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David walked onto the set of Buffy he was greeted by all of his old
co-stars, but not Sarah she was still filming, fighting a vampire.
Joss was going to shoot the Buffy and Angel reunion.
Cut! Good job Sarah, Joss yelled. Sarah walked off the set and for
the 1st
time noticed David.
David, Sarah said running up to him
Hey Sarah, how are you? he asked hugging her.
Good you? She asked ending the hug. Sarah and David both had a thing
each other, they always did but they never admitted it afraid that the
one didnt have the same feelings. Plus David had been married for
but now he was single as was Sarah.
Good, are you ready for this? He asked taking off his jacket
David go to make up! Joss yelled ending the conversation
Right, David yelled back
Ive got to go to, Sarah said grabbing his hand
Alright lets go, David said walking towards the trailer
They walked into the trailer but no one was there.
Denise? Sarah said looking around, I guess no one is here. David
down at Sarah she looked beautiful. He couldnt help it anymore years
built up sexual tension was let loose. He grabbed Sarah and kissed her.
Wow, Sarah said
Sorry, he said blushing
No its okay, she said pulling him back into an embrace. They started
kissing more and more. David cleared off the table that held all the
and laid Sarah down on it. She pulled at his shirt. The door opened and
Denise walked in.
Oops sorry, she said embarrassed, but the couple didnt even notice.
continued to kiss passion. Denise turned around and walked out leaving
and Sarah alone. She shut the door and came face to face with Joss.
Are you done with their make-up? he asked
Umm actually they are alittle busy right now, She said moving in
front of
the door so Joss couldnt go in. Joss pushed her a side and pounded on
door. David and Sarah stopped. Davids shirt was off and his pants
unbuttoned. Sarah was in her bra and panties.
Ill get it, David said getting off of Sarah
Do you have to, Sarah said getting up too. David walked over to the
thinking it was Denise or Aly but it was Joss.
Joss hey, David said buttoning his pants.
Am I interrupting something? Joss asked seeing Sarah putting back on
Actually, David started
No great, he said sending Denise back in to do their make-up. Sarah
as Denise began putting make-up on her. David sat on the chair on the
side of the trailer and watched.
It was getting pretty hot and heavy in here, she teased putting the
touches to Sarahs make-up, Kay David your turn. Sarah got up and
went to sit in the chair. Their eyes never leaving the others.
Sarah and David walked out of the trailer and into the building Davids
was wrapped around Sarahs waist. When Aly saw them she flashed Sarah a
smile like she was telling her finally! I knew you two would hook up
or later! Sarah laughed to herself.
What? David asked
Nothing, Sarah giggled
Come on you two get over here, Joss yelled
Coming, they both recited. David and Sarah got onto the set and Joss
them in their places Sarah was sitting on top of a headstone. David was
lurking behind her in a bush.
Action Joss yelled
Buffy: (To herself) could this get anymore boring?
Angel: (Comes out of the bushes) I bet it could!
Buffy: (turns around) Angel! (Buffy jumps off the headstone and runs up
Angel who hugs her)
Angel: Hey Buffy! How are you doing?
Buffy: ( ends the hug but still standing very close looks up and
Peachy! What are you doing here?
Angel: Well actually Im here to see you
Buffy: How long are you going to stay?
Angel: Forever!
Buffy: Huh? I couldve sworen you just said forever!
Angel:I did I moving back to Sunnydale.
***Buffy jumps up into Angels arms and he spins her around***
CUT!! Joss yelled, Good job you guys, after all these years you
still got
it. Sarah and David walked off the set and Emma and Nick got ready to
their scence. David and Sarah went and sat in te chairs that look on
set. David put his arm around Sarah and she nuzzled into his chest.
came and sat down next to them.
Whats up David? he asked
Nothing Im want to go home already though, he replied
Why so you and Sarah can get pelvic? James said. Sarah blushed and
laughed at her reaction.
Pretty much, David laughed
Hm well lets see what we can do, James said getting up from his
seat. He
walked over to Joss and whispered something into his ear. Joss turned
looked at Sarah and David and then turned back to James and nodded his
James walked back over to Sarah and David.
