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Just To Be With You


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"So where's all of your stuff?" Buffy asked, tracing random patterns across the arm that lay around her waist.


"I moved some things around in case you wanted to bring over any of your other stuff.  You know, make this place more girl-friendly," he smiles, placing a kiss to her bare back.  Letting out a small chuckle, Buffy snuggles further into his embrace, not wanting to have to leave for school in an hour.  "I can't believe they're actually making us go to the first four classes today before we get to go home and get all ready," she pouts.  "I mean, how do they expect us to look our best in such a short time?"


"Well, you have nothing to worry aboutyou always look perfect."


"Again with the smooth talk," she smiles into his chest.  "You'll be a regular Bond tonight in your tux.  You do have your tux, don't you?"


"Of courseI think your mother would kill me if I showed up without one.  She's already bought five rolls of film."


     Buffy tipped her head back, all the more curious to find out just what had transpired during her mother's talk with her boyfriend.  "Just what did mom say to you anyway?"  Angel could only look at her, a small smile forming upon his lips.  "Something I should've already realized"


"Whatever it wasremind to thank her."  Realizing that she had to start getting ready to check in with her mother then head off to school, Buffy reluctantly rolled out of bed, Angel following suit behind her.  As he fixed her a light snack, the two began to make plans for the evening's big event.


"Okay- Xander and Cordy will be here at around 6 with their limo"


"A limo?  With- with Xander??"


"Believe it or not, it was his idea to come pick you up," she flashes him a surprised look that almost matches his own.


"Should I be worried then?"


"Nah- Cordy will be there to protect you," she skips over to him, reaching up to give him a playful kiss.  "Oh- that reminds me.  Make sure you have a few things packed for the weekend."


"I don't understand"


"You heard Cordelia invite us all down to her family's beachhouse for the weekend," she reminds him.  "You've gotta have something more than a tux to wear for two days."


"Buffy" he sighs, a grim bleak look threatening to break out across his features.  "Pleasedon't even-"


"We're driving down tonight in Oz's van- Will and him sun-blocked it.  Plus, Cordy and Xand already put up some heavy curtains at the house.  We've got everything taken care of.  Angel" she grabs his face between her small hands, urging him to look at her.  "I promise, everything is going to be great.  We'll all go swimming once the sun sets and just have fun."


"But I still won't be able to take you out into the sunli-"


"Who cares?!  I don't!  I don't know why you do"


"Because you deserve-" Angel's protest is quickly silenced by Buffy's warm lips fervently capturing his in a strong kiss.


"What I *deserve* is to enjoy my prom and the weekend with my friends and boyfriend.  Now if you have any objections to that, I'd be more than happy to beat and toss you around a little bit until you came to your senses again, but I've got to get going to school."  She races over to the couch to grab her bag, turning to face him as she approaches the front doors.  "Any questions?"


"Just onedo we have to play any more board games with Xander like we did the last time we were all together?" 


"So long as you promise not to glue him to any more furniture"  The slayer's face melted into a warm smile as she gave him one final kiss before leaving in extreme anticipation of the prom.




"Ready to roll, Deadboy?"  Angel couldn't help but give a slight chuckle at Xander's remark.  "Hey- you clean up pretty good" the tuxedo clad boy told the vampire between mouthtfuls.


"Thanks.  So do Xanderwhat are you eating?"


"Twinkie," he smiles, a smudge of cream filling oozing out the side of his mouth.  "Want one?  I've got a couple extra," he says, already looking through his jacket pockets.


"No, no- I'm good, thanks.  Where's Cordelia?"


"Out in the limo.  Something about not wanting to expose her new shoes to the dreariness and dampness of this placeby the way" he points over towards the couch, noticing a single piece of red fabric peeking out from under a pillow.  "Is that your bra or Buffy's?"  Looking back to see what the grinning Xander was referring to, Angel was sure he would've blushed if it were still possible.  "I'm hoping it's Buffy's, cause if that's what you moonlight in, that just puts the most disturbing image into my mind, and I really don't think you want your floor covered in spongy twinkie goodness."


