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Title: Jaide ***UNFINISHED***
Author: Pixie
Disclaimer: I only own Anne and Jaide, I like those names. Oh yea! and Bubbles too.
Distribution: You want it? Take it. Email me the URL.
Relationships: B/A, W/O, and X/?
Authors Note: This story is set five years in the future. 
Author's Note 2: This was written before S5 and S1.
Spoilers: a little of IWRY
Feedback: If you want me to continue.......
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Rating:  PG I guess, I think everyone can read it, well unless you can't read now theres a problem...
Summary: Buffy has a daughter, Jaide, who is five years old. Angel comes back to Sunnydale to help the gang with a new demon, although the demon 'mysteriously' dies. Angel has a secret that he has to tell Buffy, Buffy also has a secret she has to tell Angel.
Dedication: To my beta reader, who I believe her name is Kristie. I'm sorry if I got your name wrong!
Part 1

Its been about five years since he'd last seen her. With the exception of the time when he was in Sunnydale without her knowing it, and when she found out and went to L.A. to confront him, and never to forget that beautiful day when all of his dreams came true. 

The day that never happened.

It still pained him to know that he could never be with his Beloved in the sunshine, or make love to her without the consequence of him losing his soul and letting Angelus free.

To say that he missed her was an understatement. He longed for the next time that he would be able to be with his beloved and stay with her without seeing her heart break every time she saw him.

He was sitting in his living room, staring at a picture that hed gotten five years ago. The picture was of, not surprisingly, Buffy. His Beloved was sitting in the sunshine with her hair down and a big smile upon her face.

He was going to see her tonight. He was going to help the Scooby Gang with a new demon that they were having trouble with. He both longed for and dreaded the trip to Sunnydale. He couldn't wait to see her, yet he didn't know how she would react with him being in town.

Would she be angry with him for leaving her? Would she be happy to see him and forgive him? Would she even care that he was there? After all he was the one to break her heart every time she offered it out for him.

There were only a few minutes till sundown; hed be arriving in Sunnydale in less than two hours. Maybe when he saw her, he could tell her about the curse. The same curse that was suppose to keep him away from her. The curse that no longer existed.

When the sun went down, Angel hopped into his black Cadillac and drove off towards Sunnydale.

Towards his Beloved.

Part 2

Buffy and the gang were all gathered at her house, which had been the gangs headquarter for meetings for about 3 years. Giles house was burned down when a group of vampires were sent out to kill the slayer. They were unsuccessful and decided to burn down the then headquarter.

All of the Scooby Members were there except for Cordelia and Angel. There were only two new people that had been added to the group.

Annie was the new member. Annie was Willows friend, who also happened to be a witch. They had met at a witch's convention, although Willow and Annie seemed to be the only real witches among the group.

The other person that was in the room was Buffy's daughter, Jaide, who was five years old. Jaide had blond hair with brown roots, which went past her shoulders. Jaides eyes were emerald green that changed color when she experienced different emotions. Buffy had no idea how Jaide was conceived, until Willow and Annie did a Remembering Spell. She found out that Angel was the father of her miracle child, though she had a feeling that Angel was the father long before the spell. She didnt question why Jaide had survived the spell that the Oracles cast, she was happy that she'd gotten one of the things that she really wanted, Angel's child.

Buffy had gotten her house from her father, who had felt guilty after missing both her high school and college graduations.

Buffy lived in a very spacious house, which had 5 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One of which belonged to Jaide. Downstairs there was a very spacious kitchen, living room, dining room, and a huge practice room for Buffy and Giles to train in.

Willow, Oz, Xander, Anya, Jaide, Annie, and Buffy were all gathered at the fireplace, watching as the fire cast an enchanting spell upon the watchers.  Jaide sat upon her mothers lap, while Willow cuddled with Oz and Anya cuddled up with Xander.

Giles was sitting on the couch, reading the watchers diary.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.


After waiting for about half an hour outside of Buffys house, Angel finally had the courage to knock on the door.


Giles went to open the door. He wasn't surprised to see Angel on the doorstep.

"Hello Angel," Giles said, "Come in." 

"Thanks." Angel replied.

As Angel came in, he couldnt help but feel his undead heartbeat increase with each step towards the living room where he knew Buffy was.

Finally he came to the doorway of the living room, and if he had a heart, it would've stopped. There she was, sitting next to the fire, with her long blond hair and bright green eyes.

