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 I closed my eyes as I rammed the stake in her heart and flinched as she whispered my name. She never saw me coming, she was so preoccupied with telling Angel what was going to happen to Buffy. I'm not sure why I staked her, its not like I even like Angel and his friends.

 The room had gone silent and I looked down at the dust scattered on the floor and I nudged it with my foot. I actually just staked Darla. First, I brought her back to life and I just ended it. Kind of ironic, well it wasnât like I could have her telling anyone who gave Buffy that drug after all.

I could see everyone staring at me judging me as if wondering what I was going to do. I knew they didnât trust me, wise move. I walked over to Conner and picked him up and Angel's struggles increased. I couldnât help the grin that graced my face. I walked over to Angel and slipped off his gag.

I shrugged and said. "She was evil."

"Well Angel, it seems as if you got yourself into a slight predicament," I joked.

"Would you just get me untied," he snarled.

I didnât even bother to answer but just slipped the gag back on his face.

I held Conner lovingly and kissed him on the cheek. " Honestly Angel, I really donât like you. You have been nothing but an ass to my sister and now she's a nut case. I'm not sure what you have done to her but I will not let you do the same thing to my sweet nephew so I will be taking him into my custody. As for my sister what kind of monster are you to do that to her?" I whispered I tried to ignore the guilt of pain that hit me. I had no idea where she was. I had watched the whole scene peeking behind the stairs. I can only hope the drug wears off.

I watched as Angel's eyes went wide and he began to struggle harder as did the others around me.

"Well I must be off, nice seeing you again." I rushed out of the room with Conner. What the hell was I doing? The look in Angel's eyes, if he ever caught me I was dead.

As I reached the lobby I could have sworn I heard music and I almost stopped. No, I know Buffy would want me to help her son and I grabbed his car seat and walked out to my car. I actually whispered a small prayer and headed in the direction of the interstate.

"Ok Conner, we are heading on a trip. How does New York Sound?" I asked the child who was just staring around. My New York apartment sounded like a perfect place to go no one from Angel Investigation's knew I even lived there. 

I glanced once more behind me to see if anyone was following me and smiled when I saw there was no one. I placed Conner in the car and got in.

"Hmmm, Conner can you say daddy? You're going to need a daddy now," I whispered and grinned. Now that I think about it. The senior partners would be very excited to see you but I frowned, what would they do to you? I looked back in the mirror to see the baby chewing on his fingers. He's actually a cute kid. With a sigh I turned on the radio to think of other things.


"Did you do it baby?" Liam asked.

"Umâ¦. yes," I whispered.

He frowned, " Then how come your not ready to go home?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I said

"Why do you look distracted baby?" he said.

I ran my hands up his arms and over his chest." Oh baby I just want you and I want to go home," I whispered.

He smiled but hesitated," Hmm ok," he said as he kissed his way up my neck and ran his fingers down my stomach .I couldnât help but shiver. This felt so right, he inched his fingers lower.

"God Buffy, I want you," He groaned. I could only close my eyes as the sensations hit me.

I rolled my head back as his fingers found what I had been waiting for, my clit and I groaned.

"Liam," I whispered in anguish. "Oh ya this is home," I muttered. How could it not be? Why would I dream of something where a person would lose his soul of a minute of pure happiness?

"Yes baby," he muttered sucking on my neck but he stopped rubbing as I started getting closer.

"Nooo," I groaned. This was not happening.

"I can't wait for you to come home. To be a family, your our center, our warmth our sunshine, my queen, but we cant do this here. At home baby" he whispered as he kissed my lips. I ran my hands over his back and over his shoulders to bring him closers. He was saying all the right words.

"When can I go home?" I asked.

"Soon baby, soon," He said getting up and walking out the door.

I was confused, "Liam," I asked but he didnât turn around instead started talking to the Dr. outside. I just shrugged.

The next thing I knew I was back at the Hotel.

"Damnit, Darla, I really wish you would hurry up," I snapped.

I walked over my CD player and popped in a CD.

(Song No More Drama by Mary J Blige)
So tired, tired of all this drama
You go your way and I'll go my way

(No more, no more)
I need to be free
I'm so tired, tired, tired from all this drama

Broken heart again
Another lesson learned
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burned
Gotta count on me
Cause I can guarantee
That I'll be fine

I grimaced when the song came on but couldnât help but start to sing and dance around the room to it. I twirled and pirouetted I jumped and leaped as I started to listen to the words I started to smile.

"Ha," I sneered. I would be free soon enough from all the pain.

(No more pain), No more pain
(No more pain), No more pain
(No drama), No more drama in my life
(No more in my life)
No one's gonna make me hurt again

Why'd I play the fool
Go through ups and downs
Knowing all the time
You wouldn't be around
Or maybe I like the stress
Cause I was young and restless
But that was long ago
I don't wanna cry no more

(No more pain), No more pain, no more pain
(No more games), No more games
Messin' with my mind
(No drama), No more drama in my life
(No more in my life)
No one's gonna make me hurt again, no more
(No more tears)
No more tears, I'm tired of crying every night
(No more fears)
No more fears, I really don't wanna fight
(No drama), No more drama in my life

I don't ever wanna hurt again
Wanna speak my mind, I wanna speak my mind
Go 'head

I started to twirl around the room and I raised my hands out wide and I twirled as fast as I could.

"I'm going to be free," I whispered.

"I'm coming baby," I cried. I twirled till I felt sick and ran my hands over my body.

"I'm coming soon," I whispered. What the hell is taking her so long?

Ooh, It feels so good
When you let go of all the drama in your life
Now you're free from all the pain
Free from all the games
Free from all the pain
Free from all the stress
So find your happiness
I don't know

Only God knows where the story ends for me
But I know where the story begins
It's up to us to choose
Whether we win or loose
And I choose to win

(No more pain)
No more pain, no more pain, tired of hurting
(No more games)
Tired of your playin' games with my mind
(No drama), No more drama in my life
(No more in my life)
No more, no more, no more
No more, no more, no more
(No more tears)
No more tears, no more crying every night
(No more fears)
No more waking be up in the morning with your disturbing phone calls
(No drama), Leave me alone, go ahead
(No more in my life)

(No more pain), No more, I'm tired
(No more game)
No more games, I'm tired, I'm so tired
(No drama), No more, no more
(No more in my life)
No more, no more, no more, no more, no more

(No more drama)
I'm tired of all the drama
(No more drama)
Go 'head, go 'head
(No more drama)
Your demons gettin' out of my face
Goin' out my life
(No more drama)
I'm about to lose my mind
Lord help me, help me sing

No more drama...

Oh help me sing
I need a piece of mind
A piece of mind, piece of mind
Well, I need
I need to know that you agree
oh no, oh no
No more, no more, no more drama
No more drama in my, in my life

So tired, I'm so tired
So tired, tired of all this drama
Go ahead with all your drama

I heard clapping and I twirled around to the door.

"Bravo, Miss Summers," Said Holtz. He was standing at my door holding a gun.

"What do you want besides Angel and Darla dead and I presume myself?âť I asked.

"Well revenge is a tricky thing, it can drive a man to do interesting things. For example it drove me to come two hundred years into the future to find and kill Angelus and his bitch of a sire. You see his face that I saw as I threw my child out into the sun and watched her turn into dust," he sneered.

I swallowed and fingered my shirt. I tilted my head to the side and just looked at him. Staring as if I gave a damn.

"Its sad though that I wonât get to kill Darla for she's already dead," he remarked.

