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"Damnit, nothing happened " Willow yelled
It was storming outside. Typically it rained or drizzled, in Sunnhell. But tonight it was pouring. The winds were fierce. Almost like a warning Xander thought.
I hate this town, things were bad. Hell things were always bad but now they were especially bad since Buffy had died. A pain hit his heart. I could hear Willow Yelling over the rain. She had tried calling to her god. Hell she had thrown up a snake. I had thrown up after I had seen her do that. She never mentioned anything about that. I had seen the look on Taras face and I knew that she didn't tell Tara either. She was playing with dark magic's here. She had convinced them, himself, Tara and Anya to come to Buffys grave, some stupid idea to raise the dead. Not one of them actually believed she could do it but she wasn't herself these days. She had really lost it when she had seen Buffys body at the bottom of the tower. She never cried. Not one single tear. She just simply walked over to the body and said, this is not the end.
She had done all the planning. She ordered the Coffin. She said Buffy would not have liked a white or pink coffin silk lining coffin. She made sure it was red. She said Buffy loved red. She picked everything out even picked her clothes out. Dressed her in a beautiful white dress. She had cried because she said that Buffy had told her once that she would die young and never get to have a wedding. So what did willow do she went and bought her a simple white dress.
Anya could not believe that Willow was doing all this and simple asked her why the hell she was bothering. She simply stated that Buffy was better off.
Willow looked like she was about to explode.
Anya asked her why she didn't bury Buffy in black. Anya has a simple mind she said it's a funeral, people wear black.
I remember Willow simply looking at her and saying Buffy would not have wanted to be buried in BLACK she, whispered.
God she even made sure she did Buffys makeup.
Then she did what we all forgot to do she went to Angels. We were surprised to see that Angel was not with her. She looked at us and said he wasn't coming. That's when I asked did he stake himself?  No she said quietly he left to go to a monastery. I don't think he could handle the funeral. It was probably for the best I thought. Other than that I never asked any questions. I personally hated the guy. It wasn't that he got the girl. I realized that I was never really in love with Buffy. It was that he broke her heart more times than I can count. She was my bestfriend. Personally I wanted to stake the bastard.
That was 3 months ago and Willow had never shed a tear and I had seen her for maybe 5 minutes in that entire 3 month time period. She never answered the phone and ever time I had come to see her she was never home. When I finally got an answer from Tara, she mentioned something about a spell. She told me to dismiss it. Willow was hurting she said. It gave her the opportunity to try to find a way to heal she said.
So here we are standing here in the middle of a graveyard. Standing over the grave of our dearest friend who died to save our lives. To save her sisters life. And I also know she took that leap because she was tired of being the slayer, who wouldn't be. I see my bestfriend since I was a toddler about to crack.
"OH... OH ...GOD...GOD.....NO" she started to sob.
I start to walk over to her
Tara has her arm on her and whispers to her and looks up at me, its time she thought. It's time to heal.
I walk over to Willow
"OH god Xander, The spell I thought it would work", she cried. "I worked so hard on it and I thought I could bring her back".
I just hug her. I really have no clue what to tell her. I think its kinda selfish myself to think someone should try to bring someone back from the great beyond. I can't tell her that. But hell I'm selfish myself; didn't I tell Buffy to kick Angels Ass? And don't I want her back myself?
"Willow, I know you wanted it to work, I whisper". I wanted it to work, just as bad..
By this time I'm crying as hard as she is. I look around and notice that Tara and Anya are crying also. My Anya is crying impossible I think. Has to be this rain drops from the storm.
"Oh god Xander, I'm horrible I can't believe I just tried to bring Buffy from the dead" she sobbed.
"Yes you are" said a very British voice.
"Spike" I yell. I'm shock. I'm actually more embarrassed. We didn't invite him because we all knew he would stop us. He's standing there calmly smoking a cigarette. I wonder how much of this he has seen and overheard?
"That would be who I am" he said calmly.
But I could definitely tell that he was very well indeed pissed off.
"You want to tell me what you Wankers are doing out here in this God-awful storm", he said with a smirk.
He looked at Anya and said "now why would the Princess here be out in the Rain"?
"I'm an ex demon not a princess" she said
"Hmm ya I know, but still you don't like to get dirty remember" he smirked.
"He does have a point Anya", I told her.
She just nodded
"Now what was this about you bringing Buffy back from the dead", he asked?
Each one of them just looked to the ground. "Ummm, I was trying to bring her back", mummered Willow.
"But it didn't work she", said. Tears falling down her face.
The he punched her!!
I grabbed him and started to beat the shit out of him! "HOW DARE YOU", I WAS YELLING
"OMG", Tara yelled
"XANDER, STOP" yelled Willow
I ran over to Willow and I noticed the grown was moving under Buffys grave and that was when I saw it. Two little fingers under trying to get out. And I got why Spike was so mad. He had heard before we had that she was trapped. Shit we are so stupid I thought. She had to break out of a coffin and dig herself out!
"SHIT", I yelled
I frantically got on the ground and saw that Spike was already beside me how the hell he did that I will never know. The girls quickly joined us.
There is a hand, someone yelled. We quickly pulled her out.
Oh god she stopped breathing. CPR I thought. OK OK OK OK OK calm down. I can do this I did it before.
I tilted her head back
She gasped
I pushed her to her side
She looked up at me and said "Xander" and passed out


For a second and only a second they just all stood there. They rain was pouring down around them. The angel laying at their feet had to be a trick. The only light they actually had was a small flashlight and the occasional lightning that flashed across the sky. She was dressed in a tattered white dress and her hair was light brownish blond. To me she looked to be an Angel.
It had to be a trick Spike thought to himself. I saw her breath. That's all it took. My sweet angel. Before the others could react. I grabbed her. The smell of death was covering her. God she was dirty. She could barely breath. I'm taking her to a hospital I yelled the others.
I really didn't give a damn what they thought. They should have never have done this to her. But they did this. If I had a soul I would have lost this I thought as I ran as fast as I could down the road.
She's back, God I missed her, my slayer. Never thought I would ever miss a slayer. This one is different; she's the sun. the moon. She's life everything you ever want.
God where the hell is the God damn ER.  I never thought I would ever be taking a slayer to the damn ER. I have to smile at that. Hell I can't stop smiling at that. Damn she's back! My slayer is back. God Buffys back! Thank you GOD!!!!!  God please take care of her, Please I actually pray. Can you believe I'm praying. I can't help it. My life has been hell since she's been gone. I missed her. I wonder if I will burst into ashes. Please god if I do please let me make it to the hospital, I pray.
I finally see the sign to the hospital. Thank you I pray. Hmmm maybe there is a higher power. I always wondered.
I rush past all the ambulances. I'm surprised; they are usually always gone. Hell this is Sunnydale. People get murdered or attacked everyday.
I run in the hospital
I yell, "HELP HER"!!
I grab the nearest D.R.
"Take a seat", he says
I vamp out and growl "no I don't think so I tell him".
He freaks out and finally looks at her.
"Um certainly, dear god is that Buffy Summers"? "Follow me now". "Nurse she's Critical".
I place her on the gurney.
"Sir the nurse says you will have to stay out here, she tells me".
"If she has any family you might want to call them she's very critical. I'm so very sorry."

"Oh No no no no I drop to my knees, this is not happening"!!
"If there is a god up there then you help her you understand", I know I was yelling!
I didn't care if people were staring at me or not. Didn't really give a shit.
"She went through so much". "She's back she has another chance at life". "Damnit you give it to her". "DON'T YOU LET HER DIE. TAKE ME INSTEAD". I screamed
I was crying, I couldn't believe this was happening
I knew the Gang was there because I heard Willow crying in the background.
"Please god give her a chance", whispered Willow
The entire gang basically were all thinking the same thing
Spike looked up the light was blinding. He was afraid he was going to be burned up.
I looked around the room. It looked like something a Greek God would live in. Did I drink some bad Pigs blood?
"Silly warrior, don't be afraid", said a wonderful sweet voice.
Spike looked up. I saw what looked like one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen.
"Hello warrior" she said
"Hello, who are you", I ask
"I am an Oracle, I work for the PTB", she told me "I heard your plea"
"My plea", I asked?
"Yes your prayer, to save the slayers life, not to often that a vampire without a soul will pray" she said. "I have met your grandsire, though" she told him with a smile.
That pouf, he thought
"I want to help you, but you must help me" she told him. "I want to make you a full time warrior" "Will you help me"
"I.... I am not sure what do you want of me" I told her truthfully
"We want Buffy to return, you want her to return, she is very special, she is not only a warrior but she is loved Is she not" she asked?
"Yes I smiled" what is she getting at I wondered
"Good" she smiled back, "I want you to work for us to work with Buffy from now on, I want to return your soul and I want you to work toward redemption like Angel is doing" Plus I want you to protect Buffy". " Will you do that for us", she asked?
"My soul", I stuttered? "I don't know". That was the truth
I hesitated, my soul soul, I really didn't want that back, I was the big bad after all.
"You said anything", she said and frowned, "your holding Buffy's life in your hand".
"Yes....YES   YES please bring her back", I said, wasn't that  nice of her I thought.
"Also she says as a warrior your chip will be removed, you will not be needing it, your soul will be permanent". "We will not have any worries of your demon coming back", she told me.
I nodded
"DONE, we shall meet one day again warrior", she said
With that I was back in the same position on his knees on the floor. I realized it looked like he had not even left. People were still looking at me and the Dr was still calling "CODE BLUE". I just smiled.
"Spike how can you smile", said Xander.
"It will be all right I told him" and I grinned.
"Spike Buffy is dying again" he started..
"AGHHH", I screamed
God this horrible pain started to rip right through my body. It started with my head. I grabbed my head the pressure was too much for me to stand and I started to holler. I realize that the pain is from the chip being removed.
I could hear Tara start to scream I didn't give a damn it was making the pain worse. I just started to shake. The pain started to move down to my stomach. The demon in me started to fight for control. It was losing the battle. I broke out in a sweat. I felt I like retching. I realized in that instant that I have never retched as a vampire. A very weird thing to think of while I'm in pain. I feel someone's hands on my shoulders. God I moan "stay back and leave me alone". "Please go away" Please I think. I never say please.
The shaking starts to ease and I look up and I see the gang staring at me.
"What the hell was that" whispers Willow.
"My soul", I can barely get out
"Oh my god", says Xander
"I traded it for Buffys life" I whisper
Then it hit me.
The memories
The death
How I got the nick name
Hell I used Spikes
The slayers
The babies, the toddlers, the children, the rapes
I didn't care
Oh god!!
I cant stop shaking I'm crying so hard I cant help it.
"Is he ok", I hear someone ask.
"Yes he is, he just got some bad news", says Xander.
Willow comes up to me and puts her arms around me come on Spike" lets go home", she tells me.
"No I try to tell her why I'm crying. I'm staying to see how Buffy is doing", I cry.
I try to get away from her.
"You should stay away from me. How can you be around me I'm a horrible horrible person", I whisper?
She looks at me.
She just smiles at me, "its ok Spike. I actually like you" she whispers, "so does xander"
"Do me a favor and don't call me Spike call me Will" I tell her.
Tears start to form again as I think about the people I have killed.
She wraps her arms around me, come here she tells me. I need comfort. I can't help it.

About 3 hrs later we are all sitting around the lobby. I'm still shaking and occasionally a tear comes down my face. It's going to be a long road ahead of me. I now know how Angel feels. I do know that there is one thing that I don't want to do and that is that I don't want to talk to Angel. I still can't stand him. I hate him even more with a soul than I did without him. My demon actually liked him.  I do know that I'm going to have to get new clothes. I have to grin at that thought. I look around the room. Most of the gang is asleep, but Willow who is just looking at me.
"What I ask"?
"You need new clothes", she said with a small grin.
I grin right back, "thanks I was thinking the same thing".
"Do you think I did the right thing by bringing her back she asked me"?
I just looked at her for a few minutes. She was looking at me like a lost child, honestly I wasn't sure.
"Willow, I don't know I don't even know who I am at this moment"." The old Spike said yes and I got my soul back for it because I prayed for her to live". She was very important to him and she's very important to me", I admitted. 
"Lets see what Buffy has to say about it ok", I told her, she just nodded
"Excuse me", said what looked like a DR. "Are any of you relatives of a Buffy Summers"?
I jumped up and said "I'm sorry but she doesn't have any family".
"Oh I'm sorry to hear that", he said.
"How is she I asked"?
He smiled, "she's stable and we moved her to room 134 down the hall", he told us
"Can we see her", I asked.
"Well I'm sorry but visiting hours are over and she is still asleep", the DR said.
"I do understand", I told him.  I was very upset and I was almost about to cry. Tonight was a traumatic event for me.
The DR looked me over and took my appearance to mean more and said "Young man, you seem to really care for the young lady, I think we can at least place a cot in the room".
I jumped at that. "Thank you so much". I followed him
I looked at Willow and she said "call and keep us informed we will come see you in the morning".
I just nodded
"Good night Willow" I told her.
She came up and hugged me
"Good night" William she said.
She turned and woke the gang up I turned and followed the Dr. to room 134.
I walked in the room it just freaked me out. She was so pale. The only wire she had was an I.V. In her am. She was sound asleep. Death was still all around her. I looked at her and I felt a pang go through my undead heart. They should have never done this to her. I brushed her hair back from her head. Buffy I told her, as long as I live my undead life I will never let anything happen to you ever again. Something tells me that you and me have a long road ahead of us Pet. I just couldn't let go of Buffys hand. I plan on being here as soon as she opens her eyes.
I couldn't help myself though. I started to drift to sleep. "Tonight had been one hell of a night, Pet", I whispered. "Hey pet, can you sing" I asked her?
Same night LA
"Angel I really don't see why we can't redecorate this place" complained Cordelia.
"Because I like it, I said for the 100th time". "Really she was getting on my nerves". "Cordy can you please just drop the subject". "It's a hotel, Cordy", I told her.
Hell it's a very old hotel. Looked just the same as it did when I was here in
"Yes Angel but it's also our office if you haven't forgotten that", she said saucily.
I just groaned. "All right Cordy, what do you want to do", I asked her.
She smiled this brilliant smile, I couldn't help but smile she reminded me of my sister sometimes. I caved in.
"Well she said I want to do this to the front but before she could actually talk she was interrupted by "ANGEL OHHHH DEAR", Wesley Yelled from his Office
"DAMNIT", both Cordy and I said at the same time
Of course it was for different reasons I assure you.
She was finally getting her way and Wesley interrupted and usually when Wes said that phrase that meant something horrible was about to happen.. And at the moment he was translating some scroll I found while I was in the mountains at that damn demon monastery. I don't even want to think about why I was actually there.
Wes opened his office door with a crash, "Angel, Oh dear "he muttered. He walked over to the counter. He looked up "well come here" he said impatiently. "You too Cordy".
"Do I really have to she said". "I really don't like it when you say things like "oh Dear" and next you will be cleaning your glasses".
As soon as she said that he took off his glasses and started cleaning them.
We both smirked
"I'm sorry what did you say", He said not even looking up.
We both lost our smirks, must be bad because even Wes has a sense of humor these days.
"Angel where is Gunn" he asked.
"Umm I think he is out with Fred to a Movie" I told him
Hmm was all he said.
Personally I thought it was great. Since we had come back from Pylea she had followed me around like a puppy it was obvious. She wasn't my beloved ............ Cordy says to talk to her but what the hell I WONT. I'm chicken shit.
I could see Cordelia looking at me with that look. That look was saying I know what you're thinking.
I think that Cordelia has been around me too long.
Opps, I realize that Wesley has been talking, I sigh and I ask him to repeat what he was saying
He gives me this look and tells me Angel this is very important that I should pay attention.
I hear Cordelia snicker.
I mutter Queen C
She stops snickering and gives me a drop-dead look and snickers more and mouths opps your already dead.

Anyway I was translating these scrolls, Wes tells us, and what I can get so far is this and I found is very very interesting angel and I think you will too
This Scroll that you found Angel is called the Twilight Scroll. It's a very ancient scroll. You said the monks had this, he asked?
I just nodded.
Well apparently this is about 2,250 years old, he said, but this is what I translated so far.....
  One will be born
  Bye two undead
  One angelic
  Two will nurse
  One will be the chosen to nurse the blood
For awhile no one said a word. Not a damn word. I really hate these damn things. The angelic thing gets me and I'm sure it gets everyone. We usually know who the Angelic person is.

"What does it mean Wes" I whisper.
"I'm not sure, He says" He's looking at me, intently.
"It almost sounds like there a birth of some kind coming" Wes told me "I really don't have a clue, um I have to check my books" and he headed towards his office.
"Ewwww and What the hell did you do" said Cordy?
"What now I didn't do anything"I tell her!
She looks at me. "Blah whatever" and with a wave of her hand she said she was heading home.
She turns. Vision she "Yells".
I'm quick enough to catch her.
What the hell I think. All I see is blackness, there is nothing but blackness, I gasp I cant breath, god I cant breath, I try to move, I cant sit up. Oh shit. I put my hands up and I feel what feels like satin? I can almost make out two hands and see a pair of rings. The rings are beautiful. Only I would think of that why I'm panicking. I start to kick and claw is this wood? Am in a coffin? I still cant breath. I'm still kicking the wood. I try to yell. My lungs are hurting. I'm thrashing all over the place. I'm frantic. Oh god someone help me. I finally hear the wood break and I start to kick harder till it gives more and I wiggle out. I'm crying harder now. My lungs have been deprived of oxygen now. Omg is this dirt. I start to claw at the dirt until I get tow little fingers and I feel hands. I finally feel hands and then I say a name.
Cordy I feel someone shaking me
"Cordy Cordy, Come out of it, you're scaring me", Angel said

I hear more yelling, but that's not my name I'm hearing. Whose name is that? It's on the tip of my tongue. Damnit who the hell was that?
I look up and see Wes and Angel looking very pale and very scared. I know they are freaked. Hell I have never been more scared in my entire life. Never have I ever had a vision like this.
"Breathe Cordy now", I hear Wes say.
I take a huge breath in, I start hyperventilating. "Omg" I whisper.
Angel picked her up and placed her on the couch. He was freaked Cordy was shaking and extremely pale. But the thing was. He had never seen her act out a vision. And now she was pale as a ghost. He was scared for his friend.
"Wesley aspirin", I whisper please god I need aspirin.
"Cordy what the hell happened". Angel asked her
"Angel I need aspirin", I tell him. "Its coming" he told her
Wesley comes back with a glass of water and I gulp down about 6 aspirins. I really didn't care I was in so much pain. God what the hell was that. I have never had a vision like that before. That scared the shit out of me. I start to calm down. I'm trying to concentrate on the name the girl had whispered and it's just not clear. The girl was pretty out of it herself by the time she got out.
Angel kneeled down in front of me and said "Cord please take your time but tell me what happened". "Something just happened here that just scared the shit out of us". "It looked like you just had a seizure"?
"Did you" he asked?
"No" I whispered."I had a vision".
"That was no vision" said Wes
"Yes" I whispered that was a vision and it had scared me pretty bad/
"Oh my god, Angel, it was like no vision I have ever had". "I became that person I became her". My voice had become so small by this time.  "It ... It was so dark there. I didn't know where I was". "I couldn't breath. I mean she couldn't breath she tried to sit up and she couldn't. She couldn't move. The smell was horrible.  That's what I figured it out she was in a coffin".
I watched as the guys winced.
"Wait she was buried alive", Wes whispered?
"I guess", I told them
"The girl was deprived of oxygen and she finally got out she's strong. And then she had to dig her way out of dirt. But there were people waiting for her at the top", I told them
"Why would there be people waiting for her", asked Angel?
I just shrugged
"Why would the PTB send Cordy this kind of vision" asked Wes? "This has to be important" he said.
"All I know is that she was scared" I told them "I was scared" I said with a shiver.
"Wait how do you know it was a girl" Angel asked.
"I was in her mind that was the thing. I have never been in anyone's mind before. But when she was punching I saw her hands she had on rings. They were so pretty. Defiantly a girl" I told them.
Angel chuckled "only you would remember seeing a ring during a vision" he told me.
"Well I couldn't help it. She was banging on the coffin. The rings were so pretty. I think it was silver. It was familiar but I can't place it" I told him getting defensive.
"I think that we really need to find this Woman Angel I think that it's important, the PTB sent this weird vision" I told them.
"I think maybe you are right Cordy". "Why don't you go home and get some sleep"
Fred and Gunn walked in the front door. "Hey why all the sad faces" said Gunn grinning from ear to ear.
We just looked at Cordy who just shook her head no, they didn't need to worry about her vision."Dude you should have seen the movie," Shrek was cool", Gunn told them and continued to babble about the movie and Eddie and a donkey.
No one noticed the front door had opened
"Hello" said a very tiny voice at the door!