& lt;Shes so beautiful. Who is that on her lap? Is that her child? No, it can't be. >

Part 3

Buffy could feel a set of eyes on her. She turned her head and her heart stopped. Angel was there, in her living room.

& lt;No, I'm hallucinating again. Angels in L.A. He's not *here* in my *living room. * Besides, it's not like he cared for me anyways. Hes only here to help with the demon that Giles and the gang couldn't figure out who he was.  Hes not here to see *me. *> With that thought, Buffy closed off her heart so no one would be able to get in.

"Hello Angel," Buffy said, "how are you?"

When Angel managed to learn how to speak again, he replied.

"Im fine, you?"

"Im good." Buffy replied.

"Heya Dead Boy! Nice to see ya!" Xander greeted Angel.

"Angel." Oz said.

"Hey Angel!" Willow said.

"Hey guys." Angel replied after a moment, "Who are these two?"

"Oh. That one over there, is Annie, shes a witch too. And the one sitting on Buffys lap is Jaide." Willow said.

"Nice to meet you Annie. Who's Jaide?"

"Shes my daughter."


& lt;Her *what*? No it cant be. >


An awkward silence fell over the gang.

"Well let's get to work and slay the demons so we can have a good night's rest." Xander broke the silence.

"Yes. Lets do that. Shall we?" Giles said from behind Angel.

They read up on the demon, which happens to be a soul-sucking demon, called Suckus. The only way to kill it would be to behead it and stake it through the heart.

After learning this information, Buffy went upstairs to get her slaying bag and to change into a pair of leather pants and a red tank top. Seeing Buffy going upstairs, Angel followed her.

"Buffy, where are you going?" Angel asked her.

Buffy turned around and saw Angel behind her. "Im gonna get some slaying supplies and change into something a bit more...appropriate."

"Buffy, we need to talk."

"About what?"


"Oh. Why don't you come with me while I get my things ready?"


Angel followed Buffy into her bedroom.

"Have a seat." Buffy said.

Angel took a seat at the end of the bed while Buffy went over to her closet.

"So...who's Jaide?" Angel asked.

"I already told you, shes my daughter." Buffy said from the closet.

"I know that, I meant to ask you whos the father?"

Buffy turned towards the bed, looking at Angel thoughtfully.

"You dont know?"

"No, of course not. Should I?"

"Well, yeah."

"Oh. Well, I dont, would you mind telling me?"

& lt;Should I tell him he's the father? Or should I just say she's some other guys? >

"The father of Jaide is..."


& lt;If she doesn't tell me soon I think Im gonna explode from the suspense. >

Taking a deep breath, Buffy opened her mouth again.

"You're the father, Angel."

& lt;There I said it. >

& lt;*WHAT*? Did she just say Im the father? >

"Im the father?"


Angel was starting to lose his grip on reality. He did the only thing that he could do at that moment, he fainted.


When Buffy saw Angel start to lose consciousness, she made a move towards the bed. She caught him just in time before he landed on the floor. 

"Oh God."

Buffy carried Angel back onto the bed, laying him under the covers. When she was done, she called down to Willow.


"Yea?!" Came a muffled response from Willow.

"Can you come here for a sec?!"


When Willow came up the stairs and into the bedroom, she saw Buffy sitting at the edge of the bed, with an unconscious Angel under the covers.

"What happened?"

Buffy turned towards Willow, with tears in her eyes and on her cheeks.

"I told him."

"Told him what?"

"That hes Jaides father. Oh Will, what if he leaves me again because of Jaide? What if he hates me now? I cant live with that.

"Oh Buffy, he loves you. He won't leave you now that hes found out about his daughter. Angels not that kind of guy; hed stick by you no matter what."

"You think so?"

"I know so. You know Angel; he wont let anything bad happen to you. If you want him to stay with you, he will. Now the question is do you want him to?"

"I dont know Willow. I mean, I want Jaide to have a father, but Im not sure if I can open up my heart to the same person who broke it all those years ago. Im not sure I want to either. Im not ready for that pain again, and I dont think I'll be able to survive it."

Willow couldnt help but feel sorry for her best friend.

"Buffy, it'll be okay, I promise."

"I hope your right Willow."

