darla. The others around the room had gone there opposite ways I didnt blame them, She had done something to Buffy and I was letting her play mommy to Conner. This was wrong. I looked up to see Lindsey staring at Darla with hatred, maybe he wasnt that evil at all, then he turned to look at me and his glare was the same as it was while trained on Darla.
Then again maybe keeping an eye on Lindsey was a good idea.

I just nodded to him and watched Darla feed my child while thinking of ways to torture the information out of her.

"You know Darla, youre not leaving after you feed him," I said

She smiled evilly, "Oh I know you still need me to feed him for about 9 more months," she said sweetly.

I just about jumped out of my chair. I saw Lindsey grip the couch beside her. If it wasnt for Conner in her arms I think Darla would have been dead already.

"Your little Slayer is going to die and little Conner needs a mommy to feed him." She said grinning.

She looked at Lindsey," What do you know Lindsey, All my dreams are going to come true," She grinned and smoothed Conner's hair out of his face. She laughed.

I looked at Lindsey who had gone white in the face. What was all that about?

"Too bad youre her child, won't matter when you get older, we will take over the world, cutie," She whispered.

"The hell you will. Just finish feeding him Darla and shut up," I snapped.
I had already had enough of her voice and for some reason I knew it was just the beginning. Lindsey looked like he was lost in space and looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.

"Look if you want to go and Ill tell Buffy you were here," I said trying to get him out of here.

He did something odd he looked at Darla. He nodded and quickly walked out the door.

"Tell her Ill be back in about 20 minutes, see ya Darla," he shouted.

"Hmm see ya Lindsey," She said.

"Now Conner, wouldnt it be nice to have him around for eternity as well?" she asked the baby.

I arched my eyebrow she really is twisted.

"Ok ya know I think your done," I said and grabbed my son from her and took her by the arm and downstairs to the training room and found my chains. I quickly chained her up. I knew she wasnt going anywhere with these babies.

"Come on sleepy head let's see if mommy is up and around again," I whispered.

I heard Darla laugh and I walked away shaking my head. Honestly this cant be a healty to raise a child like this.

As I watched them I realized this place wasnt the real place. A vampire child, defiantly not real! The other Conner was real, vampires dont exist so my Liam is the real one not Angel. I had mouthed that to him and I didnt care if he understood or not my Liam knew. He was whispering me to come home. I heard a scream and I wondered if Conner started nursing yet. I just shrugged and walked down the back stairs to the basement to get what I needed.

After staking myself I found myself in Angels room I woke up thinking I had been lying with Angel and feeling his body with mine but I remembered it was Liam. I had been lying in a room in between Liam and Conner. Liam started kissing my lips my cheeks telling me how silly I had been for trying that. He had thought he had lost me. I had been confused. He said I had gotten it wrong. Then I heard screaming. It was all becoming confusing going back and forth. Liam's voice in my head whispering I had gotten it wrong he had almost lost me. I saw flashes of my mother as she came to get Conner and telling me there would be a big party when I got home.

I looked around the training room and made sure that everything I needed was here.

I saw flashes of Liam kissing me his hands running up under my shirt. Telling me he loved me. Telling me to come home, so we could make another baby.

"Would you like another baby?" he had asked.

"Yes," I breathed in between kisses. We attacked each other like we havent seen each other in ages. He rained kissed down my neck and slowly took my shirt off. He just gave me these tiny butterfly kisses up and down my arms and followed my bra with his tongue.

"Buffy," he whispered.

"A.Liam," I whispered.

He stopped what he was doing and looked up at me, there was pain in his eyes at my slight mistake. I was instantly sorry.

"Buffy, its time they go. If you want more, I want to give it to you so bad," He cried. He took my hand and placed it against his cock and we both groaned.

I reached up and kissed him with as much passion as I could give him and rolled him under me and for the first time I noticed I didnt have any strength. I was normal. I smiled.

"They go," I whispered and sealed it with another kiss.

I sighed and walked up the stairs. I wonder where Fred is?