"It's mineI thought it might make a nice change from all the black leather," he brushes off his teasing, gently pushing past him towards the door.


"OoooDeadboy made a joke!  I was beginning to think I was the only one around here with a sense of humor."


"Not neccesarilyI've always thought Cordelia had a great sense of humor.  After all- she goes out with youthat's either a wonderful sense of humor, or she's really into charity work.  I'm more apt to go along with the first scenario."  Before Xander can retaliate, Angel is greeting Cordelia by the limo.  "Here Cordelia" he says, handing her one of the four roses he was carrying along with Buffy's corsage.  "You look great."


"Awwthank you, Angel.  If I would've known you'd look so great in that tux I would've asked you to the Prom the first night I saw you at the Bronze."  <How unfair is this?  Buffy gets already dropped-dead gorgeous Angel in a tux, and what do I get?  A twinkie munching clown who I wish would drop dead sometimes>


"Hey- where's my rose, Deadboy?" Xander whines, hopping in beside them.


"I'll tell you whatif you can go the rest of the night without calling me Deadboy, I'll bring along all the Twinkies that I know Buffy has stashed away in my kitchen this weekend."


"You're coming!" Cordy cheers.  "That's great!  It'll be a lot of fun, Angel.  Well, except for the rest of these lameoids being there"


"Yeah- so long as you keep your distance from me and the glue," Xander adds, shifting a little in his seat before mustering up his pride to make his confession to Angel.  "Lookyou'll never, I repeat- *never* hear me say this again, so you'd better have those vamp ears tuned up all the way."  Taking a deep breath, he blurts out his statement.  "Imgladyourenotleaving."


"What?"  Angel had a pretty good idea what he'd just heard, but still, any opportunity he could get to see Xander squirm was more than welcome.


"UgghhI'm glad you're not leaving," he repeats, slower this time as he rolls his eyes at having to say it again.  "For what it's worth, you're alrightand I think we all pretty much know how much you love Buffy.  And even though she's got this fine guy right here to drool all over" he gives a sly grin which quickly disappeared once he saw his date's angry glare.  "You're all she sees and needs.  So I'm glad you're staying."


"Thanks Xander," Angel finally gets out, more than a little surprised at Xander's words.  "That means al-"


"Yeah yeah- don't go getting all mushy on me.  This wild man's up for some prom-partyin!"




"How do I look, mom?"  Joyce, smiling at the fifth hairstyle her daughter had tried on tonight, approached Buffy with open arms.  "You look wonderful, princess.  Absolutely wonderful.  Angel won't be able to keep his eyes off of you...well, not that he can't keep his eyes off of you just wearing jeans and a sweater," she laughed.  "Try not to be so nervous, honey.


"I know.  I just want everything to go great tonight- and this weekend."  Buffy unfolded herself out of her mother's supportive arms with a start in response to the doorbell.  "He's early," she whispered, and slipped on her shoes as Joyce made her way to the door.  She smiled, and swung it open.


"Hello Angel.  We seem to be seeing a lot of each other these past few days, she laughed, welcoming him in.


"Well, it's certainly always a pleasure, Joyce," he smiles stepping through the doorway.  "This is for you," he says, pulling another small rose from behind his back.


"Why thank you, Angel.  It's beautiful."


"Speaking of beautiful, is Buffy ready?"


"Yes she is," answered a finally calmed Buffy as she appeared from the dining room.  Angel couldn't pull his eyes away from her.  Her sleeveless pink dress was simple in design, but her natural beauty gave it such grandeur.  Her golden tresses just barely covered her shoulder, and her face seemed to glow in response.


"You look amazing, Buffy," he smiled, handing her the one white rose that stood out from the others he carried, placing the beautiful corsage he carried with him over her wrist.