My eyes widen and my draw dropped. "Damnit ya know I maybe crazy but still you would think that even in my fantasy world I would get to kill her at least once. First Angel and now you, I presume?" I swore. Damnit how come I canât at least dream of something nice?

"Hmm that drug did make you quite nuts didnât it?" he grinned.

"What do you know of the drug?" I asked.

"I know enough, like the fact Darla gave it to you. Of course Darla is dead and Mr. McDonald, your brother killed her of course he also gave her the drug thatâs running through your body killing you as we speak and of course I gave him the drug," he said.

I stared at him in shock.

"Ahh but in your brothers behalf he thought he was making your dreams come true. He did, didnât he?" he laughed. 

"Of course that world was all in your mind, it wasnât real dear. Or was it? Thanks for your all your help. I couldnât have done this without you!" he said laughing before he walked out the room.

"Oh God," I moaned. I laid down on the bed and reached over and knocked over the CD player. I could still hear the voices in my head. I ran my fingers through my head, this was not happening.

"God," I screamed. Tell me this was not happening. What have I done, what's real and what's not?

Is this my mind counteracting trying to fight back? I curled up in a ball on the bed and just cried. I didnât know what was right or wrong at the moment and I didnât want too but there was something about Holtz that got to me. I was not going to die of course this was just my mind playing tricks on me, right?

"Buffy, stop thinking about things and come back to me," I could hear Liam whispering.

I tried shaking his voice out of my head. I didnât need this now. I needed a clear head from everything and everyone.

"No," I moaned rocking back and forth.


Downstairs everyone was struggling from there bonds, I could feel mine starting to slip. When I get out of here I'm going to kill Lindsey. I can only hope he doesnât hurt Conner and where the hell is Buffy?

"I'm free," Yelled Fred. I looked up and saw her coming towards me. I have never felt relief in my life. She took off the gag.

"Hurry, Fred," I said.

"I'm hurrying. Buffy didnât make mine as tight apparently. I guess she thought we would be dead before we would ever get out of the bonds," she whispered and I saw her shudder and watched as a tear fell down her face. I felt the chains give and out of the corner of my eye I saw a ghost from my past.

"Fred, get down," I shouted while the blast was going off.

"What a shame," said Holtz.

Part 8 

I watched as Fred slumped to the ground with a moan, blood flowing from her back. The smell hit me hard and I fought to control vamping out.  I looked over at Will who had an expression of horror on his face. I looked back at Holtz the man was going to die. Angelus was coming out to play. 

"Well now it's nice to see you again," Holtz said grinning like a mad man. 

Thanks to Fred who had loosened my bonds I was able to reach up and take off the gag. "I wouldnât say this is a nice way to meet up again, Holtz, You really want to die, donât you?" I sneered. 

I watched as he took a step back and straightened up his back. He stared at me for a only a second and then turned and aimed the gun on Gunn. "What do you want? someone else in your precious, 'Family' to die?" He asked. 

"You donât want them," I said backing myself up against the wall to stand up. 

"Sit down, ANGELUS," He ordered cocking the gun.  

I looked down at Fred when I heard her moan softly. I could still hear a slight heartbeat. I slowly sat down. The blood was pouring out everywhere. God help her, I prayed. I didnât even bother to look at anyone.  

"I am in charge here. Besides it really doesnât matter if anyone else dies. The love of your life, the mother of your child is going to die. I find it ironic that you have a child with a Slayer. A Slayer someone who is suppose to protect humans from someone like you," He said laughing. 

I clenched my fist and started looking for objects. A gun wouldnât kill me but it could kill the ones I loved. My friends, my family. I was startled out of my search by his confession of the drug.  

"Itâs a shame, she's going to die. She really has gone nuts. She did all the hard work for me. I really didnât want to waste a precious bullet on her, the medicine  will do it for me very soon," He said checking his watch. 

"Ha, these things are really handy, you know that Angelus," Holtz said pointing to the digital watch. 

"You're stalling," I growled. 

Holtz took the gun and waved it around the room. "Yes I am. It's a shame really. She is such a pretty girl but then so was my Elizabeth. You remember my wife donât you Angel Do you remember what she looks and tasted like? You remember Chrissie my baby daughter how about my oldest little girl you left a message with her? Her name was Sarah. Now in about Thirty minutes your dearest Slayer is going to be dead from the toxins that are driving her crazy and you wont be able to save her," He said with a sneer. 

I just flinched; I could remember their faces to perfection. 

"Do you have any idea what its like to kill your own child?" He yelled waving the gun around wildly. 

I watched as Holtz started to crack. Maybe this wasnât the strong man I remembered. This was a soul that needed to be saved but at the same time he was the enemy. He was killing us. He was killing the wrong people. He should be killing me instead of innocents. 

"Do you have any idea how much a baby coffin weighs?" He rasped. 

I closed my eyes at the idea of Conner inside of a coffin. I had to hold my own tears back. I couldnât help myself and looked around to see the others look everywhere but at me but I caught a glimpse of Cordy with tears pouring down her face. 

"I couldnât do it, I just couldnât put her in a lonely black coffin by herself. She would have been so afraid. So I placed her with her mother. She would always be protected," He whispered, I saw as a tear came down his face. He made no movement to wipe it. 

I heard a sob and knew it was Cordy. "What you think this is sad," Holtz yelled. I looked at him as he approached Cordelia. She stared at him wide eyed and she nodded and Holtz slapped her. We all turned away at the sound but Cordy held her ground. 

"Let me tell you something. They were beautiful and bright children. They had everything. My wife meant everything to me. I would have given her the moon and the stars. Did you know she was pregnant? She was pregnant with our third child. We were so excited, we were hoping for a boy, to follow in his father's footsteps. I had to come home one night to find them slaughtered," He whispered. 

"My Sarah, I had to throw her out in the sun, she's suffering a lifetime in hell. You bastard you deserve to join her. I am going to take everything away from you like you did to me. Itâs a shame that I didnât get to your son before Mr. McDonald did however tracking him should not be a problem. Soon and very soon your beloved as you like to call her, will be dead. So who wants to be next?" He laughed and swung the gun. 

"You will not touch anyone, Holtz," I growled. 

"Angelus, I think we just covered this," He sneered. 

"No the only part we covered is that you are a raving loony and on a power trip. You should have stayed in the past," I said before standing up in a flash I heard the gun go off and I felt the bullets hit me but I swung the chain towards Holtz. 

"Fuck," I groaned. I saw Holtz fall when the chain hit him in the head but it wouldnât keep him down for long.  

I looked down to see that the bullets hit me in the arm and in the chest. Nice aim. I crawled over to Will and untied him and he rushed to Fred. I tried to stand up but the bullets hurt like hell so I settled for crawling over to Gunn. Did Buffy have to make these things so damn tight? I looked up to see Gunn shaking his head furiously; I turned before I could get staked with a wooden staff. 

"You want more?" I sneered. 

"Doesnât matter to me. Because in about twenty more minutes your cherished lady is dead," Holts said with a huge smile on his face.  

I stopped with a halt. What the hell was I doing? I had no idea what was even wrong with Buffy except she had gone nuts. Obviously Holtz knew exactly what was wrong he knew what the drug was. I narrowed my eyes and grinned. 

"You do realize you will never leave this building again?" I said. 

"As long as your life is hell, I donât think I care. You have ruined my life. Donât you care about that?" He said twirling the staff. I remember now why Angelus and Darla had such a fixation on Holtz. The same goes for Holtz. 

"Yes I do but what gives you the right to come in here and start killing innocents?" I snarled circling around trying to get a better angle at him. 