"Hi, can we help you" asked Fred
"I thought I told you never to come here again" I snarled. I had already vamped out. I didn't need to look up I knew who was at the door.
"Alrighty, I guess not said", Gunn completely confused
"You are not invited here, Now leave" I said in a low voice.
I looked at Wesley who had grabbed a crossbow. He had this odd expression on his face.
"Um Angel maybe you should talk to her" he whispered to me.
"Angelus I..."
"Don't you DARE", I roared and I turned to face her.
And I froze. Was this Darla? She was leaning against the door like it was holding her up. She looked Horrible. Her hair was just clinging and it looked greasy. I know she's a vampire but she was so pale she looked like she was a ghost. You could almost see right through her. Her eyes had always been a vibrant ice cold blue. She was skin and bones. When was the last time she ate? Darla had always made it a point to make sure she was in fashion and she was dressed in sweat pants and a T-shirt and an oversized jacket.
Wesley and Cordy were looking at her with a mixture of interest and fear.
Gunn and Fred were just trying to figure out what was going on.
"Darla" I said hesitantly, "what happened to you"?
She looked at me, and she gave me a small smile and said. "Can I come in"?" I won't hurt your human friends"." Besides look at the shape I'm in". She paused.  "If I tried anything you could take me out she told me".
She had a point.
By now the others had figured out she was a vampire. I saw Gunn grab a stake. Cordy just ducked behind me. She knew Darla and she knew that Darla was strong. Wes still had the crossbow aimed at Darla's heart.
I nodded and invited her in. "Come in Darla"
We had done a deinvitation spell from the last time she was here..
She said "thank you".
Darla said thank you I wondered?
As she started to walk in she didn't seem to have enough energy to walk in. She looked like she was about to faint. She started to stumble.  As she fell, Gunn thought she looked so tiny and helpless, and he couldn't help himself. He reached out to stop her from falling.
I was "yelling at him to let her fall". "You don't know what she's capable of", I yelled. I rushed over to where he was holding her and I actually heard her say, thank you.
"I'm so sorry", she said.
"Please let me help you up", Gunn told her.
"No you don't understand she's evil; she's the nastiest bitch there is" I told him.
He just gave me a look and picked her up and took her to the couch.
Fred came rushing over and asked her if she needed anything.
"No thank you", she said shyly.
DARLA, SHY???? What the hell??? I pushed Gunn and Fred away from Darla. "Get away from her"
"You don't have a clue who she is". I look over at Wes and I'm glad to see he still has that damn cross bow still aimed at her heart glad to know someone still has some sense, Cordy is standing behind him now.
"Stop this now Darla, stop playing the innocent we know that you will never play that part again", I growl. I'm still in my vamp face. "I want to know why the hell you are here", I demand.
Then she looks up at me.............. The world stops for a few seconds.
Her eyes are not as cold as I remember, and I see what other people must see in my eyes. Buffy once told me that sometimes she could see the pain and suffering that bare on my shoulders in my eyes. Well for once I can see it in someone else.
"Dear God , you have a soul", I questioned?
"Yes" she whispers
I come closer and kneel down in front of her and ask "how did this happen"?
She looks at me and she says, "honestly I really don't know but I got it about 8 months ago".
"8 months ago", I ask?
"Yes" you remember don't you Angel. I flinch I remember.
"8 months ago I tried to take your soul and 8 months ago I received my soul she told me".
"Interesting" Wesley said.
"HOLD up, you told me you never slept with her You tried to lose your soul", Cordy Yelled! "How could you do this to me", she demanded?
"What I don't remember doing anything to you Cordelia", I tell her confused.
"Well lets see here mister", you could see the misery in her eyes, "as soon as you lost your soul you would have killed me in a heart beat", she said.
I didn't even say anything she was right. I would have murdered them all. I didn't even realize that. I look around the room and I see it in there eyes they all realize this. All except Fred who has no idea what's going on.
"I..I.. I'm sorry". I stutter.
"Screw you", she yells and walks over to Darla and sits down.
"Well Darla looks like me and you are having one hell of a night", she tells her.
Darla gives her a bitter smile, "yes but it gets better"
Hmm really Cordy snickers, oh please oh Queen Darla tell us
Darla may have her soul but she hates Cordy on site.
"Well I received my soul 8 months ago, but I also received one other thing as well". "Surprise Angelus your going to be a Father", she said with a huge grin
"Well that's a shocker", said, Cordy.
"Well I think we can figure out the part about the one will be born from two undead", muttered Wesley. "I guess I will work on translating the other part of the scroll".
"Umm actually this may be even more of a shocker" said Darla in a small voice, "the baby has a heartbeat".
Not a single sound was heard in the hotel.
La county Jail
She was gasping for air. Her lungs were aching for precious air.
She clutched her throat.
She had tears streaming down her face and she finally screamed.
She realized she couldn't move. She started kicking and clawing! Finally she screamed!
"Williams keep it down in there" a guard called out.
Faith woke up with a start. Holy shit she thought. What the hell was that? I have never had a dream like that before. What was that? Scared the shit out of me, she thought as she panted. I think I may need to see a nurse. "I can barely breath", I pant

As I sit up, I drag my hands through my hair and I notice blood all over my hands.
"What the" ..... I whisper.
I take a closer look. I'm getting freaked out. I haven't been in a fight in a long time. But my hands look like I have just been in one hell of a fight. My knuckles are bloody and bruised.
Huh I think? I have been here the entire time. I look around the room and giggle to myself and think maybe it was aliens. I'm going crazy I have to try to think of something happier.
I turn and look behind me on the wall and I see scratches.
Oh dear god, I whisper and grow pale. I see blood flowing down the wall. I place my hand where the marks are and it's a perfect match. It was my hand that made the marks.
I did this? I instantly throw up.
I crawl back to my bunk and shutter and start to cry.
Angel, I need to call him

Hyperion Hotel:
"What the hell did you do", whispered Cordy?
"There is no way in hell", I tell them. "I'm a vampire people, I shoot blanks".
I can remember telling Buffy that I could never have children and seeing the look on her face. If only I thought. If only this was her child.
"He's right" Wesley says.
Thank god someone is thinking straight I growl.
"But Angel there is that Prophecy and your name was mentioned and you know the two undead and one will be born. Hello proof standing right here", sneered Cordy
"Right Angel, your shooting blanks and I defiantly don't have eggs", sneered Darla.
Look she said.
She lifted up her baggy sweatshirt up to her breast and pulled down her sweat pants slightly under her belly and we could still see she was skinny but there it was. It was obviously she was defiantly pregnant.
"Holy shit", Wesley said
"Wesley", said a shocked Cordy. Wesley never swore.
"Oh wow" said Gunn
I backed up.
Darla advanced.
"What you're going to just run away. You have something here you never thought you would ever have Angel. You have a child. Hell you have a human child", she whispered.
I pointed to her stomach  "that is not possible" I tell her.
"I know its not possible but it is, she said and now I have a precious gift and and I have a second chance. No, we my dear boy have a second chance", she told him.
I walked slowly towards her this was not possible. I had always wanted a child. My demon had even wanted a child. Always possessive. As I got closer I could hear the heartbeat and I was thrilled. A human child?
"How" I whispered. "How is this possible"? "Wesley, you have to get your books".
"Angel", Darla whispered. "There is something wrong with me. I'm hungry really hungry".
I looked at her she did look really pale. She was skin and bones. She only looked like she was about 5 months pregnant at the most.
"I will get you something to eat", I told her.
As I walked into the kitchen I felt someone following me.
"Angel I think that there is something seriously wrong with Darla. She looks to be about 5 months pregnant but shes claiming to be 8 months pregnant" Wesley said.
" I know but the heartbeat I heard was extremely strong Wesley", maybe we should keep an eye on her", I said
"Angel about the scrolls they mentioned a few other things that I need to research, but I think we should keep them a secret from Darla at the moment", he said.
"I agree"
Before we could walk back into the room I heard a scream.
I dropped the mugs and ran back into the room.
What I saw made my blood run cold.
"Dear god", says Wesley.
"More like Fuck is the word I was thinking about". 
Looking around the room I see Gunn is standing about 5 feet from Darla with a crossbow in his hands. His hands are shaking but the bow is aimed directly at her heart.
Directly behind him is Cordelia whose hand was covered with blood. The blood wasn't her blood. The blood was Fred's Cordy had her hand to Fred's neck. Darla had bitten Fred.
"Bitch", Cordy Yelled.
"Im sorry, im so so sorry", sobbed Darla.
I finally looked at her to see she was standing there. She wasn't running she wasn't standing in the corner. She looked like she was hoping that Gunn would fire that crossbow.
She was shaking. She was pale and she was covered with blood. That was weird. Most vampires try not to make a mess. Darla had pushed Fred away and the blood had splattered on her.
"What the hell happened" I snapped?
"Your whore decided to snack on Fred and now she's going to die", snapped Gunn.
"So you're going to kill a human child", I asked him? "Just lower the cross bow".
"Hey we have no clue if that thing is human just because it has a heartbeat, there is no telling who shes been screwing", said Cordy.
Hmm that's true I thought
"No way, she's fast" he said.
"Ill take care of her".
"No Angel", Darla said. "I can't be trusted".
I looked at her. "Im hungry im really hungry. Animal blood isn't working. I've tried it. I can't be around humans. I have been stealing from blood banks", she admitted.
"How could you do that, Cordy said"?
"That's for sick humans", said Gunn.
"Look", Darla snapped, "I don't care who you are but at this moment im hungry. I have a craving for blood and I can't seem to get enough of it. I don't know why. This child is human and im nourishing is so I am doing what any mother would do. Im not human, give me a break".
"You people need to leav"e. And to make her point she licked her lips. "Guys I think you need to leave", i said. I saw the expressions on my friend's faces and I knew that I made some enemies this night. I had just gotten over the other episode and now this. Will it ever end?
"Guys just trust me, please", I begged!
Gunn snorted
Fred, just looked to the floor where her blood was dripping
"You didn't even bother to ask if Fred was ok", Cordy said.
Damnit he was always in shit with Cordy.
"Fred are you ok"?
She just looked at him with those big puppy eyes and said "yes, Darla tried to bite her but she backed off when she realized what she was doing". "Angel there is something wrong with her".
"Goodnight Angel, you disappoint me", Cordelia whispered. She walked out the door with Fred who had said she was not spending a night in this hotel with Darla.
That really hurt.
"Who could blame the girl", muttered Gunn. "Who would want to live with two Killers", said Gunn pointing the cross bow at both of us.
Ouch, he hates me and he always will
They all said their good nights except Wesley who had locked himself in his office to translate more of the scrolls.
"Come on Darla and ill get you a room", I told her.
"Im not sharing a room with you", she asked?
Um no I said ive gotten use to sleeping alone I told he"r. She pouted and I thought about caving in but Buffys face popped up and I just cant not right now I thought.

I placed Darla in her bed and she basically passed out. I took this opportunity to place my hand on her belly and I felt the baby. My baby kick. I grinned. I have a child. I couldn't believe this. How was this possible? I knelt down to hear the heart beat. I wanted to hear it. I whispered to him or her. That I promised that no harm would ever come to it. I would make it proud. I would be a good Father. For a minute I wanted to kiss Darla's belly and then I realized it wasn't Buffy's. My sweet beloved. If only it were you. In a way im glad you're not here to see this. It would hurt you deeply, I think. I feel tears start to fall. I walk out of the room and shut the door.
Darla opens her eyes. She places her hand on her belly and feels the tears. She grins, and whispers to the baby, daddy will be with us soon, I promise. Her plan was working wonderfully.
Beep Beep Beep
God what was that noise. It's so loud. My head feels like its about to split in two!
Groaning I slowly open my eyes and quickly shut them. Stupid idea Buffy. Bright light!!
"Damnit", I mutter. My eyes feel super sensitive.  Why are my eyes sensitive to light?
I slowly open one eye at a time and let each one adjust to the light.
A pair of sunglasses would be wonderful. I look around the room and realize with a start that im in a hospital room.
Now why am in the hospital? Did I get hurt? I remember Glory, but I don't remember getting hurt? Dawn I think with a panic?
I start to get up but I feel something holding my hand. I look down to see a familiar blond head. Now why is he here holding my hand?
"Hey" I whisper.
I got absolutely no response.
I try again this time louder.
Didn't work. I giggle it was like trying to wake the dead.
Hehehe I couldn't help it I saw a cup of ice at the side of my bed so...... I reached over and grabbed it. A few minutes later Spike looked like he was doing the Snoopy dance.
Good morning I said cheerfully.
I expected him to give me a nasty retort or the finger or something but instead he reached over and gave me a hug. I was to shocked to do anything.
"Umm hello to you too", I said.
He just grinned. This was just wigging me out. Maybe I was in a coma or on some really good drugs.
"Spike, how did the battle go"? "Did we win"? "How is Dawn, is everyone ok", I asked in a hurry.
"What is wrong with me I feel fine except for the scratches on my hand. How did I get these and I feel like im out of breath". "Why am I here"? "Why are you here"?
He just looked at me with a sad expression. Spike and sad expressions?
That mad me uneasy.
He came and sat down on the bed that made me even more uneasy.
"Buffy, how much do you remember", he started.
"Buffster", greeted Xander, and the next thing I knew I surrounded by Xander and Willow, Tara and Anya.
"Hey guys" I greeted.
Willow just stood there in the corner looking shy and pale. She was shaking and crying.
Something was very wrong here.
"Tell me" I demanded. What the hell is going on? I started to get up and Spike pushed me back. I pushed as hard as I could back and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back.
How how could he do that his chip should have gone off? I looked up at him.
"Spike" I whispered.
"Call me Will" he said and I looked in to the bluest eyes that I have ever seen. I have a soul he whispered.
"How" I ask?
"It's a long story and ill tell you later" he tells me.
Ok I nod
I sat up.
"Buffy the date is August 28,2001" he whispered.
3 months I think. Huh that cant be right.
"What I said, how can that be"? "Did I get hurt or something"?
"No he said you took Dawns place it was too late, you" ... he trailed off.
"I remember I took her place, I jumped" I whispered.
"Then what am I doing here" I asked.
I heard a hiccup in the corner. The witch.
Pure raw pain shoots threw me I just want to hit something or someone.
"You didn't" I asked.
" Im.. Im im sorry Buffy I didn't think it would actually work. I missed you so much that I threw all my energy into finding something. I convinced the others to come out to the graveyard with me last night".
She was crying hysterically and Tara put her arm on her shoulders.
"Oh Buffy im sorry I really am I didn't think it would work".
I just looked at her.
"How could you" I whispered. "You brought me back to this hell"? "Does this mean im the slayer again"?
I can't be with my Angel this time either so nothing has changed. So basically hell.
I watched as Willow fell to her knees. Im sorry she sobbed.
I  didn't bother to get up and go to her but I did ask her to promise me that if I die again to not bring me back with a small grin. It was all I could conjure up. It was either that or kill her.
"Where is Dawn", I asked?
There was a long silence?
"Um guys, Dawn, Giles Are they at home"?
"Oh no" said Anya, Shhh said Xander trying to shut her up.
"Shut up Anya" , said Willow.
I looked at them, "no Anya please go on". Obviously there is something that needs to be said.
"Well", she grins very happy to be in the spot light. "Xander and I are engaged". I blinked and I said "good for you what about the Dawn and Giles". "Oh" she said "Giles Left for England and your dad came and took Dawn to La and he sold your house", she said.
"What" I, yell!!
Nextday Sunnydale
I feel the tears fall down my face. Im standing in front of my old house, which has already has been sold. Well at least the new owners look nice. Who would want to live in Sunnydale anyway?
With a sigh I head off to Tara and Willow's new House. They are renting a nice little place. And when I say little I mean little. It's a one bedroom.  Guess whose sleeping on the couch? I wont be staying there very long. What am I going to do? I have no money. I have no job skills. What am I suppose to type up on my resume? Become slayer, died, came back to life, work in the initiative, initiative tried to kill me, died, and came back to life. Hmm im thinking there is a pattern here. Im pathetic.
Hey on the plus side I have clothes. Oh ya only clothes would cheer me up. Willow and Xander broke into my house before my dad sold all the items in it and boxed up the pictures and all my clothes. Woohoo for them. They actually did something right I think bitterly. The past day and half I have started to get cold. I don't know what it is but I don't really want to be around anyone. Especially Willow. I know I told her that I forgave her, I don't want to be around here. I know she knows that. It's a little awkward around at her house. Honestly I don't. I don't want to be here. I would rather be dead. I don't have anything.
The only person that im really talking to is Will. And honestly that is really strange because im use to calling him Spike and im use to him trying to kill me. It's very strange.
Why I was stuck in the hospital yesterday he brought me a vcr. Which was very nice and rented me a ton of movies. He remembered I was a movie junkie. He mentioned that I would be bored so this would keep me entertained.
Im sorry but this is just well strange. He even changed clothes. Im use to well the one outfit Spike owned. You know the one the black jeans the black shirt.
Instead he's wearing A white sweater and blue jeans and I think those are tennis shoes?
HUH im on drugs cause spikes hair is the same color of my regular hair minus the Clairol number 9. Basically sandy blond.
Spike with a soul is shy. He doesn't say too much unless he has something to say. He's still witty. But he's deeper. He actually rented Princess Bride for me? No way
"Cool" I say
"Here I think you might like this one too". "It just came out" he says.
"What this looks Corny" I tell him
"Its called Moulin Rouge"
"Isn't this chick married to Tom Cruz"?
"Nope and she's not a chick", he says
"She's not since when and you don't say chick anymore"?
"They divorced and it's not nice to say chick", he tells me
"Oh geez, pop in the movie".
I sat there for 2 hours totally enthralled.
As I watched this love scene I thought about Angel my beloved Angel. Satine and Christian having to hide their love affair. I loved it. I loved the music. I loved it. And she died and at least Christian gave a damn I thought bitterly. Ok so im bitter.
"I want this I told him".
He smirked "I figured you would". He threw a copy of the sound track at me. "There ya go", he said. I pouted "I want the movie too".
Ta da he said. a copy of the move flew at my head.
So maybe soul boy isn't that bad. I could use a good friend.
Im glad he doesn't look at me like the old Spike did. I can tell he doesn't love me like the old one did. I need a friend.
I see the lights are on at Tara's house. Im hoping Will is there I want to get in a quick patrol before we leave tonight.
I walk in I can see they are all waiting for me.
Willow quickly stops what she's doing and says , "hey how are you". She's trying to get in my good graces.
"Im ok", I tell her coolly. And I just walk by her I just cant help it. The more I see her the more I want to vomit.
"Hey" says Will, gag hes reading again. Hes reading a play he wants me to read. He says that culture will help me. Blah blah blah
"Hey you want to patrol with me", I ask?
"Don't you think it's too early", Willow says?
"Don't you think you need to mind your own business", I snap? "Isn't this why im back"?
"No ,your back because we missed you" she says and burst into tears.
"Buffy", says Will.
"Im not sorry" I tell him "I just I cant" and I walk out the door.
He follows me out "are you sure you're up for this", he asks.
I sigh "if your going to be a pain then go back" I tell him.
"Buffy stop being like this", he tells me.
Like what I ask. "Like a bitch", he says.
"Look im sorry but I just can't help it". "Look lets just patrol", I tell him.
We continue in silence.
"Slayer, an ugly vampire hissed. I heard you were back". "We thought you were dead."
"Whose we" said Buffy, completely bored.
She whipped out her stake.
"Us" said a voice behind her. Will and Buffy turned to look and their had to be about 15 vamps behind them.
"Cool" Buffy grinned,
"Cool". Will said. That's it she's gone Looney he thought.
"Hey I can handle this"."Can you let me do this all by myself" Buffy asked him?
"What are you insane", he asked. Yup she's Looney.
"I have a theory that I want to test out", she said. "Just give me a few minutes".
"Oh this is rich said a vampire". Buffy looked. "Hey are you the girl that I sat by in math, she asked"?
The vampire looked at her and laughed, "oh please you never showed up".
"Oh well" Buffy said and shoved a stake in her heart and then Buffy started singing.
(the song is from Moulin Rouge its Lady Marmalade)
Where's all mah soul sistas
Lemme hear ya'll flow sistas
Kick, jump, stab
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista
13 more to go, stab
make that 12
He met Marmalade down IN old Moulin Rouge
Struttin' her stuff on the street
She said, "Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?" Oh! uh huh
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey)
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (here)
Mocha Chocalata ya ya (oh yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
4 more to go kick hmm where is my stake haha there it is 3 more to go stab
"ya know you do have a lovely voice" said one vampire.
"Thank you" said Buffy
"Can I please live". "Hmmmmm No" said Buffy Stab 2 more

What What, What what
ooh oh
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Voulez vous coucher avec moi
yea yea yea yea
He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up
Boy drank all that Magnolia wine
All her black satin sheets, suede's, dark greens
1 more to go
"your dead slayer", he said.
"um hello", she said "look around you I just dusted all your buddies".
"They were stupid and young", he said.
"Oh your pathetic and she threw her stake". Dusted
She turned to Will and sang the rest of the song
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (da-da-da)
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (da-da-da
Mocha Choca lata ya ya (yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir, what what what)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi

yea yea uh
He come through with the money and the garter bags
I let him know we bout that cake straight up the gate uh
We independent women, some mistake us for whores
I'm sayin', why spend mine when I can spend yours
Disagree? Well that's you and I'm sorry
Imma keep playing these cats out like Atari
Wear ideal shoes get love from the dudes
4 bad ass chicks from the Moulin Rouge
hey sistas, soul sistas, betta get that dough sistas
We drink wine with diamonds in the glass
bottle case the meaning of expensive taste
if you wanna Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya
Mocha Chocalate-a what?
Real Lady Marmalade
One more time C'mon now
Marmalade... Lady Marmalade... Marmalade...
hey Hey Hey!
Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth
color of cafe au lait alright
Made the savage beast inside roar until he cried,
Now he's back home doin' 9 to 5
Sleepin' the grey flannel life
But when he turns off to sleep memories creep,
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (da daeaea yea)
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (ooh)
Mocha Choca lata ya ya (yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
She bowed and he clapped. She did have an amazing voice.
"You know pet you should really do something with that voice".
She skipped over to him like a child. "You think she said"?
"Yes. Um do you realize that you took out 15 vampires in less that 3 minutes. You took them out before the song was over", he told her.
Hmm she frowned. "Yes I know I feel stronger. Something is different".
Who knows she said and kept walking like she didn't have a care in the world. "Come on Will we need to get to LA to see Dawn".
"Hey Buff are we stopping at a certain Hotel to see a Certain vampire", he whispers?
I actually stumble. But I don't say anything instead I just keep walking to Xanders car.