I watched as Mr. McDonald walked out from the vampires layer or better known as the Hyperion Hotel. I had to shake my head at that. Angelus always had expensive taste. He always needed large buildings but a hotel with humans living with him that just seemed odd to me. Not that I cared, Angelus and Darla were going down and how fun it had been to find out that Darla had been to be the one to inject the Slayer with the drug.
Mr. McDonald had been full of information. Not that he meant too but I placed a drug in his drink. Seems he still carries a feeling of love towards his sister. That had been an interesting piece of news. The Slayer was in love with Angelus and the child was theirs.

Lindsey wanted Angel as he was called these days dead and gone. His hatred had over looked everything and he didnt even question the drug I had given him. I had said it would make everything ok. I had simply suggested give it to Buffy and it would make her dreams come true. From the look on the mans face at the moment I think he has just realized that he has been tricked. He's been in the game long enough to know not to trust someone who lives on hatred.

My grin got wider as he spotted me and headed in my direction.

"Hotlz," he snarled and grabbed my coat. I couldnt help but widen my grin.

"McDonald, how can I help you?" I asked him in a calm voice which seem to piss him off even more.

"You know damn well what you can do. What did you give my sister?" Lindsey yelled.

I grabbed the young man and dragged him to a deserted alley.

"I suggest you calm down," I suggested in a deadly voice.

Lindsey started pacing back and forth and I watched him and I knew exactly what was going through his mind. He wanted to help his sister but at the same time he wanted so much to kill that monster that she loves. I can feel the vomit at the thought of that lovely girl loving that creature. It's tearing him apart. Its a shame he feels guilty for giving Darla the drug. I myself feel no shame because the Slayer is going to do most of the work for me. I can't help but feel slightly giddy at that thought. Soon my revenge will be complete.

I whisper a small prayer for my loved ones, my sweet family. The two in heaven and my darling daughter in hell. I use to be like Lindsey pacing back and forth caring about someone. Sometimes I wonder if killing Angelus and Darla would be worth it. It was almost an obsession. No it was an obsession even before they killed my beloveds. I had wanted to be the one to capture the Scourge of Europe and his Sire and for payback for hunting them they went after my family.  I was the one who left my family alone that night. I left them helpless to the creatures of the night, maybe it was my fault.

" No," I whisper and I close my eyes. I refuse to think about it. They will die and the slayer.. she will help me.

"No?" Lindsey asked.

"None of your business boy. Just go back and see to your sister," I said.

"No I want the antidote for the drug you gave her and I want it now," he said.

He's cocky," Afterwards, when Angel and Darla is dead," I said. Defiantly afterwards

"This drug better not hurt her or I will kill you myself," Lindsey snarled. I blinked and for a minute I was actually afraid of the kid. He had spunk but I really didnt have anything left except my motivation to kill those two monsters.

I watched him walk back into that hotel and had to shake my head. So this is what the world is today. Angelus has friends and family and runs a business and has a baby with a Slayer who is suppose to hunt down his kind.

"Its all about to come to an end Angelus to bad its by your beloved. Its ironic I think," I said out loud.

With a chuckle I headed across the street and decided to find a way to get into the hotel. I think I need to get a front row seat for this. The drug should be taking full effect right about now. This should be very interesting.

Part 6

Honestly it hadnât been so hard to find Fred. Look for the weakest, Giles had always said. Well, Fred was the weakest. She had been more than happy to follow me to the training room. Of course when I saw Darla I thought to myself she would be perfect. I wouldnât have to do this myself. Darla could do this for me. She was evil after all.  I just ignored the laughter when I let Fred's body hit the floor and I walked over to Darla and unchained her.

"Shut up Darla," I snapped. 

"How funny, my savior." She smirked.

"Pretend you're still all chained up and you can have all the food you want," I said with a grin. She looked at me and frowned.

"What are you up too?" she said and stepped back.

"Nothing Darla, I'm going to make my dreams come true," I whispered as I headed up stairs. Next, I thought. I'm coming, Liam.

"Good," I heard him whisper. 

