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What's going on in the Vamp world 2day?


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
'Gone' Season 6
I though this ep was kewl. cept for the B/S parts, those were yucky!In the beginning i noticed on Buffy's/Sarah's right hand she had a pinky ring. i remember someone saying on one of the groups that Her and Daivd got each other rings and they wear them on their pinky.
ok back to the ep. i thought Willow was great, and Anya and Xander. Buffy was kewl when she was invisble, that was funny in the magic shop and messing with the social services girl. hehe. then when hse found out the 3 guys were that was funny. well i gtg.
if there is sumthin u wanna talk about feel free to i/m or email me. laters
Ep- 'Doublemeat Palace' Season 6
Ok I think this ep was ok.Ok what's up with Spike being all whoa the first time he went to visit Buffy at the burger place. And what the hell!!! Why are they haviing sex in the freakin alley or whatever!?!??! THAT IS REALLY REALLY WRONG!!!! it's bad!!!!!!
What's up with Willow? ok now i knoe it was All Amy. hehe.
well thats what i think about the ep. nothing exciting. ehhe.
whoa Buffy is getting darker. just saw the preview of the next ep.
man that is gonna be crazy!!!!! can't wait!!!!
Ep- 'Dead Things' Season 6
first part was funny.
Tara rox!
ooo its so crazy and dark now! love it. Except for the /BS sexual contact.
Buffy and Tara kick ass rite now!
Whats up with Dawn?
Next weeks ep is gonna be kewl. its her bday, again. gee i wonder if anything bad will happen. lol.
Ep- 'Older and Farther Away' Season 6
I LOVE THIS EP! Its sooooo good!
Anya was great! and so was Tara!
it was funny too!
the spike thing was funny.
i'm glad they knoe whats going on with Dawn now! she really needed to get back into the story line!!
man i dunno what to say! it was grrrrrreat!!!!! hehe
Ep- 'As You Were' Season 6
I thought this ep was pretty good.I love Willow's attitude in this ep.
I also likes Dawn's attitude w hen hee first say Riley.
I have to say Riley did an pretty good job here. i'm not a big fan of him. Sam was ok too.
I like the then where Sam said that Riley was probably getting his assed kicked by now. that reminds me of Angel kicking Riley's ass! *Smiles*
I thought Spike looked all cute when he was trying to deny he was the doctor.
I liked Riley's lil talk with Buffy. at least someone cares!
Love Willow's last line. "What a bitch!" that was funny!!!
Buffy turning down Spike was funny. I think Buffy calling Spike William now is good. she is getting back on her feet.
I can't wait for next weeks ep! that looks funny!!! Spike has a date! what? bet its that demon chic from Buffy's party! oh wait she's part of the weeding isnt she? oh well guess we have to wait
Ep- 'Hell's Bells' Season 6
I thought 2nites ep was good.it was funny but then sad at the same time
Spike was cute!
i hope everything turns out ok for everyone. especially for anya and xander.
i hope the b/s is over!!!!!
Ep- 'Normal Again' Season 6
Man this was a great ep!the whole thing was great!!!! i have no other words than 'it was great!'

man im wondering if Buffy is dead or what?!??!?!! Again?!?!?!
damn no BUffy next week!!! i think
Ep 'Entropy' Season 6
Over all I thought this ep was good.
i feel really bad for Xander. he has gone through a lot og shit.
Spike looked hott in that black shirt with the white things.
yaya willow an tara once again.
im sorta glad that everything is out in the open.
damn next week is gonna be crazy!
Ep- "Seeing Red' Season 6
This was a rather 'ok' ep.
those big saws were whack but then funny.
Spike looked hott in the bathroom!
ok did Buffy like become all of a sudden weak in the bathroom? i mean i knoe she was hurt n all but like she has been through worse.
the bathroom scene was well done though. Spike went all crazy!
I love Xander!
Seriously the whole Nerd thing is like annoying now! Warren needs to be delt with already. i mean i like Johnathon he;s fnny but the other two are like dumb.
Damn it why is everyone dying now? first Buffy now Tara? that sux!
we all knoe buffy aint gonna die cuz she already died.....twice! Tara was kewl!!! i dont want her to die!
damn next week will be crazy!!! Willow looks tight with the black!!!!
'Good Night Bitch!' - Buffy
thats funny. laters!