Willow crossed over to the bed and gave her best friend a hug, which Buffy returned gratefully. After awhile, Willow pulled back and looked into her best friends eyes. She could see the confusion, sadness, joy, and... love.  She just wished that her friend would be able to find some peace within herself.

"Ill be downstairs if you need me." Willow said.

"Thanks Will."


With that Willow left the room and went downstairs.

*** Buffy sat by Angel for about 10 more minutes then went downstairs to get Jaide ready for bed.

She found Jaide curled up on the couch with a blanket around her, sleeping. Very carefully, Buffy lifted Jaide into her arms and carried her upstairs. She placed her daughter in her own bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Buffy gave Jaide a kiss on the forehead, and closed the door behind her.

She made her way back into her bedroom, where Angel was.

Where her husband was.

She had done some reading up on her Claddaugh ring and found out that not only was it a sign for love, friendship, and loyalty, but it was also used as a wedding band. So she was technically married to Angel. ***

Giles heard what had happened upstairs, he decided to go and patrol with Spike, since he wanted Buffy to get a goodnights rest. He went upstairs to tell her and found her in her bedroom, besides Angel.

She looked so sad, sitting there, waiting for her husband to wake up. Giles knocked quietly on the doorframe.

"Buffy, since you have problems of your own, Spike and I will patrol for you." Giles said when he saw Buffy turn her head towards the doorway.

"You dont mind?"

"No, of course not."

"Thanks Giles, I really appreciate this."

"Dont mention it."

With that he left for his house to gather his supplies and Spike.


A few minutes after Giles left

Angel began to stir.

"Angel? Are you ok?"

"Huh? What happened?"

"You fainted."

"Huh? Oh. Right." Angel said after he remembered what had cause him to faint.

"Are you sure you're ok? I mean, you fainted, when I told you who the father was."

Angel sat up on the bed and instantly regretted it when a wave of dizziness overcame him. He clutched his head in hopes of making the room stop spinning. After a moment, the dizziness left and he looked into Buffys face. And only one question that kept echoing in his head.


"How what?"

"How am I the father?"

"Oh. That. Well..."

"Well what?"

& lt;Just get on with it; tell him what you remembered. But what if he doesnt believe me? He has to believe me. >

"Do you remember...?" Buffy started.

"Remember what?"


"You what?"

Taking a deep breath Buffy started again.

"I remember."

& lt;She *what*? She cant remember, the Oracles said she wouldn't remember.  What does this have to do with her getting pregnant? With *my* child? >

"What does this have to do with you getting pregnant?"

& lt;He doesnt care that I remembered. I should've known he wouldnt.>

With that, Buffy could feel the anger boiling inside her veins.

"Why should I tell you? Its not like you really cared anyways!" She screamed.

& lt;She thinks I dont care about her. How can she think that when I gave up humanity for her?>

"You think I dont care how *I* got you pregnant? How would I know that this is my child anyways?" Angel yelled back.

& lt;What is he saying?! Is he saying that I...?>

"What are you saying?" Buffy said.

Buffy could feel the tears threatening at the back of her throat. She wouldnt let him see what he was doing to her with his accusation. Taking a deep breath she tried to keep the tears in check.

Angel looked at Buffy. He could see what he was doing with his accusation.

Baby, Im sorry. Its just that... Angel began, but he was at lost as to what to say.

Its what? Huh? Angel? You cant just come here and accuse me of...What are you accusing me of, Angel?

Im not accusing you of anything!

Then what are you saying? If your not accusing me of anything, what are you saying?

Buffy, all I want to know is how is Jaide *my* daughter? How did *I* get you pregnant?

I told you I remember.

& lt;But thats impossible. She cant remember, the Oracles said she wouldnt. >

But...how? The Oracles said you wouldnt remember.

Willow and Annie did a spell when I found out that I was pregnant. Buffy answered.

Why didnt you tell me? Angel asked. He could feel the hurt and betrayal begin to stir deep within his soul.

How could I? Buffy replied, You would have left me again. She whispered.

Anger was building up inside of him. The anger was not directed towards her, but rather towards himself for leaving her and not checking up on her sooner.

What makes you think that? Angel asked.

God, Angel! You were the one that left me! You were the one that gave up on us on the first place! How could I have known that you were going to stay? All the times that weve been together, you were always the one that left me. I wasnt the one that gave up on us. On our love. If that isnt enough proof to prove to you that I cant trust you anymore than I dont know what is! Buffy took a deep breath to calm herself down after her outburst.