"Thank you, Angel."  As her mother talked with Angel about their plans for the evening, Buffy's gaze fell quickly upon him.  <Definitely have to make the tux his official patrol attire.>


"You two look so beautiful together.  Just perfect," Joyce beamed, already working on her third roll of film.


"What's the hold up?" Xander's voice boomed into the living room.  "Queen C is bustin' my eardrums with her complaining out in the limo, and- whoaBuffy.  Very nice" he smiles, eyeing her appreciatively. 


"Not so bad yourself, Xand," she pulls him into a hug, feeling something squishing against her in the process.  "Xander- what have you got under your jacket?"


"Don't get him started," Angel warns, lacing his fingers with hers. 


"Say mom, grab a picture of these two-" Buffy grins, gently nudging Angel and Xander together towards the fireplace.  After a brief moment of hesitation and debate, Xander casually slipped his arm around Angel's shoulder in a friendly manner, passing him a sideways smile as he did the same.  After flashing a few more pictures of the three, Joyce walks with them out on the porch.     "You all have fun," she smiles, giving Buffy a final hug as Angel offers her his arm to escort her to the limo. 


"Okay- so who's ready to get down with their badself!"


"Xander-" Cordy snaps as he slumps down next to her.  "Don't make me sorry I'm taking you out in public!  You'd better behave tonight!"


"Hey- I make no promises.  I'm still trying to get in some last minute votes for class clown."


"I would've thought he would win by a landslide," Angel mutters, leaning over to give Buffy a quick kiss.


"Hey, I heard that!  If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times- leave the humor to an expert like me!"




We were standing all alone

You were leaning in to speak to me

Acting like a mover, shaker

Dancing to Madonna

Then you kissed me

And I think about it all the time



     By the time they reached the gym, they were all laughing and blushing- already having an awesome time.  As the music blasts

throughout the crowd, Angel and Buffy slowly make their way over to Willow and Oz, hand in hand as Cordelia and Xander follow from behind.


"Buffy- you look awesome!" Willow cheers, pulling her best friend into a hug.


"So do you.  How's the prom?"


"Strangely affecting," Oz grins.  "I got all teared up when they played 'We Are Family'. "


"Everything's perfect," Will says, suddenly passing an eye to the stunning vision who's hand was firmly clasping Buffy's.  "Angelyou look great in your tux."


"Thanks," he passes her a half-smile, handing her the single rose he had left.  "You look wonderful, Willow"


"Thank you" she tries hiding her faint blush, turning instead to face her date, proudly beaming from ear to ear.



Sweet temptation rush all over me

And I think about it all the time

Passion desire so intense

I can't take anymore



     The friends walk through the huge group of dancing seniors, which wasn't as bad as Angel had expected, finally meeting up with Wesley and Giles on the other side of the gym.  "Whoa- G-manlookin' good in the monkey suit," Xander smiles, giving him a pat on the back.  As the englishman sighs, looking to the oblivious Wesley for help, he pulls Buffy off to the side.  "How do you all expect to put up with him for an entire weekend?"


"We've managed before," his slayer giggles, watching in amusement as her goofy friend began dragging Cordelia onto the dancefloor.  "So long as we can keep him and Angel from torturing one another, everything will be peachy.  I can't wait for him to see the ocean, Giles."  She turns slightly, looking on as her date was busy talking with Oz.



I feel the magic all around you

It's bringing me to my knees

Like a wannabe

I've gotta be chained to you



"So Angel's going?" Giles' eyes held an uncertainty that Buffy immediately picked up on.  "I take it you've alreadymade preparations?"


"Of course.  He'll be fine, Giles.  Besides, this is our big chance to make him feel like he really belongs.  You knownormal like us.  Wellas normal as we all get," she chuckles, half-tempted to go save Cordelia from Xander's two left feet on the dance floor, but deciding to see Angel's moves first.


     She immediately grabs his hands, pulling him out to the dance floor.  He chuckled and shook his head at her, knowing full well he'd probably look like as big a klutz as Xander was dancing to the fast-paced rhythm of the current song, but suddenly not caring. Buffy.



