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Authors Notes: Okay, this be the scoop. Angel and Buffy got back together after she went to see him in LA (think IWRY without the Joss twist) and moved in with her in with her in a nice sized house on the out skirts of Sunnydale. Cordy and Doyle still live in LA and run Angel Investigation, with Gunn. No Wesley. Never did like him much. Also, the big boom at Angel's office didn't happen. There was no bomb, no fire, no nothing. The building is all nice and not blown to smithereens. Also Spike, though he doesn't have the chip in his brain, is NOT evil. I think he'd make a nice non-evil vamp. Sorry to Tracy if she wanted him evil. Also, this takes place around Buffy's junior year. I think that's those are the only changes. Also ** means thoughts
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Rating pg-13 or so. It's nothing you wouldn't see on the show. Then again, it probably is because Joss would NEVER let us have fluff.
Distribution: Just let me know, okay?

"I hate demons. They're so annoying." Buffy Summers complained to Angel as they went about patrol. "They always show up at the worst times."

"Buffy? Everyone hates demons. They're evil." Angel said calmly, trying not to further agitate his girlfriend. She was already in a bad mood because of the whole demon thing, no need to make it any worse.

"So?" Buffy asked as they began to walk to her house, "I hate them most though, cause I have to kill them when I COULD be spending time with my cradle-robbing-creature-of-the-night-boyfriend." She said with a smile as she looked up at Angel "Let's get off the subject of demons. They depress me. Lets talk about Christmas. You are going to take me to the party at the bronze, right?"

Inwardly, Angel groaned. The absolute last thing he wanted was to spend Christmas in a loud, jumping environment filled with teenagers when her could be home, alone with Buffy. Not to mention, he really can't stand Xander.

"Are you sure you want to go Buffy? We could always stay home watch a movie, make some pop corn" Angel moved behind her and took her in his arms. He began to nibble on her neck, a promise of what would happen later, if they could just stay home.

"Mmmmm. As much as I love this," She pulled away, " I promised the gang that we'd go to the party."

"But, Buffy, sweetie," Angel begged.

"No. We're going, and that's final." Buffy said firmly.

Angel moped. He had lost.


Anya was frightening. There truly was no other way to describe her. Xander was scared. Anya was decorating his basement, and she was going all out. She had tinsel and garland all over the place lights too. The lights were the worst. They were the kind that blinked and moved and made anybody within visual distance sick.

"Anya? Hun? Sweetie?" Xander asked cautiously, a hand over his eyes to block out the lights.

"Yes? Don't you just love decorating Xander? They never used to do this. It was just another holiday. They'd go to church and sit for hours upon hours and it was so boring!" Anya, throughout her rambling, hadn't stopped decorating, or the nauseating lights for that matter.

"Um uh, yeah. Don't you want to get ready for the party at the Bronze? Everyone's gonna be there. It'll be fun!" and it will get me away from these damn lights! Xander thought to himself.


Spike, William the bloody himself, hummed to himself as he put up a tree in his "house." He loved Christmas. It made everyone so bloody happy and it put a kind of buzz in their blood. Of course, he didn't drink anymore. Ever since he had started dating Faith he had stopped. His own choice of course, but the fact that she had threatened to stake him if he didn't might have had a itty bitty bit to do with it

"Spike? Are you there?" A voice called from the door.

"Hey Faith. Just finishing up a little decorating." Spike said as he slid up to her and gave her a kiss.

Faith pulled back after a minute and laughed at Spikes disappointed look.

"Are you ready to go yet? We're supposed to meet the gang at the Bronze soon."

"Fine. Lets go." Spike grumbled


"Delia? Are you ready yet?" The short Irish man was becoming impatient. They should have left for Sunnydale almost an hour ago. But of course, his princess just NEEDED to look positively perfect. "You look fine! Come on!" "Hold your horses Doyle. I'm coming!" Cordeila stepped out of her bedroom and into the living room of their apartment. After Angel had left, Doyle and Cordy moved into the living area beneath the office. They still ran the business, but now had the help of a teen living in the area named Gunn. He was cool, and could fight, and had connections. That's always nice.

"Darling, you look marvelous! All that time that has now made us late has most definitely paid off." Doyle smiled as a scowl rose upon his love's face.

"Well, maybe you should have spent a little more time on his ensemble. Really Doyle, can't you buy anything more trendier?" Though she loved him with all her heart, sometimes his sense of style-or lack of it-got to her. Doyle looked down at his black jeans, white under shirt, red and green striped over shirt (it's a seasonal look) and tennis shoes. He saw nothing wrong with his outfit. "Don't be silly Love. We're late. Lets go." Doyle grabbed her hand and they were out the door.

"He does love me, he does love me, he does love me, he does love me," Cordy chanted under her breath as they left.


Willow and Tara were already at the Bronze when Xander and Anya arrived.

"Wills! How's my main babe?" Xander said enthusiastically as he sauntered over to there table and gave Willow a hug. "And Tara, my babes main babe. Or something like that. How are ya?" Xander didn't quite get the whole Willow/Tara thing, but hey, it's her choice, right?

"Hi, Xander. Yes. I'm good. How are you?" Tara said with a quiet smile. She liked Xander. He was funny and cool.

"Where's the Buffster?" Xander asked, glancing around the Bronze for his friend.