Angel, who has been quiet during her outburst, was stunned to hear what she thought of him. How could he have made his one true love lose her trust in him?

& lt;Maybe because shes right. After all you were the one that left her, not the other way around. >

Im sorry you think that, Buffy. You know I left-

Dont even start with that crap now, Angel! Not in my home, if you want to tell me all this self-righteous shit of yours, go tell it to someone who cares! Cause Im telling you I dont want to hear it right now, or ever! I cant take it anymore to hear everyone say its for the best! What about what I think? Do I matter so little that my opinion is not welcomed? For my whole entire life, people have always chosen what was best for me. First you, than my mother, Willow, Giles, Xander, even Spike! What about me? Im standing right here! Does anyone bother to ask me what I think about their decisions for my life? NO! They just go ahead and do it. Buffy took another deep breath to calm her breathing down a little, but she collapsed in a fit of tears. Bringing her hands up to cover her face; she slid down on the ground, and cried.

Angel feeling guilty than ever before, he couldnt move while she was screaming. That is until he saw Buffy start to cry. Angel moved to comfort her. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered soothing words into her ear.

She cried until she had no tears left. Buffy pulled away and stood up. She wiped her face and left the room. Buffy grabbed some blankets and pillows from a closet in the hallway and went to one of the guestrooms to sleep. Buffy chose the room that was closer towards her daughters room, which was also the farthest from her bedroom where Angel was.

She lay down on the bed and pulled the blankets up to her chin. There she cried silently. Eventually she fell asleep.

Back inside the room where Angel was, Angel was pacing the room. He didnt go after her because he thought that Buffy needed some time to calm down, she probably wanted to go to sleep too. After a while, Angel laid down on the bed, fingers clasped behind his head. Only then did he let his tears fall. Angel fell asleep the same moment that Buffy had fallen asleep.
Part 4

In the morning, Buffy woke up around 5 AM to cook breakfast for Jaide and herself. Since she didnt know what Angel ate, she went out to the butchers shop and bought some blood for him.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking her coffee while reading the morning paper. After a while of reading the morning papers, she got bored. Buffy folded the paper up and left it on the table. She stood up and moved towards the sink, placing her now empty cup inside the sink and letting it soak in water.

Buffy made her way upstairs and went down the hall towards her room, where she knew Angel was also sleeping. She needed to get her clothes for work and take a shower.

When Buffy reached her room, she took a deep breath and opened the door. She gasped as she saw that Angel was staring at her face intently. She could feel her face get a little pink.

Good morning. How was your sleep? Buffy asked.

Fine. Yours? Angel replied.

Everything was dandy as always. Buffy replied.

& lt;Yeah right. You could hardly sleep last night, dreaming about him all night. >

Is there anything you need me to do for you? Angel asked.

No. Im just here to get my clothes for work. Which is over there, in the bureau and all that I have to do now is to walk over there. Buffy babbled.

Angel looked at Buffy, smiling when he saw her start to babble.

& lt;God, shes so cute when she babbles. >

What are you smiling at? Buffy asked when she saw Angel smile.

Nothing. Angel replied, adapting to an innocent face.

Buffy laughed when she saw what he was attempting to do. She walked over to her bureau and grabbed an underwear and a bra. She walked over to her closet and grabbed a blood red tube top and black skirt.

Buffy made her way back across the bedroom and when she reached the door Angel called her.


Buffy turned around to face Angel.

Yea? Buffy replied.

I-I-Im sorry for last night. I...It was out of line and Im sorry. Angel said.

Its not your fault Angel. It was mine, I shouldnt have yelled at you like that. Buffy said.

Its not your fault, Buffy. I shouldnt have asked anything. I- Angel was cut off by Buffy.

No. You had the right to ask questions. I just couldnt handle it the correct way that a mature adult would have.

Buffy dont blame yourself for this. Angel said, So, wheres Jaide? Angel asked to change the subject.

Shes sleeping right now. Buffy replied.

Can I see her? Angel asked her with a hint of hope in his voice.

Sure. Follow me. With that she left the room and made her way towards Jaides bedroom with Angel at her heels.

Angel and Buffy entered Jaides room and Buffy went over to Jaides bed and sat at the end of it. Angel grabbed a chair and pulled it up against the bed.

