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            Title: Love On the Courts

            Author: Joana- LittleAngel

            Disclaimer: Sorry I dont own any of them!

            Distribution:  You want any of mine? Please ask first.

Notes: This is an AU FIC. Angel is a pro tennis player and Buffy is a Photographer/Actress. And everyone else is well normal. Tara is just a friend of the gang.

            Feedback: YES PLEASE!!!



            It was about 8:30 and Buffy had rolled over to her side to shut off her alarm. She got out of bed brushed her teeth then took a quick shower. After getting dressed in some jeans and a tank top she headed downstairs to see if any of her roommates were awake She had found her roommates Willow, Cordelia, and Faith in the kitchen eating breakfast. Buffy had known Cordy and Willow from high school all the way to college and they had met Faith in college.


Morning. Cordy said. Morning. Buffy you want some toast? Faith made it and its really good. It better be, I just didnt go to culinary school for nothing. She joked. Sure. Buffy said taking a piece from Willow had given her. Wow Faith this is better than the one before. Thanks. So Buffy you better go change already. For what? The tennis tournament in LA today. You are coming with me and Willow. Who said? Cordy. Willow answered. Im not going. Oh yes you are. Why? Cause Faith cant, and besides you need to get out of the house. Every since you broke up with Josh, youve been in your room doing nothing. Why did you even break up with him? Faith asked taking another bite of toast. He kept pushing me to sleep with him and I didnt want to. Plus every time I would say no the next night we would be at a club or something and he would be flirting with other girls. I got sick of it. She said taking a sip of juice. Weve only been dating 5 months and I dont think he is or was for me. Want to know something? Faith asked. He was annoying. Willow chipped in. He talked a lot when you were out of the room. All he did was yap away. See thats the thing when he was around me the only time he would really talk is when he asked if I need something. Cordy was laughing. Well whatever you do dont let him in the house. We broke up on yelling terms. No problem. They all said.


            So Buffy I suggest you go ready now. The match starts at 10 and its 8:55. Ok, ok Ill go. Good. Cordy smiled. Is Patrick playing today? Yeah my handsome fiancée is playing. Her smile grew even bigger. How is he doing? Faith asked. Hes great. But if someone doesnt hurry up I wont be able to see him play! Cordy yelled. Hold your horses Cordy. Buffy yelled back. Buffy came down the stairs with khaki shorts and a white baby tee, she also had her camera in her hand. Ok lets go. Finally. I didnt take that long. Come on I dont want to be late. Willow and Cordy were soon out the door. Bye Faith. Buffy said grabbing an apple before heading out herself. Bye, have fun. Faith replied.


            They had decided to drive in Cordys jeep. Hey Buffy I was watching the news last night and they said your movie is doing great. Really? Yeah, they said that you were great as always. Im glad they liked it. You should win some kind of award Buffy. Youve been in how many movies? And yet still not nominated for anything. Cordy said. I was in 5. And I was nominated for hot new actress. And I won that one. It was an online poll! So I still won! All my fans loved me, thats all that counts. She laughed. Besides I know that you would bear those other actresses. Ive seen you movies. Cordy smiled. Buffy just laughed. Oh yeah Buffy, Jonathan called this morning saying he needed a new camera. Willow said. Again? Yeah, he said it broke during a photo shoot. That is like what his third camera? He should be buying it from me than instead of getting it free. You know what tell him that Willow, see what he says. Ok. I think he is scared of you. What? Why? I dont know. When I told him you were coming he talked faster then hung up. Cordy and Buffy were laughing. If he breaks anymore cameras hes gonna get it. The rest of the way to LA they just sat back and listened to the radio.


            Ok. Were here. They parked the car and got out. They started walking and Cordy looked at her watch. We only missed 10 minutes. Lets go. They walked even faster. It didnt take them long to find their seats. They were somewhat near the court; from where they were sitting you can see the guys playing clearly.


            The first match was Patrick. Cordys fiancée, he was playing again some guy named Eric Roberts. Patrick had won all 3 sets. Cordy was so happy. Yeah baby! She yelled. Hes in finals now! Im gonna go congratulate him! Buffy had been taking pictures the whole time. Cordy ran to where he was signing autographs and pushed everyone aside. You did it sweetie! She said giving him a kiss. Thanks baby. He said hugging her. Why dont you sit with me, my mom, John, and Stacy? They are sitting right over there. He said pointing to his family, who had closer seats that she did. Buffy and Willow are here too, I dont want to leave them. Its ok we got extra seats. Ok. Ill meet you there. She said giving him another kiss before leaving.


