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Part 23


            For their honeymoon David had rented out a beach house for a week in Hawaii. When David told Sarah, she was so excited, a whole week with no interruptions with her love.


            What do you want to do first? David asked on the plane. Well I think we should settle in first then take it from there. Sounds good. He replied with a sweet kiss. Only the two of us in a beach house in Hawaii. Nothing could be better. Well if you count a few people I hired we arent exactly alone. David dont you think they have better things to do than clean after us? Dont worry. I talked to them about it. Im paying them to make everything perfect. You sure? I dont want them to think we are lazy people. Sweetie everything is fine. They are happy with it. Its not everyday they get to see the most beautiful woman for a week. Sarah smiled. This week is for relaxing and just for us. I love you. I love you. David said leaning in for a kiss, which Sarah happily gave.


            Few hours later

            The beach house


            Once they arrived at the beach house three men and two women greeted them. Sarah stepped out of the car followed by David and greeted them.


 Hi. Hello. They all replied. Here let me get that for you. One of the gentlemen said to David, then grabbing two of the bags. Thanks. David replied. Then everyone made their way into the house.


            This is beautiful. Sarah said walking into the house and looking around, then walking back to the rest of the group. Im sure all of you already know who we are. So why dont we get to know each other. Sarah smiled.


            Im Josh. Your personal chef for the week. Nice to meet you Josh. Sarah smiled. Are all of you Id say in your mid twenties? They all nodded. David then saw that one of the guys and the girls were holding hands. I see that we have a couple here. He said smiling. That is cute. Sarah said looking at them. Im Jeff, and this is my girlfriend Christine. Hi. She said. That is so cute. You two working together. They both smiled. David and Sarah then turned to the last two. Im Jennifer. And I am Adam. Its nice to meet all of you. Both Sarah and David said.


            So is there anything special about this place? Sarah asked. Well there are four bedrooms, three baths, a pool, Jacuzzi, game room, and a guest house where the five of us are staying. Thats nice. So if you two need anything one of us should be around. Josh said. So enjoy your stay. Christine said. We will. David replied. Soon the five of them left the room leaving David and Sarah alone. Why dont we go unpack then we can look around. Ok. They walked upstairs and found the master bedroom.


            Oh my god. This is beautiful. Sarah said dropping her bags and walking to the balcony. David then walked up behind her and slipped his hands on her waist pulling her into him. Only the best for my love. She looked up and gave him a kiss. Lets head out to the beach. Thought you wanted to unpack? We can do it later. She said smiling. Soon they went back inside and changed into their suites. Sweetie did I also tell you that I rented two cars for us to use? Really? What are they? She asked from the bathroom. A black and red mustang convertibles. I want the red! Sarah said happily. David smiled. Well how do I look? Sarah asked standing at the bathrooms door way. She had changed into a red and yellow bikini with flowers. You look beautiful as always, he said standing up, and looking at her nice toned body. But Im not too sure about all the guys out there. Dont worry baby those guys are nothing to me. All I need is you. She said smiling at her love. I should be worrying about you, all those women looking at you, eyes roaming all over your body. Of course Sarahs eyes were already roaming his sculpted body. Women? What women? All I see is you..


            They walked down the stairs grabbed a few towels, and some sun block. Together, they walked out to the beach from the back. They put on their sunglasses and found the perfect spot. Not a lot of people were at the beach that day so they didnt have to worry about any crowds.


            Sweetie can you rub sun block on my back? Sure. David replied moving next to her and grabbing the lotion.  Before applying lotion on her back David placed small kisses on her lower back. Thanks sweetie. She said kissing him.  Out of the corner of his eyes David could see people staring at his wife.  I have a feeling they know who you are and checking you out. Dont mind them. They were checking you out when we walked down here.  I felt like killing them. Awwwis my baby jealous? Me? Never. He smiled. I have any idea. And that would be? Sarah asked taking off her sunglasses. This. David said picking her up and carrying her to the water, then throwing her in. David! David smiled. Is my princess cold? Very, much so mister. David dived in and swam over to her. Youre going to pay for that. What you gonna do?  Sarah answered by dunking his head under the water.  David looked up and saw her swimming away, and quickly swam after her.


            He was able to catch her and pull her over to him.  Got you. Im caught, what will I do? She said laughing, then shivered. Still cold? A little. Maybe this will warm you up. He said giving her a long sweet kiss. That is better. She said touching her forehead to his.  I thought you might like it. Oh I did. She smiled.