When you looked into my eyes

Felt a sudden sense of urgency

Fascination casts a spell

And you became more than just a mystery

And I think about you all the time


Is this fate, is it my destiny

That I think about you all the time

I no longer pretend

To have my hand on the wheel



"Have I told you how" Buffy was at a loss for words, subconsciously dancing even closer to Angel as she noticed the hundreth girl that was shamelessly checking him out.  "incredibly sexy you look in that tux?"


"I'm gonna have to take your word on that," he leans into her ear, trying to speak up over the blaring music.


"If you don't believe me, I would think having every girl's eyes all over you would give you a pretty good idea."


"What are you talking about?"


"Okay- how can you be so perceptive when it comes to everything else except the effect you have on the female population?  Let me explain it to you, honeyI don't think there's a girl at this dance, including Will and Cordelia, who hasn't undressed you with their eyes," she gives him a sly smile, loving the feel of his hands grasping her around the waist to pull her in closer.


"I could say the same things about every guy in here who thinks they're worthy enough to feast their eyes on you," he smiles as he traces his hands alongside her bare shoulders and arms, feeling her slight shiver in response.



I feel the magic all around you

It's bringing me to my knees

Like a wannabe

I've gotta be chained to you



     The song faded as Xander's moment to shine was approaching.  Dragging Cordelia along behind him, he raced over to the other Scoobies, wanting to share his glory with the friends who had put up with his antics for so very long.  As his classmate took to the stage, Xander's eyes widened in anticipation, already preparing an acceptance speech as the announcement was being made. 


"And the award for Sunnydale High's class clown for 1999 goes toJack Mayhew." 


     With his outlandish balloon crown and ensuing happy-dance, Jack was a sight to behold.  As he breezed past a shocked and disappointed Xander, the others did their best trying to console their distraught friend.  However, Cordelia, as usual, made no attempt to hide her amusement at her boyfriend's loss.


"Expert in humor, huh?  More like the king of fools!" she laughed, noticing that Angel and Oz seemed to share her sentiments as they expertly held back their own laugher.


"Please!  Anybody can be a prop class clown!" Xander whined.  "You know, none of the people who vote for these things are funny!"


"And according to them, neither are you," a grinning Angel smirks, giving him a pat on the shoulder, for a brief second actually feeling sorry for his loss.  <As far as clowns go, I can't imagine any worse clown than Xander.  Shame he doesn't have an award to prove it.>


     As Buffy and Angel followed Willow and Oz over to get some punch, a nervous Jonathan took to the stage.  "We have one more award to give out.  Is Buffy Summers here tonight?"  The gym filled with murmurs, the anxious crowd looking amongst themselves for the small blonde they'd all often wrote off as a misfit.  "Did- did she, umm"  Buffy's head finally turned towards the stage, looking on as he continued.  "This is actually a new category.  First time ever.  I guess there were a lot of write-in ballots, and, um- the prom committeeasked me to- to read this," he stutters, fumbling through his jacket for the sheet of paper.


     Buffy turned to her friends, looking for some sort of explanation as to what was going on.  "We're not good friends.  Most of us never found the time to get to know you.  But that doesn't mean we haven't noticed you.  We don't talk about it much, but it's no secret that Sunnydale High isn't really like other highschools.  A lot of weird stuff happens here"


"Zombies!" one eager student shouts out.


"Hyena people!" another cries.


"Snyder!!" the third receives a few hushed laughs from the crowd.  Jonathan gives his own slight chuckle before continuing. 


"But whenever there was a problem, or something creepy happened, you seemed to show up and stop it.  Most of the people here have been saved by you, or helped by you at one time or another.  We're proud to say that the class of '99 has the lowest mortality rate of any graduating class in Sunnydale history."  A huge round of applause erupted from the crowd.  Angel turned to his side to see Buffy begin to blush, still unclear as to what was really going on.