2hrs away the gang was sitting at Cornelia's house. They refused to go to the hotel because of Darla. They were meeting there for a daily meeting.
"Look can we hurry this up" said an annoyed Angel, "I don't want to leave Darla alone for very long". "I locked her up".
"Did you chain her up", sneered Cordy?
"No I didn't", he said.
"You should have", look at Fred, she snapped.
Poor Fred had not said a word. She was still shaking.
"You know what Angel we don't even need you, just go back to your Whore and your precious baby", yelled Cordy.
Angel winced
He looked around the room Gunn was nodding and Wesley still had his nose in his books.
"Angel" Wesley said, never looking up "Cordelia is still upset".
"I am not", she yelled.
All of a sudden, she stumbled, "vision" she yelled. Angel went to grab her but she never fell instead she went into a fighting stance and hit him.
Huh, he thought it wasn't a powerful punch but Cordy doesn't know how to fight but she was acting out the motions perfectly.
The weirdest thing was she was singing.
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (da-da-da
"Good god",shut her up Gunn yelled
All of a sudden she fell
Wesley who was watching this with wide eye fascination grabbed her.
"What the hell was that" I asked?
Cordy came too and was shaking. "Wow" she said. "Was I singing
", she asked?
"Yes you were girlfriend and please do NOT quit your day job, you rank right up there with Angel" said Gunn.
"Hey", Angel and Cordy snapped.
"Was that from Moulin Rouge" asked Fred? That was the first time she had said anything.
"Hmmm said Wesley I think it was I actually liked it".
"You would say that I hated it". But Buffy would have loved it he thought.
"Now Cordy why the hell were you singing and you hit me", Angel asked her.
"Good" she grinned, "you deserved it".
"Actually I had another vision. I was surrounded by vampires maybe about 15 or so and the girl was singing. Hey it was the same girl from my other vision" I told them
Shit they all thought. They had all forgotten.
Ya that's what she thought.
"How do you know it was she", asked Wesley? "Oh that's easy I saw her rings again".
"Oh and this time I saw a man with her. He spoke to her he didn't mention a name but he was British".
"British you say", catching Wesley's attention. Cordy nodded "and the girl was fighting vamps" he asked her. She nodded again. "You think maybe she's a slayer in training" he asked Angel?
He looked at Wesley like he was crazy.
"Now how many slayers in training do you know who can take out 15 vampires" Angel told him?
"True" Wesley said.
Angel's cellphone started ringing.
"Hello" said Angel.
"Um is this Angel" said a small but familiar voice.
"Yes it is, is this Faith" asked Angel?
Wesley and Cordelia's heads shot up at hearing her name.
"Yes" she said.
"What do you want" growled Angel.
Taken back she started to stumble over her words.
"I I I umm ummm I have been umm having these dreams and I thought you would like to know about them" she said clearer. "Maybe you could help the person since I cant do anything".
Taken back Angel felt ashamed. "Im sorry Faith tell me about your dreams". "Actually can I talk to Wesley since he use to be my Watcher if he's around".  "Oh", angel said. "ok hold on".
Here he handed the phone to Wesley.
The gang watched for a few moments why Wesley nodded and said Dear god and actually cleaned his glasses. He actually laughed twice. Then he said if anything happens to give them another call and told her to take care then he hung up.
With that he went back to his books.
"Umm hello", said Cordelia you want to tell us what psycho slayer had to say?
"Hmm oh she called to let me know that she dreamed the exact same thing that you are having visions about", he told them.
"Well", Cordy said "that's another shocker". "Why are the PTB sending Faith and me the same visions"?
"Very good question", mused Wesley.
"Look I need to get out of here", said Angel
"Oh right you need to run home to your new family", sneered Fred.
All heads popped up at that one. Fred had an expression of hate on her face.
"Fred", Angel tried.
"You know what Angel don't try". "I will be by as soon as I can to get my belongings". "The bitch bit me and you don't care", she cried.
Cordy put her arms around her and gave Angel a nasty look.
Angel ill be around the hotel in a few hours. I think I may have the answers you need. Translating this is easier than I thought, said Wesley.
"Thank god", Angel said.
"Look Angel" said before he walked out. "You are my family. I don't want anything to happen to any of you". "Im about to have a child". "I will do anything to protect this child". "Are we not in the business to protect souls"? "Well this child has a soul". "He or she is human to our knowledge".
With that he walked out the door.

10 minutes later we pulled up in the driveway to a very expensive house.
"Wow" I whispered.
"Ya" Buffy said bitterly.
"Why mom worked for everything we had my dad had everything. My mom refused any help from him though". "She said it made her stronger", she said with a grin.
"Blah Blah blah though, she still could have taken the money, it would have helped to pay for all the furniture and the doors and the windows the occasional demons would break", she grinned.
"Occasionally" I said.
"Ok so on a daily basis. Im still wondering how she managed to pay for it all. Do you know how much a new door cost, she declared? It's totally expensive".
Um ya.
They got out of the car and Buffy lifted her head and squared her shoulders and I watched, as her eyes got colder.
Oh boy I thought this should be fun.
She knocked on the door and in about 2 minutes a lady answered the door that looked to be about in her 40's.
She looked at them without smiling.
"Look whatever you're trying to sale we are not buying so good-bye" and she shut the door.
"Bitch", said Buffy
"Um Pet who was that", I asked
"I have no idea but I don't like her. Poor Dawnie has to be stuck with her", she said.
I felt sorry for Niblet already.
Buffy knocked again.
The same lady answered. This time she was annoyed. "I said we were not buying".
"Look lady we are not selling anything", said a very pissed off Buffy.
The lady looked stunned
"Who the hell are you", she asked.
"Im Buffy Ann Summers, so who the hell are you", Buffy asked. "Where is my Father"? With that Buffy Walked right past her and then said "William please come in".
Will walked in
They looked up when the heard foot steps running down the stairs. "What" yelled an annoyed Dawn, "look I told you never to bother me".
"Even me", said Buffy
Dawn looked at her sister and was in shock. "Buffy" she whispered.
Buffy opened her arms and whispered Dawnie. That's all it took and Dawn took off running to her arms and gave her sister a hug that took her breath away.
"What the HELL is going on", said an angry voice.
"Hello Daddy", said Buffy in a very cold voice
Buffy he said shocked, "but but your dead they said your dead".
"Ya and you took no time in collecting my life insurance and collecting moms and selling the house", she yelled.
Her dad had paled and sat down.
She turned and winked at Dawn.
She looked at her Dad and started to cry, "actually dad I was kidnapped and tortured. I was raped she cried and the tears were falling and then I finally escaped". "I finally made it, she sobbed, made it back home, by this time she was crying pretty hard, to find that there was no one home and that everyone thought I was dead and I had no home". "You she pointed to her dad, had sold the house. I had no clothes nothing".
Will, caught her when she pretended to Collapse. He just sighed and asked her if she was ok. Maybe she would get an award for this performance?
Dawn just watched the performance, thinking bravo. But how was Buffy here? Who was the hunk with Buffy the guy looked Familiar? The guy turned to look at her and he winked, Holy shit. That was spike. No way.!!
"Daddy, daddy", Buffy was crying.
Hank ran over to her daughter and was holding her. "Oh baby im so so sorry. My sweet baby girl". "Here" he said and handed her a wad of cash. Then he ran over to the phone and called his credit card. Buffy Summers now had a gold card in her name!
"I love you honey" he said, "they told me you were dead I didn't know, or I would have looked for you". She hugged him.
"I need to get back to Sunnydale I have a few things I have to do", she said. "Dawnie can you walk us out".
Buffy said her goodbyes to her dad.
As soon as the door was shut and she looked back to make sure no one was peaking through the windows Buffy couldn't help but Laugh. Morons she said.
"Buffy, I missed you so much, but how", said Dawn.
"One name Willow", snapped Buffy
Dawn was taken back. "You don't want to be back" she asked.
Buffy sighed, "Dawn its not that its just that things are harder you know and now you're here with dad and im the slayer again". "It's just harder", she said.
"Dawn remember if you need anything just give Willow or Xander a call and they will get touch of me", Buffy said.
"Hey Dawn who was that lady anyway, I defiantly don't like her"?
"Oh me either she's dads new girlfriend, her names Diana, she's blah" said Dawn.
"Hey I missed you too", Dawn said running up to the person she thought was Spike. He grabbed her around the waist and spun her. "Hey Niblet" he yelled. "I missed you"!!!
They hugged
"Hey what happened to you clothes and your hair", she asked.
That's when Buffy chimed in "oh, Mr William here decided to do something nice and "Pray for my life" and BAM he now has a soul". Buffy was grinning like an idiot.
Dawn was staring at him. "WOW" she whispered. "That is so cool. Too bad about the hair. I always liked it "she said with a shrug.
"We have to go Dawn", Buffy said, she gave her sister one last hug.
When they got in the car Buffy said "Get on the I-10 Will".
"What for we need the 15 to get home", he told her.
"Yes I know but we are going to visit the other vampire in this city with a soul" she whispered.
I looked at her, damn I thought I really didn't want to go. "Um I think I will stay in the car", I told her. She gave me a nasty look, "thanks for the back up", she said.
"No problem", I told her.
As we pulled up to the Hyperion hotel I saw lights on. I sure hope there isn't a party going on as I climbed out of the car.

Part 11

I saw the lights on as I walked in the hotel. Damn I thought I had locked her door.
Not that I had actually thought it would keep her in her room, but maybe she would stay asleep long enough till I came home.
"Hey" she called with a smile.
"Hey" I smiled back. Thank god I thought she's still here.
"I got hungry" she said. "Um we are out of food", she mumbled. "Its ok" I said holding up a paper bag "that's what took me awhile".
"What is it pigs blood", she asked.
Um no I said guilty, "its human". "Please don't ask me any more questions". I pulled out a few bags from a blood bank.
"Thank you" she muttered. She took the paper bag from me and walked towards the kitchen while I stayed behind.
Meanwhile in the kitchen.
Thank you god. I didn't know how much longer I was going to have to drink that nasty animal blood, she thought while she was heating up the blood.
The baby moved and she grinned. Soon she thought Angel will be all mine.
"Angel" she said while walking back into the main part of the hotel. She sat the mugs down. "You have to feel this" she told him. The baby just moved. "Feel" and she picked up his hand. He grinned with pride when the baby completely moved.
As soon as the baby kicked Darla suddenly stumbled and fainted. Angel picked her up and was instantly alarmed Darla was soaked with breast milk. Not only that it she was shaking. He was also aware of a sudden feeling of needles going down his back. He quickly looked behind him. Impossible he thought and dismissed it and instantly put his mind to Darla. He took her upstairs and went and called Wesley.
If he would have looked outside he would have seen a beautiful blond haired hazel-eyed woman with tears flowing down.
"Darla and Angel" she whispered. She stumbled back to the car. She never made it. Will caught her before she fell. Damn you Angel he thought. Just another reason to hate you

Part 12

As soon as I got Angel's called I rushed over to the hotel. Darla was leaking milk? That wasn't possible. Incredible, simply incredible.
"Angel, where are you" I called
"Up here Wesley" I heard from the top of the stairs.
I dropped the scrolls and the books that I had brought along with me and I ran up the stairs as fast as I could.
"Angel" I called again. As I looked in his room. He was sitting on the bed and motioned for me to come in. He put his finger on his lips and whispered, "she's sleeping".
I sat down on the bed and I was like a kid in a candy store. "Is she really leaking milk"?
He just nodded and pointed to her shirt. I looked and I was in awe, there was all the proof I needed. Here entire shirt was soaked. She's a vampire. This was so cool I thought. First she gets pregnant and now she has milk? That means she's going to nurse. Hmmm nurse I thought. That mentally triggered something. But before I could say something.
Darla whom we both thought was asleep, suddenly in a flash grabbed my neck.
"Angel" I gasped
He was struggling with her, and he had his arms around her waist. But Darla seemed stronger than he was.
"Get her off"
"Darla Let him go"
Finally Angel and I gave a push and Darla was thrust onto the bed.
"Jesus" cried I checking my neck. I didn't think she had sunk her fangs in my neck but I sure was going to have one hell of a bruise where her hands were.
"Im so hungry, I need food" moaned Darla. And she doubled over and passed out.
Angel actually looked afraid to go over to check on her.
"Well go on" said I told him. He just looked at me "No you do it"
" I don't think so, she's your mate or sire or whatever" I told him
He walked over and checked on her and she was indeed passed out. She was sweating and still leaking milk.

Milk I think and that's when it hits me again and I run downstairs. I don't even look at him.
"Wesley" he says. He looks around.  " Now where did he go"?
Somewhere on the road. To Sunnydale
Im sitting here fuming. Buffy is still passed out from crying. That damn bastard. I still have no idea what happened.
Damnit I cant stand it any longer.
"Buffy, wake up"
she groans
"Wake up"
She looks over to me with the saddest expression I have ever seen.
"What is it I ask her"?
Her lips tremble
"I think he's moved on," she's whispered
I snort, " Angel hasn't moved on"
"Yes,⦠he had Darla with him, and they were all cuddly" she tells me
"Huh" now that was a shocker!
"Um Will, this is going to be a weird question, but Angel told me once that vampires could not have children is that true"?
"Yes, love that's true, why do you ask"
I see her pale "oh because Darla is pregnant"
I slam on the breaks in the middle of I-10 interstate.

Part 13
I dragged myself up the stairs to the front door to the hotel why do I even bother coming to work. Oh I know its these dumb visions that are linked to one vampire. Damn you Doyle and damn you Angel. I bet that I wouldn't even be missed if I didn't bother to come in today or tomorrow or even say a few days. Ahhh a vacation I could use one. I need a boyfriend. Of course as soon as I would get one I would have a nasty vision.
With a sigh I open the door. The lobby is empty. Surprise surprise. I walk over to the windows and I open the curtains and let the sunlight come in. Ha maybe this will keep a few vampires from coming down here for a while.
I hear a noise coming from the office. Damn I guess im not the only one at work.
"Good morning Wesley" I sure as hell know its not Angel. He was never in the office in less he was brooding about Buffy and its way to early.
Hmm I expected at least a good morning Cordelia. Someone's cranky.  I walk over to the office and open the door and see that Wesley and Angel are lost in a ton of books. Huh?
"Did something happen last night"? They don't even bother to look up when they hear my voice.
"Cordelia what do you want", said Angel who appeared as if he didn't get any sleep.
At that moment I heard what sounded like a woman's scream
"What the hell was that"?
"That was Darla" he said "We had to chain her up" and he went back to looking through a book
"Um why is she chained up and what are you looking for," I asked? About damn time I thought. The bitch deserves it, but the screams were getting worse.
Angel looked up at me as if he could read my thoughts. "She's dying" he said and went back to reading a book.
Damnit. "Can I help" Angel handed me a book. I sat down and started looking. "What am I looking for?" I asked for
Suddenly, Wesley jumped out of his chair with a force that knocked it over. He looked over at Angel. " Im an idiot Angel, it was right there in front of us the entire time".
Personally I just nodded Wesley was calling himself an idiot.
Angel looked confused. " What do you mean Wesley"?
Wesley started to pace. "Ok you remember the prophecy" We both nodded.
"You remember the part about the Chosen one will nurse the blood" We both shook our heads.
"Not really said Angel I just remember the part about the one will be born and the angelic one"
I snorted, " you would"
Wesley was getting impatient. "Anyway, back to what I was saying, Darla seems to be extremely hungry. Maybe its not here that's hungry maybe it's the baby".
He gave us time for that to sink in.
Angel paled. The idea his child might not be human was making him ill.
"Now" Wesley said "you have been giving her human blood and it hasn't been enough and we haven't figured out why and It me last night when you said Darla was producing milk".
"Ewwww" I said. It just gets worse I thought. That's just nasty!!!
"Then I remembered the Scrolls, the last line mentioned something about a chosen one nursing blood" Wesley told us
"Wait a minute, isn't a chosen one a slayer" I said being all smart, I grinned!!
Angel was very quiet
Wesley frowned. "Well yes that's when I put it all together, Angel 2 years ago Buffy made you drink from her. I believe that you transferred the slayers blood to the fetus. I believe that the baby needs slayers blood to live".
Angel paled. Can a vampire actually get any paler?
"Basically I believe that your child is going to have to be nursed slayers blood along with Darla's milk to survive, probably for a year like any normal child" Wesley told him.
We heard another scream from upstairs
"Angel you need to get a slayer and fast, because your child and Darla are going to die very soon," he said.
Personally I thought that was a bad idea. How was he going to convince a slayer to nurse a child? Hello the only slayer alive was Faith and she was in jail!
"What are you going to do?" I asked Angel who hasn't said a word the entire time.
Angel was lost in his own thoughts. Dear god. I bet Buffy never thought saving my life would have turned out like this. Thank god she's not here. I turned to my friends.
"Well I guess I don't have a choice, lets go find a slayer".
"Um you do realize that it is 10 am in the morning and you will probably fry like bacon" said Cordy.
Oh well there was that problem.
"Hmm well then we have like 7 hours to come up with a plan to free Faith from jail", he told us
"Gee, im glad I was missed"
I had walked into Willow's house and completely ignored everyone. I gathered my boxes of clothing and pictures and loaded them into Xander's car. I immediately went to the nearest hotel. Hey daddy was paying for it so I didn't have to stay in the nastiest. I also got Will a room. I refused to stay at Willow and Tara's. From there I drove to the nearest car lot and found the sweetest little motorcycle. Pretty little red one. It fit my mood. Why not daddy bought it. When Will saw it he just stared at me.
"What the hell is your problem"?
"It's the new and improved Buffy," I said with a grin
He just glared
"What would you like one too"?
"I don't see why I cant have any fun, look they brought me back I don't have to be stiff and boring all the time, please" I pouted
"Whatever Buffy just please be Careful"
The thing was I wasn't trying to be careful maybe I was trying to live my life on the edge. I was in pain. The idea of Darla and Angel was killing me. I was pretty much dead anyway. So I thought spending money would help ease the pain.
" Hey did you really mean it when you said I could have a matching bike" Will said with a grin.
I grinned back and nodded. "Come on" I said
He seems to know the right things to get me out of my moods, but I will always remember the sight of Darla and Angel.