            They were at the beach for a while before heading back inside.


            I still need to unpack everything. Sarah said walking into the bedroom. Why dont you go shower or take a bath and Ill unpack. David you do know that pack everything I basically own right? Yes I do. Dont worry I know how to unpack. Go shower Ill be there in a minute. Ok. Im looking forward to it. She said, as she walked over and gave him a kiss before going into the bathroom.


Part 24


            Day 5 in Hawaii


            David looked at Sarah while she slept; she looked so pretty.  "I could stare at her forever," David thought to himself, just as she began to stir.


Sarah woke up to the most beautiful chocolate eyes. Hmmmhow long have you been up?

An hour.


You spent an hour watching me sleep?


Yeah. Did my business then came back, he laughed.  I could look at you for hours and never get tired.


How sweet. But dont look at me now. I look all groggy.


No you dont.  You look perfect.


Id kiss you right now but I have morning breath.


Its ok, you can make it up to me later at dinner.


What do you have planned mister?


Well if you must know, David said now sitting up in bed. I arrange for you to spend the whole day at a 4 Season to relax and get whatever you want done.






And where will you be?


I will be playing golf and what not. Then around 7 we will meet back here and have a romantic dinner. Sound good?


Perfect. Just that Im gonna miss seeing you all day.


Im gonna miss you too.  Its gonna be hard not seeing your pretty face. Sarah smiled then got up and entered the bathroom.  After a few minutes she came out straddled David's body, placing a long lasting kiss on his luscious lips.


While at the 4 Seasons Sarah got everything she could have possibly needed, done.  She couldnt wait until later that night. 


David was also enjoying his game of golf but missed his love deeply.  He wanted to get back to her quickly but he had to finish the game.


At almost seven, David arrived, and waited for Sarah to come downstairs.  He was dressed in khaki pants and a dark blue collared short sleeve shirt.  Just then Sarah caught Davids eyes.  She down the stairs, gracefully, dressed in a red slip on dress with thin straps, red heels, and her hair up with a few strands down her face, framing her beautiful features.


Wow. You look. you look beautiful as always. David smiled, giving her a sweet kiss.


Thank you. She replied, graciously.


So where are we going?


We are going to have dinner at the best restaurant here, then come back here and walk on the beach.


As soon as they arrived, the waiter led them to a private table for two.  He took them to a nice spot toward the back so they could be somewhat alone.  Sarah noticed the table arranged with lit candles, as the waiter seated her.


David did you do this?


Yes.  I wanted it to be romantic as possible.


You didnt have to. Just being with you does that just fine.  David smiled and kissed her.


After dinner they drove back to the beach. 


Dinner was great.


Im glad you liked it. he smiled at her.


They made their way down the beach and Sarah could see more candles.  Seeing the candles and soft music playing reminded her of her birthday when David proposed. David whats this?


Just a little time for me and you.  With candles and music. He smiled.


Why is it that you do all these things for me? Sarah asked from Davids arms.  They had lain down on a blanket that was placed around candles and a small fire.


Thats a easy one.  I love you and I would do anything for you. he said kissing the top of her head. 


Anything huh? she asked looking up. 


Basically, yeah.


So if I asked you to go skinny dipping right now, right here, you would?


In the ocean? Or back at the house.


Here.  I wouldnt ask you back home or at the house unless we were all alone. She said smiling. 


So are you asking me to skinny dip?


For me? Yeah. She laughed, thinking he wouldnt do it.  She laughed, as David stripped off his shirt, revealing his muscles.


David! What are you doing?


Im going skinny dipping. He said taking off his pants.


Its cold, youre going to get sick.


Well Id get sick for you.  You said it would make you happy, so Im going to do it.  For you.


I was kidding you dont have to.


I want to.  Like I said Id do anything for you. he said moving in to kiss her before running into the water.  She smiled as she stared at his cute backside.


After a few minutes David came back from his cold swim.  Sarah walked over to him with a towel in hand.  I still cant believe you did that. He smiled, the picked up Sarah and laid her down on the sand.  She felt the cold water under her body and shivered. My god that is cold. Sweetie you are going to get sick.


No Im not. All I need is you, and Ill be fine. He then shivered.


 See youre cold.


Well Im going to have to find something to warm me up.