Alright you guys can have the rest of the day off, but you both have
come in on Sunday. James said proudly
No problem, David said as him and Sarah got up to leave, Thanks!
David and Sarah climbed into the limo. Sarah got in 1st and moved all
way over then David climbed in.
So Sarah said nervously
So what do you want to do? David asked almost sure of the answer
Well. Sarah said using her sexy voice which always made David go
weak in
the knees, we could always... she stopped and she opened the little
and got out a bottle of champian. She then grabbed two glasses that
hanging from the top of the limo. She poured the champian into the
and handed on to David. He drank slowly. Sarah took the glass from him
sat it down. She pushed him back and crawled on top of him. She ran her
fingers over the buttons of his shirt and then began to unbutton the
button. He leaned his head up and kissed her but stopped.
In the car? he asked a little shocked
Why not? Sarah giggled
But Sarah stopped him with her lips. He loosend up and began to pull
Sarahs shirt. Sarah giggled when he failed to remove her shirt.
I could use a little help here, its not as easy as it look, David
said a
little frustrated.
Whats the magic word? Sarah teased
Please. David said is browns eyes turned into pools that Sarah
wanted to
drowned in. She teased him by removing one strap and then running her
down to her belly. After a few moments of that she took her shirt all
way off and threw it to the other side of the limo. She leaned back
down and
kissed his neck. He ran his hands down her back. His fingers fumbled at
clasp of her bra. Sarah finished unbuttoning the last button of Davids
shirt he sat up alittle and Sarah slid the shirt off. She began to
his pants. She pulled them down with his help. He layed back down in
boxers and pulled Sarah back on top of him. She smiled and went back to
putting little kisses on his neck as he tried again with her bra. He
undid the latch and slid her bra off. Sarah blushed he had never seen
chest before. He smiled before he went to unbutton her pants. He
flipped her
over on to her back and lifted her hip alittle so he could get her
off. He stopped at her toes and kissed them. She giggled. He crawled
back on
top of her and kissed her sweetly as she pulled at his boxers. David
got off
of her and pulled off his boxer and Sarah pulled off her panties. He
back over to her.
I love you, he whispered as he mounted her
I love you more, she sighed. He leaned down and kissed her.
David and Sarah pulled up to Davids house. The driver opened the door
they fell out.
Were here, Sarah laughed
Yep, David grabbed Sarahs hand and took off towards the house. When
got in Sarah sat down on the couch. She hadnt seen Davids new house
he got the divorce he had moved. She looked around in amazement his
was beautiful. It had a view of the beach and no one was on the beach
either. Sarah looked at David and then back at the beach. She smiled
seductively. Davids eyes flashed. They both ran out of the door.
You cant catch me! Sarah yelled back at David
You wanna bet? David yelled speeding up. When he caught up with Sarah
grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.
David, Sarah screamed
Hmm? he said calmly walking towards the water
Dont you dare, Sarah said seeing the water flood over Davids feet.
Dont what? Dont do this? He said dumping Sarah into the water.
Ah! Sarah screamed, Cold! David just laughed. Sarah took off
What are you doing? he asked as Sarah stopped swimming she was pretty
out but she could still touch, come back!
You come out here, she teased
Sarah! David said, but Sarah wasnt listening. The next thing David
he saw Sarahs top coming flying towards him but falling short and
landed in
the water floating for awhile but then sinking. Then her bra and so on
so on.
Bur its cold out here, Sarah said shivering
I wonder why that is, David said holding up her shirt
Maybe you should come out here and warm me up? She said using her
finger to motion him towards her. He laughed and then started to take
his clothes. He jumped into the water and swam out to where Sarah was
waiting. She greeted him with a hug. She wrapped her legs around him
and her
lips brushed his, he shivered.
Sarah, lets go inside, he pleaded
Just a quickie, Sarah giggled and that got Davids attention. He
and kissed her neck.
David and Sarah were lying on the beach cuddling when Davids maid came
with the phone.
Its Joss, she said handing him the phone
Thanks, he took it and she went back inside
Talk to me, David laughed he had always wanted to say that
And where are you and Sarah? Joss asked annoyed
Why? David asked
You are all supposed to be here filming, Joss said angrily
Whoa man chill out James said that you said we could have the day
David said matter-of-factly
Well I changed my mind both of you better get you asses down here
Joss hung up the phone.