Part 14
Hyperion Hotel
"Faith", Wesley yelped
"Yup, that's me" I said walking into the room. Cordelia just looked at me and waved. I guess nothing surprises her anymore.
"Hey Faith, nice to see you" she said.  My jaw just dropped open. "Huh, um ya right back at ya Cordy".  Did these people get replaced by pod people?
"Um look I'm a wanted criminal again, and I came here because of the visions I was having," I told them. " I had a feeling that I needed to help" That got Cornelia's attention.
"Have you had anymore", she asked. I shook my head.
"No" I told her but they really bothered me.  They bothered me all right for more than one reason. Which I wasn't going to go into with them.
"Do you have any idea of who the person is"she asked" Yes I do, but I shook my head no.
"Look I'm a wanted criminal again, so can I hide out here" I bluntly asked them?
Angel just looked at me. "Actually Faith Wesley and I were making plans to break you out anyway. So either way you were going to be wanted".
Ok now I was really confused. They wanted me for something. I was the screw up. These people hated me.
"Huh"? That was pretty much the only thing I could get out.
"Um you wanted me for something"? I actually smiled. I haven't smiled in awhile.
At that particular moment I heard the most horrible scream that I have ever heard.
"What in gods name is that", I whispered and started to back up.
Angel stood up and started to advance on me.
"Now Faith, we need your help"
"What kind of help"
"Angel sit down, your scaring her", Said my old Watcher. Wes actually looks like a normal person these days.
I could hear the screaming upstairs getting worse.
"She's hungry," whispered Angel
"Who's hungry and for what", I said not liking the way he was looking at me.
"Angel for God's sake sit down", Cordelia yelled
Angel ran his hands through his hair and sat down and gave me an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, Faith, I have a situation on my hands."
"Why don't you tell me about it and ill see what I can do to help you".
I'm trying to be good. I wasn't always a complete psycho. I never started out to be bad. The mayor was like Giles was to Buffy. I craved it. If these people needed my help then damnit I was going to help them.
"We need your blood" Wes told me. Ok that sounds simple, kinda gross but simple enough.
"Ok I can do that, no problem". I gave Angel a huge Grin. His face lite up like a Christmas tree. Who could resist that smile.
"Um don't you think you should tell her everything", said Cordelia who was filing her fingernails.
Everything I thought. Of course this was defiantly too easy.
"Well meandmysirearehavinganbabyandineedyoutonursethebabyforayear"Angel rushed out.
I just stared at him.
"I'm sorry come again. I totally missed what you just said."
"He said, that he and his Bitch of a sire who is pretending to have a soul is having a baby and that his child has to be nursed by a slayer", Cordy told me never looking up.
I started laughing. "Oh god that is such a good one"  " No seriously, tell me what you need the blood for".
They all just stared at me. No one was laughing.
"Are you serious"?
"I'm afraid so" sneered Cordy " oh and one more thing we think Darla may need some of your blood till the baby is born.
Damn I could have won a gold medal in the summer Olympics in the High jump.
I jumped up so fast. "I'm sorry you said you want me to Nurse your vampire child once he's born", I yelled?
Angel just looked down
"Well it looks like it might just be for only a year, along with Darla who will be nursing him or her with milk" Wesley told me
"Excuse me but when do vampires give birth or produce milk". " You want me to give Darla some of my Blood", I asked?
What a day first I escape from jail, which was completely easy. Never thought about it before since I was trying to be a good girl. Then I come here and I find out the good guys want me to nurse a vampire's child. Eeeeew
I can sense they are all looking at me.
"How do you know that you will need slayers blood"?
"Well there is this prophecy and all", said Wesley acting like the Watcher he is.
Of course I thought, isn't there always?
"Look I don't think I can do this and I start to back away"
Angel stands up and starts to walk towards me. "Don't you think you owe it to us"
"I stood up for you, when I probably shouldn't have"
I think back no he shouldn't have, I never did tell him the truth, I wonder if B did. Knowing B I bet she did.
I smile "Yes, I guess I do owe you something. You protected me from Buffy, when she was coming to get her revenge. I knew she was coming though. Which is why I came straight to you. I really am sorry Angel. At that time I wanted to drive a wedge between you. When I switched bodies with her I did so many horrible things" I stopped when I saw the horror on his face.
Shit I thought, she never told him. I covered my mouth with my hand.
I grabbed a cup and a knife and sliced my hand and let the blood drip into the cup until my wound started to heal. "Here" I whispered. I looked at Cordy, "where is the bathroom". She was staring at me and pointed down the hall.
On the way out grabbed her purse without her ever knowing.
"Well, that was um interesting," said Wesley. "Lets take this to Darla and see if this helps her. Angelâ¦. Angel" he yelled
I was to busy in my own memories to hear him.
I can remember the entire day. Every bit of the conversation. I remember now she was angry and hurt the pain in her eyes when she saw me with Faith. I knew she never loved Riley. I knew she said it because she was pissed. But I never knew that Faith had switched bodies. I remember the conversation with Giles when he had called to talk to Wesley but he had talked to me instead because Wesley wasn't here at the time. He had acted strangely and now I know why. He had mentioned that the council had taken Faith and locked her up and beaten her and had drugged her. Giles had been so bitter about it. Now I understand it had been Buffy in Faiths body. Faith had slept with Riley in Buffy's Body and then for her to see me with Faith had driven her over the edge.
"Snap out of it Angel" yelled Cordy.
"Sorry what" I asked, embarrassed, I've been doing that a lot lately, having flashbacks.
Wesley thrust the mug in my hand. " Here take it to Darla and see if it works"
I take the mug from his hands and I smell the wonderful aroma. I'm tempted. Buffy's blood was wonderful. Slayers Blood is magical. It's almost like a drug. There is a reason why Spike is obsessed with killing Slayers. I hear the moans from upstairs and I think of my child and that gives me the will power to go up the stairs.
I can feel Wesley behind me. Before I can ask what he's doing. "Well I want to know if it's going to work" I just nod.
I open the door and I see Darla huddled in the corner.
"Darla I whisper.
"My Angel, you came back to me, I'm so hungry have you brought me something to eat, I smell blood, I'm so hungry", she moans.
I just hand her the mug
She gulps it down, it only takes seconds
I look at her she looks horrible
She looks at me with wonder and grins " I haven't tasted this since 1894 in France. Do you remember Angel? Do you remember the little red head."? I nodded. I looked at Darla she looked 50% better.
"How do you feel" She grinned much better. "Is there anymore," she asked?
"Um I will ask Faith if she can give us anymore", said Wesley.
"Wait who is Faith", she said confused.
Wesley and Angel looked at each other. "Well she's your sire you tell her," said Wesley
"Darla, Faith is a slayer, we found a prophecy about the baby being born saying that a slayer was also going to have to nurse it blood". Angel told her
Darla was silent for a few minutes. Wait a minute she thought. There can only be one slayer. " I thought the blond was the slayer"
She watched as her mate winced. Hmmm a good sign. "She's dead," the watcher said
Oh yes very good. So I don't have to compete with that bitch.
"So you are telling me that I need Slayer's blood and that the baby will need it as well for about a year" she pretended to be upset. Its slayers blood she thought. It was like chocolate.
"Well yes but you will only need it till the baby is born" the watcher told her. Bummer she thought. Well who said the baby had to be born for a while?
"Actually, it looks like you have to find your slayer first" Cordy said, "She seems to have disappeared". "However she did leave you a nice little note in the bathroom, with my Mary Kay Mocha 12, lipstick".
She turned and walked away leaving a very pissed off Angel, a stunned Watcher and a pouting mommy to be.
Part 15
I took off down the stairs. "Where is she", I yelled. "How can you just sit there so calmly", I remarked to Cordy who was reading Cosmo.
"Oh believe me, when I find Slayer bitch she's getting it. Do you know how much Mary Kay cost? Also she took the rest of my cash, which you will be reimbursing me for"
"Why me"?
"Because she left because she didn't want to feed your brat and your whore, not that I didn't blame her, who actually wants to be a buffet"?
"Cordelia, Where is Faith's, note" Wesley taking charge since it looked like Angel was going to strangle her if she opened her mouth again.
She just looked and said " go check the bathroom" The two men just gave her a strange look and she just shrugged and went back to reading 'How to Get your Boss to give you a Raise'.
They walked in the bathroom and Wesley called out "Cordelia I don't see it"
" Moran's" she muttered. "Hello, look on the big mirror in front of your face"
"Oh" I muttered. I looked over at Wesley to see he was wearing the exact same expression of stupidity.
We both looked up at the mirror to see in big letters
"Geez and I thought you were Cryptic"
Both of us jumped. "Damnit Gunn can you give us warning next time"?
He gave us a nasty look,  "What the hell is your problem, and what is up with the note on the mirror"?
As we walked out of the bathroom Wesley sighed " I don't have a clue, its obvious Faith knows something we don't."
Sunnydale I really don't want to go there. There are way to many bad memories that out way the good ones. Plus there is the fact my beloved is buried there. I still haven't visited her grave yet. I doubt I would.
"Cordelia, can you get Willow on the phone"?
She completely ignored me and continued to read her magazine. Gunn snickered.
"Cordelia, please get Willow on the phone", I begged. I could tell Gunn was about to start laughing.
She looked up at me "Well I'm sorry but the line to where she use to live has been disconnected", she tells us.
Wesley frowns
"That's not good, What about Giles", I ask
"Look I don't work for you I work for Wesley remember you fired us". Damnit Cordy is pissing me off.
" I'm sorry Angel it wont do any good, Giles went back to London after, well you know", Wesley supplied.
"You're just now telling me"? Damnit do I not get any respect around here. As if they could read my thoughts I hear snickers coming from Cordy and Gunn.
"Well looks like a road trip", I tell them
That's when Cordelia burst out laughing and falls on the floor. I just glare at her.
"What the hell is so funny"? "Angel look around where do you normally put your keys"?
I look on the counter, they are not there." Cordy is just laughing so hard that tears are falling down her face. I run out to the front door to see if my car is there.
"Fuck" I yell

Way cool car I think. Gotta hand it to Angel he does things in style. I wonder if he has even noticed I'm even gone. Probably since the lipstick wasn't the all day kind. Angel must not pay the cheerleader enough money. She always seemed like the type of girl that would buy that crap. Since I'm speeding I have about a 30-minute head start. 
Its not that I don't want to help. I do but I have no intentions of nursing Angel's child. Absolutely not. That's not my idea of helping. I plan on making myself scarce. Hey I did leave a little note. So that makes me one of the good guys right. I can't help but grin. The only reason I'm going to Sunnydale is to watch some action.
The first dream I had freaked the shit out of me. Scared me a lot. But the second one now that was a different story. I knew it was the same girl. I'm not like Cordy, I knew who the girl was. Only because I had fought right beside her more than once. It had to be B. And as I see it She should nurse Angel's child not me. Its obvious that they have no idea that she's alive.  She's going to be one pissed off person when she finds out about Darla even more so when she finds out about the nursing thing. I liked B from the beginning I never wanted her dead. I just wanted what she had. When I found out she had died it hurt. It hurt more to know that she was the one that had gone through my dreams. Poor B, no one should have had to do. I blame those damn Scooby's for this. They call themselves her friends but they let her dig her way out of her grave.
I step on the gas pedal a little more
Wonder what they call music these days and I turn on the radio.

I'm the kind of girl that hangs with the guys
Like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes
Taking' it in, try to be feminine
With my makeup bag watchin' all the sin

Misfit, I sit
Lit up, wicked
Everybody else surrounded by the girls
With the tank tops and the flirty ways

I'm just sippin' on chamomile
I'm watchin' boys and girls and their sex appeal
With a stranger in my face who says he knows my mom
And went to my high school

All the boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Girls say, girls say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Hey baby, baby
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Boys say, boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
All the boys get the girls in the back

I'm the one they feed upon
Give a bit a star is born
And if you have enough you'll get the pass
And you can tell your friends how you made it back

No matter what they say I'm still the same
Somehow everybody knows my name
And all the girls wanna get with the boys
And the boys really like it

All the boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Girls say, girls say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Hey baby, baby
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Boys say, boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
All the boys get the girls in the back

Check it out, it's Bounty Killer and No Doubt

Jump on the stage makes me goin' crazy
Afterwards myself and one of the gorgeous ladies
There is no need to be actin' shady
C'mon baby, hey, hey baby

Jump on the stage makes me goin' crazy
Afterwards myself and one of the gorgeous ladies
There is no need to be actin' shady
C'mon baby, hey, hey baby

When you rock your hips you know that it amazes me
Got me off the hook and nuttin' else don´t phase me
Can you be my one and only sunshine baby
If no, maybe, hey baby

And people make money from singing simple songs like this? Hmm maybe I can stop being a slayer and start singing? I wonder if B can sing?
I walk into the Magic Box and I see the entire Gang is there including Will.  Hmmm must be a secret meeting. Ohhhhh it must be about me. Scary I think. Oh I really don't give a damn.
"Hey" I say as I walk past them to the training room.
"Hey" they all say at once.
I shut the door with a bang. Perfect I thought at least I said something to them. They cant say that I complety ignore them. I walk over to the Cd player and pop in my Moulin Rouge Cd and start my work out.
Willow just sighs. "Ok I'm completely sure she hates me" Tara looks up and gives her lover a smile. "I think it's going to take a while," she whispers.
Anya snorted, "No she just hates you" Willow looks up at her stricken. "Anya honey, remember what we talked about" Xander told her
"Oh, I was just kidding, I was trying to lighten the mood" Anya told Willow with a smile.
"No I think something else is bothering her" Tara mentioned
"Do you have any idea Will", asked Xander, who was looking at the vampire.
Will was looking through a small window to the training room. He turned around to look at the gang. He sighed. "Well you better sit down for this one, Buffy decided to go see Angel while we were in LA"
"I knew it, I'm going to stake him", yelled Xander
"Um yes, well she never actually talked to him, but she saw him, the problem is he wasn't alone".
"Ohh poor Buffy" whispered Willow
Will snorted; "it gets better" he turned to look at the training room to make sure she was still there.
"Angel is with Darla who is pregnant I guess with his child"
"Excuse me, when do vampires have babies, whispered Xander so Buffy wouldn't come running in here.
"You have me on that one, but I do know she's a vampire, I do remember Dru telling me she sired Darla when those Lawyers brought her back, something about Angel having to watch". "Anyway she was going to go see him and she saw them together and she said he looked very happy rubbing her belly and all very proud, she's miserable", he remarked.
They all shook their heads. They couldn't believe it Angel and Darla? No way.
"Well he never did come to her funeral and still hasn't come visit her grave,"Xander muttered.
They all turned towards the training room where they could hear the music was that her voice?
"She has a lovely voice," remarked Xander
"How come we never noticed it before", Willow said sounding very small
"I'm sure it has something to do with her being the slayer and that's all the time she has for" Will said bitterly
They all crowded around the little window to see Buffy dancing and singing.
"She's very good" they remarked.
Suddenly they heard the bell above the door and Anya said, "Sorry we are closed" without looking.
"Ya but I'm looking for a dead slayer who her friends let her crawl out of her own grave"
They all turned in slow motion and their jaws dropped.
Will on the other hand was still staring at Buffy who looked like she was having the most fun he had ever seen her have. Maybe this is what she needs to feel. Music and dancing.
Part 16

Halfway to Sunnydale
It didn't take me long to find new transportation. I simply asked Gunn for his truck, well more like demanded. He has to understand that these are important times. He didn't understand. He said no. If it wasn't for Wesley I probably would have ripped his lungs out. The thing was, I was suppose to have a soul. My demon was actually laughing. I could hear him whispering that I should have killed these humans long ago. I'm a vampire I don't have friends and I sure as hell can not conceive children. But I'm different right and why is that I remind myself? Oh that's right I have a soul!
I'm so pissed at Faith. I tried to help her and this is how she repays me. She leaves me with a cryptic message about Sunnydale and Willow? What is that all about? Then worse of all she steals my baby! My beautiful car! I honestly thought she was going to help me. Thanks to her Darla and my child may die. I don't want to even think about the possibility that my child will die. I have already grown attached to him or her.
I hear a snicker.
"Damnit, you can stop anytime"
"She just stole your car, right from underneath you", snickered Gunn. He couldn't help it, he really wanted to meet the woman who had the balls to steal Angel's baby.
"Personally what do you think you will find in Sunnyhell, Angel," Cordy sneered?
"You know you didn't have to come along," I told her.
"Oh, yes I really did, personally I wanted to see what reason you were going to tell Willow you needed to talk to her", and she grinned. I could see that in the dark. Some times being a vampire didn't have its perks.
I just sighed. Wesley had decided to sta behind with Darla who we had decided to keep chained up for his own safety. Even though Wesley said, "You do know she just drank slayers blood she could probably snap those chains if she tried"? "Yes well she doesn't know that, and you do have a stake don't you", I asked him?
I could hear another snicker. I saw the sign saying 61 miles to Sunnydale. No way in hell I was spending over an hour with them so I floored it.
Magic Box
"Faith", whispered Willow and her eyes turned black
"Whoa, yup I guess you're the one who brought blondie back"
"Willow stop right now" Tara said
"Faith what are you doing here, are you suppose to be in Prison", Xander said taking a step back remembering she was psycho.
I walked in the room and looked around, nice place I thought. As I got closer to the gang the stepped back like I had some disease. Geez I really scared the shit out of them. I couldn't help but grin, of course I felt guilty for a minute. I hopped on the counter and looked at them. What the hell keep them in suspense for a few minutes. I know Angel's on his way so I cant keep them waiting for too much longer. I see someone staring through a window. Who's that? He's really cute?
"Who's that" I ask?
" I don't think that actually matters, why are you here," snapped Xander
I look at him and grin. He has gotten feisty. I see a blondish woman step up to him and put her arm on his hand and she actually flashed her left hand. I couldn't help but giggle when I saw the diamond.
"Feisty Xand, I sure don't remember you being like that before," and I winked at him. I grinned when she grabbed his waist. Too much fun I thought. They are way to easy.
"I know that you brought B back," I simply stated.  They actually had the nerve to shake their heads no.
"Oh come off it, I know you brought her back and I know you let her crawl out of her own grave oh and I know she couldn't breath and I know that she couldn't move, I had the dreams or the visions or whatever you want to call them so did Cordelia however she hasn't figured out who the person is, give her time im sure she will." I looked around the room to see that their faces were pale but no one was saying anything.
"Also B took out like 15 vampires in like 3 minutes and she was singing a song, she has a nice voice." I mentioned.
"No, she's not alive, Buffy died 3 months ago," stated Willow, "Now just leave Faith."
"Willow just stop, Hello Faith", A voice said behind me.
I whipped my head around to see standing behind me was B grinning. Damnit I knew it!  She's grinning at me
"Hey B, glad to see you, but I'm sorry that you had to go through all that crap", I told her honestly with a grin.
I saw her grin widen. I heard a sob and I looked  around till I found the source and I saw Willow crying. I wonder what was up with that. I look up to see Buffy's expression; there was nothing on her face. Hmm I wonder. I turn around to face her. "Before I say what I came here to say I want to say I'm sorry to you, I was really confused and all". She came up and gave me a hug. I can't believe she hugged me. I could hear Willow sobbing harder in the background. There is something defiantly going on there. "Id say you only live once but who knows", joked B, but you could hear the bitterness in her voice. She didn't want to be back. That just made this harder. I didn't want to do this.
"Im sorry Buffy I really am, we have a serious problem and it's coming this  way".  She looks at me confused. I really didn't want to tell her all this. "Sit down", I tell her.
I look around the group. "Does anyone have anything to drink", I ask? The girl with Willow whom I found out her name was Tara says "there is a gas station across the street we can get sodas". I snorted, " I think when I'm through saying what I have to say we are all going to need a strong drink".
That gets everyone's attention.
They all crowded around me. That's when I noticed the guy that was standing behind Buffy. He looked very familiar. He seemed very protective. Maybe that was a good thing?
"B who is the guy behind you"
She looked at me and without smiling said "William the Bloody, but we like to call him Will.
I swallowed several times. Um I had read everything about him. He was looking at me, I remember meeting him at the Bronze when I was in her body. He looks different.
I look at Willow, she whispers "he's got a soul".
Hmm maybe they are becoming popular?
Now that they are all seated I start my tale.

Part 17
" So this is Sunnydale", Gunn asked trying to break the silence. We had been walking around for about 5 minutes. Angel had parked the truck in the middle of town and we were walking, and Cordy was complaining.
"Yup, good ole Sunnyhell, looks pretty much the same as it did three moths ago when I was "here", Cordy casually remarked.
I could hear Angel growling in the background.
"Angel do you have any clue as to where this Willow person is", I ask? He just shakes his head and I actually feel a tiny bit sorry for the guy, I remember what it was like to lose a family member. I sigh we have been all over this town. We started out at his old girlfriends house the one who died, but there was a big for sale sign up, that said SOLD. Apparently there was a new family there. The expression on his face was one that will probably haunt me for a while. He really had it bad for her. I just looked at Cordy and she just nodded.
So here we are walking around this town that they have been warning me not to step foot in for about a year now. There is absolutely  nothing in this town. Its dinky how can it be the hellmouth? You would think LA was. Then Cordy has to show me where they blew up the high school, which personally I thought was pretty cool. Makes me wish I went to high school with them.  So we start walking around and we end up in the middle of town were Cordy has to get a cup of Coffee because she hasn't had any of this type in three months. Personally coffee is coffee.
"Would she be in the phone book" I ask Angel
"Great thinking Gunn", and Cordy and I sit down on a bench and watch as he runs to a phone book and flips through.
"Hey Cordy umâ¦."
"Ya its Rosenberg", she said he nods
"How did you know that what he wanted" I ask her
"I've been around him way to long and besides he's at a phone booth Gunn".
Makes sense.
He walks back, with his head down. He looks like a child. "She's not in there," he tells us.
We all sit on the bench and try to think. Ok they think and I have no clue because I don't know these people.
That's when Cordelia finishes her coffee and grins
" Well maybe we should go to the Magic Box, didn't Giles own it, maybe the new owners know Willow since she would be a regular," Cordy supplied and rolled her eyes. Ya I'm wondering when she decided she was going to tell us. She knew all along about the Magic Box. I just shot her a look and she just smiled innocently.

Angel just nodded and said good thinking Cordy. She just grinned I'm seriously thinking he was doing some sucking up. He's going to have to buy her more clothes if he wants to get in her good graces, but honestly I think he hurt her more than she's letting on.

"Ya know," said Cordy " if we put a video camera in the middle of town and just let it record, we could make millions. The perfect horror movies." "We just need a hero" looking at Angel. "Do you know what that would do for business, that would be the perfect commercial"?
I swear he got paler. He actually started to walk faster. She just started to giggle. I couldn't help but join in with her.  I see the sign for the Magic Box.

"Honestly I'm surprised that Giles is still alive", Cordy said.
"Why is that and who is Giles" I asked
"Well everyone who has ever owned the Magic Box has died, and Giles is just like Wesley a Watcher except older." She told him. Oh I thought another English. That's cool another brainac. Could defiantly always use more of them around. Wesley seems to come in handy maybe not in battle but he always knows things.
"Yes but Giles, is different from Wesley," said Angel who had been silent for a while. "Oh" I asked"?
"Lets put it this way you don't want to mess with the man and you sure as hell never wanted to mess with his slayer", he muttered and was looking around like something was bothering him.
Cordy gave him a strange look. " Are you ok Angel," she asked?
He nodded.
Angel was feeling odd sense he had started walking around the town like someone was watching him. He couldn't quite place it. Not only that but he had that tingling feeling only when Buffy was around. He dismissed it thinking it was only because he was back in Sunnydale. Seeing the Magic Box. He sighed and said, "Lets get this over". And they opened the door and walked in. Well Cordy and Gunn walked in. Angel felt the protective barrier and wasn't allowed in.
"What the hell", he was confused".
"Well it's a simple spell to keep unwanted demons out, said voice from his past.