Ep- 'Villians' Season 6
Willow is so kewl evil!!! I LOVE the black hair and eyes! that is bad ass right there!!!!!! Buffy would have been dead...again.. if Will hadnt had said that bring her back thing and at the hospital.
this was a kewl EP. cant wait till next week!
Ep- 'Two To Go + Grave' Season 6
OMG I LOVE THAT EP!!!!! That is like one of the best season finales ever!!! cept for the end.
IT WAS WAY BETTER THAN Angel's, that was just gay.
I should have recorded it!!!
Evil Willow looks bad ass!!! i love the way she looks. she is kray z though. hehe. i thought she was kewl.
i loved the convo Willow and Buffy had in that one place, forgot what it was called. the place with that ugly guy that Dawn wanted to go to.
Everyone did a good job!
Giles came back! yay! i thought he was gonna die.
Ally did a great job! and i mean a really great job!
ok WTF was with the ending? that was bullshit. that stoopid demon person getting things mixed up and giving Spike a god damn soul!!! thats crap!
First on Angel they make Cordy like Buffy, now Spike with a soul? hello can we all say Angel? Spike better not be all good n crap. and him and Buffy gettin together cuz that is bullshit.


Ep- 'Birthday' Season 3
Over all  I loved this ep.I thought they did a good job. The ep had some funny sides to it. The beginning was funny, with Cordy and Fred.
Fred is so adorable. It was cute th way she was acting in Cordy's appt.I like her, she's kewl.
Ok the whole Angel/Cordy thing is pissing me off!!!!! I mean i like them both but not together. they are better off as friends instead of a relationship. He was all like 'Whoa' when he found out she was sying or whatever.
Oh and another thing that was getting me mad.
To me it looked Angel looked more concered to Cordy than Buffy was when he found out she died. Cause he was like 'you can't let her die' or whatever he said, then he was all talking to her and hugged her. What did he do with Buffy? went to another freakin country that's what. Oh and i was like 'What the hell!!!' when Cordy kissed him.
But i think she did a good thing. i think it's gonna be pretty kewl with Cordy being half demon now.
well dats all i gotta say. later days
Ep- 'Provider' Season 3
I'm writing this as im watching it. It's only been 15 mintues and already i think its stupid.the Cordy with the baby cuteness is really pissing me off. I rather see Fred holding Conner. plus next week ep isn't there gonna be more Angel/Cordy thing going on? i dont think im gonna watch, well maybe just click over once in a while and thats it.
I think the way Angel acting around Conner is kinda cute,saying that he's going to college and stuff, but Angel still be vamp when Conner gets to that part of his life?
i think Angel is kinda dorky when it comes to money.
Nooooo they might cut off Fred's head!!
ok what the hell is up with all the Cordy mother figure thing!?!??! is pissing me off!!!! i want to see Cordy's demon come out!!!!
i think Buffy should knoe about Conner and show some motherly love for him and be really pissed at Angel and Angel and Cordy have nothing going on.
Lorne kicks ass!
Ep- 'Waiting In The Wings'
This was a smart ep but VERY disturbing!Ok so far this ep is pissing me off, what the fuck is wiwith the A/C flirting much? jeez. its making me sick.
ok what the fuck if up with Lorne say talking about A/C? shit, saying they are both warriors or sum shit like that. oh god Angel saying Cordy is beautiful.
ok cordy falling asleep was funny.
ok now im mad. i see lots of kissing. ok now im gonna be suck. ewwww that is way too much skin i want to see of Cordy. YUCKY!!!!
ok that was stoopid. Angel taking of his jacket to hide his boner. i didnt even knoe he could 'get up'.
those monster guys look kewl! awwwwww poor Wesley!!!
Yay! Gru is back! i love him! he is so hott!!!!!
Ep- 'Couplet' Season 3
I love this ep!!1 Damn Groo is SEXY!!!he looked so good and cute!!!!!!
i feel so bad for Wesley! i felt bad for Angel for a while but not anymore.
ohhhh nooo Conner mite be gone!!1 that sux!!!
they need to dress him in better baby clothes
Ep- 'Loyalty' Season 3
OMG!this was a great ep! I LOVE Wesley!he is sooo tight right now!!!!!
man Angel is getting dorky. hehe just like the ppl on the groups said.
i can't wait for next weeks ep! that is gonna be kewl!
i wonder what will happen to Conner!
man Angel talking about love was crap!