"Angel, we donât have time for this," Will said. I snuck a glance at him to see he had taken off his shirt to and was pressing it to Fred's back. Blood was seeping through and had already soaked it. She wasnât going to live much longer. 

I swallowed," Fine it ends now," I said and I tackled him. Pain shot through me as I felt the staff go through me. Crappy day, first bullets and now wood? I brought my fist up and started to beat the shit out of him. 

"You Son of A Bitch, What gave you the right to come in here and start killing off my family?" I yelled over and over again as I pounded his face. I felt my wrist being grabbed as I looked back at Will and I turned to raise the other hand. I wasnât through, Fuck him but as I turned to lower my fist I looked into Holtz's eyes. He was just staring at me. 

"What was that you were saying?" He whispered. 

I felt as if I had been punched in the face.  I swiftly got up and backed up against the mirror. I faced the mirror and even though I couldnât see my reflection I could see everyone else's. I could see Fred's lifeless body with her life flowing essence flowing on the ground. Everyone else was just staring at me wide eyed. How the hell was I suppose to know what to do? They all looked frightened but the day was saved, sort of. This was my family. For once I have a responsibility. 

"Conner," I whispered. 

"Oh shit, we have to find Conner and we have to save Buffy and Fred go call 911," I yelled. 

I hobbled over and started untying everyone and everybody started to get to work as for Holtz I dragged his ass upstairs towards Buffy's room. 

"What you think you will get something out of me," He laughed. 

"Oh I think so," I said dragging a small dagger down his cheek till it drew blood.  

"So your still Angelus after all?" He said flinching in pain. 

"You're messing with my loved ones. Are you not doing the same thing?" I asked. 

"Yes, however you will not get a damn thing from me," He laughed and quickly grabbed the dagger from me and plunged it in his heart. 

"Goodbyes are sweet, I shall see my Sarah in hell and soon your Buffy," He moaned and laughed out blood. 

"Fuck, donât you dare die on me you ass," I yelled. I heard footsteps and I shook him. 

"NOOOO," I yelled. I threw his lifeless body on the floor. 

"What the hell happened?" Giles asked. 

"What does it look like?" I snapped. I looked around the room to see a CD player on the floor and the bed crumpled up. Shit where was Buffy? I grabbed Holtz and picked up his watch and the man had his timer set. He really had been studying Angelus too long. 

"Ten minutes left," I whispered.

Look we have to find Buffy," I yelled. 

Everyone who was in the room took off in different directions except for Cordy who was downstairs taking care of Fred waiting for the paramedics. They should know this place by heart. 


After hearing the shot I flew off the bed. 

"Yes," I screamed. 

"Yes, yes, yes, yes. Did you hear that Liam?" I yelled. I danced around the room. Things were starting to get hazy and I was sweating.  

I hesitated at the idea of watching Holtz take out my skitzo fanatics.  

"Come to me Buffy," I heard Liam say. Hmm I would much rather do that. With a giggle I took off down the hall in a skip. "La, la, la, la, la," I hummed. 

I walked into Angel's empty room and stopped at the end of the bed. He really did have good taste. Lovely black satin sheets, one could get lost in them. I really do know how to pick my lovers. They have such great taste.  I slid the sheets around my skin so sensual, and so silky.  I fell flat against the bed and just stared at the ceiling and grinned and closed my eyes. Angel and Liam were one in the same. His scent was everywhere. 

"I'm here Liam," I said as I opened my eyes and reached for him.  

"No your not," He snapped. 

I pulled back. "Baby?" I asked. 

"You are still here in this God awful hospital Buffy. How long are you going to be here? I swear I thought you were making progress when we had Conner and then you end up back here and then you snapped out of it again but look, you donât want to come home," He snapped. 

"Noâ¦. honey thatâs not true. I want that more than anything. I want to be with you and Conner. I want to be healthy and normal. Please give me another chance," I cried. 

"I'm sorry Buffy. I just donât think I can keep coming here like this. Seeing you and going home to an empty house. I love you so much but you are not making progress. I think you love your Angel more than you love me," He cried. 

"Liam thatâs not true. Please⦠Please donât leave me," I whispered not bothering to wipe the tears off my face. 

"Well you havenât bothered to kill them yet have you?" He snapped standing up walking over to the window.  

"Iâ¦. I'm working on it," I admitted it. 

He turned to look at me," Working on it? Doesnât look like it to me. I just donât know baby," He said as he walked out the door. 

"Liam, please," I cried my sobs went unheard. 

 I looked around the room and realized I was lying back in Angel's room. What the hell? What was happening to me? Why the fuck does this always happen to me? They all have to die, Liam said. Hurry Holtz. I clutched the sheets tighter and I heard what sounded like gunshots go off and I know I must look crazy but I laughed 

I stood on the bed and started jumping till I fell down. "Yes," I hissed. I just lay there but the room was starting to spin and everything was getting dark.


"Hello, LA screw ups, the Calvary is here AGAIN," I yelled. 

"Um it is possible that they do not want to hear that Faith," Xander commented. 

"Donât give a shit," She said. 

"Someone want to tell me why the police is here?" She asked walking up to Cordelia and past the Paramedics and a Police Officer. I could see blood on the floor. That was not a good sign. I guess B had been really busy. 

"Donât ask. Just go upstairs and help look for Buffy would ya," Cordelia whispered to us. Cordelia was sporting a nice bruise on her face.  The others took off upstairs.

"Buffy do that to you?" I asked. 

She looked startled. " You get that vision?" She asked.

I just nodded. 

"Honestly, ya she did but had a little help from out baddie. She needs help fast or she's going to die," She whispered. 

I took off in a run towards to the stairs. 

"Hey Faith do those things ya know hurt?" She said looking around but pointed to her head. 

I grinned but shook my head. I head her mutter," Damn stupid Powers that Be, always screwing me over, at least they could do is make me rich or famous or something for the pain they give me." 

I bumped into Wesley but kept on going. If I were B where the hell would I be? I stopped in the hallway and looked around. I saw Willow standing outside shouting at Angel and Tara was holding her back and Xander had a smile on his face. Why was hanging around this place anyway? I turned away and started to walk.  

I swirled around," Fuck me, Duh, Angel tell me you have been smart enough to check your room?" I yelled. I saw his startled face. Oh what a dumb ass, he didnât think Buffy would go there.  

I followed his lead and ran. He threw open the door and there was Buffy on the bed unconscious. Buffy was drenched in sweat and shaking. 

"Sweet Jesus," I whispered.