Part 18
I froze, this is not the person I really want to get into with right now.
"Hello Spike, What the hell happened to you"
"What's with the clothes and the hair for once you look normal. Are you tired of looking like a Billy Idol wanna be", I sneered. I shouldn't have I knew but I couldn't help it, every time I saw Spike the demon in me came out.
I looked into Spikes eyes and saw hatred and coldness and shuddered. Hell Spike had always hated me but I had never seen anything like this before.
"Well Angelus, I thought it was time for a change", he smirked.
I just sighed, "look can you please let me in or at let me know where I can find Willow", I asked? I was already getting tired of this small talk.
"Well we know why Giles is still alive", Cordy joked trying to break some tension.
"Depends on why you want me Angel", said Willow her voice full of bitterness.
"Um hey Willow", Cordy said. Willow just looked at Cordy an arched an eyebrow.
I flinched, this was the sweet Willow? Her voice was so cold. She was thin I could see right through her like she hasn't been eating. Pale wasn't the word to describe her. Something was defiantly wrong here. I looked behind her to see Xander and two girls I have never seen. I wonder where Dawn was. And there was Faith sitting on the counter twirling a stake grinning like the devil. Makes you wonder if the devil is a woman.
"Willow please let me come in I need to talk to Faith for a few minutes", I pleaded.
Willow turned to look at Faith who just nodded and still had that sly grin on her face.
Willow turned back to the door and raised her right hand and her eyes turned black for a second
"Shlye ghrye fher
Gteu hrew gyrtw"
In and instant I felt the barrier go and I walked in and before I could react I had a fist in my face. It had enough power to knock me over the counter. I could hear screaming and laughter in the background. It took me a few minutes but I get up and I'm in vamp face. What the hell I think. I haven't been punched like that since a Buffy hit me. I turn around to see who my attacker is and its Spike. All I can see is hatred on his face.
"I don't have time for this", I growl him
"We are not through", he says and he walks over to a door in the back of the room and stands beside it.
I slip back to my human face.
I look at the gang and I realize it's been awhile since I have been here. I see their reaction and I realize they do not want me here.
"Thank you Willow for letting me in", I tell her.
She nods and walks over to the blondish girl.
"What do you want I hear" Xander growl.
I look at the boy and I realize he's not a boy any more but a man.
"Look, I'm here for Faith", I tell him.
"Well she does not want to go back with you", he says.
I completely ignore them. I'm uncomfortable here, I have this horrible sensation running up and down my spine and I almost smell vanilla. I want to leave and fast.
"Faith, please I beg, please I need you to come back with me. My child's life is depending on you".
I was expecting something in the room but I got nothing but angry glares. I'm guessing that Faith already told them.
She shakes her head no and she's grinning. Why the hell is she grinning has she gone mad?
By this time I'm getting angry. "WHY THE HELL NOT" I YELL?
"I suppose it has something to do with not wanting to be an all you can eat buffet", said a cold voice behind him.
I froze. Absolutely not i thought. This was not happening. I was imagining things. I snapped my head up and looked at Cordelia who was looking at something or someone in horror.
Part 19
I don't want to turn around. Every fiber in my being told me not to. "Angel" I heard Cordy whisper. I just kept looking at Cordy's face and I saw it go from horror to pure joy. I heard her squeal but she stayed where she was like she was afraid to move. I slowly turned around with my eyes closed. I was scared shitless. My beloved was dead right? There was no way she was standing behind me. But wasn't that her voice I heard? Wasn't that her smell? Couldn't I feel her all over town? I should have known as soon I started walking around town. When I had finally turned all the way around I opened my eyes and gasped and stumbled back into Xander.
There was the most beautiful thing I had ever hoped to see again. My beloved, my beautiful Buffy. I struggled hard to hold my emotions. She was beautiful. Her hair was browner that I remember. I look up at her eyes that use to hold the world now held nothing. They were emotionless. She was just staring at me. Her arms were crossed. I quickly listened for a heartbeat. It was difficult but I heard 6. So that means she had one. I quickly look to her neck to see if she was wearing a necklace and thank god she did she had an old cross on. Thank god I prayed. I could feel the tears.
"How", I whisper.
"Does it matter, do you care"she snapped "You never came to the funeral anyway. I'm sure you were off making your new family to really care", she said. Not an inch of emotion came out of her voice.
"But if you must know I have been alive for months, Xander did CPR on me after the fight with Glory, the Oracles decided they needed me alive along with another warrior. We did the funeral to fool anyone looking for Dawn", she told me with a straight face.
I looked at Xander and he just nodded, as did the others in the room, except Spike who had the same look of hatred and Faith who was still grinning.
I looked back at her. I was hurt. I was betrayed. For months I thought she was dead. I had gone to that damn monastery and fought those demon monks. I had gotten drunk more times than I can count because of thinking of her. I started to get pissed at seeing her expression there was nothing. Nothing at all. Her face was blank, like she didn't care.
"But Buffy I was here for the funeral", said Cordy, who was hurt. I could see she was about to cry? Cordy cry over Buffy?
I saw Buffy flick a glance to Cordy and for once I saw an expression her face but I couldn't make it out.
"I'm sorry Cordy. No one wanted to fool anyone. There were so many demons after Dawn", she told her. "I really do apologize". 
Cordy's eyes were narrowed and she just nodded.
I turned back to Buffy to see that she was looking at Cordy and I thought I saw tears in eyes but when she turned back to me I could see the coldness spread through her.
That was it I thought.
"How could you do this me I demanded"? I was beyond reasoning.
She just shrugged.
I was getting more and more furious by the minute. How could she do this to me? Didn't she care for me at all?
"Lets go" I told Cordy and Gunn who had been extremely quite, and I headed for the door.
'Isn't there something you wanted Angel', Buffy said in a very sweet voice?
In that instant I thought I was going to vomit. Last time I did that was when I found out she had died.
I turned around to face her. She was standing there with a sweet smile on her face. "What do you know about it", I looked at her wearily?
She walked over to Faith and sat down and took the stake from her hand and started to twirl it.
"Well I know that you knocked up Darla, Some people just don't stay dead", she laughed.
I noticed the laugh made the people around her squirm especially Willow.
"I know that there is a prophecy about the baby needing to be nursed by a slayer", she told me.
"Wow your good", said Gunn admiring the tiny blond. Cordy just hit upside the head.
"Duh Faith told her", she said
Buffy looked at Gunn and grinned. I heard the gang gasp and whisper it was almost like they had never seen Buffy grin. "I like you" she said. "Yes Faith told me, she's been here about an hour".
"Oh yes and by the way Angel your car is sweet", Faith grinned. Buffy chuckled. I growled and everyone else giggled.
Buffy got up and started walking. I couldn't help it. She may not have been dead but in my mind she has been dead. My eyes savored every inch ever line over her body. My eyes tracked her.
"Now we are discussing that you need a slayer", she said.
"Yes, I need one and I have one, I have Faith". I said very quietly. "Lets go Faith" I told the brunette who was still grinning. That was getting on my nerves.
"Sorry Angel", Said Buffy, "she's not going with you. Here's the shocker" ,she whispered.
"I am"!
Chaos broke out. Willow fainted into Xander's arms and he was yelling at me how about how stupid I was being. Faith started laughing so hard that she fell on the floor. Tara was too busy trying to revive Willow and Anya well she was just nodding. The guy Gunn was too busy looking at us like we were crazy and honestly I think we are. Cordy was grinning and Angel was staring at me like he was going to be sick. Will on the other hand looked pretty pissed at me. I'm glad I was on the other side of the room.
"Absolutely not, Faith can come with me", Angel yelled.
The entire room became quite even Tara who had stopped trying to wake Willow up.
I look at Faith. "Faith do you want to go with Angel," I ask her?
She walks over to Angel and says " Look it has nothing to do with you but I don't see myself nursing a child especially one that's not my own,"
He walks over to Cordy and sits beside her at the table and runs his hand through his hair. I wanted to walk over to him and comfort him, but my own pain was holding me right where I was.
" So that's it huh", he whispers, not very loud but I can hear him.
"To save my child I have to take you with me," he says.
"Yes I guess you do", I say. I'm not really proud and I'm not proud of what I'm about to say but I have a goal in mind and I have to remember that and stick to it. I look over to Will and I lock eyes with him. He knows what I'm thinking and he just shakes his head.
Angel stands up and hands Cordy his hand to help her up and a bolt of jealousy runs through me. Which pisses me off to the point of I know I can do this.
"Well lets get going", he says without looking at me.
"Ya well I have a few things I want to talk to you about before we set out on our adventure", I say sweetly.
He just sighs.
"You might just want to sit right back down", I tell him
He looks confused, and I can tell he's getting angry. Ya well let's see how he likes this I grin.
I look over to where where Tara is still trying to wake Willow up and my grin gets wider.
"Xander get some water or something and wake her up, I need her and I need her now," I demand.
I just walk over to the counter where Faith is sitting and I hop up there and sit while I watch while Xander gets some water and splashes Willow's face. She wakes up sputtering.
"Damnit Xander, what the hell was that for," she was pissed.
"Because I need you," I said
That made her day. "What can I do", she grinned.
I looked at her and say "I want you to make a written agreement between Angel and myself about my duties and I want it done in blood and I want it sealed with a spell", I said slyly.
I heard Angel inhale and sputter "why"?
"Oh sure I can do that", Willow said.
"Oh simple that way neither one of can break the agreement", I simply said.
"You can't go on my word," he said.
I just looked at him. " No offense but you have a habit of doing things without asking me". I mutter
I see him glance at me. He has no clue that when I died I remembered everything.
"Anyway this is what I'm demanding from you", but before I could actually say anything.
"I'm sorry demanding of me", he yelled. "Why do you get anything out of this"?
"Hello, I'm feeding your child my blood, and personally I think you should pay me".
Cordelia and Gunn started laughing. Angel was pissed. "I'm sorry did you say pay you"?
I looked around the room and asked, " Did anyone have a hard time hearing me"?
Will spoke up and said "nope I heard you clear as a bell". Everyone else just nodded.
"Stay out of this Spike, this is none of your business", Angel yelled.
"Oh I disagree," I told him. I saw the look he gave me. He wanted to know what was between him. Good let him wonder.
"Whoa there is a next, that's it Buffy that's enough", he yelled.
Completely ignoring him, I said, "Next you just have to supply me and my friend a room".
I could see Angel backing down on that one. "Ok that's not a problem", he murmured.
If he only knew whom the friend was.
"Angel do you have anything you want to add". I asked since I was being nice.
He was very quiet for a moment and said, " yes I do, and you have to stay for the full time that my child needs the blood".
I nodded to Willow and she held out her hand and said a few words
"edtyd heryd"
What looked like an ancient piece of paper appeared. It was really kinda cool I thought. I just didn't want to tell her. We all watched as she walked over to one of the shelves and grabbed a small dagger.
"Angel, Buffy please if you would come here", she called.
We both walked over and tried not to look at each other.
She asked us to hold a finger out and she took the dagger and just pricked the tip of the finger. She let the blood of both of our fingers mix in a small bowl and she said a few more words.
"Helwd hyrwmd heywls"
We all watched as the blood appeared on the sheet. The blood appeared as words. She then took what looked like an old quill and asked us to sign our names.
With that done he finally looked up at me and sighed "are you ready to go"?
"We sure are, come on Will".
"Who is Will", asked Cordy?
"Oh the hell he is not" Yelled Angel.
"Oh but Angel you agreed", Willow said holding up the paper. I grinned at her and she grinned back!
Will walked up to me and said "coming love"?
I just gave the gang one more look as I walked out the door and I saw something that caught my eye on the on the table and picked them up Hmm I thought. I picked up the plastic stakes. I smiled devishly I can defiantly have fun with these.
Without looking back I called out "Call if you need anything". I let the door shut with a slam.
"Well look we don't have room for both you and Spike," said Cordy, who looks like she's ready to bolt around Spike. I feel a little bit sorry for her.
I nod towards the motorcycles chained up by the curb. "Those are ours", I told them.
"Sweet", Gunn said. I saw Angel frown I'm sure he disapproves of me riding it.
"Would you like I ride", I ask. Gunn jumps at the chance. I'm sure it has something to do with not wanting to ride back with a very grumpy vampire. I can see Cordy hesitating. "Will doesn't bite, besides if he tries anything ill stake him for ya", I joke. I see Will is not happy with my little joke, but on the plus side it seems to have worked on Cordy. I haven't bothered to tell them he has a soul or he has had the chip removed. Now what fun would that be.
I see her look at Angel and he's scowling and his face is actually red how he pulled that one off one will never know. She nods and walks towards Will Climbs on.
"Buffy are you not bringing any luggage". I hear her call?
I hold up a little sports bag and I call out loud enough for everyone to hear " I just figure I can buy a new wardrobe when I get to LA thanks to Angel".
I hear him growl and cuse. I think its actually amusing since I don't think I have ever heard him cuse before.
What a fun year this is going to be.

Part 21
The entire ride there was extremely fun. Well it was for me anyway. I left Angel behind. I past him miles ago. I didn't even bother to look behind me as I passed him. However when I passed Will, I noticed that Cordelia was having a hard time trying to find a place for her hands. I couldn't help but giggle. Now Gunn on the other had no problems at all on the hands part.  Talk about a flirt, but it was nice to be flirted with, even though I knew it would lead to no where.
We pulled up to the hotel, and we hopped off the bikes. Talk about a huge hotel. Now that I think about it both Angel and Angelus both have a thing for huge buildings. Whatever, I should be able to find a room somewhere far away from him. Basically I should be able to get lost. I swallow a few times and try to blink back the tears that are trying to start. Don't start Summer's, you have a goal in mind remember that, I tell myself.
"You ok", Gunn asks. He must have been paying attention. I turn to face him and throw a brillant smile at him. It charms him. "Of course", I tell him. Damn I have to pay attention to him. He's attentive.
I hear a roar and look up to see Will and Cordy and notice that her hands are around his waist and she looks very comfy and not only that but he seems to like it. They get off and she looks flustered and he just gives me that brotherly look like what the hell do you think you were doing speeding. I just sigh. I wonder where Angel is. About the time I think it, I see him pull up and he jumps out of the car and throws the keys to Gunn and strides over to me and grabs my arm and starts yelling, "what the hell do you think you were doing". I just simply remove his hand and turn and walk up the stairs I don't even bother answering him. I can hear snickers in the background and I know Angel is more pissed by the minute.
"Damn", I whisper as I walk in the hotel. I feel like I just walked out of 1950's or something. You would think they could have modernized it.
"Oh good Angel your back, Darla was starting to get cranky", said Wesley not looking up.
"Right, nice to see you too Wesley", I said. He looked up confused. As if seeing a ghost he jumped back.
I couldn't help myself. "BOO"! The man turned positively white and looked like he was about to pass out. I thought I was going to pee my pants!
"Buffy that was evil", Will said. Damn does he really have to spoil all my fun?
"I'm    really   sorry    Wesley  ,   I'm    here   to   help   with   the   baby   problem Angel  brought   me   here   I   was   never   dead", I said really slow, so he could understand. He still looked like he was seeing a ghost.
"Wesley its ok" Angel said coming to stand behind me,  "she's here to help". Wesley looked relived but he kept his eyes on me like he still didn't I was standing there. It gave me the creeps.
"Who's he", Wes nodded towards Will.
"That's Will", I said. He still looked confused. I felt sorry for the guy I really didn't want to give him anymore bad news. Cordy did it for me. "He's Spike"
"Who", he said. That's right Wesley wasn't around during the time Spike was in Sunnydale, but being a Watcher he should know this one. "He's William the Bloody" I saw him flinch at that so did Will. I grabbed Wills hand and he squeezed it. I saw the fury in Angel's eyes or was that jealously. He has no idea that Will has a soul.
"Ya well enough with the introductions Wesley, how am I suppose to feed this child." I asked. I had this feeling that no one knew what the hell was going on.
"Honestly Buffy we are not sure, at the moment the mother requires the blood, the child we presume is human", he said honestly. I'm not giving the mother any but I didn't voice that.
"So what am I suppose to do prick my finger and give him a few drops everyday for a year or so till he or she has no need for it", I asked Wesley?
He took off his glasses. I really hated that when Giles did that. "Honestly Buffy I really don't know", The scrolls mentioned something about the Chosen one nursing the child", he said not looking at me.
"Yes Wesley, that's nice and all but my breast are not lactating blood, so like I said any clues, personally im thinking pricking my finger and sticking it in a bottle". I said very loudly.
Wesley sighed "Um yes but blood is very thick to go in a bottle Buffy"
"Ughhh this is grossing me out", Cordy said sticking out her tongue.  Angel had not said a single word but was staring at the floor. I was not even going to guess what his thoughts were.
"Well I'm starved, Gunn do you know any places for dinner", I smiled that perfect smile again.

"Yes I'm hungry too, said a voice at the top of the stairs.
I turned to look and I squeezed Wills hand as hard as I could. I'm sure I was breaking a few bones but he was squeezing right back. There in all her pathetic Glory stood pregnant Darla.

Part 22
I watched as she slowly walked down the stairs. She was still very graceful even though she was fat. Fat with Angel's child. I clinched Will's hand harder if that was even possible but he was taking it with stride. I could feel the tension coming off him in waves. I knew he hated Darla as well. I lifted my other hand to my coat pocket to feel if the contents were still there. They were, good I thought.

"I'm sorry Angel, the chains didn't hold" Wesley was muttering with his head down. Kind of reminded me of the old Wes. It actually made me want to smile. I didn't of course.

Angel didn't say anything didn't move just kept his eyes on her.

She glided down to his side and placed one arm on his shoulder and one arm on her belly and looked at me and glanced away and then did a double take. The look of shock made me grin.

"You", she yelled.

"Yup just little ole me", I said calmly.

She pointed to Angel and said, "He said you were dead". I shrugged. "Ya well I watched Angel stake you. "People just don't stay dead anymore", I said casually. I was really starting to like remarks like that. I felt Will squeeze my hand harder and I looked at him and the pain I saw in his eyes and that made me feel guilty.

I turned back to the others and saw that Angel was watching the play between Will and I. Was that jealousy I saw? What does he really have to be jealous about? He has a baby on the way and he has his sire back. Yuck.

"Whatever, I'm hungry", she said. Oh this should be fun. Not happening.

"Well then I suggest you go call the 24 hr blood bank that delivers, because I cant help you", I told her. I watched as her mouth dropped open.

Cordelia and Gunn started laughing. Wesley on the other hand just continued to stare at me. I just shrugged. "Ok, where can I get a room? Possibly a room farthest away from Angels".
I didn't bother to look at Angel because I could feel the Anger and the pain coming off him.
"Angelâ¦â¦â¦. "Darla whined. Really she is annoying.
Angel grabbed my arm and I turned to face him.
"Look Buffy we had an agreement, you feed my child", he said.

"Yes we do", and I produced the document. He stared at me like I was crazy. "What do you think I wasn't going to have a copy? It says here that I feed your child, not your whore and your child. I suggest you break her water or something". I added before asking about the rooms again. Cordy and Gunn were laughing so hard they were on the floor.

Angel's fury was building; I couldn't help it I was just adding to it. Like stacking firewood.
"You don't understand Buffy she has a soul", said Wesley. I started laughing the woman in front of me did not have a soul, were they blind? " What are they giving them out like candy these days". They all looked at me strangely.

"Whatever, now what about a room", I asked again getting crankier.
"Look Bitch, the baby needs the food", Darla said. Hmmm a soul, But then again im thinking she's a bitch as well.

"Darla, you're not handling the situation very well", Angel tried to reason with her.

I walked towards the stairs still holding Will's hand.More out of support and the fact I wanted Angel to see me holding it. I could feel Darla heading my way. I turned around when I felt her grab my arm.

"Don't you ever touch me again", I warned her. Hey it was the new me. Giving warnings. I looked at Will to see the approval in his eyes.

"I said now", she vamped out. Angel ran over to her and she pushed him back. He flew across the room. Strong I thought. Gunn and Cordy stopped laughing and Wesley scrambled for a weapon. Will tried to step in the way and Darla looked at him and laughed, "Spike what the hell happened to you" and she pushed him out the way and grabbed for me. I have to say for a pregnant lady she was very very on top of her game. "Hey I said I was hungry" and she lowered her fangs down to my neck.

I grinned this was going to be way too much fun. I gripped her neck and lifted her up. I could see the fear in her eyes. I had power and she knew it. She was strong but I was stronger. "I do not like you. I have never liked you. If I ever hear that you have touched someone I will personally stake you. No I take that back first I will slowly torture you then ill stake you. Somehow you have convinced these people that you have a soul. You and I both know that you do not." I grinned at her and I took my hand to my pocket and pulled out a stake. I heard Angel screaming. My grin got wider. I lowered the stake faster than Angel could get to my side.

"Angel" Darla screamed.
"Buffy noâ¦â¦..", Angel screamed.
I turned and walked away to Will who was standing by the stairs.
"That was truly evil Love", he was grinning from ear to ear. So I know I wasn't going to get a lecture.
"Yes, Yes it was".
We walked up the stairs and I turned when I was halfway up the stairs and looked down to the group that was gathered downstairs.
They looked confused.
"She missed" I heard Gunn whisper.
I guess I should let them in my little secret.
"I never miss", I yell. They all look up at me. I watch as Angel takes the stake out of Darla and examines it.
"Its plastic". He whispers.
"That's right. Like I said I never miss. Its plastic, Darla. The only reason your alive is because your carrying that child and you have to nurse him for a year, but it sure hurts like hell doesn't it. When your year is up and the baby doesn't need you anymore you better watch your step. By the way that was for Fred" I look at Angel who looks down. Good he should feel guilty. I turn with Will and try to find a room.  As we walk away I can still hear Gunn saying "Damn" and Cordelia laughing

I reached my apartment and unlock the door, and sat down on the nearest couch. Tonight has been one hell of night. Buffy is alive? Something is not right? I reach for the phone. I know Mr. Giles would not have lied about her dying.
It rings for a few minutes.
"Hello" a voice says.
"Mr. Giles". I ask?
"Yes" he says.
"Its Price, in LA, I um have a thing I have to discuss with you", I tell him
Part 23
Darla had whined all night long. I had helped her to  her bed but she was having none of that and had insisted that she sleep in my room and in my bed. Whatever as long as she stopped complaining. My mind was elsewhere. Like where Buffy was and where her room was and was she sharing Spikes bed.

Anger surged through me. They had lied to me. Willow had lied to me. She had made the trip all the way down here and lied to me. I was so angry that my mind did not comprehend that thought. "She lied to me" I whispered.

Darla slowly walked over to me. I could smell the blood on her. She was recovering fast from her little wound that Buffy gave her. That made me angrier and I started to pace. She could have hurt the baby.
Darla stood in front of me and placed her hands on my face. "Calm down Angel, no harm was done. We need her. Besides all your anger is making the baby jumpy" and as if to prove a point the baby kicked.
I placed my hand on her belly," you're right, I'm sorry." I kneeled down and whispered, " I'm sorry little one".
"Angel I'm still very hungry and I'm having back aches", she said.
I really didn't know what to do I couldn't force Buffy. I did have a contract and Damnit, I could feel the anger raging inside of me again. She deliberately made sure she didn't have to feed Darla. Faith had told her about Darla. Damnit, Damnit Damnit. "Darla you have to just use the human blood for now, until I can convince Buffy", I whispered and I pulled her back to the bed. I rubbed her back. "Damn you Buffy", I whispered. Where was the love I once felt?

Darla thought to herself. That bitch will pay. She will not get away with this. She was suppose to be dead. She will not stand in my way for Angel. I will make sure of it. I held in a groan, the ache in my back was getting worse. I can remember now why I got rid of my first child when I had a soul, before I was a vampire.
Shit, I can feel the trickle of wetness slip down my legs.
"Angel," I groaned.
"Go to sleep Darla", he said turning over. This is why men do not have babies.
"Angel its time the baby AHHHHH". Well that got him up.
"The baby, NOW, like as in NOW, isn't it EARLY", he yelled.
"SHUT UP", I groaned "AHH OWWW", it feels like my stomach is going to split in two and my legs are starting to hurt my back my thighs. I almost wish there was a god.
"Darla ill be right back im going to call Wesley and Cordelia", he said.
What the hell why is he calling that stupid girl? Damn im having having a baby HELLO "OWWWWWWWWWWW AHHHHHHHHHHH" ANNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL" I hate him, but I want him, I will have him and some how I still manage through the pain to place an evil grin on my face.