"Probably of having sex with Angel," spoke up a new voice.

"Cordy! Long time no see." Xander said as he gave his ex-girlfriend a hug.

"We would've been here sooner, but Cordy just had to look perfect. Which she does!" Doyle said as him and Xander shook hands. "Well, well, look who's here." Doyle said as her pointed to the front doors.

In walked Buffy and Angel, arms around one another, kissing each other every once in a while.

"Is it just me, or could lay off the PDA every once in a while?" Xander asked as he watched Buffy and Angel come over to the table, arms around each other.

"I think it's kinda sweet Xander." Willow said.

"Hey guys!" Buffy said as Angel sat down in the chair she was planning on sitting in. He looked at her, shrugged, grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her onto his lap. Buffy didn't complain.

Xander groaned.

"So, what's going on with every one?" Buffy asked, looking over at Cordy and Doyle. Since they lived in LA, they never really got to talk anymore.

"We're just fine and dandy. Lotsa demons keepin' us busy ya know." Cordy stopped talking and glanced over at the two new arrivals to their now crowded table as Faith and Spike walked in.

"You never said Spike was coming, Love," Angel whispered against Buffy's neck as he placed butterfly kisses on it. She moved her head to the side and allowed him better access, before moving away and smiling at him.

"I know sweetie, but if we can stay another hour, I'll" Buffy whispered in his ear as the scoobies watched his eyes grow wide and a silly grin spread across his face.

"Deal." Angel said happily. "Wanna dance?" He asked as a slow song came on.

Buffy and Angel moved to the dance floor, Buffy fitting perfectly into Angel's waiting arms. Their bodies melted together, their arms around each other, swaying in perfect unison. Buffy nestled her head against Angel's broad chest and smiled. *Perfect* she thought. She loved these types of dates the best. Just her and Angel, lost in there own world, wrapped around each other. They swayed together, Angels head in her neck lightly kissing her. As the song came to an end, Angel bent down to down to kiss her lightly as they walked back to the table.

As the gang chatted about their lives, a tall, greasy haired blond boy wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He also had on overalls, a flowered shirt and a tie with cows on it. As he walked over to Buffy's table, she looked up and grimaced.

"Hide me." Buffy moaned, barring her head in Angel's chest. She HATED Riley. He's been trying to ask her out since the beginning of their freshman year. He just didn't understand that she didn't like him.

"Buffy? Is that you? Why are you hiding? Don't you wanna have fun with me?" Riley asked as he pulled on Buffy's hand like an impatient child.

"No, Riley. Please go away."

"But we'd have so much fun! We could play with Bessie!" Riley just didn't give up.

"No, Riley. I don't wanna hang out with you or be any where near you and you STUPID outfit."

"But Buffy, you LOVE me." Riley whined.

Angel had had just about enough of this. He stood, grabbed the pathetic whining loser who wanted-but had NO chance-of dating his girlfriend by the collar of his UGLY shirt and growled in his face. "Buffy kindly asked you to leave her alone. And yet, here you are, still bothering her. I will give you thirty seconds to get your ugly, loser like, cow loving body out of my sight before I drop kick you out!"

Riley had gotten very pale, and his pants had gotten slightly damp. He looked at Buffy's smirking face, then back at Angel's fuming one are picked up his pansy ass and ran for his life.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Angel's neck and kissed him long and hard. When she broke a way, even Angel was breathless. "Have I told you how much I love you lately?" She asked as she rubbed her head in his chest.

Angel purred at the sensation and kissed Buffy's head. "Not lately, but how bout we get outta here and you can show me."

Buffy smiled, grabbed his hand, and practically ran out.


As Buffy and Angel left, the others looked at each other. Willow and Tara looked at each other. Xander shrugged and looked at Anya who also shrugged. Spike was smiling. Faith was the only one who spoke. "That was certainly interesting."


Buffy and Angel were smiling as the walked down the street. They were almost home when Buffy suddenly decided that she wanted to stop at the store for some groceries for tomorrow's Christmas dinner. As they walked into the store, they found it empty of every one, and decorated horribly. Tinsel dripped every where, candy canes covered every inch f shelf space you could imagine, and a very pathetic looking fake tree stood not-so-proudly in the corner, also decorated with tinsel and candy canes. An old Christmas song blasted from the speakers.

"Get what you want and then let's get the hell out of here Buffy." Angel whispered harshly. He did NOT like this place at all.

"It'll just take a minute, sweet." Buffy said as she glanced around the store for life of any kind.

As they walked down the isles, the store started to shake slightly. Then more and more.

"Oh, God, Angel! Earthquake! Hurry, get in a doorway or something!" Buffy shouted as she and Angel dove for cover. A few minutes later, that quake was over, but the doors and windows were blocked, and Buffy and Angel were stuck in an area about the size of a walk in closet.

"Great. Just great! How am I supposed to cook dinner when we're stu..." Buffy was cut off by Angel's mouth on hers.

"We'll be just fine Love. And we'll get out in time to. Don't worry.

As for now we seem to have some time on our hands" Angel looked at Buffy suggestively.

"We're in a public store! What if someone walks in on us-" Angel's mouth attacked hers once again and Buffy stopped rambling. She pulled away slightly.

"Then again, it may be promising" She said, a twinkle in her eyes.

"Hell yes." Angel said and continued kissing her.