I headed up the stairs and I didnât bother to turn back to see if Darla was still there. If I knew her I knew she would stay there. She hated these people. She would make them suffer. A pang hit my heart but it went away when I thought of heading out in the sun with my son. Normal things. I would be normal. I wouldnât be Immortal. I could raise my child, with Liam, not Angel.

"Not Angel," I whispered and let a small tear come out. I let it fall and came to realize that was the last tear I would cry for him. I walked down the back staircase to the kitchen and found Cordelia sitting at the counter looking at a magazine and I smiled.

"Hello Cordelia," I said smoothly.

She looked up and smiled, " Buffy how are you feeling. Any side effects from the drug that Bitch gave you?" she asked.

I shook my head and walked to the fridge. I heard a moan of pain and ignored it and walked over to the counter and I could hear Cordelia moaning. I grabbed a glass and poured a soda and took a drink and turned around to face her. She was on the floor clutching her head and had a frightened look in her eyes.

"Ya know they could have at least warned you a head of time. That would have been the nice thing to do. Seems to me that the visions are worthless if they canât even save your life, all that pain for nothing," I snickered.

Her eyes went wide. What a shame. I saw her open her mouth. I ran over fast and punched and watched as she fell. 

"Tsk, tsk queeny we can't have you calling the boys in here now can we?" I asked the unconscious seer. I picked her up and dragged her down the steps.

"Look Darla, lunch number two but no snacking âtill we get Angel down here," I giggled and tied her up with Fred.

I looked up to see Darla staring at me like I was crazy. I just shrugged. Maybe I was, hell I was in a mental hospital in the other world. See I was talking about other worlds. Soon I will be mental stable and back with my loving family.

"If you will excuse me I have to go get you some delicious men for your main course," I told her.

"You really have gone off your rocker but who am I to complain. You know I donât have a soul. So who gives a damn and your making my job easier anyway so bring them on Slayer," she laughed.

"Why would I ever dream you up anyway?" I said as I walked up the stairs.

"She's really gone loony tunes," Darla laughed.

I walked around and gathered Giles and Wesley. It really wasnât that hard. I gathered each one and asked them to come down stairs saying I wanted to train. Neither one wanted to train thinking that it was too early from my injury and the drug and that getting on Angelsâ bad side. One good knock on the back of the head was all it took to take them down, and all this time Angel was busy with Conner.

Gunn on the other hand was a little bit trickier he had no intentions about going down stairs. Too dark for him, reminds him that vampires live here. Men they always have to make things difficult. I ended up having to get him close enough to the stairs and I just pushed. Damn if he wasnât a big guy. He made a shit load of noise going down. I quickly shut the door and I ran over to him and he was trying to get up.

"Buffy," he groaned. I closed my eyes. I hit him on the back and he fell flat and he stopped moving and I dragged him over to where Cordelia and Fred where. I wanted to keep him separated from Giles and Wesley was on the opposite side of him. I know how this goes they always get out of the situation somehow. Hell, I have been in too many of them myself.

Darla cleared her throat, "Oh Princess, you might want to go, someone's coming," she sneered.

I ignored her and picked up and dagger. There were only two people left and quickly ran up the stairs and opened it as Will was reaching for the door.

"Hey," he said with a smile.

"Hey," I said back but I didnât smile. I would smile later when I had something to smile about.

"Buffy, what's taking so long? Conner is hungry, come back to us now." I heard Liam whisper.

"Yes," I whisper.

"What?" Will said.

I shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair. "Nothing," I said and I lead him down the stairs.

"I thought I heard something?" he asked.

" You did," I said as we came to the bottom and I took the dagger out and I saw him looking around the room.

"Buffy, get help now," he yelled and turned to me.

"No I donât think so," I said and rammed the dagger into his side. His eyes went wide.

"ANG," he tried to yell but I punched him hard in the face. I closed my eyes I didnât want to see the betrayal his eyes held. 

"Very nice," Darla said. She was sitting on a work out bench.

"Shut up Darla," I snapped.

"Sorry canât I make a comment?" she asked.

"Well you canât, ok, I'm just bringing dinner," I said. 

"Well still, I never did like Spike anyway. You should have killed him. I donât understand how Dru could stand him. Actually I never understood how he could stand Dru," she murmured.