Anything in mind.


This. He said bending down kissing Sarah.  She then rolled over so that she was on top, continuing the kiss deeper.  David moved down to her next then back to her lips.


David, Sarah breathed out. Sweetie we should finish this inside. He broke the kiss.


Why not here.


Its cold, and we are full of sand and clothes are ruined.


Ill get them clean. He said continuing to kiss her.


Come on love well take a shower, and definitely finishing this when were done. David looked into her pleading eyes.


Ok. He then got up picked up Sarah and carried her all the way back to the house.


He carried her up the stairs and into the shower.  They spent about half an hour in the shower kissing and groping.  When they got out, David dressed in a pair of boxers, and Sarah in one of his shirts and another pair of boxers.  She liked wearing his clothes.


Sarah was sitting on the bed waiting for her love.  David walked over to the bed and hovered her, giving her a seductive smile.


 You are so beautifuland sexy. He said kissing her pouty lips.


I love you so much. Sarah said between his kisses. 


I love you. he said looking deep into her eyes, she replied kissing him back.


Someones happy. She said, winking at him. He laughed.


Very. He then blew out the remaining lighted candles leave them in the moonlight to make love.


Part 25


            Babe do we have to leave? she asked her love while watching the sunset. 


Im afraid we do sweetie.  If we didnt I would have bought this place a long time ago.  But we have to get back to work and our friends and family. He replied pulling her more into him. 


What time do we leave?


Our flight is at 11 so we should leave 9.


Im going to miss this place, just relaxing and not caring about anything but you and me.


I know how you feel. But I promise well come back here soon. He smiled.


            8:55 A.M.


            Babe you ready? David yelled from downstairs.


Almost.  Give me a minute. She yelled back. 


David then got the rest of their bags and loaded them into the van.


Josh and Adam were talking to David while he was waiting for his love. Christine, Jennifer, and Adam soon joined them.  When everyone was there David had given them each a envelope. 


Whats this? Josh asked. Just a little extra Sarah and I are giving you.


Are you sure? You already paid us enough. Christine said.


We are sure. You are a good group. Enjoy it. He smiled.


Ok Im ready. Sarah smiled walking out the door. It was nice getting to know all of you. Sarah said hugging each of them.


Yeah maybe we will meet you again. If youre ever in LA give us a call. David smiled before saying bye. 


Before entering the van they had taken pictures of everyone.


Bye. Bye. They all replied watching the van go out of site.


            Back in LA


            Sarah sweetie wake up. David said quietly.


Hmmm where are we?


Were home now.  You fell asleep in the car.


Oh. Yeah. Come on lets get you into bed.


Yeah I think thats a good idea.  David went to open their front door then carried Sarah to their bedroom.  He took off her shoes and covered her with the blanket.  He kissed her head then whispered, Ill be back. 


He then got the rest of the bags and placed them near the door, moving them in the morning.  After checking the dogs and the doors he headed back to their room and snuggled next to Sarah falling asleep.


David had woken up around 9 and yet Sarah was still asleep.  It was Sunday and she didnt have to work for 2 more days so he knew that she would be sleeping.  He decided to walk the dogs and gently got out of bed.



When David got back he let the dogs inside and checked on Sarah.  Of course she was still asleep, that made David smile. 


He walked back into the kitchen and the phone rang.




David, its Joss.


Oh hey Joss.


How was the honey moon?


It was great.


Im glad to hear that.  Well the reason Im calling is to ask you if you could start shooting on Tuesday instead of Friday.  We could get more done, instead of you working all weekend.


Yeah thats fine.


Ok see you Tuesday.


Ok, bye.


Right when he hung up the phone he felt two arms come around his waist. 


Morning. He said turning around to face her. 




I thought youd still be asleep.


So did I. But when turned around you werent there.


AwwwIm sorry baby. I took the dogs out for a walk. Are you still tired?




Ok. How about we go back to sleep and just stay there for the whole day?


Sounds good to me. She smiled then led David back to their room.


Part 26/?




            Do you have to go? Sarah said from the kitchen. 


I have to sweetie, so I dont have to work this weekend.


 Ohhh k. she replied giving him her sad face


Hey dont be sad, Ill be back before you even know it, He smiled. Why dont you go visit your mom, Im sure shed love to see you and all those pictures we took, and the stuff you bought her.


Yeah I might do that. She smiled back, somewhat liking the idea.