Great we gotta go in sweetie, David said rolling over to grab his
which Sarah snatched up before he could grab them.
Do we gotta? she said playfully
Joss seemed pretty ticked, David got up and grabbed Sarah he bent
down and
picked her up and then ran inside the house.
They got to the studio and couldnt keep their hands off each other.
whole time they were either kissing, cuddling, or whatever.
Okay Sarah your wanted on set, Aly said as she walked off
Great, she got off of David and walked over to the set. It was her
Alright Sarah this is when youre waiting for Angel to come and see
and you find out that he is human but still ahs vampire strength, Joss
said, And action
Buffy: (walking towards her window) where are you Angel?
Angel: (Showing up at the window) here!
Buffy: (moving out of the way so Angel can come in) I was getting
Angel: (Coming in and sitting on the bed) we need to talk, Im not
yo everything (Pats the bed next to him calling Buffy over to him)
Buffy: (Sits down) uh oh
Angel: (takes her hand) no its not bad, well Buffy see well just listen
(takes her head and pushes is to his chest)
Buffy: (looks up at Angel) your heart is beating! Angel youre alive!
Angel: (smiles and kisses Buffy) I know! (Kisses her again)
Cut Joss yells but Sarah and David kept kissing. Sarah laid back on
bed and David moved on top of her, CUT!
Hunny get off, Sarah said sweetly knowing Joss was pissed
Oops sorry got lost in the scene, David joked.
Well thats the next scene we are shooting Angel and Buffys sex
Joss said brining a smile to Sarah and Davids faces
That should be fun, David said helping his girlfriend out of the bed.
Alright Sarah and David sit on the bed like you were before, and
Joss yelled, the cameras rolled
Angel: (ending the kiss) shouldnt we like talk 1st?
Buffy: I think weve done enough talking (kisses him)
Angel: (taking her back into the bed) sounds good to me!
Buffy: (stopping the flow of kisses) I love you so much Angel
Angel: I love you Buffy
***Buffy starts kissing him again and he begins to remove her shirt****
And cut! Joss yelled and the cameras stopped rolling and Sarah and
stopped kissing, excellent! Alright the next scene you guys shoot is
asking Buffy to marry him!
Alright, Sarah and David moved to the next set, which was the
***Buffy and Angel were sitting on a picnic blanket Angel was feeding
They were interrupted by a vampire. ***
Angel: (Holding Buffys hand) I know this isnt the most romantic place
weve shared a lot here so I thought it was appropriate.
Buffy: (looking confused) what is it Angel?
***Before Angel could get out what he wanted they were attacked by a
Stunt double in Joss yelled and a little blonde woman stepped in for
Sarah. The stunt double and the vampire wrested and then Sarah stepped
in and staked the man.
Buffy: (walking back and sitting next to Angel) Okay what were you
Angel: (Worried) Are you all right?
Buffy: Ohh yeah remember I do that kinda thing a lot!
Angel: (reaching into his pocket and pulling out a box) well Buffy Ive
loved you forever and lifetimes before and I always will love
the box) will you marry me Buffy Anne Summers?
Buffy: (Looking from the box back to Angel) Angel! Yes!
***Angel slid the ring on Buffys finger and Buffy jumped into his
Cut, wonderful you guys alright thats a rap for Sarah and David for
today, Joss yelled
Good I was getting. Umm. Tired, Sarah lied looking up at David.
got her hint he was feeling aroused by the performance too and he
wanted to
get back to his house so he and Sarah could get back to what they were
Yeah well well see you tomorrow, David said wrapping his arms around
Sarahs waist from behind.
David, Sarah youll see me tonight, as well as all the other cast
remember we have that party and the press will be there, Joss reminded
Oh yeah the press, David said thinking about if him and Sarah were
to come out as a couple yet. Little did he know that Sarah was thinking
same thing.
