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No More Tears

Baby please dont cry......


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            Title: No More Tears

            Author: Me! Joana. Hehe

            Disclaimer: Hate to say it but I dont own any of these characters! They all belong to Joss and those other people.

            Spoilers: Season 6 of Buffy. The meeting Buffy and Angel we never saw.

             Distribution: You want? Please ask first so I know where it going.

            Notes: This is my take on the meeting we never got to see. The first two lines are from the ep. I dont remember what it was called.

            Notes#2: Its probably not going to be mentioned here but Angel did not sleep with Darla. (I like it better that way.) And there is no Spike/Buffy relationship starting or anything.

            Feedback: Yes please! It brings a smile to my face!



Part 1/1


            Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer-


            "Angel needs to see me, I need to see him."


            She had gotten a call from Angel saying that he wanted to see her. "A call from my Angel. Wait what am I saying? Hes not my Angel anymore. We have been apart for how long? I wish he was still my Angel". She thought to herself while driving to their meeting place in the middle.


            Angel was driving quite fast on the freeway, not really caring if he got pulled over or anything. "Buffy is alive". He said to himself. "What am I going to say to her?"


            Angel arrived at their meeting place, got out of the car and waited. Buffy then soon arrived and parked her car. She waited inside the car for a few minutes before stepping out. "Come on Buffy, why are you nervous? Its only Angel." She then took a deep breath and walked towards Angel. Angel had his back to her and right away felt that she was near. He turned around and stared at her, Buffy stared right back. They both had tears in their eyes. Buffy continued walking and Angel began to walk towards her. They both had met in the middle. Buffy gave him a small smile as Angel pulled her into a hug.


            Buffy nuzzled her head into his shoulder. Angel couldn't believe that she was here. They pulled apart and looked at each other. They didn't know what to say. "Hi." Buffy started out. "Hey. Why dont we sit down?" "Ok." They moved over to the benches and sat down. "How have you been?" "Ok I guess. You." "I've been ok." It went quite.


            "How are things in Sunnydale? Things are good, a little weird though." "Oh." He looked at her. "How did.... how did you?" "Willow. Willow did it." She said looking away. "Are you mad at her?" "The truth? In a way yeah I am. She took me out of hea..." She then stopped. "Took you out of where?"


            "Heaven. Angel, I was * in * heaven." She looked back at him. "What? I was IN heaven. I was at peace there wasn't any fighting or pain. I saw my mom Angel." She then had tears in her eyes Angel then embraced her. "I saw my mom and she was happy. She didn't have to worry about Dawn or me. She was in her own peace as well". She started to cry and Angel just held her. "Shhh. it's ok."


            "Angel I was happy there. I didn't have to deal with anything. All my problems went away. The only thing that was missing was you. But now I am back, in * my * hell." "You rather be dead?" "No...Yes....I don't know. When I was there all the evil went away, and now its all coming back to me." I'm sorry." "It's not your fault, thats what you get for living on the hellmouth". "I know, but I mean I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this and I wasn't there to help you." He then stood up. "If I never left, none of this would have happened." "We dont know that Angel. It still might have even if you were still here.......with me." "I could have prevented you from...from...." he couldn't bring the words dying to his lips. "You don't know that Angel." "But...." "No Angel. What ever you're saying may not have prevented any of this. We don't know whats going to happen in the future. Why are you so stubborn?" He looked at her, and then sat back down. "No. This shouldn't have happened." "Angel, this is life. I'm getting through it why can't you?" "They promised." "What?" They said in unison. "Who promised what?" "Nothing."


            "No Angel. I want to know." "It doesn't matter anymore." "Yes it does. It matters to me". "They should have left you in peace." "You rather have me dead?" "What? No. Never." "Who promised what Angel?" "The Powers that Be, more like the Oracles". "Who are they? They are the ones that send Doyle the visions." "Oh, like the vision he had over..."