Shes beautiful. Angel remarked.

I know. Im sorry I didnt tell you about her. I thought that if I didnt tell you that you wouldnt know and it wouldnt hurt you as much. Guess I was wrong. Buffy said.

I wish that you had told me about her and let me decide on what I would have done, but Im not mad at you. Besides, we all have our own secrets to keep, yours was Jaide. Angel said.

Do you have a secret that you want to tell me about? I mean, you dont have to tell me if you dont want to, but...you know tell me if you feel like it. Buffy replied hesitantly.

Actually, I do have something to tell you. I was suppose to tell you last night, but of what happened last night, I didnt have a chance. Now that I do have a chance to talk... Angel paused, unsure of how he should continue.

Well, go ahead. Buffy pushed Angel to talk.

Maybe we should go downstairs. Angel said.

Okay. To downstairs we go then. Buffy replied.

Part 5

Buffy and Angel made their way downstairs and towards the living room.

Okay. Talk. Buffy said after they got settled on the couch, both at opposite ends.

Angel sat there quietly for a few more seconds before he took a deep breath and began talking.

Buffy, I have to tell you something. Will you promise me that you wont interrupt me until Im finished?

Yeah, of course. Buffy said. She could feel the dread start to build up at the way he said it.

Okay, here goes. Angel said as he took another deep breath.

Buffy, theres been something that Ive been keeping from you for a while now and I want to start off again with a clean record. I...Ive been half-human for several months now. Buffy, you said you wouldnt cut in. Angel said when he saw Buffy open her mouth to talk.

Buffy shut her mouth close with an audible click. Forming her lips into a thin line.

When I say that Im half-human, I mean that I have all the human characteristics except I was able to retain my vampire strength and healing abilities. I was also able to keep some of my vampire traits like the urge for blood, only this time not as strong as before. Buffy do you wanna say something? Angel asked.

How did this happen? Buffy asked after a few seconds.

The Oracles decided that Ive done my job and decided to grant me my...well you could say prize for protecting the innocents and my unselfish act when I asked them to turn me back into a vampire five years ago. They didnt turn me back all the way because they still needed a warrior to protect the earth. Angel answered Buffys question.

Does that mean that the curse is gone too? Buffy asked hesitantly.

There is no curse, which means Im able to get as happy as I want. Angel responded.

Buffy felt the tears well up and she went over to Angels end of the couch and hugged him.

Im so happy for you. Buffy replied. With that, Buffy left the room and went back upstairs.

Angel, confused at her departure, sat on the couch, as he wondered why she didnt seem to be too happy with the news. Angel moved to follow her upstairs and went towards her bedroom, not finding her there, he searched to all the other bedrooms. Still not finding her, Angel went to the bathroom to find the door locked. Angel knocked on the door.

Buffy? Are you alright? Angel asked.

Getting no reply from Buffy, Angel began to get worried.

Buffy? Are you in there?

Yea. Im fine.

Finally hearing a shaky reply from Buffy within the bathroom, Angel began to calm a little. But he could hear the tears in her voice.

Are you sure? Do you want me to go in there? Angel asked.

No, Im fine. Buffy said, still a little bit shaky.

Okay, if you need me, Ill be in the other room. Angel said, after not getting a respond, he left and went downstairs towards the living room.

Part 6

Buffy sat on the bathroom seat and started to cry again. She didnt know exactly why she was crying. She was crying both happy and sad tears. Happy tears for Angel and sad tears because now Angel can be with anyone he wants to be and not lose his soul. It was silly of her to think that Angel would want to stay with her after what she did to him over the past few years.

She didnt want to think that Angel didnt want her, but she couldnt help it. 

Her love for Angel was so strong that she would let him go if it means that hed be happier with another person, even if it tears her heart apart in the process.

& lt;He doesnt want to me. Hed be just wasting his life with me. I was a fool to think that hed want to spend his life with me. >

With that thought firmly placed inside her mind, Buffy stood up and turned on the shower.

& lt;I still need to go to work anyways. >

Part 7

Angel sat on the couch, his elbows on his knees while his hands cradled his head. He ran his fingers through his hair as he thought of Buffy.

Buffy was the most confusing women he had ever met and still he loved her more than ever because she was always full of surprises.

Angel heard the shower starting and wondered if he was welcomed in there. He didnt want to risk the chance.

