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Everything Going Ok?


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Title: Everything Going Ok? (Sequel To Everything Happens For A Reason)
Author: Melody Cole
Summary: Set after Everything Happens For A Reason
Disclaimer: I Own No One
Part 1:


David is sleeping on his back with Sarah curled up is his arms lying
across his chest. Sarah is lying awake and staring at her left hand
when David suddenly awakens and looks at Sarah whose attention is
still locked with her hand and totally unaware of his stare.
"Hey, are you getting a zit or a wart on your left hand that I should
know about?" David jokes startling Sarah out of her stare.
"No, if you must know! I am completely and utterly surprised and in
awe at the moment!" Sarah states
" Of what, the ring, or the proposal?" David asks as he takes her
left hand into his own and slowly strokes it.
"Actually I can't decide! I can't believe the ring you got me and I
can't believe that we're going to get married!" Sarah states
"Me either, maybe just because it just happened yesterday could be a
factor, don't cha think?" David jokes
"Stop it, so what are we doing today?" Sarah asks.
"Well, since Joss has given us the day off in celebration of our
engagement, we can do whatever you wanna do!" David states to Sarah.
"He knew! Anyway forget about that. Umm, can we go shopping today?"
Sarah asks shyly.
"Whatever you wanna do, we'll do! If it's shopping, let's go then!"
David replies to Sarah.
"Yeah! I wanna look for stuff for the baby? Ummm, if that's ok with
you that is!"  Sarah asks.
"Sure, whatever you wanna do baby!" David replies while he climbs out
of bed and grabs his boxer shorts.
"Um, do you wanna go to lunch with the gang?" Sarah replies as she
sits p in bed and wraps the sheet around herself to stay warm.
"Yeah, sure. Where do you wanna go for lunch?" David asks as he moves
around their bedroom.
"Yeah, can we have Chinese? I'm in the mood for it!" Sarah replies as
she moves off the bed towards David.
"Sure, do you want breakfast, anything you want!" David replies while
wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I kinda want you!" Sarah replies seductively
"Well then, what the lady wants the lady gets." David replies as he
leans down and kisses Sarah on the lips and thus ending the

Part 2:

After Sarah and David have their morning shower, they have breakfast
and are getting ready to leave for the mall when the phone rings.
"Hello?" Sarah asks into the phone.
"Hey Sarah, how's it going?" Charisma asks her friend
"Hey Charisma, everything's ok, you?" Sarah asks
"Good, so I was wondering do you guys wanna do lunch with all of us
today?"  Charisma asks.
"Um sure, we were just going to ask you guys to!" Sarah replies as
she picks up her purse and her cell phone.
"Yeah, we'll go for whatever you want momma-to-be!" Charisma replies.
"I kinda like the sound of that, and I was in the mood for Chinese,
so if that's ok with you guys we'll meet at the restaurant at around
1:30pm. That sound good for you?" Sarah asks.
"Yeah, sure, we'll see you then! Later!" Charisma replies and hangs
up the phone.
"Hey, you ready to go?" David replies as he comes into the living room
"yeah, let's go." Sarah replies as she reaches for David's hand


"Hey, David honey? Can we get this?" Sarah asks as she holds out a
small white sleeper with little doggy patterns printed on it.
"Sure Sar, whatever you want to get!" David replies as he looks at
all the baby stuff surrounding them.
"Umm, David let's go to the juice place, I'm in the mood for a fruit
smootie." Sarah states as they pay for the sleeper and walk hand in
hand towards the food court.