Part 9 

I just stood there in the doorway not moving. I couldn't believe I hadn't checked my own room. How could I have been so stupid?  She was right under my nose and I hadn't realized it. How could I have not sensed her? Buffy was lying in my bed wrapped in my sheets moaning softly and shaking. She was barely moving and I could hear the slowing of her heartbeat, which scared me. This was not happening. 
I heard Buffy moan but it wasn't my name she called out and I closed my eyes. I didn't know where her head was and I didn't know who this Liam was and personally I didn't want to know. 
After a small hesitation I leaped over to the bed and I crawled in bed with her and unwrapped the sheets from her body. This was just not happening. She was not going to die. I wasn't going to let her, not again. I felt the shakes start to ease and I could feel my clothes being drenched and I could smell a mixture of sweat and milk. Milk, I closed my eyes at the thought of our son missing and hungry.  
I didn't bother to look up to know that everyone was there besides Will who had run through the sewers to the ER for Fred. 
"She's not going to live much longer," I croaked out. 
"Oh absolutely not. I refuse to believe that she is going to die because of you," Sneered Xander. 
I just closed my eyes and wrapped Buffy in my arms tighter. I heard the watch go off and knew she only had a few minutes left. 
"Shut the fuck up Xander, it's not Angels fault," Cordy sighed. 
"Of course its Angel's fault. He always hurts her and now he killed her," Xander snapped. 
I just started rocking her faster.  Buffy had stopped shaking and moaning. If only she would open her eyes, if I could see her beautiful hazel eyes one more time. I reached down and kissed her on the temple and whispered her name.  
"I need you to live Buffy. If not for me then for our son. We have to go find him baby. You have to live. You can't die again," I moaned. 
"Look I am not going to sit around here and watch her die. Isn't there anything we can do?" Xander snapped. I looked up at the young man to see Anya holding his arm but the hatred in his eyes is what really caught my attention. The boy blamed me, not that I didn't blame myself. They had a right to blame me this is my entire fault. She was going to die a second time because of me. Neither times could I save her. 
I smoothed her hair out and looked up and Xander, "Do you think I want her to die?" I whispered. I didn't care if the tears fell and I didn't bother to wipe them. 
"Obviously, because you are just sitting here rocking back and forth like a loon and she only has a few minutes left. I'm sorry I can't do this. I have to help her," He snapped and ran out of the room. 
"Xander where are you going?" I heard someone ask.
"He's right, ya know. I'm not going to let her die. I just got her back and some creepy guy from another century is not going to get the upper hand," Willow said in the clearest voice I have ever heard. I looked up to see her eyes had turned almost black and a wind starting to stir in the room. 
"You may not love her Angel but we do and we will do anything to have her with us, " She said with the strongest conviction that made me shiver.
"Willow," I whispered. How could these people not that think that I didn't love this wonderful creature this perfect person in my arms.  
I took a quick peek up around the room. Willow, Tara and Giles had conviction in their eyes and I could see they all had love and support for this woman. While Wesley, Cordy and Gunn had pity but Faith was another story. She had pain in her eyes a woman who was holding everything in. I caught her eyes and she nodded. 
"She will not die," She said. 
"Your damn right she wont," Willow said as the watch beeped.  
"Noooo, " I moaned and pulled Buffy closer to my chest and tried to whisper comfort words in her ear as I felt her body shudder. 
"Move away Angel," Willow ordered. 
"No," I whispered. I was so lost in my anguish that I barely heard her. 
"Separate," Willow yelled and I felt myself fly through the air while Buffy hovered in the air  over the bed. I tried to get up but something was holding me down.  
"Don't fight it Angel," Tara whispered.  I looked over to see her eyes trained on me 
I turned to Willow as she raised her arms in the air and Buffy turned ninety degrees and flipped so she was standing up but still hovering. Her blond hair was floating around her like she was an Angel.  
"Hear my plea. Heal this warrior. Hear me, I demand you to hear me. I am your servant. Heal this warrior," She chanted while her eyes turned a freighting green color. 
I'm not new to magic but seeing Willow and Buffy hover off the ground scared me. I watched as the a green light that looked the same color as Willow's eyes traveled from her eyes down her body and shot over to Buffy's body. I was completely helpless as I saw Buffy shudder from the source of all that power goes through her. The green light became almost like an aura around her and both Willow and Buffy floated farther in the air till they almost touched the ceiling. 
"Hear me, release her, I am your servant for life," She yelled. 
My eyes widened when I realized that Willow could be asking any higher power to help her. She could be giving everything up for her friend. I whipped my head around to Tara and saw her close her eyes and was chanting. The magic in the room was stunning. I hadn't realized how powerful they both were. The wind coming from Willow was so strong that I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Suddenly every glass in the room including the windows shattered and the doors flew open to the balcony. The sunshine came pouring in and I could feel it getting closer to me. 
"Tara," I snapped and in an instant I was released and ran over beside Giles where there was no sunshine and just watched in horror and astonishment. I pushed Giles out of the way when I felt the floor boards start to give way. 
"Guys," Xander started as he ran in the room. 
"I think this is a bad time, Xander," Cordy said. 
"Holy shit," Xander whispered and backed up with Anya. 
We all became silent as the green light became brighter. " Hear my cry, hear me. I demand you, heal her. You owe this woman, your warrior something besides death," She shouted.  
The light became so bright that we had to look away. I was suddenly frightened that I would turn to dust. I heard Buffy gasp for air and I became more frightened for her than for myself. 
"Willow your killing her," I shouted and tried to make my way to her but Willow raised an arm my way and I flew back into the wall again with so much force I made an indention. She never even looked my way but I heard her whisper in a child like voice, " I would never hurt her. Only those who hurt her."
I could have sworn I heard a whisper of, "Done." 
I swallowed and felt the shiver go up my spine.  Even though the light was bright I continued to look at both of them. I was awed by the power and scared at the same time. It felt like hours but I knew it had only been seconds. In a flash the green light surrounded the room engulfing us all and I saw it travel through Buffy's body and back through Willow's and into her eyes and suddenly the light was rushing out the window as if some force flushed it out of the room. I quickly turned back and watched as they both started to fall. I turned around I ran as fast as I could to catch Buffy and Giles caught Willow as she fell.   I only glanced at Willow once while gathering Buffy in my arms. I pulled her too me and broke down when I felt her stir and moan. 
I brushed her hair our of the way and whispered," Buffy can you hear me?" 
I watched as her eyes fluttered but they didn't open. She just moaned. I knew she was exhausted and I could hear her heartbeat beating at a wonderful pace.  
"She's going to live," I croaked out. 
"I told you I wasn't going to let her die," Willow said from behind Tara who was hovering over her. I looked up at her to thank her but her eyes still had not changed back to her normal color and I could still sense the power running through her. 
I flicked my eyes over to my friends to see them staring at her in horror except for Wesley who was staring at her with a mixture of horror and awe. 
"How did you?" Wesley tried to ask but Willow just looked at him with her eyes that were now black and not green. It was just freaky and the stare made him flinch and fall silent. 
"So is Sleeping Beauty going to live?" Whispered Faith. 
I nodded my head and pulled her closer to me. "Thank you Willow," I whispered. 
"I didn't do this for you," She said.  
"I know but thank you," I murmured.  
"Look this is probably a bad time to tell you this but I thought you said the insane old guy was dead?" Xander asked quietly. 
We all looked up at that one and stared at him like he was crazy while Buffy sat straight up and screamed, "No."
"Ummm, the wheels on the bus go round and round," I tried to sing but Conner was still screaming. He started about five minutes from leaving the hotel and I had made up my mind that my road trip was going to now be on a plane. There was no way I was going to listen to this for days. 
"Ok, kiddo I really don't know any more songs and I am out of ideas," I whispered as I bounced him on my shoulder. I was starting to remember why I was single. I was defiantly not cut out for fatherhood but at the moment I didn't have a choice. I wasn't going to leave him in the care of that psycho Angel. There is no telling what that vampire could do to him. I just hope my sister is ok. Why the hell did I trust that old man anyway?  
"Revenge," I whispered. It still drove me. I hated Angel, I didn't care if he had a soul or not. The vampire had to pay for his crimes for what he did to my sister for everything he has every done. Now I have his son and I really have to get out of L.A before he finds me. I looked at my watch to see I had a few more hours left till sundown but knowing Angel he would find me no matter what. 
Conner started screaming and the little boy was sucking on his fist. I looked down to see his little fangs come out and I realized he was hungry. This was not good. How could I have forgotten this child wasn't normal? Where am I going to find blood for him? I reached up and ran a hand through my hair. 
"Shit," I said out loud and several people turned to stare at us. I quickly walked away the last thing I needed was to be spotted by someone I knew. I already had enough problems on my hands without an enemy seeing me with Scourge of Europe's child. I ducked into a small restraunt and sat down in the corner and waited till my flight was called. I wonder if he can drink juice or something. Can't babies drink juice? He's old enough I think. I didn't even bother to debate it when his screams started becoming louder and louder. 
I looked up sharply when someone sat down in the chair across from me. I inhaled a huge breath and  became extremely frightened when I recognized Drusilla. 
She reached across the table and whispered in my ear," I smell fear."
I swallowed and pushed my chair farther back. This is the last person I ever wanted to see again. She was nuts and smiling like a loon but her eyes were staring at Conner. I pulled my nephew closer and ignored his little cry of pain.  
"Ohhhhhh don't you love babies?" She asked standing up. 
"What do you want?" I asked. 
"The heavens are with this little one but the voices tell me he could be destined for evil," She whispered and winked at me.

