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Here are some challenges that i have come up with.
if you would like to write one of them please contact me so i know which one you are doing.
#1 - Set during Season 2

This must be during Surprise. Angel left with the Judges arm. Buffy and Joyce have moved to LA cause Joyce now owns a gallery there. Angel comes back (how long he has be gone is up to you!) Then finds out Buffy isnt in Sunnydale anymore.

Must haves:
1. Buffy and Willow keeping in touch a lot
2. Faith taking Buffys place as slayer
3. At once Angel want to find Buffy but founds out she has a boyfriend, Willow telling him everything what has happen since he left.
4. Buffy finding Angel in silk black boxers. (Yummy!!)
5. Angel still a vamp, mortal, whatever you want him to be.
6. Buffy and Angel not getting together at first. they try the firend thing, since they both have changed,
7. B/A Happy ending
At least a few of these please:
1. Tissues
2. Red and white flowers
3. Leather pants
4. Someone crying
5. Someone dedicates a song song is up to you
6. Bungee jumping
7. Go-karting
8. Truth or Dare
9. Someone getting in a fight
10. Going out for ice cream
#2 - Set during Season 4

Riley is about to propose to Buffy, (somewhere sunny) Riley says Will you marry (takes out ring). then Angel is running towards Buffy (with the help of Willow) saying that hes human or whatever you want him to be.

Must Haves:
1. Major B/A Fluff
2. Couples- W/S, D/C, X/?
3. Claddagh rings
4. Riley talking smack
5. Angel doing Riley bashing, others joining
6. Game of truth or dare. Have someone ask Angel who is a better kisser Buffy or Darla, whatever you want.

At least a few of these:
1. Stuffed dog (Blues Clues)
2. 12 dozen red and white roses
3. Someones b-day
4. Box of tissues
5. Angel getting slightly injured
6. Bouncing Tigger
7. Old pics of the Scooby Gang
8. Popcorn
9. Math book
#3 AU Fic - Set during perferably Season 3 or 4

No vamps, demons, witches, etc.
Buffy and Angel never met before. Buffy or Angel are either new to Sunnydale.
Buffys boyfriend treating her bad end ups breaking up, and Buffy not liking guys for a little while. Buffy and Angel not getting along at first.

Must haves:
1. If you set it in season 4 you can use Riley as Buffy's bad boyfriend. In what stage in their relationship is up to you.
2. Anything u want actually.
3. Angel dedicating the song More than That by BSB, to Buffy. Need lyrics email me
#4 - Set during Season 4

Willow Calls the LA crew cause they need help in Sunny hell For whatever reason you like. Buffy is not too happy with them being there, she doesnt notice that Angel is human or half human cause he is kinda of hiding it. She tries to rub her relationship with Fishboy in his face.

Must Haves:
1. Must end with B/A
2. A little angst
3. The whole Scooby gang and LA crew. Include Dawn and Doyle
4. Angel and Buffy talk fight
5. Fishboy treating Dawn like a little kid
6. Angel and Dawn talk. Dawn talks about how she doesnt like Fishboy, and how everything treats her like a kid except the LA crew and him. And other stuff
7. Angel kicking Fish boys ass. Others can join.
#5 - Perferably set during Season 4

Buffy and Angel never met before. Angel is moving in with his cousin Doyle and attending UC Sunnydale with him. They meet and fall in love with each other just by the look in their eyes. After one date Buffy thinks that he wont like her any more since she is the slayer. And breaks think off after she tells him what she is. She runs off before she could tell that he understands.

Must Haves:
1. Dawn and Doyle
2. Angels mom was a slayer
3. Angel and Dawn talk about Buffy (Dawn likes Angel than any of Buffys other b/fs)
4. The original Scooby gang, including Cordy
5. Doyle having a thing for Cordy
6. The song What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful by BSB (yes I like them) need lyrics email me
#6 Set during Season 4 or beginning of 5

Main concept.
One night Buffy and the gang are at her house just hanging out or whatever you want. Buffy or one of the gang puts the radio on one of their favorite stations, on that stations ppl are giving out their dedications. After a few min there is a dedication from Angel to Buffy. What ever the DJ says is up to you. After the song end she calls LA, Cordy says hes not there. Knock at the door its Angel. Then the rest is up to u.

Must haves:
1. Angel human or half with vamp traits, whatever you want
2. The song being dedicated is Faith Hills There youll be need lyrics email me.
3. Dawn has to be in it
4. After like a few months or whatever Riley comes back and tries to get Buffy back but its not going to happen
5. Minor Riley bashing
#7 - Set during Season 4

Main Concept
Riley getting on Buffys nerves and needs to get rid of him (could be dating or him trying to make her like him). Some big evil comes up and they call the LA gang for help, something like that.

Must Needs
1. Dawn and Doyle needs to be in it
2. Angel is either human or half.
3. Faith is good, part of LA gang
4. Faith and Buffy get along. Spike, Angel, and Xander get along
5. Buffy and Angel patrol, they talk, flirt, some how get back together
6. They patrol again but with other people, like Xander or Willow. Spike has to be with them. During that patrol they run into Riley and whoever is with him. Riley and Buffy share words. Riley says a bunch of crap about her and her friends. They beat Riley and his friends up. Angel goes for Riley and loses it really bad, doesnt stop. He keeps kicking his @$$. Spike and whoever tries to pull him back. Angel stops and doesnt say anything to anybody just walks away. Everyone just looks in awe. Buffy goes after him, they talk
7. You need to come up with a good reason Angel went off and didnt stop beating Riley up.
8. Riley is either dead or badly injured
9. Next day in the magic shop no one wants to talk to Angel, cause they think he might go off on them. He tells them he is ok
10. And the rest is up to you!!!!!!!
#8 - AU Fic

Angel was raised in the * bad streets * of Sunnydale. Well Ill just say that Sunnydale is has its good and bad parts. Everyone goes to Sunnydale high. Sunnydale is the typical high school, with the popular, outcasts, and then there is Angels group.