"And we know at least part of that is because of you.  So the senior class offers it's thanks, and gives you, uh, uh, this."  Jonathan turns to grab the small pedastal, slowly popping it open to read it's inscription.  "It's from all of us.  And it has written here, 'Buffy SummersClass Protector." 


     Buffy's beaming features floated down the cleared aisle, extremely surprised and overwhelmed by her classmates' actions.  Gently taking the award that Jonathan handed her, she turned to face the crowd, still in an uproar of cheers.  Finally making it back to her friends, she was swept up in a giant hug by all of them.


"Alright Buffy," Oz was the first to speak up.  "Way to make a scene."


"That was so cool," his date giggles, taking the small umbrella from her best friend to take a closer look.


"I'm so very proud of you, Buffy."  Giles' pride was evident as he gave her another hug, quietly rejoicing in the admiration and love he had for the girl who'd come to be more of a daughter to him than a slayer.


"And so am I" Angel wraps her up in his own hug, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.  The friends were so busy celebrating Buffy's big moment that they almost succeeded in drowning out Xander's complaints.


"Buffy gets a golden umbrellaJack gets class clown honorseven the girls got roses from Angel.  And what do I get, huh?  When do I ever get something good?!" he whimpers, his sulking face finally getting to Cordelia.


"Uggh!  You get *me*!!  Isn't that enough you big baby?!  Now come on- let's dance!"  This time she drags his unwilling frame out to the floor to begin swaying to the gentle, slow song that had just started. 


"May I have this dance?" Angel gives his date a wide smile before leading her wordlessly out to the center of the gym.  Clasping her small hand in his own, he wraps his other arm around her waist, his hand gently caressing the folds of her dress.



I love you more than anything

Than anything, I do

And I'd give anything

And everything I have

Just to be with you


These feelings I hold inside

Are emotions I cannot hide

These feelings will not subside

I'd give anythinganything



"So what do you think of your first prom experience?" Buffy looks up with a huge smile across her face as Angel pulls her closer. 


"Definitely not what I expected," he grins.  "But it's been greatcan't help but feel bad for Xander though," he steals a glance at the still-pouting Xander, starting to feel sorrier for Cordelia for having to put up with more whining.



When I look into your eyes

I see something special about you

And when I hold your hand

You seem to understand


That I love, you more than anything

Than anything, I do

And I'd give anything

And everything I have

Just to be with you


These feelings I hold inside

Are emotions I cannot hide

These feelings will not subside

I'd give anything, anything



     Angel felt Buffy lay softly against his shoulder as he brought one hand up from her back and placed it gently against her head, brushing against her hair and tucking it back behind her ear.  The room seems to go silent as all he can think about is how much he loved holding her soft body in his arms, knowing he'd never be able to leave her.


"I don't know how I could ever go on if you ever left my arms," he whispers against her neck, pressing his lips against her smooth skin.


"That's never going to happen," she emphasizes, pulling his lips down to hers, delighting in the feeling of his mouth devouring hers.



When I, think of life without you

It brings me, it brings me right down to my knees

Cause I, I can't imagine life without you

You are the thing...

The thing that keeps me holding on


I'd do things that can't be done

I'd fly to the moon and around the sun

If you'll just say that I'm the one

I'd do anything


I love you more than anything...

More than anything



     The song ended as softly as it had begun and the couple remained trapped in one another's embrace.  Until Cordelia's sharp voice called them to attention.  "If we don't leave now I just might tie up Xander and shove him in a locker!"


"You know," Xander approached them from behind, his pouty face slowly returning to it's usual smirk.  "You'd think you'd be a little more sympathetic!"


"You lost class clown- big freakin' deal!  Isn't it enough that we all think you're a big goofball?!  Now are we going or not?"  Not wanting to put up any argument with Queen C, Angel and Buffy roamed the gym to grab Willow and Oz.  Giving their last goodbyes to Giles and Wesley, the friends quickly changed out of their formal attires and gathered into Oz's darkened van, all set for two days to relax together.