I felt this huge disappointment when I opened my eyes. I saw a pair of brown soulful eyes but I knew in an instant this was Angel and not Liam. I did the only thing I felt like doing and that was screaming. I started thrashing around and I felt him grab hold of me and crush me to him.

I just didnât want any of it. I felt coldness and not heat. There was no heartbeat nothing at all except silence. 

"No, No, No, get away from me," I screamed. 
"I thought you healed her?" I heard someone ask.

I stopped screaming and pushed Angel off me. I looked around the room and saw the relief on their faces but I saw Willow passed out on the floor. She did it again and this time she took me from the life I should have. In a flash I ran towards her and had her by the throat. I didn't care she was unconscious. I started to squeeze her throat she gasped for breath but she was weak and I didnât care. I heard screaming and begging and I felt hands pull me off.  

I ran to the corner and squatted down and started crying.  
"Get away from me," I whispered when I felt a hand touch my shoulder I knew that touch so well and I knew it was Angel. 
"Buffy," He whispered

I ignored the misery in his voice but I didn't care if he was hurt or upset. I wanted Liam and Conner. I wanted my mother alive and now I cant have it. I had memories that would haunt me for the rest of my life. I could feel the sensation of him nursing without the feelings of fangs digging into my breast. I can remember the taste and the feel of Liam and I remember his heartbeat and how he looked in the sunlight. I remember what it felt like to be loved.  
"No," I whispered. 
"Baby please," Angel whispered. 
"I'm not your baby, I was his," I cried. 
"Well it looks like Miss Psycho is still not in control of her mind," Cordelia snapped. 

I looked at her and frowned the past twenty four hours came flooding back. 
"That's right you tried to kill us. I swear if its not you than its Angel," Cordy snapped.  
"Shut the hell up Cordelia," Angel snapped. 
"No, I will not, thanks to her we almost got killed. Fred could be dead and your son is missing," She yelled. 
"Conner's gone," I whispered. My heart actually lurched. 
Angel kneeled down beside me and brushed my hair back. I still couldn't help but flinch, Liam and Angel felt the same. 
"I have to find him, no we have to find him," He whispered. 
"Um hello, Dead boy, you still have a killer on the loose," Xander yelled. 
"Look Xander that's impossible. I was there when he died and heard his heart stop," Angel said getting up and walking out the door.  
I just stood up and walked over to the bed and sat down. I felt my hands touch the sheets on the bed and I gave a shudder. 
"This is impossible, he's dead. I know it," Angel said coming back into the room frowning. 
"I think maybe in your old age your getting senile," Xander mumbled. 
"Shut up Xander," Cordy snapped. 
"No you shut up and leave my Xander alone," Anya yelled. 
"Please get out," I whispered. 
"Whatever," I heard Cordy say. The others were silent as they marched out of the room. 
"Buffy let me stay with you," Angel begged. 
I shook my head and felt the tears gather in my eyes. 
"Please," He begged. 
"Just go," I cried. I watched as he slowly walked out the door but he turned one last time to look at me before he shut the door. I refused to acknowledge the pain on his face. He wasnât Liamâ¦I couldnât be with him and now I can't be with Liam either. I burst into tears as soon as I heard the door shut. This was no happening. I had just started to get my life back in some sort of order when this happens. I had felt safe wherever I was. Was I in a different dimension or was all this in my head? 
"I wish I was never brought back, I donât want to be alive anymore," I cried out and I fell back on the bed and started bawling. 
I stood outside the door hearing her cry. I wanted to run back there and comfort but I knew she wouldnât let me. I knew she would just push me away.   I cringed when I heard her cry out that she didnât want to be alive.  I had no idea how to help her. Where was she in her head? Was it so much better than this place? Who was Liam, was it me? I didnât have time right now to think about this I had to find my son. 
With a sigh I head downstairs where everything was in chaos, everyone was talking at the same time about what was going on and who's fault it was. The only person who wasnât saying a word was Willow who was standing by the window looking out. I just shook my head and decided to walk over to her. 
"Donât," She said before I got to her.  
"Willow," I tried 
"It doesnât matter. I shouldnât have saved her. She doesnât want to live Angel. I brought her back from a place of peace and now obviously I dragged her away from somewhere she wanted to be. She will always hate me for this," She sobbed. 
"She won't," I said. 
She turned around to face me and whispered," Tell her I said goodbye," and she walked over to Tara who was standing not too far from her and they walked out the door. I donât think anyone besides me noticed that they left. 
"Look we have to find McDonald," Wesley said sitting on the edge of the couch. 
"I agree, this may bring Buffy around if she has her son back," Giles said rubbing his brow. 
"And how do you expect to find him? He's probably long gone and personally I think Slay gal should be in a mental hospital," Cordelia snidely said. 
I ignored them all and walked over to where Gunn was at the weapons cabinet grabbing weapons. 
"Just thought you might need some help," He said without looking at me. 
I grunted and nodded. I grabbed a small 1500th Egyptian dagger and thought this was the perfect weapon to place in Lindsey's heart. Now if only I can find him. I heard the phone rang and turned to watch Cordelia run to the phone. Maybe its news on Fred, I saw her get annoyed and realized it wasnât and turned back to the cabinet. 
"Who was it?" Asked Wesley. 
"Someone for Buffy," She said. 
"Ok now Angel you know Lindsey's activities I assume. Where would he go?" Giles asked. 
I honestly didnât know. He wouldnât go back to his apartment because he knew I would be coming straight there for him. "I donât know," I said gravely.  
"Actually Angel I donât think you have to go searching for him," Wesley said he was craning his neck and took off towards the entertainment room. 
"Angel," He called out with urgency. 
I ran into the next room. Well we all did and we stared at the TV. 
"There was an attack today at the airport.  A tourist was what looked like stabbed in his neck. The victim whose name is Lindsey McDonald is reported in serious condition at Loma Linda hospital. I'm afraid that nothing was picked up from the security cameras and the police are asking for any information that you can provide," after that I didnât hear a single word the reporter said. 
I dashed out of the room and outside. I heard footsteps behind me but I was already in my car and headed towards Loma Linda. I was going to pay Lindsey a little visit and if he wasnât already dead then he would be before I left.
"Hello, sweet one. The stars and the heavens collide with you," Dru whispered to the baby who was staring at her. 
"I can smell evil within you. You will be a powerful master. You will rule the world and I will be at your side. Your mummy, my grandsire and your daddy were the perfect embodiment of evil. They would have ruled the world if it wasnât for that light. She will pay for what she has done to my family," she laughed insanely. 
Her minions took a few steps back and looked at each other. The thought of Angelus coming to hunt them down was not someone they wanted to deal with. The thought of fleeing was on their mind especially with Drusilla leading them but the site of the vampire child was extraordinary and they would protect him with their lives. He was going to lead the world into darkness and they would bath in the streets of blood. Life would be goodâ¦.