Yeah we will be there, Sarah said ending the silence. David and Sarah
walked out of the Studio after saying Goodbye to Aly, Nick, Emma, and
They got into the limo and as soon as the door was shut they turned to
other. David leaned over and began kissing Sarahs neck but Sarah
David, are we a couple? she asked quietly
You were thinking about that too? he asked sitting back against the
knowing that he was going to spend the whole car ride talking instead
well you know!
Yeah I mean are we? she asked blushing
He moved closer to her and lifted her chin so he could look into her
beautiful sparkling green eyes, Sarah, I love you and I want everyone
Her eyes lit up and she smiled, You mean it?
That we can tell people? Yeah! he said
No about you loving me? she blushed again. She usually wasnt shy
him they had known each other forever but talking about this made her
Yeah I love you I always have! David smiled and kissed her lips
I love you to David, Sarah said getting more into the kiss, but the
stopped before they could really get into it. They got out of the car
went into the house. Sarah picked up the phone and called her stylist
David used his cell phone to call his they were going to busy getting
for tonight. Sarah looked across the room at David and smiled she loved
see him working! He looked very sexy in his leather pants that we left
from taping Buffy. David saw her looking at him and winked at her and
knees went weak. She sat down on the couch and caught her breath. David
over and sat next to her. Both hung up after making arrangements with
Mine will be here in an hour, Sarah sighed
Mine will be here in and hour and 30 min, he said back
Well that gives us an hour to do whatever we want, Sarah said
I guess so, David began to move to
What should we do? Sarah said but before she got an answer they both
off up the stairs into Davids bedroom.
David ran down the stairs and opened to find Sarahs stylist.
Come on in Sarahs up stairs, David started walking up the stairs
Barbara right behind him. They walked into the bedroom where Sarah was
waiting. She was wearing one of Davids button up shirts. He smiled
when he
saw her.
Hey Sarah said sitting down ready for Barbara to work her magic.
Hello Sarah Ive got the perfect look for you! Barbara walked over to
where Sarah was sitting and unloaded her bag of goodies and got to
David just watched. Soon the doorbell rang and Davids stylist walked
the bedroom. It took about 2 hours for both Sarah and David to get
make-up and hair done and then get dressed. After they were done their
stylist left and Sarah got her purse from the closet.
Ready? David asked standing at the door
Not really, Im nervous you know that when we tell the press we arent
going to get a moment alone, Sarah sighed
Ill make a moment for us to spend together, David smiled and grabbed
Sarahs hand they walked out of the house and climbed into the limo.
sat close but didnt talk the whole time both were in deep thought of
they were going to say. When the limo stopped in front of one of LAs
hottest clubs they were greeted by flocks of fans and press. David and
climbed out and waved to everyone stopping everyone once in awhile to
take a
picture. They walked into the club where Aly greeted them she had a
beer in
her hand.
Its not like you to drink at one of these things, Sarah said worried
No its not like Willow, Im not Willow, Im me, she mumbled
Your drunk, David laughed, Joss isnt gonna be happy.
Ohh, who cares about that old fart, she giggled at herself. She
away from Sarah and David leaving them laughing. They made the rounds
then settled at a table near the stage. Joss walked out on the stage
and the
music stopped and people turned their attention to him.
Hello everyone! Thank you all for coming here for the Buffy Angel
party! The episode is done and will be airing next Tuesday it will be a
hour event. Sarah and David will also be having a press conference next
Friday. Joss announced
How is the chemistry between them? Is it still like it was before
David got
his own series? a woman asked from the crowd of media
Its 10 times better! David and Sarah have major chemistry and it
shows, Joss told the reporter, I actually think that David and Sarah
an announcement to make. Joss moved out of the way and David took the
microphone from him.
Well Sarah and I have been really close friends since Buffy started,
at 1st
it was just friendship but now we have decided to take it up another
Sarah and I have been dating for about 1 month now, David smiled at
So you and Sarah are a item? A voice asked
Very much, Sarah answered. Many questions were fired at the couple
they answered them with ease. After about 5 minutes David and Sarah
off stage. They walked through the crowd and sat on a couch. Nicolas,
Alyson, and Charisma soon joined them.