Ok, well I have to go now sweetie.


 Ok, she said giving him a kiss. Ill see you later. Bye. Bye.


            At the set


            Once David arrived on set they were ready to begin shooting.  David talked to David Greenwalt on what there were shooting. 


Soon enough he was sent to make-up and wardrobe.  While in wardrobe he was greeted by Charisma.


David youre back! she said happily giving him a hug.


How is Sarah?


 Shes good.


How was the honeymoon? she tried to pump for information.


It was great.


I bet it was. Whatd you get me? She smiled.


Im not sure, Sarah has all the stuff at home. He smiled back. 


Charisma was getting her make-up done when she saw Davids reflection from the mirror.


 Oh my god what happened to you? She exclaimed standing up and looking at him.




Did you get hit by a paintball gun or what? She said looking at his new tattoos.


Oh those, I got them in Hawaii.


 How many you get?




Really now, and they would be?


David turned around to show her his right arm with the black cross with hints of blue. A cross with a tribal sign around it, he replied as he turned to show his upper right back. Angel wings that has Sarahs initials. Sarah has the same thing on her left. And finally turning back facing her again and showing his inner left arm with black solid Chinese letters. And this means one love.


Joss is gonna flip when he sees those.


Well yeah, but thats what make-up is for.


She laughed. Whatever you say Dave, Ill see you on set.


Alright. He laughed.


Back Home


When David arrived home he saw his sister Beths car outside.  He walked inside finding Sarah playing with his nephew Ryan. He just looked at her, how beautiful she was and not to mention how great she was with kids.


How is my baby brother? Beth said quietly from behind.


Hey. He replied giving his sister a hug.


 How are you?


Im good. What about you?


Im good.  Just got back from the set. He then continued to watch Sarah. 


Shes gonna be a great mom. He looked at her.


Yeah, I know she will. He smiled, and then walked into the living room.


Hey babe. He said walking over and giving her a sweet kiss. 


And how is this little guy right here? he said picking up Ryan. 


Unkie Dave! Ryan smiled. 


Whats up little man?


Nuffin, I wuz playin wit Ant Sarah.


Did you have fun?


The bestest. Thats good.


Half and hour later Ryan and Beth had left.  Since then Sarah and David chilled out in the backyard.  Sarah was playing with Thor while David was cleaning the pool.


So what did Joss say about the tattoos? she suddenly asked him.


Well we had a long talk about it, but hes ok with it.  He said that Angel might have to stick to long sleeve shirts for a little while longer.


Sarah smiled before she decided to change the topic completely. 


Babe do you want a baby? she finally brought what had been on her mind since she saw his nephew earlier that afternoon.


Of course I want a baby.  I want her to look just like you, so I can be the very protective father and hurt all the guys.  He replied taking her into his arms. 


Do you want one now?


When you want a baby that will be the time I want one.  I already know that you want to wait and that is fine by me.  When you are ready to make little Sarahs of our own Ill be ready, no matter what.


I love you.


I love you. 


So are you ready for next Saturday?


Hosting the MTV Movie Awards, yeah. It should be fun.  The commercials we shot are so funny.


HmmmmI cant wait. Is that jackass gonna be there?


David!  Its been what a year already, you still hate him?


Yes, and I have every right to be. He said firmly.  She just smiled and kissed him gently.

 Lets head inside?


Ok. She replied taking his hand and walking into the living room.


Part 27/?


            Saturday Morning 7:30 a.m


                Babe. Sarah moaned in her sleep.




Go open the door.


What door?


The front door. Come on babe, whoever it is has been knocking for a while. She replied rolling on top of him.


Let them knock. He said rolling over again so that they were lying next to each other with him embracing her.


No you have to open it or else they wont go away. Please? If you dont I wont be able to sleep.


Why dont you open it youre wide awake.


Fine then. She said pouting. Watch later when we are at the awards Im not gonna be happy and make fun of you, and other stuff. She said getting ready to get up.


Ok, ok, Im sorry. He said pulling her down. Ill get the door.


Good. She smiled kissing him sweetly.


How can I help y- Jaimie? David looked surprised. What uhhhwhat are you doing here?


Hi David. I just uhhh stopped by to say hi.


Hi, do you want to come inside?


No its ok, Im not going to take long.


Oh ok. So how have you been? Its been a while since we talked.