"Look didnât I tell you to shut up?" I snapped.

"Touchy, donât you have someone else to get?" she grinned.

I took one more look around the room. This should be fun. I walked up the stairs and closed the door and I went in search for Angel. The hotel was creepy when there was no one in it. The sad thing was I had done this I guess about twenty minutes or so. I knew I had to work fast or Angel would become suspicious.

I could hear Conner crying and I followed the sound. They were in the kitchen.

I walked in and Angel was heating up blood and Conner was sitting in his baby bouncer while it vibrated sucking on a teether. His little fangs were gnawing on the red toy. I listened as Conner cooed and Angel was telling him a story about a little girl named Kathy.

Was this normal? He was heating up blood for goodness sakes! Conner was sinking his fangs into his toy and Angel was talking about his dead sister that he himself killed 200 years ago as a fairy tale. Not only that his dead sire had come back and he had rushed back into her arms. I came back he didnât rush into mine. If this was my fantasy wouldnât he have wanted me? Why did he leave me? He would have never left me. Right?

I ducked out of site.

"Buffy, come back to us, we need you," whispered Liam. I flashed into the room and looked around the room. It was just Liam.

"Liam?" I asked attentively. My hold on reality was slipping. I wasnât sure who was who anymore. Was I even real? Why would I be real? What the hell is Slayer.

"Baby, you are so close," He whispered as he slipped his hand up my leg.

"God I can't wait to get you home. I have everything planned out. I was going to have your mother watch Conner but then I thought that you would want Conner around since you seem to be feeding him now. Isn't that the most amazing thing?" He whispered in my ears. The affect of his voice and hands had me shivering.

"Uh huh," was all I say.

"Just us on our house at the beach. Remember how you use to love the beach. We could take Conner to the beach baby. Then maybe you and I can have the nights alone," he suggested as he ran his fingers up closer to my thigh. I narrowed my eyes.

"Nights alone, are very good," I gasped. Oh this was good. It felt good to be normal.

He brought his lips to my breast and whispered," Yes baby they will be as soon as you leave here." He suckled on the right and then on the left. This was sweet torture.

 I moaned.

"Buffy," Angel said stepping into view.

I shook my head and looked at him I blinked a few times to realize that I was now at the Hyperion. Damnit this is not where I wanted to be.

"Buffy are you ok?" He asked concern written on his face. He brought me into the kitchen and Conner started to whimper. I'm guessing he's hungry, so sorry little man. The kitchenâs closed. I placed a perfect smile on my face and nodded. I was pissed. I wanted to go back. This is not where I belong and I'm going back now!

I looked at Conner and said, "Come downstairs with me Angel."

"You want me to go downstairs with you?" I asked

She just nodded. There was something funny about her. She had this distant gaze look in her eyes and she acted as if she wasnât paying attention to me and she for damn sure wasnât paying any attention to Conner. What was that word she was always using ⦠Pod People?

Since Darla wasnât talking Wesley and Fred had suggested taking a blood sample and finding out what toxins where in her blood. Except they seem to have disappeared. With Darla's feeding trick that seemed to have cleaned house. Not that I donât blame them. That did it for me as well but it didnât seem to bother Buffy, which bothers me. Makes me think that there is something seriously wrong with Buffy.

 "Why do you want me to go downstairs?" I asked.

 "I want to train some. I have built up energy and Will is asleep," She said

 I frowned, first of all Darla was down there and second of all Buffy shouldnât be training.

 "Honestly Buffy, you shouldnât be doing anything," I said.

 Then she looked up at me and smiled," Please Angel. It doesnât have to be rough does it?" She licked her lips. Oh God what the hell is she doing? I never could resist her. Screw Darla, she's about to learn that Buffy was my mate. However Buffy doesnât even know it.

 "Fine, look let me see if Wesley can watch Conner for a few minutes while we go down there," I said. I watched as panic came in her eyes. I narrowed mine.

 "Buffy, what's wrong?" I said.

 "I just want Conner with us," she said coming up closer to me. I could smell her arousal on her. It hit me like a ton of bricks. This was going to be harder then I thought.