Ep- 'Sleep Tight' Season 3
I totally loveWesley,Holtz,an Lilah in this ep!Oh man this was a tight ep.
this is like a lil drama movie! hehe.
Cordy is gonna be mad when she sees that Conner aint there.
i knoe this might sound mean but when Holtz took Conner and jumped into the portal thing. i was laughing at Angel. i dont knoe why, i just was.
during the ep i was yelling at Angel cuz he is like being a dumbass.
Ep- 'Forgiving' Season 3
I think this was was not bad at all. I love Fred!
ok whats with the line Angel said "I'd never hurt the one I love' or something like that. HELLO do you remember Buffy!??!?!?!?
ugh! i still get mad when they mention Darla as the freakin mother.
yeah that ending was like soooooooooo fuckin gay!!!! ohhh your dead! your dead. ohh shut up angel! trying to be a lil bad ass when wesley was trying to save your son. you freakin ass!
wonder what will happen next week.
Ep- 'Double or Nothing' Season 3
Whats with Cordy's hair? geez trying to make it look like Buffy. well its not working!!! it was better before. better yet when it was nice and long.
OMG i am so glad that Fred is sticking up for herslef and being more independent! i love her!
ohhhh and Groo is so freakin hott! i love him! he is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!
ooo that little tantrum that Gunn had was soooooo freakin mean! poor Fred!
ok this was like an ok ep.
i wonder whats install for next week.
Ep- 'The Price' Season 3
Angel needs to like stop moping around. its really pissin me off!
Damn i am IN LOVE with Groo!!!!!! he is soooooooooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the way Cordy talks about Groo. its so cute!
Geez why doesnt Cordy talk about her feelings openingly about Groo? she has all the time for Angel but not her man? WTF.
Poor Groo.
Angel is like gay now!
Look at Gunn 'Mr lets not say his name anymore' and he goes to Wesley for help.
Wes kicks ass! i love him!
and stoopid Angel being all gay towards Gunn after going to Wesley.
That is fucking gay!!! Conner is like sooooooo ugly!!!!!! they brought him back too soon. that is stopid.
this story line is officially gay! then i bet they are gonna try n make him all good n crap. that is whack.
Next week's ep is gonna be stoppid.
Ep- 'A New World' Season 3
ok this was a ok ep.
the Begining was gay.
Groo IS HOTT!!! and so is Wes!!!
I hope doesnt leave or anything!!!
Damn Cordy and her feeligns!!!!!
I like Conner/Stephen personality. he's not cute and yet he is not ugly.
Groo's sarcatic remark was soooo funny and cute!!! the way he said it was soooo cute! i wanted to melt!!!!!
Damn Holtz is like scary looking! lol.
Ep- 'Benediction' Season 3
this was ok. not its best.
Angel is gay! I don't like him right now.
Conner is kewl!
Groo is SEXY!!! I LOVE HIM!!! I feel really bad for him right now. He loves Cordy but nooo she had or should i say the writers made her have feelings for Angel. DAMN her! She SUX!!!
Poor Groo. Cordy was talking all sweet n crap and she thought it was Angel. you lil bastard!!! and all she said o its you. u lil shit face!!!
I'm hoping someone does die! lol.
My god Cordy said 'I love Angel' that is crap!
what kind of life can he give her anyway? jus becuase she is half demon now dont mean that she wont get hurt.
Ep- 'Tomorrow' Season 3
Cordy's a bitch, Angel's a fuckface.
'Easy sailor'? WTF was that. that was gay!
That whole teaching Conner how to fight was gay!
MY God Groo was soo adorable in the beginning!!! Cordy you stoopid whore!!!!!!! Groo can't leave! Where is he gonna go?!??!
Lorne can't leave!!!!
Fred poking Angel was funny! i love Fred!!!
haha Wes and Lilah, thats funny!
why is everyone leaving. that sux, cept for Angel and Cordy i can care less right now.WTF how can Angel *love* Cordy? he didnt even like her in the beginning. fuckin dumbasses. haha i wish she was dying!! lol.
'Great warrior. Higher being.' MY ASS BITCH!!!! just because she gets visions? that is gay!!!
hahaha Cordy is gone!!! yay!!!
haha i cant stop laughing!!! Angel's gonna die!!! hahaha!!!! LOL.