I know. Im good. I just wanted to see how you were. Heard you got married. I was going to stop by sooner and say congrats but Ive been busy lately.


No its alright, thank you. He smiled.


Well I should go, Sarah is probably waiting for you.




Well talk to you soon?


Yeah. He said hugging her. She smiled back at him then turned to leave. David watched as her car drove by then went back inside.



Who was it? Sarah asked from the bathroom.


It was Jaimie. She stopped by to say congrats.


Thats nice of her.




Did you check her out? She asked walking out of the bathroom in jeans with one of his shirts half buttoned up.




Oh come on, youre telling me that you didnt look at her and thought she wasnt pretty?


Nope. I dont need to look at anyone else. I have you. Youre already sexy and mine, who else is there to look at?


She smiled. Good answer.


Come here, he said setting Sarah on his lap and kissing her. You ready for today? he asked.


Yup, I cant wait. What are you gonna wear?


Not sure. I was thinking of black pants and that white shirt you got me.


Hmmmm. You are gonna look good.


Youre gonna look better. He smiled sweetly.


How long till the limo comes?


Few hours.


Great leaves us to have some fun.


And what fun would that be mister?


Ohhh just a little bit of this. He said kissing her passionately.


Hmmm I like. She smiled back.




            Later that day at the MTV Movie Awards, people are just arriving.


            John Norris stopped David for a little chat on the small podium in front of the crowd.


            John: Here we have the star of Angel David Boreanaz.

            David: Hey man. How you doing?

            John: Im good. Its nice to see you here.

            David: Its great to be here. he said smiling looking out to the crowd.

            The crowd screams for David.

            John: So are you excited that your wife Sarah Michelle Gellar is hosting tonight?

            David: Yeah Im very excited for her. I cant wait to see her dance and sing. He smiled.

            John: I hear that you have a new movie coming out with Edward Norton.

            David: Yeah I do. Its called Darkness and it should be out sometime in February.

            John: Well I cant wait to see that. I want to thank David Boreanaz for stopping by.

            David: Anytime.

            John: The show will be starting in a few minutes, Ill see you inside Dave. Back to you Kelly.


David then walked off the podium autographed a few things for the fans before heading in and finding his seat.


During the show David couldnt keep his eyes of Sarah, she had looked so sexy in those outfits how could he not? Towards the end of the show he had presented Kelly Osbourne with Chris Katan. Chris had made some jokes about David asking if he was going to bite him. That was a laugh.


At the end of the show Sarah walked off stage with Jack with her arm in his, with everyone backstage clapping on the good show. While they were walking Jack was humming the theme song to Austin Powers.


Sarah: Where are we going? she asked laughing.

Jack: Right here. he said looking funny


They were greeted by John Norris and Molly Sims.


Molly: You guys that was a great show.

Sarah: Thank you. she smiled.

Jack: It was all Sarah, if she wasnt here then like, itd like suck.. He said kissing her cheek.

Sarah laughs.

John: The singing and dancing were great.

Jack then starts humming the theme song louder and him and Sarah start dancing. Jack then stops and looks around.

Jack: Is David around?

Sarah: No I think hes waiting outside, or at the bar. Hes most likely running round. Sarah smiled happily with the mention of David.

Jack: Ok. Then continued dancing.

John and Molly laughed along with Sarah. Just then David came out of nowhere and slipped his arms around Sarah.



David: Hey whats going on here? he said looking at Jack.

Sarah just laughed.

Jack: Nothing. he said looking around.

David: You trying to steal my baby? he smiled jokingly.

Jack: Naw dude I was dancing all by my lonesome.

David: Yeah thats right whatever you thought had going on its not gonna happen. he laughed.

Jack then looked around and ran.

Sarah: Bye Jack. she laughed.

David: What was that?

Sarah: Thats was nothing, its over.

David: You sure?

Sarah: Its over trust me.

David and Molly laughed.


John: David how did you like the show?

David: It was great, very amusing.

Molly: What was your favorite part of the show?

David: Seeing Sarah up there, she did a wonderful job. he smiled.

Just then Jack stood behind Sarah and David looking lost into the camera. All of them just laughed.


Molly: I hope to see you guys at the after parties.

Sarah: For sure. She smiled.

John: Once again Sarah you did a wonderful job and hope to see you two later.

Sarah: Thank you.

Sarah and David then walked out to their limo hand in hand having cameras flashing off in their face.