 "Ill meet you down there. I want to finish this," I said as I grabbed my cup. She grinned. I watched as she walked over and grabbed Conner and she opened the door to the basement and jogged down.

I sighed and quickly finished my drink and looked around. It was extremely quiet; I just shrugged and walked down the steps. I never expected the board that hit me in the face. I looked over to see Cordelia struggling with her bonds and I turned my head back to Buffy and I blinked and she hit me again this time with her fist.

 "Why?" I whispered before pretended to black out which I really wasnât sure that I didnât. I donât remember Buffy moving me. I was sitting upright by Wesley who was kicking me with his foot.

 "Alright, you can stop." I whispered. It was starting to get painful. I looked around real quick to find Conner in the middle of the room on the floor. He was curiously scanning the room. Thankfully he was not screaming. I quickly made sure everyone else was ok. The only one who looked hurt was Will who was bleeding and it looked as if it was tapering off. No wonder it had been quite but everyone was gagged and bound except for Darla whose chains were undone and she was standing there laughing.

 I looked at Buffy was just standing there like she was deciding her next move. Buffy looked at me and laughed and spread her arms out wide and twirled and started to sing,

( Part on This is how you remind me by Knicklback What Angel was singing to Lorne)

 This is how you remind me
Tired of living like a blind man
I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling
And this is how you remind me
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am

It's not like you to say sorry
I was waiting on a different story
This time I'm mistaken
for handing you a heart worth breaking
and I've been wrong, I've been down,
to the bottom of every bottle
these five words in my head
scream "are we having fun yet?"

How ironic I thought for both of us to have thought of that song. I watched as she stopped singing and started laughing.

 "Honestly if you ask me your just plain crazy, even Dru's not this nuts. Well maybe she is," Darla mused.

 "I didnât ask for your opinion. Now shut up you can have them in a minute. I at least get to tell them why they are dying, " Buffy said nonchalant.

 She's going to let Darla kill us? Thatâs just pushing it! I looked over at Will to see him shaking his head. His chains were tight as well but I think I can get out of mine if she wasnât paying enough attention to me.

 "So back to what I was saying or singing about," she grinned.  I saw Cordelia roll her eyes. This is not the place Cordy, I thought.

 "You see Liam and the Dr's have all said that if you all die I can go home. You see you are all in my mind. You âre not real," She said.

 So thatâs what that not real thing was about. I grimaced when I thought of her trying to stake herself. I glanced over at Giles to see what he was thinking but his eyes were shut. I could see he was trying to hold back his own tears. I shook my head. She's been through enough. She should have never been brought back to life again.

 "I'm going to live a normal life, but unfortunately you have to die for me to do that." She whispered. I looked up at her to see she had tears I warunning down her face. My gag had slipped off half way and I shook my head to get it off the rest of the way.

 I watched as she brought her hands to her head. I could see she was sweating and I saw her shake her head as if she was agreeing with something.

 "I'll be home soon," she whispered. I widened my eyes she was serious.

 "Buffy you don't want to do this. We are real I promise you that," I pleaded.

 "No your not real, Angel. Liam is real," she said. She grabbed her hair and pulled and shook her head.

 "This is not real." She chanted softly.

 I frowned who's Liam. My name had been Liam once upon a time.

 "Liam is going to take me away when this whole mess is over and away from that hospital. I just have to get better," she said. I watched as her hands started to shake and her eyes became unfocussed.

 "Buffy we love you. Your real baby, please your Conner's mother," I said.

Of course it didnât help that Darla was holding the screaming child.

 "Oh please shut up, I am not this child's mother. This world is not real. If I were this child's mother I would have been the one to actually make love to his father. Which I can't do and, I would have been the one to carry him for nine months, which I did not do and I would have been able to deliver him, which I did not do either. This child has fangs and has to drink my blood. It's not real! Hello can we say fantasy!" she cried.

 I flinched. I honestly didn't know what to say. I could see the looks on everyone's face that I needed to say something soon.