At the other end of the hall, Buffy opened her door and looked around. The coast was clear. She walked across the hall and before she could knock the door opened. She grinned. "Right on time Pet". She took one last look around the hall to make sure no one saw her and took a running leap to his bed. "I sighed and looked at her.
"Come on Will", she said.
I walked over and climbed into bed and snuggled up against her. She smelled like vanilla. One of my favorite smells. I don't taste anything but blood but I do smell. She sighs and I pull her closer.
"Good night Buffy". I tell her but I can tell that she's already asleep. I'm sure it has something to do with the sleeping pills, she has been taking. She thinks I don't have a clue, but I do. I saw them slip out of her purse one day. She started coming to me about 2 days after she was released from the hospital. That was when the dreams started. At first I would wake up to her crying out. Each night they would get worse and worse till she was not sleeping at all. I'm guessing that's what the sleeping pills are for. She refuses to talk about the dreams but I don't push her. I don't see the point. If there is one thing I know its that you can't push Buffy.  You will just push her away. So I just don't bring up the subject. I'm waiting for her to do it.  I can't believe she pulled off that stunt. The lies are just pouring out of her mouth sometimes I think she's starting to believe them. I know she's hurting. She loves Angel. I can still see it in her eyes, even if that moron can't. All he can see is Darla. He actually believes that she didn't die. Buffy cannot lie and he knows that. I'm surprised that anyone bought that whopper of a lie? I chuckle; the stake in Darla was priceless. I would pay to see that again. However I think I better keep an eye on Darla. One thing I learned, being around Darla for years is never to turn your back on her. I listen to Buffy's heartbeat and I drift off to fall asleep.

I couldn't have been asleep for a few minutes when I heard a scream. I just pulled Buffy closer. Knowing she would need the comfort. However the screaming continued. I opened my eyes to see Buffy's glazed eyes staring at me.
"What the hell is that? Is someone being tortured", she asked, groggily must be from the sleeping pills.

I shrugged it sounds like it. We heard another scream this time louder and we both jumped up and ran out the door and listen trying to follow where the screams where coming from. We hesitated outside a door. I had this feeling this was Angels room. I looked at Buffy to see she was backing up, but the noises were louder and suddenly the door opened. I looked up to see a half dressed Angel.

He looked startled to see us there. He looked at me. I saw jealousy flash through his eyes. I forgot I was barely dressed. As Spike I wore nothing to bed As William I wore boxers. Buffy on the other hand was barely wearing anything but a cotton tank and panties. She just shrugged. "Hey there was screaming," she mumbled not in the least bit embarrassed.
"Darla's in labor", Angel said trying to take his eyes off Buffy. Which was really hard to do since she was wearing all white.

"Oh is that all", she said. "Let me know when the kid is born" and she turned and walked back to my room and shut the door. A few seconds later she stuck her head back in the hall way and said "are you coming Will"? I had the grace to turn around and face her then grin. I started walking towards her when she said, "Do you think there is a store open so we can get ear plugs". I heard Angel growl and something hit the wall. She was really pissing him off. I shut the door. "Honestly pet, you should really watch it", I told her as I made my way to the bed. I saw her take another pill before she climbed into bed. I wish those things worked on vampires. I'm not sure I want to listen to Darla all night.

Part 25
"This is seriously making me not want kids," Cordy cried. She was annoying the hell out of me. Darla had been in labor for 15 hours straight and nothing was happening. Except that I think she broke both of my hands twice now.
"Ya know Cordy you can go home"!
"Oh absolutely not, you woke me up at 2 in the morning so I could come join the fun. I'm here to stay. She said with a sickening grin.
"How ya doing Darla", she sneered
"Fuck off"
"That's about what I thought" Cordy grinned.
"Get out Cordy", I yelled.
"Nope sorry I'm helping Wesley with baby delivery stuff". She said.
I groaned I was exhausted. Darla was even more tired and we were getting nowhere. I watch as Wesley fliped through his books.
"Honestly Angel I don't know why she's not progressing. It could be that her body is not made for childbirth", Wesley said.
"Screw you, my body is just fine", Darla snarled with another contraction. OWWW damn there goes my hand again. This child better come soon.
Wesley takes off his glasses," Angel can I see you for a moment"
"No No don't leave me Angel", Darla pleads.
I look at Wesley but there is something in his eye and he nods towards the door. "Ill only be a minute", I tell her. "Cordy can you sit with her", I ask
"Oh hell no, I'm not staying with her, I'm going with you. Ill probably end up as a snack."
I don't say anything but I did it again. Cordy had a point. We head towards the door and I hear "Annnnnggggggeeeeeeel". I look back to see that Darla is looking pretty bad.
I close the door and snap "What is it Wesley or in case you haven't noticed Darla looks like she's about to Die for the 3rd time".
"Actually I was about to say that I think she might be about to die again along with your child", he bluntly says. I flinch "She doesn't have the strength to finish the labor. Darla was starving when she got here and half dead or undead or whatever but needless to say she's dying again or whatever". Wesley was babbling.
"What are you trying to say", I asked
Wesley was staring at some distant spot on the wall.
"He's saying she needs blood you moron", Cordy said. I just close my eyes.
"BUFFY", I holler.
"That was smooth, but that's not going to work", Cordy says grinning.
"Why not", not liking the grin.
"Because she hasn't come down yet", she said.
"What she hasn't come down yet from last night" I asked? She can't possibly still be asleep. I march to her door and knock. No one answers so I open it. Her bed was empty. She didn't sleep there?
That's when I remember seeing her go into Spikes room.
"Where's Spike" I growl.
"Hmm I don't remember I saw him this morning but other than that IM NOT HIS KEEPER. Oh and his name is Will". She yelled at me.
I didn't bother to knock I just opened the door.
"Angel don't you think you should at least give them privacy" Wesley stuttered. I just ignored them.

The sight in front of me was breath taking. She was listing to classical music dancing ballet?  I always knew her body was beautiful but this was incredible. Ballet? I didn't know she could do this. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was concentrating. She was dressed in all white. A white leotard with a white sheer thing around her waist and she was wearing Pointe shoes like a pro. I was stunned; I had no idea that Buffy could dance ballet? I wasn't the only one that was stunned.
"Wow, how come I can't get my body to do that", whispered Cordy.
"What do you want", Buffy asked. She never opened her eyes. So she knew that we were here the whole time. Of course she would. She finished the routine and walked over to the Cd player and picked up a water bottle and turned to face us.
"I'll ask one more time before I get bored. What do you want? Still not getting a response from any of us.
"Did the kid come yet"? She asked.
"Um, no that's what we have come to talk to you about Buffy," Wesley said.
She arched and eyebrow. I heard a scream and I realized we didn't have time for this I grabbed her arm and started to drag her down the hall. "What the hell do you think you are doing", she asked.
"I need Darla to feed off you, so she can have enough energy push the baby out", I said. Before I even realized what I said. I had a right hook to my jaw. "I suggest a cesarean", she sneered before walking back to the room.
"Oh ya that was smooth, you're a real Ass Angel" and Cordelia slapped me.
"I quite agree with both females you really are an ass," Wesley told me and he walked to where Cordelia was standing. "Come along Cordy lets see if we can try correct Angels stupidity"
I watched them walk to Spikes/ Wills door whatever the hell his name is these days. And I slumped down. I didn't feel the pain in my face. I couldn't believe I said that to her. I told her that I wanted to feed her to Darla. I just gave her another reason to hate me. I heard Darla moaning and I realized I didn't have time for this I was about to be a father hopefully.
I walk into the room and I sit with Darla and wait. The more time goes on the more Darla and the heartbeat starts to slip away. I cant stop the tears from falling.

30 minutes later Buffy comes walking in the door with Will, Wesley and Cordelia and she says "Get out" she doesn't even look at me. "Why", I thought I had a good enough reason to ask.
"Angel, I think you should leave, Wesley will come get us when they are done". Cordy says.
"What do you mean when they are done", I'm confused my mind is racing.
"Are you stupid", Will Yells.
"Will", Buffy cries. I look at her, I really look at her and I can see she's been crying. I want to comfort her but Will beat me too it. I turn towards Cordy and I take one look back to see that Buffy is lifting her arm towards Darla and I get it. She's going to feed Darla.

While Angel paced the hallway wondering what the hell was going on.

I walked over to the bed to Darla and saw she was almost unconscious. I looked at her stomach and almost gave her sympathy. Almost. Darla's a bitch I reminded myself. I couldn't believe I was going to do this. Wesley had convinced me into doing this. He said I should do it for the child. He's right I suppose. The child was human. But then again how many human children drink blood? The others stood in the background just watched almost afraid to come near me except Will of course who was standing beside me giving me support. My constant reminder I have something to live for. At least I have a friend.

I reach down and slap Darla's face. I grin I really didn't have to do that to wake her, but what the hell.

"Wake up"

"Bitch", she mutters.

"Here" I lower my arm and I offer my wrist. This is going to hurt like a mother.
I see her startled gaze. She looks up at me. "Just fucking do it" I see her lick her lips and I see her fangs draw near my wrist. I feel her grab my arm and I feel the slight pressure of her fangs dip into my wrist. I gasp and I try not to scream, but I cant help it. I let out a small scream. I place my head in Wills shoulder and I feel the tears slip down my face. The pain is tremendous. I'm not sure why it hurts though. The pressure she is using to draw my blood out, god I have never felt this. With Angel it was pleasure " That's enough" I scream and I start to jerk back. She's not letting go "Bitch", Will grabs her and pushes her back. I look down to see my arm is completely healed. The pain is still there though. I get it. Its Darla, I had to feed her, just like he wanted. Oh god. I look up at her to see her smirk.

"You taste good Slayer". I slap her.

"Buffy" Angel cried.

Figures he would come in the room to see me slapping her. I see the grin on her face grow. I turn and look at him "You will be paying me in cash every Friday" I didn't bother to wait for his answer. Hell I'm not even sure he even heard me. I walk out the door to my room. No one follows me. They are to busy with Darla who is pushing the new baby out.
I lock the door and I slump down to the floor and start to cry. Oh god. Why did I ever come back?  This is truly hell. Who the hell made Willow God? Why did someone decide to play this huge joke on Buffy and make her life a living hell? Angel is having a baby. And I'm, well I'm a walking food bank. I groaned, I could barely move because my whole body was shaking violently from the tears.

"If he wants blood ill give him blood," I whispered. I stumbled up and I opened ever drawer in the room. Nothing Damnit. I looked in my suitcase. Still nothing. I found my purse and saw a small compact. Screw this and I smashed the mirror. I took the biggest piece of glass and took the same wrist that Darla had just used and started to slice. I felt no pain. I looked down and saw that the cuts where healing at an accelerated pace. No this isn't what I wanted. I was angry and confused, scared

The more I cut the more confused I was. I tried to slice my other arm. Nothing. I had tried over 50 times. Every time the cuts healed so quickly that the blood had no time to escape.

I felt nauseated. I could feel it coming and I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I stayed there shaking.

Part 27

Baby Conner Allen O'Neal was pushed out the same time Cordelia screamed "Vision". The room was in complete chaos.

The problem was no one knew what to do. I was confused I wanted to run to Darla who was pushing out my child and I wanted to run to Cordy who was having a vision because of me. I don't even think about Buffy at the moment.

I guess Wesley noticed the confused look on my face and gave me a very nasty look and told me to take care of Darla. I watched in awe as my child was born and I turned to look at Cordy who was thrashing on the floor and acting out motions with her hand and shaking. I saw this was a bad vision.

"Would you like to cut the cord", the Dr said shaking me out of my thoughts. Huh I thought what's a cord? We had hired a Dr that Wesley knew. He was suppose to be discreet. He had no clue that Darla was a vampire. At the moment he thought that Cordelia was having a psychotic episode. She's going to kill us all when she finds out about that one.

"Sure I guess" he hands me some scissors. Gross, when I look at what he wants me to do.
He finally hands me my child and says he has to clean Darla up. Oh my god this is my child. I have a son. I just stare at him. I don't hear screaming anymore. So Cordy is done. I sense them gathering around me. They don't say a word but they are in awe as well.

"He's perfect," I whisper. He's the cutest little thing. He's got tiny black hair and a cute button nose. He really doesn't look like Darla not that I would tell her. I don't know the color of his eyes because he hasn't opened them yet.

"Awww" they all say together when he yawns.

"Let me see my kid", demands Darla.

I gently hand him to her. I really didn't want to let him go. He's beautiful. I see Will by the door but not Buffy. I'm sure that's for the best.

"He's adorable," she says. "Looks just like me"

Darla starts babbling. I take this opportunity to look at Cordy and whisper since the Dr is still here to ask her about her Vision.

"Oh so you want to know" she snaps. I nod and " I'm sorry Cordy really I am"

"Whatever look I think it's the same girl that I have been having visions, she was trying to cut herself or something" I look up at her and ask "Did you get a location. She shakes her head and says, "No but there is something about her Angel. We have to help her. Her soul she's lost. She's crying and hurting, oh god my head. I have to go my head hurts".

"I'm sorry Cordy. Ill try to find her". She doesn't answer me but she turns to look at the baby for one more last look before she heads to the door to leave

"OWWW" That's my baby," grinned Darla.

"Oh Angel, I think I know how Buffy is suppose to Nurse Conner, Wesley said.

I sat up straight and walked over to the bed. Cordelia came back over to the bed.

"Oh wow"

"Oh god"

My son had two little sharp fangs. He at the moment he had sunk his fangs in his mothers finger and trying to suck it and was not liking. Don't blame you their kiddo. But there is the sweetest blood you have ever tasted down the hall, I thought, damn talk about feeling guilty.

"Darla why don't you feed him breast milk and then ill take him to Buffy later", I whispered. I didn't want to take him to Buffy she just fed Darla. God I feel guilty. Nothing has made me feel this guilty before.

I see Darla nod and she's grinning. She likes the idea of having Conner as half vampire?

That tiny part of my brain is sending me warnings.

"Wesley how long is this going to last. Will he be able to go in the sun" I asked?

"Angel I'm not sure, but as for the nursing I would say the normal year or so and it might just go away. As for the sun. Well I guess we will just have to try it", he said.

I really didn't like the idea of experimenting on my son, but he was right we would have to try.

"What happened to Will, Cordy asked?

I looked around and shrugged. "Who cares"?

Wesley on the other hand was the only person who had noticed Wills hastily departure right after Cordelia told Angel about her vision. But then again he had already talked to Mr. Giles.

He looked at the vampire in front of him and said "I don't have a clue maybe he went looking for Buffy, she may not have been feeling well. Ya know she had to feed Darla and all".

Part 28

I kept looking at the door. I wanted to see how Buffy was doing. Knowing what she went through. Some reason she didn't want us to know she had died.

" I have a son, " gushed Angel.

I looked over to see that he was watching. Darla had bared it all for the world to see. Cordy on the other hand had this expression of complete horror. I didn't blame her. This was disgusting. Vampires do not nurse babies. Darla was acting like the perfect mother who was trying to get her son to nurse. Conner on the other hand wanted none of it.

"I'm sure he's hungry," Darla said angrily. "He bit me"

"Well maybe he doesn't want milk", Cordy grinned at her. She was having fun baiting both Angel and Darla. I really wish she wouldn't. I didn't trust Darla and I didn't believe for a second she had a soul and Angel well he wasn't paying any attention to Darla and that meant trouble.

Angels head shot up and his eyes narrowed. Damn this was not good.

"Well then I guess then my son needs another to nurse him". He muttered

"Angel I don't like the idea of her nursing my son", Darla said.

He picked up Conner and cradled him not saying a word. He wrapped him in a blanket and started towards the door. Oh this was not good.

Think fast Wesley, damn come on old man!! Shit where was Giles he should be here by now.
"Oh Angel I don't think you should do this. I think I should take Conner to Buffy" I screeched out.
"What, Why", I could see the pain flash in his eyes.

"Um no I'm just saying this might ya know hurt her and she has no idea what's going on. Give her time to adjust ya know", I'm babbling I can tell. Cordelia is staring at me like an idiot but just picks up on it.

"He's right Angel, Just let him take Conner to Buffy let her adjust".

Angel hands Conner over to me and I realize how tiny the baby is. I fold back the blanket and take my first good look at him and he looks nothing like Darla. He's one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

I see he's starting to open his eyes. Weird I'm expecting brown  or at least blue but they look green.

"Hey Angel, Conner opened his eyes", I grin  Angel and Cordy both run over to me and take a look. "Um I thought all babies are born with Blue eyes", Cordy said.

"No that's just a theory. I was expecting brown since Angel would be the dominant one with the dark coloring and Darla has the light. I look at Cordy and I can see why she failed Science. Conner here has Green eyes or are they Hazel?

I hear Darla huff. "Well I think it just must run somewhere in my bloodline."

Angel just shrugs. I startle at that! Bloodline? Very interesting.

I head down the hall and hesitate when I get to the door. She's not going to take this well. I didn't want to do this.  I knock softly and I hear Will say, "Come in"
I walk in and shut the door and I see Will and Buffy in bed. At first I think she's asleep but I hear the soft hiccups and sobs. She's crying. The poor dear. I know what she's been through and I want to comfort her myself. Will looks up and sees me. He doesn't say anything he doesn't have to the soft cooing of the baby gives me away.
I can see Buffy stiffen. Damn the poor girl just cant get a break. She sits up and I see she's a wreck.

"Hey Wes" she whispers.

She tries to laugh. "Is that the baby"? I just nod. I figure it was about time I did this and I got it over. I look her straight in the eye and ask her " What did you think you were going to accomplish by trying to cut yourself Buffy"?


I saw her eyes widen. Will on the other hand just nodded at me. A look of understanding went through his eyes. He put a hand on her back. "How long have you known", She whispers. The tears falling down.

"Since the night you got here and I called Giles".

"Oh"  Well i was expecting more that just "Oh" from her.

"Buffy", I started but she wouldn't let me talk.

"Wesley I can't talk right now. You wanted something else right now. What was it" She
was so sad

I grimaced. She had no idea what was coming.

I walked over to the bed and just placed the baby in front of her. No one touched him.

"His name is Conner. I told them.

I heard her whisper the name. "Anyway Buffy we figured out how he needs blood. If you want you can pull the blanket back," I told them.

She reached out slowly and pulled the blanket back. "He's beautiful," she whispered.

"Yes he his love", Will said to her. I looked at them while they admired the child. They seemed to know each other so very well. He seemed to be her rock. I never thought I would see Buffy like this. So small, so needy. Needing William the bloody? I just don't understand. He seems to have more of a soul than Angel does. I studied him more while they looked at the child. They never touched him though. Almost as if they were afraid.

"Wesley you were saying" she said breaking me out of my trance. I felt embarrassed.

"Oh yes, right Well Conner here has two little fangs". They were completely silent.

Buffy just stared at me. "You want me to do what"?

I felt myself getting red "Well he just needs blood and well I know about your little accident so I making a cut wont give him the blood he needs. Plus the prophecy said that the chosen would nurse him. Which really makes me think that you were suppose to be here and not Faith, Buffy?" I said with more confidence than I was showing.

"So wait you want me to nurse him", she said with horror on her face. She hopped off the bed.

"Ohhhh No. I agreed to give blood not give this child my breast and let him nurse. He's not mine Wesley." She was crying now. Now I felt like a complete bastard.

Will got up and walked over to her and tried to calm her down. "Buffy he's just a baby. He's and innocent child in all this. Look at him he's beautiful."

This is confusing me. This is William the Bloody??

"Buffy please, he wouldn't nurse from Darla", I pleaded. That sparked her interest. "Really", she smiled. It was the first genuine smile I have seen from her since she's been here.

I nodded.

She walked over to the bed and crawled on the bed and sat down. She picked up Conner and said "Hello little man. You're so cute. Even though Darla's your mama. We can over look that though. I really don't want to like you though"

She looked at us and I could tell she was embarrassed um guys I have no idea what I'm doing.

I didn't either I looked at Will who shrugged. "Well I had a sister who just stuck her babies up to her breast and they just kind of new what they were doing", he told us.

"Ya but this is kind of different I'm not lactating" she whispered. " I'm not your mommy.  I saw the tear crawl down her face. God she was hurting. Damn you Angel.

"Well Buffy I would think that you would do the same thing and it might be painful but I think he might just sink his fangs in you um ya know", I told her.

"Oh" she said not even looking at us.

I was really getting embarrassed.

"I'm going to go. If you would just return Conner I guess back to the nursery" hell I had no idea what else to say and I took off as fast as I could. I shut the door and stood by the door for a few minute. I was expecting Will to follow but he never did. They had an interesting relationship but I have a feeling that it wasn't sexual.

"Is she nursing him", demanded Angel. He startled me.

I didn't answer him but walked down the hall with my thoughts.
Will and I stared at Conner. Neither one of us could believe that Angel and Darla had actually produced a child. I looked at Will who was staring at Conner wistfully.

"Do you think that you could have children" I asked Will?  He shook his head. " I don't know how they did this. I was with Dru for such a long time. Its impossible."

We just sat on the bed. He knew I was nervous. My hands were shaking. Honestly I was not sure what the hell I was doing.

"Buffy would you like me to leave", he whispered softly. I smiled. "Could you stay"? My voice was shaking but I felt like I needed someone. I needed my best friend. I needed Will.

He walked over to the table across the room and sat down and picked up a pen and paper. I smiled again. He was giving me the privacy I needed but was still in reach if I needed him.

He's not Angel, as much as I want him to be he's still not him.

I look back at the baby and I see him trying to focus on me or maybe it was just the ceiling. I sighed I might as well get this over. I pick him up and I hold him awkwardly. I really don't think I have ever held a baby before. Dawn really doesn't count since those memories are not real. A sad smile drifts across my face when I think about Dawn and I place that thought in my head. This is why I'm here. To make enough money to actually get a place of my own. I don't need my dad or Angel. I just need myself. I just need to convince myself of that.

I look around the room I guess that right here on the bed is the best place for this.
Conner still hasn't cried but is still staring at me. I can't help it. He's adorable.
I back up against the headboard and I shift around. This is so uncomfortable.

"Pet do you need some help". I smile. I need to marry him. Too bad I don't love him.  I just nod. He walks over and places some pillows behind my back.

"Better" he asks?

"Yes", I lie. "I think I should get a rocking chair or something if I have to do this everyday, don't you think. Angels treat" I grin? It made me feel better when I saw him grin.

He walks back over to the table and goes back to whatever he was doing.

"Ok kiddo, listen up. I have no idea what I'm doing. I have this feeling it's going to hurt so please be gentle. I've already been hurt tonight by your entire family" I could feel the tears start to gather. Damn it.

However Conner just stared at me. He had these trusting eyes. They didn't look anything like his fathers. That's good because I didn't trust Angel at the moment.