Must haves:
1. Buffy and Angel despise each other. Since they are both from different worlds.
2. Angel was raised in a tough neighborhood. I would like to see him raised into a gang. But that is up to you.
3. His family is Spike, Faith, and an older brother. His name is up to you.
4. Buffy is an only child unless you add Dawn. Joyce is dead and Hank is out of the picture. Giles is her legal guardian. Whatever their relationship to each other is up to you.
5. Buffy is not exactly in the * in * crowd, but somewhat popular. Angel, Spike, and Faith are the tough ones in school.
6. Angel and Buffy have a class together. Then they end up working on a project together. When they are working Buffy makes Angel laugh or something. Then they just hit it off from then.
7. No one liking the idea of Buffy and Angel. Buffy and Angel trying to fit in in each others worlds. At school and home.
8. Of course Buffy and Angel get together. Buffy doesnt want anything to happen to Angel so she asks him to change, get out of the gang, or whatever you want.
9. Angel having another tatto other than the bird on the back of his rihgt shoulder

If you write that Angel is in a gang there are some different must haves:
1. All of the above
2. Must have other people in the gang too. Not just the family.
3.  (Must have other people. Like Angels older brother.) Angel and Buffy, or the whole gang. Whoever you want are at or walking to Angels place or somewhere. Then a rival gang or whatever does a drive by or whatever. They start blasting. Of course they are going for Angel and the rest of his family. Angel sees that one of them are aiming at Buffy and he runs to try and save her. But she gets hit.
  #9 AU Fic Set during whatever season

 Got this idea after watching the Disney Movie Tru Confessions. So just go by the story line. If you havent see it email me and I can give you a summary.

 Buffy has a twin brother (his name is up to you) and has mental disorder due to the fact that he didnt have enough oxygen when he was born. They are in high school. And Buffy is doing this project or whatever you want her to do. (In the movie Tru wants to be a star and makes a movie about her brother)

 Must haves:

1.       Buffys brothers name is up to you.

2.       Its your choice if they are new to Sunnydale high, or like if they have only been there a few months, or whatever.

3.       One day Buffys brother is waiting for her out in the front and some guys (maybe Riley) is messing with him, then Angel comes and tells them to leave him alone.

4.       Angel is a really good guy. He understands her brother and stuff.

5.       Angel and the brother get along really well. Her brother always wants to hang out with him.

6.       B/A fluff

7.       Angel, Buffy, and her brother, and maybe a few other people if you want. Go somewhere fun. Angels treat.



This takes place during Buffy Season 6 and Angel Season 3


What if instead of Groo ending up in LA after finding a way out of Pylea or whatever he ends up in Sunnydale.  Some how Groo and Buffy meet and they are attracted to each other. They then end up getting together

Then for some reason the Scooby gang end up in LA or the LA gang end up in Sunnydale. Cordy surprised to see Groo and Angel not knowing what to say about Buffy and Groo.


Must haves:

1.       No B/S going on. Just closer friends, brother/sister kinda thing.

2.       If you want to put any C/A stuff go ahead. like if they are starting anything go ahead.

3.       Groo getting the hair cut and like dressing all nice. (And sexy! Hehe)

4.       Groo being the sweetest he can be.

5.       Groo needs to be happy in the end.

6.       Dawn really likes Groo

7.       I would like to see G/B cuteness.

8.       Angel jealous.

9.       In the end B/A



1.       If Conner is still a baby he must be really attached to Buffy, and if he is older must be really close to her. And he can be Buffys son, you know with Darla just being the carrier or whatever you want.

2.       Angel is spying on Buffy while in Sunnydale or LA. And when she confronts him about it he makes up some excuses.

3.       Groo getting in a fight with someone.

4.       Riley stops by again for some reason.

5.       Xander saves everyone at some moment. (I like to see him do something heroic.)


And thats about it. Have fun with it.


#11 AU Fic


So the story line is Angels dad is dead and he doesnt know how did it. Starts off with Angel seeing his dad being blown up by opening the car door.  After a few years or whatever Angel is either in LA or Sunnydale he meets Buffy. She is new to town. They get together and things happen.


Must haves:

1.       Buffy invites Angel and his friends (whoever they are is up to you) for dinner at her place. Angel looks around and ends up in her dads office, sees a picture of their dads together and suspects things.

2.       Buffy and Angel and madly in love and Angel propose to her. The night before the wedding the girls through Buffy a lil party.

3.       Day of wedding Buffys dad stops by and tells her that she cant marry Angel, and that he wont go to the wedding if she does. Wedding goes as planned.

4.       The next day her dad calls for Angel saying he has something for them and wants to talk. It starts to rain and Buffy said that she would go cause she wants him to find their car or dog, might be stuck in the rain.

5.       So Buffy goes. Niether Angel or Buffy know that her father has hired someone to kill Angel.

6.       Once of Buffys dad associates (whatever name is up to you) who are close to Buffy calls one of the gang warns Angel and they head to find her.

7.       When they get there they see traffic is stopped right before her fathers building or whatever. Angle runs to the car and sees bullet shots.

8.       Buffy is either dead or injured.


Add whatever else you would like.