"Thanksgiving?" "Yea." He said dryly. "They promised me that you wouldn't die." "Why would they promise that to you?" "I...I took back our day." He said softly. "What day?" "We were together so many times Angel." "I know, but this one was special." "What was special about it?" "I....I was...." "You were what?" "I was human." She stared at him. "What"? "That day you came to LA, to tell me to stop following you". "Yeah I was only there for like five minutes." "You were there for the whole day and night". "No I wasn't I remember it clearly." "No that was part two of that day." "What?" "You were there for the whole day, you just don't remember any of it because it was taken away. More like erased." She looked at him.


             Angel then Confessed to her what they had done, and what the forgotten day was.


            "I can't believe you did that. I cant believe I forgot. I'm sorry." No." "You did it for me". "It doesn't even matter now." "Yes it does Angel. We spent that whole day together." "But they said you wouldn't die." "Angel death was my gift." "What?" "A while ago I met the first slayer, through a ritual. She said death was my gift." He looked at her. "I know it's hard to believe at first. I was in that stage for a while till I finally understood it". "How can that be a gift?" "After all I have been through I finally got my peace. No more trouble for Buffy."


            "How is Dawn?" "I don't really know.  Lately it's been weird." "How so?" "It's like she can't stand being in the same room as me.  I know I'm not the big sister type but I'm still trying." "She'll turn around. And if not I'll talk to her, set her straight." Buffy laughed. "What's new in LA?" "Let's see Fred, the girl that we saved from Pylea, now works for us and is somewhat dating Gunn. And Cordy is moping about her prince Groo. The rest is the same old same old."


            They then spent another hour just talking.


            "Angel what happened with us? Why did you leave? I know you left for my own good, but I want the real reason". "You already know that I couldnt give you the life you needed.  I didnt want to hold you back from anything." "I"ll always be held back from everything Angel.  I'm not like other girls." "No you're special." He smiled.  "Why couldn't we make things work?" "What's with all these questions?" "I thought our thing was over." "It was...is....I dunno. I just want to know." "I didn't want to cause you anymore pain. I know for a fact that I'm the only one that hurts you the most." "But in a way you have come back and made upfor some of them." "I know". "But I couldn't stand seeing you in any more pain because of me. So I left." He looked at her. "When you came to LA, seeing you brought back all those times we were together. Felt like heaven, didn't want to let you go."


            "Why can't we be together now? I need you Angel. More than ever." "I know the feeling. It hurts everyday not being with you." Angel moved to hold her hand. "We will be together again. Maybe not now, but we will." "I know." "We still have a lot of things to work out. But its hard Angel. I can't do this by myself." She had tears in her eyes. "You have everyone in Sunnydale, and I'm in LA." "I know, I just wish everything was back to normal. Nothing is the same anymore". Buffy had tears coming down her cheeks. "I can't do it Angel. I'm not cut out for this. I'm supposed to be the slayer and look at me. I'm a bad puddle of tears sister". "It's ok." He said pulling her to his chest.


            "Everything will be fine". "The sun will be up soon." "Yeah." He replied wiping away her tears. "We'll keep in touch." Angel said standing up. "Yeah. I'll call to make sure you got back ok." "I'm going to miss you. I always will". "I'll miss you too." They looked deep into each others eyes and saw pain and love. They moved closer to each other and kissed sweetly. Their lips parted and they both smiled. "We will be together once again. This time forever." "Forever." Buffy looked at Angel with tears in her eyes. "Shhh...dont cry." "I can't help it." She said trying to smile. They then fell into another sweet kiss.


            "Soon, I promise". "You should get going. The sun is coming up in another hour. Wouldn't want anything to happen to you now would we?" "No." They shared one last kiss, this one lasting longer and more passionate. "I love you". "I love you. See you soon". "Yeah." They looked at each other one last time before parting their ways. They're eyes filled with only love.


             They drove off knowing that someday they would be together once again, with nothing holding them back.