Part 11
I ran out of the hotel and hopped in my car. I floored it and headed towards the hospital. I was going to find my son and bring him home to Buffy and everything would be fine again. The events of the night had been truly horrifying and poor Fred. The smell of her blood, I gulped and tried to ignore how it smelled. After the fight with Buffy and Holtz my body was healing and I was hungry. I grinned; maybe I would get something to eat after all. I wonder how Lindsey would taste. Feeding off him won't faze me at all, he stole my son. I think after I torture him he will be begging me to kill him. I hope Buffy doesn't mind that I killed her brother. She shouldn't, I'm saving our son. I just have to find out where the hell he is. Lindsey's going to wish he had died at the airport. What I have in mind for him is something Angelus would be proud of. What the hell am I thinking, I just can't kill Lindsey, torture him maybe, but not kill. God I was hungry.
I sighed and turned on the radio,
(Blurry, by Puddle of Mud)
Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you 
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that I'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what your doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Everyone is changing
there's no one left that's real
to make up your own ending
and let me know just how you feel
cause I am lost without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that I will save you
from all of the unclean
I wonder what your doing
I wonder where you are
There's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Nobody told me what you thought
nobody told me what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
told you when to runaway
nobody told you where to hide
nobody told you what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
showed you when to runaway

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face
this pain you gave to me
I was so deep into listening to the song that I almost missed the exit for the hospital. I parked the car and jumped out of it. I would find Connor no matter what. I have things to teach him, I promised him he would be safe. As I was walking towards the entrance to the hospital I felt a sudden pain that attacked the middle of my stomach. I stumbled and fell on the rail against the wall. I clutched my stomach and threw up. I slid slowly down against the wall and wondered what that was all about.
After a few minutes I stood back up and ignored the pain, wiped my tears and walked into the hospital. I could smell Lindsey's blood and I followed the smell. I ignored the looks as I just walked into his room. I heard the nurses call for security and I slid into game face with a grin on my face. I walked further into the room and scared the shit out off a nurse but Lindsey was nowhere in sight. I heard footsteps running towards the room and I grabbed the nurse and yelled," Where did he go?"
"I ...I... don't know, he..he just..left. Please God don't hurt me," she babbled. 
"Don't move," I heard. I didn't even bother to turn around but instead set the nurse down and ran for the window. I jumped out and fell three stories. I landed on my feet and walked to my car. I grabbed the cell phone and called Hyperion to see how Buffy was doing.
Where the hell was Lindsey? Smart man, he knew I would come for him.
"Yeah hello," Cordelia snapped.
"Itâs me,âť I said.
"Did you find him?" She asked quietly.
"No," I snapped.
"Oh maybe Buffy will have more luck," she said even more softly.
"What?" I asked.
"Um Buffy is gone, she came down here saying she was going to get Connor and left," she whispered.
"What? And you didn't stop her?" I asked growling.
"Hello, you stop her. She's Slay gal, all Grr without the fangs. She can be a real bitch sometimes and honestly I like having all my arms intact," She announced loudly.
I sighed," Ok, Iâll find her," and I hung up without hearing what else she had to say.
I sat back in my seat and wondered where I would start looking for her. It was bad enough that I had to find Connor but Buffy wasn't herself these days and she was still sick and weak. Where the hell would she go? I don't feel her so I know I'm not anywhere close to her. Where the fuck would she go and where is Lindsey? I was deep in my thoughts trying to come up with a place and was startled when the door opened to the passenger side.
"What the hell do you want?" I growled getting tense.
"I thought I would help you," Lilah said sweetly.
"I do not need your help. Now get out," I snapped.
She opened the door and grinned," Sure if that's how you want it but I know where Lindsey is." I listened to the annoying click of her heels against the pavement as she walked away. I knew deep down that I was going to regret this. Lilah was practically the devils secretary.
"Ok, Lilah," I said.
She stopped and I watched as her whole body demeanor changed. She turned to face me and was grinning from head to toe.
"Where is he?" I asked.
She walked back and those damn heels were really getting on my nerves. She got back into the car and pulled out a piece of paper but before she handed it to me she said," I knew you wanted me to tell you."
"Shut up Lilah, where is he?" I growled going back into game face. I bet she would taste awful. Angelus was whispering to kill her.
"Before I tell you that, you are going to have to give me something," she said reaching over and touching my face. I flinched and she let her hand wander lower on my chest. I grabbed her hand and started to crush it.
"What the hell are you doing?" I snapped.
" I was just wondering why this magnificent creature was saddled with a soul. There are so many prophecies about you unleashing the underworld and yet there are prophecies about you saving the world. Angelus was a magnificent demon. He would take what he wanted when he wanted. He would..."
"Let me guess, you did your homework?" I sneered cutting her off.
"Oh I have done more than my homework. I know everything about you Angel," she purred.
"Oh do you," I said crushing her hand harder.
"What I never understood was why you stuck around Darla. I cant imagine that Angelus actually liked her too much," she mused. She acted like the pain I was inflicting didn't bother her.
"Is there some point to this I really have to find my son," I growled.
"You are so impatient. You would think after a hundred years you would learn the fine art of being patient," she giggled.
I felt like snapping her neck.
" I...or rather we want to help you... to find that precious boy," she whispered softly. The look in her eyes made me become even more uneasy.
"Like I said, what the fuck do you want?" I said looking away.
She leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear," We want Angelus."
I pushed her away and stared at her. The look in her eyes told me she was dead serious. I just shook my head, oh hell no.
"Your soul for your son. I think that is a far trade. I mean just think what we could do to that precious freak of a child," she laughed and leaned away.
"No," I murmured.
"You do know that your child is supposed to grow up to be a hero. There are even prophecies that you two will go head to head. I want to have a front row seat when that happens," she smirked.
I shook my head.
"Oh well, I can't promise that he will be treated decently in our labs," she said sighing.
"You have him?" I asked.
She smiled evilly.
"I'm not going to go on your word. If I turned into Angelus how do I know he would be safe?" I asked.
"You will have a few hours until the magic takes effect. It wont be painful like before but we will have your soul in a...safe place," she murmured
"I would have time to get away from everyone," I said to myself. I can't believe I'm even talking to her, but it was Connor. My son. I would protect him with my life.
"If that's what you want. Doesn't matter, you will come back, you canât help yourself," she whispered in my ear.
I was silent for a few minutes," Angelus will kill all of them," I mused.
"That's the point, that seer of yours is just plain fucking annoying," she laughed.
I growled," No, I wonât do it."
She sighed and said," I thought you loved your son. Guess we will have to do this the hard way."
"Get out," I snapped.
She climbed out of the car and headed towards a van. I listened to the click of her heels again and stared at her as she opened the back of the van and my eyes widened as I saw what looked like very old warlocks, chanting. I should have smelt the magic in the air. I had been preoccupied.
"Like I said, the hard way," she shouted.
I hopped out of the car and ran towards her but as I got near her I saw out of the corner of my eyes that I had become surrounded by at least forty men, all trained on me with crossbows and I threw my hands in the air. I couldn't take them all.
"We are taking your soul anyway, and besides we already started so I figured, what the hell lets have some fun. Talk, chat whatever," she grinned and leaned against the van.
"You don't have him do you?" I said wearily.
She started laughing harder," Oh no we don't have him. Doesn't matter cause we are going to have papa. Did you know we have a ton of books on magic?" When I didn't answer she kept on going," It's amazing when you start doing that thing called reading. You know, if Lindsey would have just done some research instead of bringing back that bitch all this would have never happened and I'm pretty sure Angelus would have killed the slayer instead of her jumping to her death. Honestly what a passé way to die."
"Go to hell," I said backing up.
"Yes but please save me a seat. Don't you think you should be finding your son before your better half comes out?" she asked.
I turned and ran towards the car. I could hear Lilah's laughter as I drove away. She would be the first person I killed. I started to sweat which was amazing since I didn't have a circulation. I actually felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack.
I picked up my cell phone and called the hotel again but this time no one answered, figures. I heard the answering machine come on but I just hung up. What was I suppose to say, run for your lives, the big bad is coming back? I could feel Angelus getting closer and closer. I could tell he was becoming more powerful and my anxiety level was getting worse. I was starting to panic. How could this happen?
"Fuck," I shouted. I thought about heading towards the hotel but that thought instantly left and I felt compelled to look for Connor. I knew that Wolfram & Hart didn't have him but I also knew I didn't have long. I slid the car to a stop, ignoring the honks. I reached over to my pocket and pulled out my stake. I knew I didn't have long. I would kill them all. I closed my eyes and whispered," I'm sorry, forgive me," and yanked the stake downward.