I slowly raised my shirt and lifted my bra over my breast and I clumsily raised Conner to my breast. He just stared at me. I didn't see any fangs.

"Will I don't see any fangs like Wesley said, he didn't stick around long enough to explain anything to me."

"Hmm maybe he's like a vampire in that he only does it with blood or when he thinks he's about to feed", he supplied never looking up.

Hmm that came from the great scholar! What the hell, lets try something! "Ok kiddo please don't make this hurt" and I stuck my finger in his mouth.
Not a second later did the little sucker and I mean that literally start to suck on my finger with his tiny fangs. I never felt them enter my finger. It was the weirdest thing.

"Yes I would say your theory is correct"

"Hmm yup, told you", and kept on writing.

I pulled my finger out of his mouth and that took some force. He did not want to give it up. As soon as I did he started hollering. Oh geez that was the last thing I needed. For daddy to come running in. Whom I knew was standing outside the door, because I could feel him.

"Damnit" I said when I heard the door opening.

"What's going on? What did you do to my son"? Angel demanded.

"Do you ever knock", I asked trying to fix my clothes.

"Angel do please get out of the room and let Buffy finish" Will said politely.

Honestly at this moment I was missing Spike who would have told him to Bugger off.

"Absolutely not, this is my child and I will stay here. Hand him to me." He walked
over to get him. Conner started screaming. I took him back from Angel and he calmed instantly.

"He's hungry Angel, just let me feed him and please do go away," I begged.


"Then fine, be an ass that you have been for the past few days and go sit with Will", I yelled.
He looked startled and marched over to the table with Will, who didn't bother to even look up at him.

I looked at Conner " You ready now kiddo", figures I have an audience. Have to make it harder.

"By the way Angel if I have to continue doing this I expect a rocking chair tomorrow". He just ignored me while pretending to read Wills book.

I placed Conner to my breast and he opened his mouth and I could see his little fangs come out and I tensed, oh hell this was going to hurt. I draped the blanket over us and I looked down at him and I gasped. He was already sucking.

"What" Will said already at my side.

"Nothing" I was smiling. I let Will look but he could only see Conner nursing.

"That is too unreal. A slayer nursing a vampire child. Unbelievable", he said awe in his voice. He walked back to the table where Angel was sitting. There was jealousy written all over him. I could tell he was tense. I'm nursing his child. I cannot believe I'm doing this. Conner reached up to grab a lock of my hair and I reached down to pat his check. God he was adorable.

I felt the wonderful sensation disappear and I realized he had let go. He was asleep.

"Angel", I whispered

Instantly he was at my side. The look on his face was something I had only hoped to see once. If only this was our child, but it wasn't.

"He's asleep", I said. I looked away from him. This is just a job and nothing more. I handed Conner to him and watched them leave. When the door was shut I burst into tears.

Will climbed into bed with me and I whispered over and over "He's not mine".

Part 30

I shut the door and I closed my eyes and took an unnecessary breath. She nursed my son. Buffy actually nursed my son. Oh, I got a few peeks in while she wasn't paying attention. I couldn't help myself. The site was so breath taking. She looked so content holding my child. I had never thought, I would see her holding my child. However it wasn't our child. The look in her eyes when I came to take him from her was shattering.

I looked down at Conner, he was really an angel sent from God. I really didn't deserve him. I honesty didn't want to know how I conceived a child and honestly I didn't care if this was Darla's child. I had a child. I'm 250 years old and I never thought I would have a child. I have done horrible things in my life. I have ruined lives. I have killed children. The thought of ever having a child was a huge laugh, but here I am holding my sleeping my child who just got nursed by a slayer.

I turn towards the door when I hear muffled sounds but I can't make them out. I sigh and I head down towards my room but when I get there I suddenly change my mind. The idea of Darla. She seems genuine. Last night she seemed happy about Conner and she was extremely happy to want to nurse him, but she was even happier about him having fangs.
I frown about that. Something is very off. I'm not too happy about that, but maybe she's like me and he's a child that she never thought she would have, a second chance. I peek in the room anyway and see she's asleep. Thank the Lord in Heaven. I'm not sure I could deal with her whining. What the hell, I head downstairs

I see that Cordelia is still here and to my surprise she's talking to Fred. I haven't seen Fred since that day at Cordy's house. I feel very guilty about what happened. Fred is my friend. She should be able to live under my house and feel safe.

"Fred" I call out.

She looks up as I come down the stairs. There is no welcoming smile no warmth in her eyes.

"Angel", she said coldly.

The words just stumble out of my mouth "The baby came".

"That's nice" and she turned back to Cordy and Wesley.

I sighed and I walked over to the chair. Buffy was right I do need to get some more comfortable chairs a few rocking chairs would be great. I look at my friends or what use to me my friends and I notice luggage sitting by the door.

"Someone leaving" I ask loud enough for them to hear. I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer.

"Actually I'm moving back in," Fred said. I grinned "Really"?

"Yes, Buffy called me this morning and said that it was safe for me to come back. She also said that if Darla tried anything she would kill her on the spot and that Conner could go on formula." She said coldly.

My mouth dropped open "She did what"?

"I think it was perfectly fine what she did, Angel. Besides this was Fred's home before it was Darla's", Cordy replied not even looking at me.

"Um yes, well Fred I promise Darla does not need the blood anymore you are perfectly safe. Would you like to see the baby," I asked her.

For a moment I thought she was going to decline but she walked over and I thrust Conner in her hands. It was my way of making up to her.

"He's beautiful Angel. I can't believe he's Darla's, though but he's an absolute angel," she whispered. She handed him back to me and I couldn't whip the grin off my face.

For a few minutes we all sat around admiring the baby except Wesley who kept looking back in forth between the ceiling and his watch. Wesley had been odd all day. Before I could ask what was wrong. Will bounded down the stairs. All conversation stopped.

"Well don't stop on my behalf", he didn't even bother to look at us while he put on his coat and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going", I asked. The last thing I needed was for him to start trouble while he was here.

"Its really none of your business Angelus" he said politely. What is his deal, he's being polite. Spike or Will or whoever he is not polite. I handed Conner who was still sleeping to Conner over to Cordelia who was not the happiest at playing mommy for a minute.

"Yes I think it is my business. Where the hell are you going" I raised my voice.

He looked me straight in the eye and I saw nothing but hatred. "I am going out for food".

"Oh absolutely not" I yelled. Shit, I looked at Conner who was still asleep. Why is he still asleep? That worried me.Do babies always sleep like this?

"Are babies suppose to sleep like that" I asked?

Will turned to walk out the door. "I'm sure it had something to do with the sleeping pills that Buffy had to take last night," he murmured.

"What, she did what and where the hell are you going I have plenty of blood here," I yelled. I was pissed she had taken sleeping pills and fed my child my newborn. Anger surged through me.

Will turned to face me and started yelling. "You are a dumb asshole. I am going to the grocery store for Buffy. Unless you would like her to drink blood as well. You have let your entire family drink off her and she needs nutrients"

I was stunned into silence. I have never seen him so passionate before. Not only did I feel like an ass but also I felt guilt. I had forgotten that Buffy needed food. She was probably feeling week from the food loss. What a mess this is.

The others are just staring at me with anger on their faces except for Wesley who staring at Will who had a confused look on his face.

"What the hell is going on down here" yelled Buffy? I looked up at the top of the stairs. I wonder how long she has been standing there.

Will ran up the stairs to her."Buffy what are you doing here. I thought you were asleep." Will said soothingly. What the hell is this?  This was all starting to make me sick. Was this how Buffy felt when she saw me with Darla and the baby? Personally I don't care how Buffy feels. She lied to me. Well she didn't lie but she could have told me she never died. I have to remind myself that. I look away in disgust as Will puts a comforting arm around her. She did look pretty pale.

"I just wanted to see if you were still here and to let you know that I changed my mind on the ice cream. Instead of the cookie-dough-fudge-mint- chip, just get plain chocolate". She looked straight at me.

I froze, it was impossible right? She didn't know did she?

"For some reason the idea of that kind of ice cream makes me want to vomit", she told Will and she walked back towards her room.

I heard Will chuckle. She didn't know did she? She said she would never forget but she acted like she forgot? No it's impossible it's just her favorite.

Will and I locked eyes as he walked down the stairs there was something in his eyes, something I couldn't place.

"Anyone want anything. Fred what about you" he asked?

Everyone shook their heads and Fred asked if she could come along. The headed towards the door before I could tell her not too. The door burst open and I grabbed Conner from Cordelia.

All I heard was "WHERE IS SHE"?

Part 31

We all ducked and cover except for Wesley and Will. I looked up to see a man who had fallen over Fred's luggage. He was yelling, "Where is she", the voice was familiar and defiantly British but it was muffled by his clothes and the fact that he was dressed in sweaters and an overcoat. It's not cold enough to wear a coat in LA. I could smell the alcohol from a distance I was at. I clutched Conner closer. He was just born the last thing he needed was to be exposed to a bum. I saw Will grinning like an idiot and Wesley was heading towards the mans direction to try to help him up.

"Mr. Giles, here let me help you" Wesley said handing him a hand. I relaxed a little when I heard the name.

Yikes don't I feel bad, but Giles, what the hell is he doing here. Isn't he suppose to be in London and why did he leave for London anyway? Buffy never died? Why is he drunk?

"WHERE IS SHE" he yelled again?

What the hell was he yelling for? Conner stirred and cooed a little bit and Giles looked in my direction almost like he noticed that other people were in the room for the first time.

He looked at me and then at Cordelia and said "Cordelia did you have a baby"?

"Oh no no this is ANGELS" she said with glee. I shot her a nasty look.

He just looked at me and he didn't look like he gave a damn. I looked at him and saw he had really changed. He had grown a beard but it was almost like he hadn't bothered to shave and he reeked of hard alcohol.


"Giles please stop yelling", I asked

"Fuck off Angel", he said.

Huh what did I do?

"Giles" I tried again.


I have to ask myself again, what the hell did I do and what happened three months ago? This is all Shit.

"Holy shit" Cordy said grinning like a moron.

"Let me say it again, what the hell is going on down here. Cant a girl get some sleep" Buffy yelled. All heads turned toward hers.

"Buffy" whispered Giles going pale.

Her head whipped around to his. I watched the scene play out and I was baffled. What the hell was going on?

My head was bobbing back and forth between hers and his. Both pairs of eyes were crying and Buffy was frozen but Giles was running up the stairs like he had never seen Buffy before.This was just ridiculous. I looked around the room. I could see that Cordy was confused but what got me was Will and Wesley both had huge grins on their faces.

Will and Fred headed to the store without another word and I turned back to the display. I couldn't help myself though I continued to watch the display.

"Giles" Buffy sobbed.

"My baby, my baby girl. Nothing ever will happen to you again", he whispered. Just loud enough for me to hear. What was that all about.

"Isn't this wonderful", Wesley said in awe.

"Wesley what are you talking about", I asked him. I didn't like to be in the dark. Which was ironic.

He looked at me and gave me a sad smile. "Angel, Mr. Giles will be staying here for as long as Buffy is. SO be a chap and give him a room preferably close to hers.

"Oh this is pathetic. Where is my son" Darla said making an appearance behind the reuniting couple. Some soul I thought. The warning bells were going off, but wasn't I thinking the same thing?

I heard Buffy give a small whimper and my heart made a small leap. Not now Darla.

"Darla, he's right here", I held him out for her. She floated down the stairs. It reminded me that she was very graceful. She reached for Conner and Conner stared crying.

"Now Conner, be a dear, MOMMY needs to FEED you. You cant have just blood all the time from the Slayer. You need your MOMMY". I winced and I could tell Buffy did as well.

I watched as Cordelia picked up a stake and looked thoughtfully at it but she stuck it in her purse and looked up at Buffy who was being cuddled by her father. " I'm going home. Good night"

"Good night Cordy", I whispered but she acted as if she didn't hear me.

"Good night Angel, Wait up Cordy" Wesley called out.

I turned to see Giles picking up Buffy and taking her to room. Poor Conner was still crying and Darla was still trying to get him to nurse. I could tell she was getting pissed. I was tempted to say Buffy didn't seem to have a problem but that would have really pissed her off. Thinking of how Buffy nursed him I suggested,

"Darla why don't we go to the bedroom and try to nurse him on the bed".

I saw her face light up. "Why don't you hand Conner back to me. I know your still weak". I suggested.

"I'm a vampire Angel not a simple human. I gave birth, vampires do not give birth, however I am fine now, thanks to the blood the slayer gave me", she said with a slight sneer on her face. She took Conner up the stairs.

I just stood there. The guilt was eating me alive.

"Well are you coming are not. This should be a family experience. You should be able to watch you child nurse", she smiled.

She's right I should be able to watch my child nurse but did I want to watch her nurse him? Maybe I did? She had a soul and she was my sire and she was going to be with me for the rest of my life. She had just given me the most precious gift there was besides love. Then again who needs love?

I stared down at him while he slept. This was not the Giles I use to know. I'm sorry that my death had taken him to this depth. He had carried me up the stairs and I took him to my room. He whispered how and I told him Willow. He was angry and he tried to pick up the phone immediately. I know the truth is going to come out soon but for now I asked him to hold off telling everyone. I did try to skirt around the whole resurrection questions but he answered them for me. Damn Wesley, he should never have told Giles about Cordelia's visions. Giles, should never have had that to shoulder.

We didn't talk much and I told him I would explain more tomorrow. That was a lie. I don't plan on telling him much at all. He did ask about Spike and I smiled and told him the truth but he was too drunk to understand so we simply held on to one another till he fell asleep. So here I am standing here watching my fallen hero, Another mistake the gang made. They should have never let him get this way. He looks horrible. This was not my Giles. Not my hero, my savior, my father. He took my death harder than my own father did. I couldn't look at him any more. So I walked over to Will's room or what's known as our room now and sat down at the table.

"Ahh food", I sat down happily and going through the Mc Donald's bag. What would I do without Will? Probably starve.

"Well luv, you glad that good ole Rup is back" Will asked with a silly grin on his face?
I gave him a sad smile and nodded. I dug into the food and I kept looking at Will who still had that goofy smile on his face.

"OK I have to ask. Did you enjoy your trip to the grocery store"?

The grin got wider. He pointed to the cornor. I look and squealed.  I jumped up and ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever and then ran over and sat down. He had bought me a Glider rocking chair. "How in the world did you get this", I asked.

With this extremely goofy smile he said, "Fred and I saw this furniture store on the way to the grocery store and I rememberd you talking about needing one and Fred picked it out. She really likes you, and she's never met you". He said with his head down. Was he blushing? Do vampires blush?  Does he like Fred?

I couldn't help it I ran over to give him another hug " This was the best gift ever". I will have to thank Fred when I see her again" said jumping up and down like a schoolgirl.
"Well she moved back after you gave her a call", he grinned.

"That's wonderful", I grinned. We were both grinning like idiots.

I sat back down to finish my dinner.

"So Fred huhâ¦" I asked?

He threw a napkin at me. "I'm a vampire Buffy. She's sweet and innocent and smart. Never happen." He lost his smile.

"You have a soul, Will. She's working for Angel you have to give her credit. I'm sure she's seen more than her share William," I pointed out, whit chewing on a fry.

He took of his shirt and climbed into bed. "I don't know Buffy, maybe" he murmured. I ate my food and watched him for a little bit. It was strange; he was the complete opposite of Spike, yet I could still see that spark in him.

I could hear Conner crying down the hall but hey he's not my problem. I looked over to see if Will was asleep and reached over the table to see what he was writing. Poetry? Blah. What is it with Vampires with Souls and Poetry? First Angel and now Will.

I finish off my Big Mac and Fries and strip off my clothes and change into my usual t-shirt and panties and head to bed with Will but I still hear Conner screaming. He's not my responsibility. I have to keep reminding myself that. I can't help it, I'm curious. The poor kid has to have a sore throat by now and he's not 24 hours old yet. I wonder what Wonder bitch is doing to him.

I sigh, I throw on some boxers of Will's and head down towards Angels door.
I hesitate in front of the door. I really didn't want to go in there but I listen to poor Conner and my heartbreaks. The door is slightly cracked, and I listen to what is being said.

"Can't you shut him up"?
"I'm trying the best I can. You're the mom why don't you rock him or something"
"Well I don't know anything about babies"
"Oh and you think I do"
"OMG what the hell is that smell" they both yelled at the same time? I couldn't help the small giggle that came out.

I knocked on the door and the door flew open. My face was neutral. I thought I was doing an extremely good job at keeping my expressions in tact.

Angel saw me and his face went blank.

"What do you want Buffy," he asked?

"Well I heard Conner crying and like I said before I don't think I'm ever going to get any sleep around here. Do you need any help" I offered?

"Um, no we don't", he said. But Conner on the other hand was screaming his head off.
"We sure as hell don't need any help from you Slayer", Darla sneered.

"Really cause I was thinking that Conner needed to be changed", I told them.

"Changed", Angel asked confused?

Oh he's not that dumb. "Ya you know his diaper", I said.

I walked over to Conner and took him from Angel who was more than willingly to give him up. They were right, he was ripe. Yuck, poor kid.

I started to sing:

"Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the sky so high
Like a diamond in the Sky
Twinkle Twinkle little star"

And I swayed with him and it got his attention quickly. While I did this I looked around the room. I couldn't find the changing table or for that matter anything that belonged to a baby.

"Angel, where is Conner's changing table and crib", I asked? I turned to face him. He was staring at me like he has never seen me before.

"I'm sorry what did you say", he asked me?

"Where do I change him?

He just shrugged and handed me a thing of wipes and a diaper. I frowned this was not good. "Does he not have any furniture yet", I asked.

"Um, we were not sure he was actually going to be born", he shrugged.

I frowned again. The whole situation was weird. I walked over to the bed and handed the diaper to Darla and said "here".

"Oh no, I don't change diapers" she laughed.

"Oh yes you do, its your child" I turned back to Angel who shrugged again. What the hell is going on?

I turned back to Darla who had simple turned over and pretended to go to sleep.

"What a bitch, you don't want to take care of your child. Why are you really here Darla? I heard you had a soul. I for one stand by my reasoning that you don't. Remember what I said. The first time I find out we don't need you. Your dust", I picked up Conner and took off down the hall leaving Angel standing in his room.

He quickly jogged to catch up with us.

"Why are we going in here", he asked?

"So you can change Conner, and because I have things to do", I told him opening the door.

"Oh and do be quiet". I didn't want to wake Will up I knew he wasn't sleeping well with me and my dreams.

"Buffy this is not your room" he said I could hear the anger and jealously in his voice.

"Yes it is. Giles sleeps in the room across the hall now. I never used it anyway." I had to throw that in.

He growled.

I smiled.

I left the lights off because I saw that Will was asleep and I walked over to the table and I laid a small blanket out and flipped on a small lamp.

"Here place him here and let me show you how to change his diaper. That way you will know next time", I told him.

He stood beside me and I showed him all the tricks and a few times my arm or his arm would brush each other's. I could smell him. I missed him. When he was done he had a huge grin on his face.

"I did it", he whispered.

"Yes you did", I grinned back at him.

"How did you know how to do that", he asked?

"Well I guess with Dawn. Its not like I had a ton of experience babysitting and its not like Dawn was real I guess the memories the Monks placed were vividly real", I explained.
He frowned "What do you mean Dawn wasn't real. What Monks. What are you talking about Buffy"?


"I never told you did I? I'm sorry ill have to explain it to you later it's a rather long story but I have a gift that I want to give Conner". I said trying to get out of that one. I really didn't want to talk about anything that dealt with Glory.

"Have a seat", I told Angel pointing to the rocker.

He looked at the chair. "You didn't have this earlier", he whispered.

"Nope. Have a seat. Its wonderful, Fred and Will picked it out for me tonight before they bought me food. It was simply wonderful of them. I'm going to have to do something for them"

"Oh", was all he said. I looked up to see he looked jealous.

I had no idea why.

I walked over to my duffle bag and pulled out my laptop. I plugged it into the phone line. It always amazed me that The gang always thought I was a ditz. Hello I did graduate and I did go to collage. I'm a 90's girl and I do know how to turn on a computer and I do know all about the Internet. For some reason they thing that I couldn't use a computer and the only thing I was good for was slaying. Granted I hated research but they always counted on Willow for using the computer and sure I hated going through those old books.

This baby was one of the first things I bought with Daddys money. I missed my old laptop. The gang never knew I had one so it must have been sold in the auction when the house was sold. I always would keep an eye on the LA gang this way. You could find out about anyone this way. Of course I would chat with Cordelia online and she would never know it was me. I ran into her on a demon chat room. I guess she scoops out the chat rooms for information like I did. Her screen name was a dead give away. SeerforAngel. I was like HELLO Cordelia. Sometimes Cordelia can be a little dense but you have to love her. I hated to see her leave, we really missed her, but I'm glad she ended up with Angel. Did I actually just think that?

Angel wasn't saying a word and I looked over at him. He was sitting in the chair rocking Conner. I just stared. It was breath taking. An Angel with an angel. It was stunning. They were sitting in the shadows with the moonlight coming in and Angel was concentrating on Conner who was cooing. The love in Angel's eyes. I have never seen that before. How I wish they were mine. Both Angels. Why did God decide they weren't mine? It wasn't fair. I cold feel the tears start again.

"Ok Sears", I whispered biting my lip. "Scoot over Angel, we are going to get Master Conner here furniture", I giggled

He brought the chair over and was confused. "What do you mean your going to get him furniture"?

"Just watch," I typed in cradles.

We started to look through several and we found we that we loved. And I clicked buy it then I added all the matching items like the crib and the changing table and the dresser. Then I we picked a cute cloud bedding set. I thought it was adorable. I think Angel liked it because he hasn't seen the sun in about a year. That brought me down from my high. I went to check out. Yikes it was expensive but I didn't care I turned to look at Conner.

"Happy Birthday Conner" I whispered.

I don't think Angel thought I was going through with it till I pulled out a credit card. He looked at it. "Buffy where did you get this"

"My fathers way of paying me off", I said coldly.

"Paying you off. Why would he do that," He narrowed his eyes.

"None of your business Angel", he was getting too close. I didn't want him to know the truth.