 "Look around you Angel. Look in this room, what do you see?" she questioned. I looked around the room and I saw family hurting and Darla holding my child and rage built up and I saw my love who was hurting and I needed to get to her before she hurt anybody else or worse herself.

 "I see my family," I said hoarsely.

 "Of course you do. I see a bunch of freaks," she snickered.

 I heard a bunch of grunting. Apparently they didnât like that comment too much.

 "Look we have the high school May Queen Bitch who came to work with Vampire with a soul who ends up being a seer. Unbelievable if you ask me. Next you have Fred here who was in a dimension for five years. Personally that would have driven anyone insane. What I don't get is why are you in my schizoid world?" she said with a shrug.

 What kind of drugs did Darla give her? Darla is standing over there smiling like the Cheshire cat. I'm going to kill her as soon as I get out of these chains. I struggle a little harder as see her vamp out and play with Fred's hair.

 "Don't you dare touch her," I yell.

 Buffy walks over to me and places her hand on my cheek." Honestly Angel, it's all good," she whispers and kisses me on the lips but her lips linger. She pulls back and stares directly into my eyes.

 "Buffy, don't do this you have to stop this, your real this is insane," I said. She gave a sad smile.

 She slipped the gag back over my mouth and I struggle to keep it off and I see the tears fall down her face. I could see her eyes go in and out like she was not here with me but she was.

 "No what's insane is some sixteen year old girl thinking she's a super hero who can save the world. Now she's locked up in a mental ward, but on the outside she has a family who loves her. A husband and a son, I want that and I'm going to have that. Not this, not being ripped from Heaven just so I can be a Slayer all over again and watch my son grow up and die and watch you get your Shanshu. I am not going to be Buffy the Immortal Vampire Slayer thatâs just insane." She cried.

 I just stared at her. Did she say Immortal? I didn't even bother to glance around. My eyes were glued on her. My heart starting pounding, this was not happening.

 "Oh that's rich. Angel is getting his humanity and you got yours taken away. How funny," Darla laughed.

 "I'm through here," Buffy said and walked up the stairs and stopped about half way. She turned around and looked one last time. "Goodbye," she whispered and ran the rest of the way up the stairs.

 I heard struggles and I myself started to struggle harder but the chain wasnât giving. I glanced around and it was the same for everyone. Buffy wasnât stupid, she knew what she was doing. However there was one thing she didn't know.

 "Now, now honestly Angelus don't tire yourself out. I have plans for you my darling and it isnât anything pointy," she said out loud.

 "Your little Slayer is also going to die you do realize that Angel. I hate that Bitch," Darla said as she stood in the middle of the room.

 "Hmm which one do I want first? Ya know Angel we could raise the brat together," She said.

 Hell would freeze over first, I thought.   All of us stopped struggling as she came closer to Cordelia and all eyes were glued to Darla except me. I just closed my eyes. As much as I hated Darla I didnât want to see this.

 "You, I hate just as much as the bitch upstairs. I'm glad you stopped struggling although it does work me up an appetite," She snickered.

 "Lindsey," she whispered in a grunt of pain.


Two hours away I just dropped what I was doing.

 "Good Damnit, B. I blame Angel for this one. That damn whore should have died already," I cried.

 "Um, Faith why are you standing in the mirror talking to yourself," Willow asked.

 "Donât asked, just get everyone together. We have to back to LA and this time Darla has to die," I said without emotion.

Willow looked at me frightened," Is Buffy is trouble," she asked.

 "Willow, Buffy stays in trouble these days," I muttered and headed outside while she made the call. I know for damn sure I was driving.

 "I'm coming B. What have you done?" I whispered. I saw her hit Cordelia. I had another one of those visions thingy's that the powers keep sending me. Why the hell are they sending these things to me? They seem to be linked to Buffy, which was starting to get bothersome. I wasnât her keeper.

 I watched as Xander raced up Willow's driveway in a hurry.  I jogged over to the car and told him to get out. No one was too happy about that. I didnât have a driver's license.

 "I'm coming Buffy," I whispered again and I let my foot hit the ground and the car lurched forward.

 "Oh please God, keep us safe, I have to get married," Anya said. Was the only thing anyone said on the way there