I sat in my car outside Lindsey's apartment building. The tears still came down freely but I didnât bother to wipe them. I was still very confused on the day's events. I had heard the mummers as I walked down the stairs about Fred being in the hospital. I didnât remember anything happening to her but from the looks on the people gathered around the phone it was obvious it was my fault.  I didnât bother talk to anyone as I left but Wesley caught my arm and said Angel was gone, looking for Lindsey. I snatched my arm away from him and got in my Jeep. 
With a huge sigh I head towards Lindsey's apartment. I know damn well Angel wasnât going to find Lin at the hospital. Personally if I had stolen the child of a Master Vampire who already hates me, I wouldnât stick around. I shudder at the thought of what Angel would do if he caught up to my brother. I have to think Lin took Conner to protect him. I have to think that way. 
I donât bother knocking I just grab the knob and pushed until the lock broke. I flung the door open and stomped in. 
"Lindsey, If your in here get your ass out," I yelled. 
Nothing â¦â¦ it was quite. 
I slowly made my way down the hallway to Lindsey's room. I was getting bad vibes here. I looked in to see clothes everywhere but no Lin. I tucked my hair behind my ear and leaned against the wall. I thought about my baby crying. He has to be hungry. I moan when I a sharp pain hit my breast. "Damnit," I whisper.  
I have to findâ¦I cock my head slightly and heard a slight moan. I headed towards the sound and found myself in the kitchen. I looked behind the bar to see Lindsey lying face down on the floor with a bottle of vodka in his hand. 
I reached down and flipped him over. He was out cold blood pouring from his neck and the alcohol all over him..
I stared at him for a minute. I had to wonder who did this. Conner was nowhere in site, does that mean that Angel already found him? They would have called me right? I know they hate me but it wasnât me that did those things. I closed my eyes, yes it was. I wanted the normal life. 
I reached down and slapped Lin hard across the face. He moaned but that was all I got from him.  
"Figures, guess we have to do it the hard way," I muttered. I reached under his arms and dragged him down to the bathroom and pushed him into the tub and turned on the shower.. 
"What the Fuck," Lindsey yelped as the freezing water hit his body. He jerked back so the water didnât touch him. 
"Hello Lindsey," I snarled and threw him back under the water. I knew he was having a hard time breathing but I didnât give a damn. Lindsey did his best to get out from underneath the water but he was extremely weak from the blood loss. After what seemed like forever I threw him back up against the wall. 
"Buffyâ¦" He whispered weakly his eyes seem to be extremely sad. 
"Tell me where my son is," I snapped. 
I saw horror come into those sad eyes and he shook his head. I threw him back under the water for a few more seconds. 
"Now Lindsey, where is he?" I snarled. 
Lindsey took several labored breaths and touched his neck. "She took him," He gasped. 
She who? 
"Who?" I asked my tone a bit lighter. I was starting to get frightened by the look in his eyes. 
"Drusilla," he whispered and passed out. I let his body drop and didnât flinch when I heard his head hit the tub with a cracking sound. 
I walked out of the apartment in a daze. Drusilla had my son? This was not happening. I can only imagine the things she's torturing him with. If he's even still alive no I cant think like that. I would feel if he was dead right? 
"My baby," My voice cracked as I hopped into the jeep. 
I reached over into the glove box and pulled out a stake. Now how do I find her? I sat in the car trying to figure that out when I realized that the only people who could really find her was Will or Angel. I didnât want to get Will involved with this.  I guess its Angel then. 
I pulled out the cell phone and tried calling his number but all I got was the voice box. I remembered that Wes had mentioned that Angel was headed towards Loma Linda so I threw the car into gear and floored it. Maybe I could still catch him. 
As the stake came down it stopped in mid air. 
"Now Angel that wasnât nice trying to off yourself. Seriously what were you thinking," I snapped. 
"Oh wait thatâs right you want to save everyone from the little ole me. Now honestly do you think I'm going to kill them all," I said to myself. 
I chuckled," I am but first lets have a little fun," I said with a smirk on my face. I could feel that moron trying to take back control but I had too much power. 
"I'm back," I said laughing.  
I threw the car into gear and turned around heading back towards the parking lot.  
"Gee ya know I should really thank everyone for releasing me," I snickered. 
I pulled in to see only Lilah standing there. God she was ugly, she might do for a quick lay though. Hell no even I have standards. I hopped out of the car and smirked and strolled over to her. 
"Oh God its you again. Donât you have a child to save?" She quipped. 
Oh ya the brat. Hmm first things first, I could feel Angel screaming. 
I smiled a grin that would melt even the coldest bitches heart. I could hear her heartbeat skip a beat and speed up and could smell her arousal. 
I walked closer and licked my lips. I walked behind her and whispered in her ear," The soul and I have the same taste in women. You my dear are not even good enough to eat." I could smell the fear that was coming off her. 
"Your not Angel are you?" She whispered. I smiled not a trace of that fear was heard in her voice. 
"What do you think?" I asked.
She turned to face me and whispered," Welcome back, I think you should thank me for releasing you." She ran a hand over my chest and let it start to wander down. I snatched her hand and gripped it tightly. She didnât flinch in fact her I could smell her arousal increase. Interesting.
I cocked my head and smiled brilliantly again. "You know Lilah your right I should," I said. I could feel the soul stirring again but ignored him and grabbed  both sides of her neck  and started to apply pressure. 
"Wait, I know where your brat of an offspring is," She stuttered.  
"Hmm not interested," I said bored. 
"You too will rule the world," She whispered softly. 
"I work alone," I said innocently. 
"But Dru⦠ 
I snapped her neck and let her body fall. I was starving but there was sweeter blood out there, namely the Slayer and the child. 
I started whistling as I walked back to the car. God its really was good to be back.. 
"So many things to do so many people to kill. Who has time for it all?" I asked out loud 
I chuckled," I do."  
My grin widened at the thought of seeing the Slayer bitches face when she found out. Oh this was going to be fun but first I'm hungry and Dru was out there with that child. I started the engine up and headed towards where I last saw Drusilla.  
"Daddy's coming home baby," I grinned.