            Hey Im back. Patrick wants us to sit with him and his family. What do you say? Sure they both replied. All three of them walked down to where Patrick and his family were. Patrick had been waiting for them. He had seen them walking and headed towards them. Hello ladies. Hi Patrick. Both Willow and Buffy said. Patrick had given them both a hug, then grabbed a gold of Cordys hand. He then led them to their new seats. Look who I found. Patrick said. Mom you already know Buffy and Willow. Buffy and Willow this is my brother John and his wife Stacy. Nice to meet you. They all answered. Cordy had sat next to Patricks mom and right away started talking. They had all gotten to know each other while waiting for the next match. John was a lawyer and Stacy was a part time nurse.


            When the next 2 tennis players had come out Buffys eyes went instantly to one of them. He is hot. Which one? Willow asked. That one. She said pointing to the guy with the White Nike shirt and the black Nike shorts. Hes cute. Id like to meet him. Whom are you talking about? Cordy asked. The guy with the white Nike shirt. Cordy looked at him. Oh. Hey I know him, and so does Patrick. You do? Buffy asked.


            How do you know him? Buffy asked, still looking at the hot guy. His name is Patrick Angelus ODonnell. He has the same name as Patrick. Willow smiled. I know, but he goes by just Angel. So there isnt a really confusion between the two. Who are you ladies looking at? Patrick asked. Buffy is checking out Angel. Cordy smiled. Oh really. Well Buffy if you must know he is single. What? How can a guy like him be single? Beats me. He has all these girls drooling over him and he likes none of them. What about you? You have all these girls drooling over you, and you like none of them? Cordy said turning back to him. Really? I havent noticed, the only girl I have liked is you. How sweet. Willow said smiling. How do you know him Patrick? He is my best friend. Weve known each other since we were little. How come he doesnt like being called Patrick? Willow asked. We would get confused and he would get mad. He thought I stole his name. How cute. Buffy said. But then he had decided that he rather would be called Angel. Buffy smiled. How long are you in LA for? About 3 weeks then we are off to Washington for another tournament. Buffy nodded. Buffy had taken a few pictures of Angel and everyone else, and then continued to watch the game.

            The game was soon over and Angel had won all three sets. Im gonna go get an autograph or something. Buffy said to the others. Willow handed her a tennis ball for him to sign, as she headed down to where he was standing. When she got there kids, and teenagers, most of them girls, surrounded her. Buffy gently pushed her way to the front so she could have a clear view of Angel. While gently making her way towards the front a few people asked for her autograph due to the fact that they knew whom she was. Angel had been signing magazines and tennis balls for a couple of minutes now, before he made his way to Buffy.


            She took his breath away. Hi. Hi. Angel stared in awe she was so beautiful. You ok? What? Oh sorry. She smiled. Im Patrick ODonnell. I know, Im- Anne Summers. Yeah. She smiled. Well its nice to meet you Anne. Just call me Buffy. Nice to meet you too Patrick. He smiled. Just call me Angel. Good game. Thanks. Angel signed autographs for the kids that were waiting. Are you here alone? No Im here with my friends, theyre over there. She said pointing to where Cordy was sitting. You know Cordelia and Patrick? Yeah, Cordy is my roommate and well Patrick is her finance. He smiled. God hes hott. She thought to herself. She is so beautiful. Angel said to himself. I know that this is going to be a little awkward, but would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Yes!! Id love to. Great. Uh where should I meet you? You can pick me up at my house if youd like? Sure. Buffy then took out one of her business cards and wrote her address on the back of it. Great. See you around 7? Sure. Nice meeting you. You too. Angel then kissed her hand, before heading to the locker room. Buffy smiled and headed back to her seat.


            Did I just see Buffy give Angel a business card with something written on the back? Cordy asked smiling. Yes you did. So? What happened? Willow asked. We introduced ourselves, talked for a bit, then he asked me out to dinner tonight. Wow. Willow said. Wow Buffy. Just met and now dinner, whats next? Cordy asked. I dont know, I know this dinner thing is all of a sudden but there is something about him that made me say yes right away. She said smiling. Hes a good guy Buffy. Patrick said. What time is he picking you up? Cordy asked. Around 7. Well we better get going, got to get you all nice and dressed. Ok. She laughed. Babe you coming with? Cordy asked. Im going to take my mom home, and say hi to the rest of the family. Then Ill meet you at the house. Ok. See you later. Bye. Cordy gave him a sweet kiss before leaving with Buffy and Willow.


Part 3


       Well Buffy what are you going to wear? Cordy asked walking up the pathway.


I dont know, something not to classy and not to simple.


Oh you can wear that black skirt and that new white top you got.


Definitely gonna wear that. Cordy agreed. Ok, I will then.


Seven oclock came rolling around and there was a knock at the door. Ill get it. Cordy said getting up from Patricks lap. Hi Angel. She said giving him a hug.


Hey Cordy. Is Buffy ready?


Almost, she should be down any minute. Come on in. She said leading him into the living room.


Angel. Patrick said. Pat. He returned, shaking hands with him. 