"Hey you guys, how's the little one?" Nick asks the couple.
"Great, we actually have a doctor's appointment this afternoon just
for a check up." Sarah replies as David leads he over towards the
booth that is occupied by the gang.
The gang is in deep conversation when Charisma looks around the
restaurant and spots a man she knew walk towards them.
"Hey Sarah!" the man greets her
"Oh my god, hi"

Part 3:

"Oh My God Freddie. Hi!" Sarah states
"Hey Sarah, how's everything going with you?" Freddie questions as he
gives a nod of hello to the rest of the gang.
"Umm, real good, actually I'm engaged to be married and expecting a
baby in 4 months." Sarah replies to Freddie as she reaches for
David's hand.
"Really, engaged again?" Freddie asks
"Yes, look I'm real sorry about breaking off our engagement, but I
didn't feel right about marrying and spending my life with someone
who doesn't make me completely happy." Sarah states as she feels
David grip her hand in agreement and support.
"Yeah, well it was very unexpected and for your information, you
probably know that I'm not dating anyone right now, because you broke
my heart and is till utterly and completely still am in love with you
and always will be." Freddie states as he tries to reach for hand
that was not grasped by David.
Sarah pulls her hand away from Freddie's and states " Freddie, look I
really did love you at one point, but not as much as I loved David
and currently love David."
"Yeah well, one day you'll see that you made a huge mistake breaking
up with me and you'll come crawling back to the hottest young
Hollywood star!" Freddie states as he sticks his chin up with pride.
"Freddie, you really shouldn't think that highly off yourself like
that, but If you do that's fine with me, but don't try to threaten my
fiancée and mess with her life, so please just leave before you say
or do something that your going to regret later." David states as he
wraps his other arm around Sarah's shoulder.
Freddie upset at what David states turns towards David and states to
him " You watch, she'll come crawling back to me, they all do! They
love Freddie Prinze Jr. I'm the hottest thing in Hollywood and
everyone knows it." Freddie states and walks out of the restaurant.
"What is stuck up his butt, it's like he thinks he's the sexist thing
to walk the face of this planet. Five words for you BRAD SEXIST MAN
ALIVE PITT." Charisma states to all.
"I soo agree with you there!" Sarah states
"Hey?" David replies shocked at his fiancées attitude.
"Oh, honey I'm sorry. Your sexy too, but it's Brad Pitt!" Sarah
states as she gently strokes David's face.
"Yeah, I know how you feel, Michelle Pfeiffer man!" David replies.
"Hey? Do you think she's sexier and hotter than me?" Sarah states
slightly offended.
"How come you can say a guys sexy, but I can't say a girl is sexy?"
David asks.
"Because I'm a girl and you're my fiancée who will be sleeping in the
guest room for a while." Sarah states slightly offended by his remark.
"Sarah, you know that you're the sexiest woman in the world to me,
you know that I worship the ground you walk on baby! " David states
attempting to make good with Sarah and to grovel for forgiveness.
"Yeah whatever sweet talker!" Charisma states.
"Ok, anyway, what's his deal. He comes here trying to get you back
and ending up stating that he's the sexiest thing in the world."
Charisma tells.
"Yeah, well we all know his ego is big, but whatever floats his
boat!" Sarah states.
They continue lunch with no other interruptions and say goodbye for
the day agreeing to meet later.

Part 4:


"Hey, do you really think Michelle Pfeiffer is sexier than me?" Sarah
asked once again to David.
"Sarah baby, you know that your" David doesn't have the chance to
finish for his attention moved from her face to the man standing in
front of his car.
"Excuse can I help you?" David asks as he grabs Sarah's hand and
walks toward the man and his car.
"Yes, I am looking for Mr. Boreanaz, are you him?" the man asks
"Yes, that's me!" David states
"This is for you then!" The man states and gives David a large
envelope and walks away.
"What is it?" Sarah asks as she tries to reach for the envelope
"Wait a sec, hey let's sit in the car and open it ok!" David states
and starts to lead Sarah towards the car and opens the door for her
and helps her in.
"Well, what is it?" Sarah asks once again as David enters the car.
"Sar, give me a sec to sit down first!" David replies as he closes
the car door and begins to open the envelope.
"Well!" Sarah asks beginning to get impatient.
David pulls out a large stack of papers and begins to read the papers.
Sarah watches his face to try and read his emotions when he suddenly
turns to Sarah and begins to speak.
"Sarah, it's a letter from Freddie's lawyer, he's claiming that I
harassed him today verbally and is suing." David states
"What, that's a load of crap, there were 6 other people with us today
and they will all be a witness for you! So don't worry about
it. "Sarah claims
"Yeah, I know, but it's just that at the bottom, Freddie wrote
something!" David states.
"What did he write?" Sarah questions
"It says that I better break up with you while I still can, or else
something will be done to make it happen." David states
"Yeah, well you can sue him for threatening you!" Sarah states in
"Sarah, let's just forget about it and enjoy the rest of our day off
ok!" David replies as he puts the papers back in the envelope and
tosses it into the back seat.
"Yeah, sure, what do you wanna do now?" Sarah asks
"Um, you wanna go for a walk on the beach or the pier." David asks
"Sure that sounds nice!" Sarah replies as they drive off towards the