He waited until Buffy was done with the shower before he went upstairs. When Angel reached the top of the stairs, Angel made his way towards the bathroom and knocked on the door.

Buffy? Are you alright in there? Angel asked.

Yeah. Im fine. Buffy said, her voice muffled.

Inside the bathroom, Buffy wrapped the towel around herself and went towards the bathroom mirror. She used a towel to wipe off all the steam that was caught in the mirror. Sitting on a vanity, Buffy applied her make-up and put on her black push-up bra and matching undies as well. She put on her blood red tube top and black skirt on and sat down on the vanity again to do her hair. Buffy made a twist in her hair and clipped it up with a black clip. She then made her way towards the bathroom door and opened the door.

She gasped when she saw Angel staring right at her.

Angel! Dont you ever do that again! Buffy mock scolded him, You scared me!

Im sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were alright thats all. Angel replied.

Im fine. Honestly. You dont mind watching Jaide today, do you? Unless you have something else to do, which is fine with me and I could call Will-

Sure. Ill watch her. Just tell what to do and Ill do it.

Youre sure? I could get Will-

Yes, Im sure. Where do you have to go? Angel asked as he moved closer to Buffy, taking slow steps smirking when she took the same amount of steps back to keep the distance the same, until he backed her up against the wall. Angel pressed himself against Buffys body, putting his hands on either side of her head so that she couldnt get away.

I...have...to go...to...work. Buffy said as she watched him take steps towards her. She took steps backwards until her back came against the wall and Angel trapped her with his body.

Angel, what are you doing? Buffy asked.

Nothing. Angel said as he tried to take up an innocent face.

Yet. Angel added as he tilted his face towards Buffy. His lips centimeters from Buffys, waiting to see if she wanted this. He saw no sign that she was going to stop him. He moved his lips a little closer until their lips met in a passionate kiss.

The kiss was filled with promises of a new life together and many new adventures to behold. Whatever it was, it would be dealt with together.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Angels neck as she deepened the kiss. Angel kissed her until she had no breath left and had to break the kiss for air. Angel didnt stop his assault on Buffy as he kissed and nibbled Buffys jaw line and moving downwards, towards her neck. Once reaching her neck, Angel began to rain butterfly kisses on her jugular.

Angel...I have...to go...to...work. Buffy said breathlessly.

Take...the...day...off. Angel said between kisses.

"Mommy?" a little cry came behind Angel. Looking over his shoulder, she could see Jaide standing in the doorway of her bedroom. In her hand was a teddy bear which she named Bubbles.

Removing her hands from Angel's neck, Buffy went over to her daughter.

"Morning, sweetheart. How are you today?" She asked Jaide as she kneeled down to her level.

"Who's he?" Jaide asked her mother, pointing at the strange man standing over her mother's shoulder.

Glancing over her shoulder, Buffy looked at Angel. When her eyes met his, she silently asked if it was okay if he was introduced as what he was.

Seeing that he gave her his approval, she looked back at her daughter.

"This," Buffy began before stretching out her hand for Angel, "is your father, Jaide." she continued when he grabbed her hand.

"Daddy?" Jaide asked, amazed that she had a daddy. She was told that her daddy was gone and that he might never come home. She had cried over that and Buffy had to calm her down.

Suddenly, Jaide let go of his mother's hand and went over to Angel. She stood there for awhile, gazing up into her father's eyes. Seeing that he didn't mean any harm, Jaide hugged his legs.

Angel smiled when he felt small arms begin to wrap around his legs, chuckling when she wouldn't let go. He picked her up off the ground and cradled her to his chest.

Buffy smiled at the beautiful picture they both made. Father and daughter. Before she knew it, there were tears in her eyes.

Angel held out his other hand for Buffy, bringing her in for a group hug.

When Angel looked down at the bundle in his arms, he was surprised to see that his daughter was asleep. Smiling at Buffy, he leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips before pulling away and placing Jaide back into her bed so she can sleep.

Tucking her in, Angel gazed at his daughter. Buffy stood by the doorframe, looking at Jaide's peaceful features.

Turning around, Angel left the room. Closing the door gently behind him, he pulled Buffy back into the bedroom.

He urged Buffy to take the day off. Rather reluctantly, she did.

Buffy and Angel spent the whole morning in bed.