"Oh, look you don't have to do this", he said and stood up to fast and tipped the chair back making a scraping noise. This woke up both Conner and Will.

"Buffy, what are you doing" Will said

I quickly hit the ok button and saw the confirmation. It would be here in a day or so.
"Buffy come to bed ok. I know you're tired", he said sleepy.

I walked over and gave Conner a small kiss. Angel on the other hand looked very upset.

"You sleep with him," he asked?

I just nodded closing the laptop.

I looked back to see the fury written all over his face. I think he had just gotten the wrong impression.

"So that's what your taste are like these days. You go from one dead guy to another, but hey at least this one wanted you dead", he sneered.

My mouth opened but nothing could come out. The floodgate opened and the tears poured out before I could stop them. I just stood there staring at him seeing the hatred.

"Angel" I whispered.

Will jumped out of bed and grabbed me by the waist and turned me around so I wouldn't have to see Angel.

"You jackass, don't you ever say anything else to her. You don't have a clue what's going on or what's she's going through. If you ever say anything to upset her I will make you regret it. Get out", Will threatened.

"I'm leaving, oh and one more thing. Buffy don't you ever take another sleeping pill as long as your nursing my child," he said as he slammed the door.

My sobs got harder. Why cant things get easier?

I ran to the bathroom and I shut the door I could hear Will begging me to come out. I grabbed the pill bottle, how did he know about them? I was going to flush them down the toilet, but I knew the nightmares were going to start soon. The restless nights, the screams, the pain, the dreams, Oh god, I started to hyperventilate. Instead I took each pill out of the bottle and threw the bottle away and placed the pills in my makeup case. Leave it to Angel to try to snoop. I wouldn't put it pass him. I placed the bottle on top of the garbage for him to see. I calmed myself and I splashed some water on face and walked out.

"Are you ok," I could see the worry on his face?

I nodded and headed straight for bed. I was too tired to care I snuggled up to him and he whispered he was sorry for Angel. I didn't answer. I try not to think about what the hell was going on in Angels mind. I was afraid to fall asleep knowing the dreams were coming.
"I'm right here" Will whispered.

He's right here, but I need my Angel.

Angel on the other hand marched back to his room with Conner who started crying again.

"Shhhh Conner, Daddy is just upset", I whispered.

Darla was asleep or at least pretending to be asleep. Either one he didn't care. He sat down in a chair and held Conner till he fell asleep.

I went over the words he said to Buffy in my mind. I had hurt her. God I didn't mean to. It seems like lately that it's all I ever does.

"I didn't even bother to ask why she was taking the sleeping pills", I whispered to the sleeping baby. I'm to caught up in my own world. But my anger comes back; she's sleeping with Will

"I have you my sweet Conner. I promise you I will take care of you" tears flowing down my face. I didn't bother to wipe them off. Will, she had gone on to him?

I walked over to the bed with Conner and crawled into. I made sure that neither Darla or I would turn over on the baby and I drifted off to sleep.

Darla woke sometime later to find both the brat and Angel in bed with her and realized that her dear boy was going to be hers very soon.
Part 33

A scream pierced throughout the Hyperion Hotel. Darla and I hopped up. I quickly looked down to make sure Conner was ok. I looked at Darla she was fine. I ran out the door to Fred's room only to run smack into her.


"What was that"?

"I donât know"
"Oh hell"



We ran to Buffy and Wills room to see the door was open. We stopped dead in our tracks when we saw that Buffy looked like she was having a seizure.

"Buffy, its ok, calm down", whispered Will who was patting her hair and pulling her closer. The demon in me raged. This was my mate no one should be touching her.

"Giles can you get me another blanket" pointing to the closet.

"What's going on in here", I demanded?

The two men turned to look at us and turned back to Buffy and completely ignored us. By this time Buffy's shaking was slowly stopping and she was sobbing.

"Will" She cried out but her arms were up in the air. If I didnât know better I would think she was having a nightmare.

"Shhh" he whispered. I watched as he lay down beside her and cuddled her gently and the nightmare eased up.

I was in full jealously mode. Will is being gentle? Why is he being so gentle he doesnât even have a soul? He's touching my mate!

"What the hell is going on" I asked again?

"Nothing that concerns you, please leave so she can rest", Will asked? He looked at me and I saw something that looked like pain in his eyes. It wasn't hatred but pain.

Fred rushed to his side and asked is she could do anything and he smiled at her and said that Buffy would be fine in the morning and then he thanked her.

HUH?? Will has never thanked anyone for anything.

I walked out of the room and back to mine like I was a zombie I crawled into bed and didnât even care that Darla had curled up against me. I kissed the top of Conner's head and fell asleep dreaming of the way Buffy's arms were up in the air clawed.

The other side of the town, Cordelia shot up out of bed. She was shaking and crying. This was the first time she had dreamed about the vision. Dennis brought her a tissue. She curled up against a pillow and turned on the T.V. there was no way she was going back to bed. That poor girl, I have to talk to Angel. Ya right, hell he doesnât even talk to Buffy, so there is no chance that I will get to talk to him. I'm going to have to find this girl on my own before something happens.

Two hours away Faith was doing a flip in the air and was caught off guard by the

image stuck in her head and fell to the grown. Luckily Xander was with her that night and staked the vampire that was leaning down for her neck.

"What he hell, Faith you could have gotten yourself killed", Xander yelled giving her a hand.

"Buffy" she whispered with tears in her eyes.

part 34

I slowly made my way downstairs, and headed straight for the kitchen I needed coffee and fast. I walked past Angel and Darla who were cuddling Conner; he didn't bother to glance at me. It stung but it had been like this for the past few days since that night. I think he's still upset about me sleeping with Will. Darla on the other hand gave me a very smug look and placed her hand on his leg, I stuck my tongue out at her. Very mature Buffy. Ya, who's the slayer, Me that's right.

I try not to giggle.

I concentrate on the smell of coffee, I knew that Will has made some, he always made sure that I had some these days. With me getting no sleep. I actually hated coffee, love cappuccinos but coffee, yuck. The past few days I had made it a point on doing everything but sleep. I'm starting to look like a zombie. Well that would just make me part of the family around here. I sigh and make my way into the kitchen and I see the gang is there including Gunn, which is a surprise because he hasn't been answering his cell phone since the baby arrived.

"Hey", I mumbled.

They all glanced up at me. I could see the worry in my friend's faces including Fred's. I gave them a smile. I loved meeting Fred for the first time. She tends to babble and she was the first person I know that does that besides me. We are going to get along wonderfully.

"Hey girl you look like you need some sleep", Gunn said.

"Ya well, have you slept on these beds," I asked pouring myself a huge glass of coffee?
The others just laughed and Fred just winked and Gunn shook his head.

I was embarrassed when I found out that I woke everyone up with my dream the other night, but Fred has been cool about it. Angel on the other hand hasn't said a word. Its hurt that he hasn't asked about it but screw him.

"So Gunn what made you decide to grace us with your presence" I asked him? God caffeine.

He grinned and said "Cordy threatened me to get some work done, since Angel seems to forget about the bills that are due around here. Plus I thought I would drop by and see how you are doing and my sweet Fred of course". I saw Fred Blush and I saw Will's eyes narrow. Hmmm interesting, Will is jealous?

"Oh" I couldn't help but smile. "So did you get to see the baby", I asked him?

"Yes I did and thank the sweet lord he doesn't look like she does. Also I am grateful that the kid is here. I was sick and tired of listening to Angel," he said walking over the fridge and getting a drink.

"Yes, its very odd that two vampires conceived a child. Wesley and I are working on solving the problem right now. Or at least we are trying to figure it out. I brought as many books as I could. Oh and Buffy I did ask Willow to send some books this way if she had any", Giles said looking too intently at me that I had to look away. I really didn't want him to worry.

"Great", well I'm going to my room.

"Buffy, don't you want to eat" Will asked?

I shook my head and murmured that I wasn't hungry. I could feel the stares on my back.
I walked past Angel thinking about all the nasty things that I really wanted to say when I heard Conner cry and for some reason my breast started to ache. They had started to do that when he was around. I groaned but kept walking, it wasn't his feeding time from me.

"Buffy", Angel called out.

"Oh god", I whispered. What the hell does he want now?

"Can you take Conner I think he wants to be fed" he asked?

I totally couldn't refuse, I would do anything to hold the little tyke and especially nurse him. However I slowly turned around and said "Whatever"

I walked back down the stairs and walked over to them and reached down to grab Conner, when I did this my robe exposed my tank top, which had slid off my shoulder. It exposed my half my breast, Angel groaned.

I walked with Conner up the stairs and tried not to smile. Even if I was still mad at Angel it felt great to know I could still turn him on and to know he didn't see much.

I settled down in the room and took off my robe and gave a breast to Conner and he sunk his small fangs into a mark he had already made. It didn't hurt. He looked up at me with trusting eyes. I wonder if these marks will always stay like Angels mark did.

I gave him a lock of my hair since he seems to like to have it in his fist while he nurses, while his other hand seemed to be holding my breast. It just seemed so natural. He wasn't my child but we seemed to fit. It was amazing the feel of this. I had sworn to protect him and I would. This little child would never come to harm.

He's eyes look so familiar.

When he lets go I try to burp him like I would if was nursing for milk and then I give him the other one because one would get sore after a few minutes.

When he's completely done I don't take him down right away. I keep him with me for a little bit. I can't help it. He's adorable. I have a year with him. I think he is the closest thing I will ever come to having a baby. He's always so happy when I'm around. Maybe he knows that I need some cheering up. He looks so pale, I should go ask Wesley about taking him outside, and babies need sunshine.

"Ok Master Conner, I think I better take you back to your daddy before he decides to come up here and get all GRRR on us", I whispered into his tummy.
Conner giggled.

I quickly got dressed in something more "Buffy Like" so no one would complain.

As I walk down the stairs I see a green demon with horns.

"Hello Lorne, long time no see", I grinned.

He turned around in shock.

"Buttercup" He yelped. He ran over and gave me the biggest hug ever.

"Hey Hey, your squashing my baby" Angel yelled and he took Conner who was not too happy to be taken from me.

"Sorry", we both said grinning

"I thought you were dead," he asked frowning at me.

I shrugged, "A lot of that going around".

"Well I'm happy to see you alive. Now tell me why you are here," he said grinning still
holding me. It was good to see him again. I loved Lorne to death.

"Wait how do you two know each other" Gunn asked?

"Simple I met Buttercup here when she was first called. The she moved to Sunnydale and I didn't see her again till she came back here a few years later in some trouble." He added.
Both Angel and I flinched.

"Anyway the last time I saw her was on Thanksgiving last year Buffy or was it the year before" he asked

"Look Lorne," Angel interrupted handing Conner to Lorne.

I snorted and Angel looked at me. I looked innocent. Nice save Angel, I thought. I sat down on the couch and pretended to read a magazine and I looked around the room. Will was talking to Fred, which was great. Giles and Wesley were looking at me, which was not great, and Cordelia was looking horrible. How did I not notice that before? I walked over to where she was.

"Hey, you feeling ok" I asked? She looked kind of like I did?

"Sometimes these visions are a little too much", her voice was shaky.

"Have you had one lately", I asked her. I was getting mad Angel should be here paying attention to her.

"Not since that girl tried to cut herself", she said and I flinched. OMG That's how Will and Wesley knew.

"I'm sorry Cordelia", I whispered. "I know all about nightmares Cordy, I have them too", something in my voice must have made her turn and look at me because she just stared at me for a second.

"Nevermind" she whispered.

She came close to figuring it out, Damnit. I don't want them to know. No one should have to know. Damn Willow. I shouldn't be here. I should be where it was warm. I miss mom.
Its not your fault", she said. " I have been having these horrible nightmares at night the past few days. They just started up; it was of the first vision of this girl I got. It's been a month or so and now I'm getting nightmares. I don't understand why the PTB are doing this." She had tears falling down.

I just stared at her in horror. I did this to her. I'm responsible for this, this is my fault.

"Angel" I snapped. Something in my voice made him turn around.

I just nodded my head towards Cordelia. I saw his face go white as he looked at her. He was finally looking at her. They all were. They all rushed around her to help her except Lorne who was holding Conner and Darla who staring at it all in amusement. Soul my ass.
I looked at the scene for a minute. Family, including my half they seem to fit. I nodded to Lorne as I passed him and I saw him frown.

"Buttercup, he missed you," he whispered, but it was loud enough for me to hear.

I turned around and pointed to Conner. "He has Conner and Darla now, Lorne. He never missed me, or he would have come back for me"

"How long are you going to let him believe you didn't die" he said with sad smile?

"I missed you Lorne", was all I said before turning around to walk to my room.

I walked over to the rocking chair and sat there for a few minutes. Conner and Will were everything to me these days. They meant the world to me, but I was putting Cordelia through hell. I wasn't sleeping. The nightmares were getting worse. I just want to sleep.
I walked into the bathroom and opened my makeup case and pulled out the sleeping pills and just put five in my hand this should make me sleep. Maybe this way both Cordelia and I could sleep tonight? I could come up with an excuse like I was sick, to Angel so I wouldn't nurse Conner for a few days. He shouldn't need blood for two days, Isn't that how long it take these things to get out of your system?

Here goes nothing, I placed them in my mouth and swallowed. No more nightmares.
I climbed into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep hoping these pills would work fast.

Downstairs everyone was cuddling Cordelia who was ready to bolt.

"Look I'm really ok. I just haven't been getting any sleep lately" she explained.

"You sure" Angel asked. For the first time in months he actually looked worried. The crew smiled this was their Angel.

"Angel honey. I think that maybe Cordy's problems are coming from an old case", Lorne suggested handing the baby to Darla who balked.

Conner started fussing and Lorne looked at her very carefully. " I thought you had a"

"Hey, ya know I think we need to worry about Cordelia's problems" Darla smiled holding Conner like a loving mother.

Lorne frowned.

"What do you mean an old case, Lorne" Angel asked.

"Oh that's simple, Angel, I have been having nightmares, about the first vision I had about a month ago" Cordy said. Her voice was shaky and she looked tired.

He missed the looks on Wesley, Giles and Wills face.

"Like I was saying maybe you should look into it Angelcakes", Lorne suggested.

"How do I find this girl", Angel said.

Lorne looked up, "I don't think it will be a problem"

"Oh God Vision"

Cordelia was thrown across the room. "ANGEL",she screamed. She was trembling and holding her head and screaming.

The others looked on in horror, even Darla who had never seen anything like this in her 400 years.

Everyone reached Cordy's side quickly and the pain eased and the look in her eyes was extremely scary. She looked almost peaceful.

She was falling asleep.

"What do you see Cordelia" I asked shaking her. I was afraid for her to fall asleep. This was not good.

"Man don't shake her", Gunn said.

"No Angels right, she looks drugged", Wesley, commented.

Cordelia focused on my shirt and grabbed it and pulled with all her might. She snapped the chain around my neck.

"I know who the girl is. You have to help her she's going to die, she took to many", before she passed out.

The music is from the Princess Bride Storybook Love by Willy DeVille
Part 35

I stared at Cordelia. I was panicking. She had passed out.

"Angel what do we do", Gunn yelled?

I just stared at her. I didn't know. I was scared. This was not suppose to happen to Cordy. My sweet Cordy.

"No I whispered shaking her. "Wake up" I yelled.

"Call 911"Gunn yelled to no one in particular. I heard what sounded like Fred talking to someone on the phone.

"Wesley, what is wrong with her", I asked? I received no answer. I didn't want to turn around but I had no choice. Wesley, Will and Giles were missing.

I turned back to Gunn "Where did they go" suddenly terrified?

He shrugged and went back to checking Cordy over. I wanted to shake him. Why did he act nonchalant?

"Angel, The paramedics are on the way", Fred came running over.

"Wonderful" I picked Cordy up and moved her over to the couch where Darla was sitting with Conner. She had a smile smirk on her face but I was in my own world to even notice it.

Cordelia groaned when I set her down. The three of rushed to her side. "Cordy" I whispered

She never opened her eyes. "Ring" she whispered and passed out again.

I was confused.

"What is she talking about", Gunn said?

"Well Kiddies, I think it has to do with an old vision she had" Lorne said.

"That's right, Cordy said in those first visions she had seen a ring on the girls finger, it had been familiar to her", Fred said. Leave it to Fred to remember small details. There is a reason she sticks around.

"So what does this have to do with Cordelia", Gunn said?

I was quiet. I picked up Cordelia's arm and unclenched her fist. In her fist she held my chain. It had my Claddagh in it. I had stopped wearing it, when I found out Buffy had faked her death. I had been so upset with her. She had lied to me. I had sent Buffy's Claddagh with Willow to be buried with her. I had felt that she would have wanted it. I had found hers at the mansion when I had come back from Hell.

It couldn't be!

I quickly looked at Lorne and he just nodded.

"Gunn watch Fred," I yelled as I raced up the stairs. If my heart was alive it would be pounding.

"Angel" he called out but I ignored it.

I reached Wills room and opened it. There was Wesley and Giles doing CPR on Buffy and Will was on the phone I'm guessing to 911.

There she was. Lying on the bed looking like an Angel. Her eyes were closed and on her left hand was her Claddagh with the heart pointing towards her.. She must have put it on before she fell asleep.

My heart shattered.

"Buffy you cant die on me again I just got you back", Giles yelled.

I watched the scene in a state of shock. Buffy had died. A thousand questions entered my mind? How and why but I couldn't ask them not now anyway. My Buffy, my beloved.


What, that startled me out of my shock?

"You have a soul. That's why you're so different", whispered Wesley.

Will just looked up at him and he didn't have to answer it was all right there I could see it all in his face. The love he felt for her, the pain.

Oh dear god what was going on here?

I heard a small gasp.

My heart lurched

"Damn you Buffy. What did you do", whispered Will, he gathered her up.

She clung to him but couldn't stay awake.

I heard her whisper, "Just wanted to sleep, nightmares, Cordy, Angel, sorry".

I felt my own tears fall down my face. What have I done?

I backed out of the room and my back hits the door and Will looked up.

We locked eyes.

He nodded and I knew he was asking if I wanted to take his place but I kept walking back. I was scared. I all but ran downstairs.

I saw that Cordy was awake but groggy and the paramedics were arriving. Cordy insisted that she didn't need to go but we all said that she needed to get checked.

So I sat at the bottom of the stairs holding Conner as both Cordy and Buffy were taken away on stretchers.

Buffy was more critical than Cordelia. She had to have her stomach pumped. She had told the Drs that she had took to many pills because she was tired. They made her stay over night for observation. Cordy was fine and she was released the same day. She came up with an excuse of falling and hitting her head.

I was too full of questions like Cordelia was. We both bombarded Giles and Wesley but neither man were talking. They kept saying in due time. I even tried approaching Will who just walked away. Both Cordy and I were upset with Wesley for keeping this secret from us but he assured us that he was doing the right thing for Buffy's sake.

On the day that Buffy was to come home we had another surprise a non-welcoming one. The Scoobie Gang showed up including Faith.

"What the hell happened to B", yelled Faith going into attack mode.

Oh boy this should be fun.

After Giles explained it to them they all seemed to calm down somewhat. Except Willow who grew pale and started crying and whispering "this is all my fault".

I found this interesting what did Willow have to do with this.

Giles just glared at her, actually it as more like a nasty look. This was strange because Giles loved Willow. Sweet little Willow.

"Anyway it seems that Faith and Cordy are somehow linked to Buffy. Most likely the PTB are linking them to each other", he said

"So where is she", Xander asked, looking at me like I had something to do with this?

"Wesley went to go get her" Will said for the first time. The gang noticed him for the first time and they walked over and gave him a hug. They never gave me a hug. "I would have but ya know, its sunny and all", he joked.

"Has she talked to you at all Will", whispered Willow?

"Ya she has, but I'm not sure it's my place to tell Willow, I think its hers", he said.

"I think he's correct. What the hell are you doing here Willow" Buffy said standing at the door. Her voice was ice cold.

We all jumped.

"Buffy, they all came here because they were worried about you" Will said. He walked over to her when she finally came into the room.

I studied her. She was pale and she had shadows under her eyes and she was extremely thin. Why had I not noticed this before? Why because I was too busy paying attention to Conner and Darla.

"Whatever" and she walked up the stairs never looking back.

"That's one troubled soul. I think you have your hands full Angel or maybe Its Wills job now", Lorne said before walking over to Will.

Was it my job now? I have a baby now and there was my sire that was his mother and I had to try to provide for everyone including pull money in for Cordy, Gunn, Wesley and Fred. Was is my job to try to save Buffy who didn't want to talk to me, who lied to me, who didn't want me around, but she died a small voice said to me. She's hurting. I can see it in her eyes.

Did she love me?

I think she does, why else would she wear the Claddagh pointing towards her, but I noticed it wasn't on her hand today.

Did I love her?

The answer was yes, I would always love her, but things change. I have a son. Sacrifices. Was she one of them? Only time would tell. We had 11 months to go.

I walked up the stairs with Conner and I heard music coming from an abandoned room and I stopped to check it out and cracked the door. I know she knew I was there before I saw her. She was dancing and flowing to the music

Come my love, I'll tell you a tale
of a boy and girl, and their love story,
and how he loved her oh, so much,
and all the charms she did possess.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

Now this did happen once upon a time
When things were not so complex,
And how he worshipped the ground she walked.
When he looked in her eyes, he became obsessed.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

This love was stronger than the powers so dark,
A prince could have within his keeping;
His spells to weave and steal a heart
Within her breast, but only sleeping.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

He said, "Don't you know I love you oh, so much,
And lay my heart at the foot of your dress?"
She said, "Don't you know that storybook loves
Always have a happy ending?"
Then he swooped her up, just like in the books,
And on his stallion they rode away.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

I watched her as she moved gracefully along the floor. She was singing as she to the song. I couldn't help but thing about the lyrics. Storybook Love. Conner was attentive as well He knows Buffy by voice, I think my son has a little crush on her. Like his old man. I couldn't help my eyes from wondering as they watched her body move, her hips grind, her legs were perfect as they lifted in the air. She knew I was there. I saw the small smile that graced her lips and I saw her tongue lick her lips.

I groaned, something tells me it's going to be one hell of a long year.