Part 5:
At The Pier:
Sarah and David are walking hand-in-hand on the pier enjoying the sun
and their time together when Sarah states that she has to use the
bathroom. David walks Sarah to the bathroom and waits outside for her.
David is standing near the side waiting for Sarah and turns to look
out towards the ocean when suddenly a man comes up behind him wearing
a black mask and a leather jacket. David turns towards the man and
looks at him with weary eyes.
"Hey, are you David Boreanaz?" the extremely tall and big man asks
"Yeah, why?" David asks
"Ok, then!" the man states and grabs David by his jacket and pulls
him towards him and with all his strength punches David in the chest
and gives a blow with his knee to David's head. Then suddenly the man
pulls David into a standing position and then tosses him right into
the railing of the pier. The rail suddenly gives away and David falls
into the water knocking his head into the pier deck.
Sarah who had just come from the restroom is walking to where David
was supposedly waiting for her when she sees him falling into the
"Oh, my god! DAVID!" Sarah yells as she runs towards the man that
just threw David into the ocean.
"What did you do?" Sarah asks the man that just shoved her back and
stalked off.
"DAVID! DAVID!" Sarah screams as she looks over the side and into the
Sarah begins to run down the pier and towards the beach and the water.
"Someone, please help! David! David!" Sarah screams, her face full of
Sarah face is covered in tears and her vision blurred by her tears,
when she clumsily bumps into a large man, wearing a lifeguard shirt.
"Please lifeguard, help me! Please my fiancée got pushed from the
pier!" Sarah told the lifeguard.
"Ok, Sarah Michelle Gellar, where were you standing on the pier." The
lifeguard states as he recognizes her.
"Please, just find him!" Sarah pleads with the lifeguard.
The lifeguard calls in a missing man and head off into the water
closets to the pier.
After what feels like an eternity for Sarah, the lifeguard comes back
out of the water dragging someone behind him. Sarah breaks off into a
run towards the pair and feels herself relax and breathe a sign of
"Oh my god, David !" Sarah states as she runs over the pair and bends
down towards David's head.
"David, honey can you hear me?" Sarah asks as she strokes his head
gently. While she stokes his head she takes in his apperance, she
notices that his shirt is torn off, and a large gash as well as a
small cut cover his face.
"Is he breathing?" Sarah asks after a moment.

Part 6:

"Is he breathing?" Sarah questions again.
"Hold on a sec miss!" The lifeguard states towards Sarah
"Please! Tell me is he breathing?" Sarah asks once again pleading for
any information
"Yes, he is!" the lifeguard states as he checks David's breathing
once again.
"Oh, my gosh? Is he ok then, is he awake?" Sarah asks
"He looks ok physically, no seen bruising or bleeding profusely! But
I think that he's still unconscious so wait he's starting to come
around!" the lifeguard tells Sarah.
"David, can you hear me?" Sarah questions as she slowly approaches
David's line of vision.
"Sarah?" David asks, his voice strained.
"David, honey, are you ok?" Sarah asks as she slowly strokes his
"Sarah, yeah I'm ok, what about you! That guy didn't do anything to
you did he?" David asks slightly panicked that the man had hurt Sarah.
"No, I'm ok! But what did he do to you?" Sarah questions as she hears
the ambulance slowly approaching.
The ambulance paramedics slowly approach David and Sarah and soon
David is strapped to a stretcher and placed on a heart monitor then
loaded up into the back of the ambulance and taken towards the
A man watched form a far as the ambulance drove off from his vision.
"See I told you, I was the better guy for her!" The man states as he
gives a small grin and turns to walk away from the pier.