She pulled up to the hospital and looked for Angel but the only thing she found was a dead body. By the looks of it the woman's neck was snapped. She looked around for other signs but saw nothing. Buffy reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone and tried Angel again but no answer.  
"Well I can go look for Dru myself or get Will," She muttered. 
The idea to get Will was tempting but I didnât want him to tear himself away from Fred. I felt guilty enough.
After hours of searching and finding no one, not even a minion, I headed back to the Hyperion with my heart heavy. As soon as I stepped into the lobby I should have known something was wrong.
I felt a slap across my face," How could you?" Cordelia screeched. 
I lifted my hand to my face and stared at her. She tried to do it again but Faith grabbed her wrist and twisted it. 
"What have I done now?" I mumbled. 
"Fred is dead," Wesley croaked. Tears flowing down his face. 
"No," I whispered and backed up. 
"Buffy, it wasnât your fault," Giles said trying to comfort me. 
"Yes it was, she should have never come here in the first place," Cordelia snapped. 
"I agree," Gunn mumbled. His face was etched in shock. 
"Iâm⦠Iâm⦠so sorry⦠I didn't," I tried, but what could I say? Technically, I did tie them all up, but I was drugged. I have to remember that. I didnât shoot her though. 
I turned to my old friends. "Connor is with Drusilla," I said gravely. 
Everyone turned pale and I heard a sickening moan and twirled to see Cordelia clutching her head. More tears sprang to her eyes and even though she was weak she crawled over to the weapons cabinet. Wesley and Gunn tried to pull her away, but she was fighting. 
"He's going to kill us," She chanted over and over.
"Who is?" Wes asked. 
"Angelus," She cried out grabbing a sword. 
The entire room became silent and they all stared at the seer. I wanted to start laughing but the fear in her eyes made me scream instead. 
"You're lying. You're lying," I screamed at her. 
"Buffy..." Giles said trying to place his hand on me, trying to calm me down. 
I shrugged his hand off and stalked over to Cordelia and screamed," How? How did this happen? What made him happy?" 
No one said a word. 
"Itâs not possible, you have to understand me," I screamed. I was yelling to everyone including the damn Powers That Be.  
"We need to recurse him if he hasâ¦" I stuttered. 
"He doesnât want it,"" Wesley croaked out. 
"What?" I yelled. 
"I said he doesnât want it," Wes yelled. 
I let the tears fall.  
"Its torture, donât you understand that Buffy?" Wesley screamed. Why didnât he just hit me? It would have been less painful than his eyes stating hatred. 
"Tara, can you do a protection spell? If it is Angelus he will come after everyone here," Giles said taking charge. His voice was void of emotion. 
"Oh God, if only we did the spell earlier," Tara mumbled. 
"What spell?" Giles said wiping his glasses. 
"We...we...were going to...to bind...bind his soul," Tara stuttered. 
My eyes went wide and I closed them. More pain was the last thing I needed. "This is not happening. Itâs not happening," I yelled. 
I twirled to Cordelia," Do you have any idea where he was?" I asked. 
Even though she hated me she knew I was the only one who could take care of Angelus. "No. The poor girl though," She cried. 
"You wont have to look far," Will said from the door. 
I stared at him and felt like running away. There was raw anguish on his face and anger. 
"Will..." I whispered. He held up a hand and refused to look at me. God he blames me. 
"Can you tell us where he is?" Giles asked. 
"He's with Dru and I can find Dru anywhere," he said hoarsely.  My heart dropped. Angelus would kill Connor in a heartbeat. 
"Will you take me there?" I cried out. 
Will nodded his eyes on the floor. 
I turned to Giles and said, "Do me a favor and find out anything you can about Holtz and where the hell he went, or what he is."  Giles nodded and I grabbed a few more weapons and followed Will. 
"Buffy you do know you have to kill him?" Giles whispered. 
I nodded slowly, "Kill him if he comes here." 
Will and I walked in silence. I didnât try to say anything and he didnât start a conversation. Not to far from the hotel we came upon an old building. By the looks of it, I would say it used to be an old department store.  Will nodded to the roof and we made our way by climbing up the fire escape. We got into the building through a broken window and stood above and watched as Dru danced around insanely and I stiffened when I saw Angelus walk up behind her and grab her around the waist and kiss her neck. 
This was not happeningâ¦not again.

"Hello baby," I purred as I came into view of Drusilla.  
Her smile lit the room. "I knew you were coming; a little birdie told me," She purred right back. 
"Hmm, did it now?" I asked nuzzling her neck. 
"Angelus," She purred running her hands through my hair. 
"Yes," I whispered nicking her neck. 
"Can I keep him?" She asked. 
I looked up annoyed and puzzled and thatâs when I heard it. The most irritating sound possible. A minion ran into the room. 
"Sorry mistress, Iâ¦" The ugly young woman said, holding a screaming red chubby child. 
"Connor," I sneered. 
I stalked over to the child. This child was going to die it was human and I was disgusted by the memories it brought with it. I smiled, plus - it would kill Buffy. 
I grabbed the child from the minion and flashed my eyes, the woman ran out of the room. I held it up and the child started screaming even more if it was possible. 
I snickered, "Brat knows I'm not that looser. Time to die." 
"Daddy, please let me keep him. I always wanted a brother. He's going to be a master," She cooed and took the child from me. 
"No, he's disgusting. Besides, I have the world to torture and rule⦠I do not need a screaming â¦it," I snapped. 
"Daddy," She whined.  
"Look at him," I snapped as the wiggling child was placed in my arms again. Hatred surged though me. 
"I want himâ¦" She stopped and smiled. 
"My Spike has come as well," She clapped and twirled. 
"Fuck," I yelled and sniffed. I started to grin when I smelled Buffy. I spotted her above me, pointing a crossbow at Drusilla. 
She grinned and I heard a whizzing sound in the air. 
I heard someone scream," No." I didnât know if it was Spike or myself but Drusilla let out a yelp and turned to dust. I was angered to no end and I looked back up to see that Buffy was gone, but Spike was still standing there, staring at the dust pile. I clutched the kid to me and took off in a run. I could use the kid for insurance. 
"Going somewhere?" She asked stepping out in front of me. 
I grabbed the kid's neck and smiled.  She backed down and placed her crossbow on the floor. "God you are still stupid," I grinned and started squeezing the brat's neck. The child started screaming and I felt a stake go through me from behind. 
"What the fuck?" I yelled. I spun to see Spike standing there staring at me. 
"Goodbye you fuck," he yelled. 
Two young women screamed out in pain.  
The seer whose visions were slowly killing her saw her best friend turn to dust. She has no idea why the Powers would send her a vision of Angel dying. She only knows that she will never have another one and she wishes she could die with him. The people around her only heard her whimpering and sobbing and having no idea what happened tried to consol her.  
The second was the Chosen; she screamed and sobbed, wanting to join her love, her soul mate. However, the baby in her arms started to cry and she knew she had to stay, to be a mother for child.  It is what he would have wanted.  
A third, the slightly insane one laughed at the sight below him. He enjoyed watching the vampire die. He had finally found justice and it was quite poetic that Angelus's lover was the one to see him die.  
The fourth stared at the floor her eyes filling up with tears feeling every ounce her sister in arms was feeling. 
The fifth just stared at the piles of dust down at his feet. Three deaths in one day. Two his family and one his lover. He broke down and bawled along side the chosen one. The two huddled together and held the child. 
"I'm sorry," They both whispered as they stared at the dust, which was starting to scatter by a light breeze.