Sarah Ive got something special planned for tonight so if its alright
you Id like to go here pretty soon, if youre ready, David asked
Yeah, Sarah said looking from Aly to Nick back to David
Ill go get your coat alright sweetie? David walked away living Sarah
Nick and Aly.
So its going pretty good with you two huh? Nick asked. Sarah, Nick,
Charisma, and Aly had been really close from the start. From the 1st
day of
shooting they knew that they would become very good friends but they
imaged that they would become this close. They spent almost all of
free time together.
Yeah Im very much in love, Sarah giggled
Well I think you two are so cute together, Charisma said
Maybe this whole Sarah and David thing work out maybe you and me
should try
at it I mean we were a thing on the show too, Nick said hopefully
Well see, Charisma said not shooting down the idea of her and Nick
hooking up.
Really? Sarah asked looking at her friend in shock
I dont know, she teased
Dont know what? David butted in
Nothing, Sarah said getting up and putting her coat. David buttoned
buttons for her and then wrapped his arms around her waist, Well Ill
you guys on Monday, or wait we gotta film on Sunday dont we?
No you two do! Nick teased
Gosh that sucks, Aly said David and Sarah said their good-byes and
When they stepped outside the media swarmed them with cameras and
They made their way threw the crowd towards the limo. They climbed
and sighed.
That was fun, Sarah said sarcastically
Yeah, David laughed at Sarahs cuteness. They pulled up to Davids
but instead of being right in front of the house they stepped out on to
beach. They walked over to a blanket that had candles, Champaign and a
home cooked dinner. They sat down.
This is nice, Sarah said looking around
Yeah it is, I just wanted some us time, David said handing Sarah a
with some food on it.
Um thanks hunny, you didnt have to do all this just to spend some
with me, Sarah teased.
But I wanted to, David grabbed her hand, Sarah I wanted to talk to
about something.
What is it hunny? Sarah asked taking a bite of food.
Well I mean I know we havent been seeing each other for that long but
time that we do spend together is like magic. Well I guess what I am
to say is Sarah will you marry me?
O my goodness, Sarah managed to squeeze out
Im sorry I am moving too fast arent I? David rambled
No, Sarah said back
No you wont marry me? David asked sadly
Yes, no I mean no your not moving to fast and yes I will marry you,
said all in one breath.
You will? David slid the ring on her tiny fingers and then kissed it.
Sarah giggled and David jumped on top of her and began kissing her.
David, Sarah giggled, here?
Why not, He asked kissing her neck
Well for one thing there is that photographer hiding behind that rock
there, Sarah laughed.
Ohh well lets give them a show, David said as he took off his shirt
David my mother will see this, Sarah tried to move but finally gave
David, Alright but before we actually you know we have to go inside.
Deal, David pulled at Sarahs top, which easily came off she shivered
Davids fingers ran against her warms stomach. She ran he fingers threw
hair and then down his back and then played with his belt trying to
it. She pulled his pants off exposing his boxers. The heard the camera
and saw a flash. They grabbed their clothes and David picked Sarah up
took off running. It was very easy to carry her she was so light and
that he didnt even feel like he was carrying anything. They ran into
house and locked the door behind them. Sarah giggled, she was actually
turned on by all of this. She wiggled in Davids arms and began to kiss
neck. He walked over to the couch and put her down on it. He then
crawled on
top of her.
Wow, Sarah said realizing that she was going to marry David
Hmm? David asked between kisses
We are engaged, Those words brought a smile to Davids face.
I know, David stopped kissing her and looked into her beautiful green
eyes, Its the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.
Me too, Sarah smiled she imagined their life together, Im hungry we
never got to finish that dinner you made.
Well I am sure we have something in the fridge, David got up and
Sarah up and carried her to the kitchen.
I could get used to this whole not having to walk anywhere thing,
teased and with that David sat her down, Mm. I liked it better in
arms. David walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.
Better? he asked holding her closely
A little, lets skip the food I just got hungry for something else,
joked and turned around and kissed Davids chest, Yummy. David eyed
kitchen table. Sarh followed his eyes and began to giggle.
"Really?" She asked
"Yeah," David picked her up and carried her over and layed her down on
table, "I love you Sarah."
"I love you more," she replied kissing his neck
"I don't think that's possible,"