David is brought to the hospital and taken to the examination room,
while Sarah is in a private waiting room calling her mother as well
as David's mother to tell of the news.
"Yeah, Mom, he's conscious again, I think he's ok though!" Sarah
tells her mother over the phone.
"Honey ,what exactly happened?" Rose asks her daughter'
"I'm not 100% sure, but when I was coming out of the store I saw this
big guy come at David, hit him a couple of times and then deck him of
the pier." Sarah tells as silent tears fall from her eyes.
"Honey, are you going to press charges?" Rose asks
"Against who mom, I didn't get a good look at him, I ran down the
pier and onto the beach as soon as I saw David get thrown over the
railing. And then the guy just disappeared!" Sarah tells
"It's going to be ok, maybe you and David should look into hiring
more security around your home and at work?" Rose asks,
"Yeah, I think we" Sarah doesn't finish her sentence because David
is rolled into the waiting room in a wheelchair.
"Mom, David just came into the room, I'm going to have to call you
back! Ok, Love you mom." Sarah replies and hangs up her cell phone
and runs towards David.
"OH, my gosh, are you alright!"Sarah asks as she embraces David in
the chair.
"Yeah, just a few cuts and bruises, what about you, are you alright?
Have you sat down yet, have you ate lunch, maybe you should rest?"
David asks, his voice full of concern for Sarah's well being as well
as the baby's.
"David you just fell of a pier! Don't ask about me!" Sarah replies.
"Baby, I just wanna make sure you don't get too stresses out, that's
all!" David replies as he pulls Sarah into his lap in the chair.
"Ok, fine, so what now?" Sarah asks.
"I get to go home, so let's go!" David replies as he motions for the
nurse behind him to push the wheelchair towards the exit.
"Wait, we don't have a car here, remember we took an ambulance here
from the pier." Sarah reminds him.
"Oh, ok, then let's call a cab then!" David suggests.
"I have a better idea," Sarah states and retrieves her cell phone and
begins to dial.

"Oh, my gosh, are you guys ok?" Charisma asks as she and Alyson come
rushing towards the couple still seated together in the wheel chair.
"Yeah, he's fine now. But he gave me quite a scare." Sarah replies.
"Well let's get you two home now then!" Alyson replies as she reaches
for Sarah's hand and is about to help her out of David's lap when
David suddenly says.
"She's sits her, I'm not letting her out of my sight for a second,
and secondly she's going to be pacing if I don't hold onto her and
that isn't good for the baby!"
"ok, let's go then!" Alyson replies as she goes behind the wheel
chair and starts to push it towards the doors.
"Well, where do you want us to take you guys?" Alyson asks as she
looks back towards the couple in the rear seat.
"Um , our house, I want David to lie down and get some rest. Because
he has to come into the set tomorrow to do the crossover episode. I
don't want him to come in, but Joss will just cancel the episode and
the it will disappoint the fans so he's gonna go to work." Sarah
"Ok, then we'll see you guys tomorrow then!" Charisma replies as she
watches Sarah and Alyson help David out of the car and inside the
"Thanks for your help Aly, I'll see you tomorrow as well." Sarah
"Um is it alright if I hang around for a while, I told Alex he could
pick me up her in about 30 mins." Alyson replies shyly.
"Sure, whatever, I'm just going to put David to bed and I'll be right
back." Sarah replies as she moves towards David who is seated on the
"let's go big guy, time for bed" Sarah replies with a smile on her
"I'm not sleepy!" David replies sternly with a pout.
"David come on, you just had a serious accident, I don't care if your
not sleepy, it will make me feel better if you at least lie down in
our room. Please, for me?" Sarah begs.
"Fine, but you owe me big time!" David replies as Sarah helps him up
and towards the bedroom

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