Angel these are my other two roommates Faith and Willow.


Hi nice to meet both of you. Same here. They both replied.


Cordy dont you and Patrick live like 2 houses down? Yeah but I stay here when you guys are on tour. Oh. Buffy then came walking down the stairs.


Hi Angel. He turned around to see Buffy, who took his breath away.


Shes so beautiful. Angel thought to himself. You look beautiful.


Thank you. Not too bad yourself. She said checking him out. He had dressed in black dress pants and a blue dress shirt.


Hello sexy! Buffy smiled.


These are for you. He said handing her a bouquet of flowers.


Thank you. Im gonna put these in water, Ill be back. He smiled and watched her walk into the kitchen. Buffy then soon returned.


Ready to go? he asked when she returned. 


Yeah. Bye guys. Bye. They all replied.


They look so cute together. Faith said. Hey Pat, got any other tennis friends. He just smiled.


Angel opened the passenger door to his Mustang for Buffy.


Thank you. She smiled. So where are we going?


I made reservations at this nice Italian restaurant, if you dont mind. He said as he smiled slightly. Not at all I love Italian. He smiled.


Being the perfect gentleman he is he opened the door for Buffy. Good evening Sir. Reservations for ODonnell.


Oh yes sir. Your table is ready. Follow me. They followed the waiter to a nice quite section in the restaurant.


Thank you. Angel said. Ill be back shortly to take you order.


Wells Ms. Summers why dont you tell me about yourself. He smiled.


Well, she said imitating him. As you already know my name Buffy Summers. She smiled.


I thought it was Anne.


 It is. Anne is my middle name, I use it when I do movies.


Oh ok. What about you Angel? I hear that is your middle name too.


Howd you know? Cordy and Patrick. They told me the whole story about when you were kids you would get mad. He laughed.


Yeah, but we were kids. I didnt know then. He laughed.


 The waiter soon came and asked what they wanted to drink.


Ill just have water.


And for you miss? Ill have ice tea. Ok Ill be back with your drinks.


Lets see you already know that Im a actress.


A good actress.


Youve seen my movies?


Yeah. He smiled.


Ohhh that smile. sexy


 You are a wonderful actress.


Thank you. Im also a photographer.


Really? Yeah I have a small company with my friend Willow.


Id like to see some of your work if you dont mind.


Not at all. I took some pictures of your game today. I can show them to you when they are develop.


Id like that. He smiled. So what else should I know about you?


Lets see. Im an only child. My parents divorced when I was 15. Not too fond of college but I got passed it. She smiled.


Im not good at explaining myself.


Its ok. Im sure Ill find out more about you later. He smiled.


 What about you?


I am also an only child. My parents died when I was 17.


Im sorry.


Its ok. So basically I was on my own since then.


Was is hard?


Yeah at first. But then everything turned around, and here I am. A professional tennis player having dinner with a beautiful woman. He said causing her to blush.


Thats so sweet.


 You have the sweetest smile. She blushed even more. Stop youre making me blush.


He just smiled.


Im not good at talking about myself either.


Well we have one thing in common now. That we do. He said smiling at her.


They had spent the next hour at the restaurant getting to know each other.


They had also found out that they have so much in common.


How did your parents come up with the name Angelus?


Well my mom named me Angel, but my dad said it was to wussy so he had them change it to Angelus.

 Interesting. She said smiling.


So now that you practically know almost everything about me.  What do you think?


Well, Angel started. I think you are the most wonderful person I know. You Buffy Summers are one of a kind.


Half an hour passed by and they were still talking and laughing.


Its getting late. We should get going. Angel said looking at his watch then standing up to get Buffys chair.


Thank you. she smiled. 


They made their way to the front of the restaurant and saw that it was a bit windy.


You stay here while I go get the car.




Angel walked out and got the car. He soon came back and parked it in the front. When Buffy saw him park the car on the curb, she walked outside. When he reached Buffy she was shivering.


Cold. She said.


Here put this on. Angel said covering her with his leather jacket.


Thanks. He smiled. Lets get you home and warmed up.


In no time they were back at the house.


Angel opened the door for Buffy and walked her to the door.


Thank you for tonight.


It was my pleasure.


Would you like to come in side?


Id love to but I cant. I have practice tomorrow and I have to get up early.


Its ok. Maybe next time. Yeah, next time. He smiled.


Goodnight. Night. Angel looked deep into her eyes full of love.


He then bent down and gave her a small sweet kiss. Their lips parted and they looked at each other.


Im sorry. I just had the urge to kiss you. Its ok. She smiled. Ill call you tomorrow. Ok. She smiled.


Angel then started walking back to his car.


Angel your jacket. He walked back to her.


You keep it. I can get another one. She smiled.


Night. Night. Angel got in his car and drove off into the night. Buffy watched his car go out of site then entered the house.


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