DreamLand V 2.0
Baby Conner

oh baby oh baby


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I'm so Tired, I thought, as I sat down on the chair. We had been working for hours to get the hotel cleaned up from Angels little run in. When I was thinking they, I meant herself,
Cordy, Gunn, and Wes. Angel (The trouble maker himself) was upstairs with his baby. His baby, I thought, now how does two vampires have a baby and a human baby at that? This place is so weird; sometimes I wish I were still at Pylea. Yeah right!!!!!!!!

"Hey guys, I finally got him to sleep," Angel said grinning.

"Oh and nice work cleaning up the place," he mentioned. We all stop to give him nasty look

"Ya know Angel, can we expect any more surprises from you Dad?" Cordy asked.

"Look Cordy, I know your Angry over my not telling the entire truth about Darla, and me trying to lose my soul opps YOU WHAT screamed Wes and Cordy.

But before they could anything else the front doors were forced opened. At the door stood The Scooby's and what use to be a dead Buffy Anne Summers. The LA.Gang stood there in shock, Ok well Angel, Wes and Cordy stood there
in shock Gunn and I had no idea who these People were. One by one they
came in the room.

"Hello Angel," I said. I really didn't know what to say. I mean its not like I had contacted him when Willow raised me from the dead. It was a huge surprise.

"Omg Your dead," said Angel. I watched the shock on his face. I wanted to know what he was thinking and I wanted to know why he wasn't running over to me. Why we weren't in each other's arms.

Yes, I was but Willow is a powerful Witch." I whispered. It was the only thing I could say. He had done this before with Darla. I know what he's thinking. Not the time to break down Summer's.

"Oh hey we brought gifts for Conner," Willow said. Leave it to Will to break the ice. I took the opportunity to run over to Angel and grab the baby. Angel was to stunned to react. "Hello, Connor Allen, It's nice to see you again, I said.

"What the hell is going on and aren't you suppose to be dead and how did you know about the baby and ohhh good taste at least you can pick baby clothes out instead of your own wardrobe," Cordy snapped.

"Look who's the chick and how come she can hold him and I cant," Gunn whined.

Angel was too busy looking at me like I was a ghost. I smiled at him and he stumbled back my smile wavered.

"Its alright Angel, I'm real or at least I think I'm real," I said. But Angel wasn't buying it.

I sighed," Would someone please tell him I am real?"

Willow and Tara walked over to Angel and placed a hand on his shoulder and said a few words. Whatever they did must have calmed him because he wasn't shaking as much. "She's real, Angel," Willow whispered.

"Oh god," he groaned and the next thing I knew I was crushed in his arms.
It felt like heaven of course Conner was being smothered and he let out a cry. Angel went to grab him.

"Let me I. I missed him," I told Angel.

Angel looked confused and apparently his crew heard my words as well because they gathered around.

"Sit down because this is a long tale," I said steadying my voice.

"Wait I have to ask how did you know his name was Conner? I haven't even named him yet." Angel said. I grinned and started my tale.

"It starts from when I jumped from the tower. I didn't go to a hell dimension like Willow thought I did. I went to Heaven. When Willow brought me back the only thing I remembered was of peace and of warmth. So I assumed that it was Heaven. I haven't dwelled on it since. About two weeks ago I started having dreams about a baby. A baby with brown hair and brown eyes. Not only that but in each dream I would dream about a man with an Irish accent. He would tell me that I had to remember. I would wake up after he would say those words, not only that but Spike is able to hit me with his chip working," I told them. I looked around the room and noticed that I had everyone's attention.

"I was becoming very frustrated. One because I could have sworn I had seen this man before. Two because I felt there was something wrong with me then it hit me. I had even for five minutes," I whispered. I looked up at Angel.

"Doyle," Angel whispered. I nodded and look at Cordelia who had tears in her eyes.

"Once I had figured out who he was little things started coming into position. Like I remember meeting him in heaven. Did you ever wonder why Darla could never get rid of Conner?" I asked. I saw confusion and questions in their eyes and Wesley was itching to ask.

"All in goodtime Wes," I whispered.

"She said she tried but she could not get rid of the baby no matter what she did," Angel said. I smiled and nodded.

"That's because He had a guardian Angel, Doyle," I said. I let them digest this little bit of information. Both Cordelia and Angel were crying.

"While I was in Heaven, Doyle had decided to become his guardian angel. When I found out that this was the only way to protect him I did the same. Which is why Spike can hit me. We made sure no harm came to Conner while he was in Darla. She tried many times. The fact that you actually conceived Conner is a miracle that was never suppose to happen Angel. You have to protect him. TPB are not happy about this. They do not want him around. They fear that he will fall in the hands of the wrong people. Doyle took on that assignment knowing that the PTB didn't not want Conner to live. It was his gift to you," I whispered

I saw Angel flinch but I continued," Doyle continued till even while I was gone and I wanted to come see him. Willow and Tara want to perform a protection spell. And I can't believe you had sex with Darla. Cordy please do me a favor and smack him," I snapped


"OUCH, Damnit Cordy," he yelped.

"You could have lost your soul," I yelled.

He flinched again.

"Anyway we brought presents," I said. Angel mumbles his thanks and walked away like he was lost in his thoughts

I looked over at Cordy. "Cordy, when you get a minute can we talk?" I asked. She just looked at me for a few minutes like she was deciding and nodded, I just sighed.

"Sure,  in a minute ok?" she said and walked over to Angel and palced and arm around him. I was instantly jealous. I sighed and just sat here holding Conner. Fred gave me a bottle and I was content to feed him.
I was looking at my true love and I still couldn't believe she had just walked into my hotel and said Hello I'm alive. I still think I'm dreaming. I'm starting to believe this is a W&H trick. They did it before so why not do it with Buffy, but she smells so much like Buffy and she looks like Buffy and I bet she taste and feels like Buffy and oh God I just want to touch her. These people just need to leave. My sunshine is alive and she's holding my son, the one I had with Darla. I had with DarlaNot Buffy..

As I sat on the couch feeding Conner I was at peace I hadn't felt this since I was in heaven and I knew it was because I had the other half of my soul. I also knew that there was no way that I could walk out those doors and go back to the hell mouth and start fighting again.  Iwanted to be with Angel and with Conner. I may never have children but I didn't care I wanted to raise Conner as my own he was Angels I already loved him. Even though I loved them both it still didn't matter I was brought back for a reason, I was a slayer, my place was on the hell mouth. I knew I would die again and never have a happy life at least with Angel his crew Conner, could grow up and live a happy life. Oh god. Icould feel the tears in my eyes.

"Cordy," I yelled!

"What?" Cordy snapped?

"Can we have that talk now?" I snapped

"Now?" said Cordy

"Ok Buffy come on we can use Wesley's office," Cordy said. As we walked in I sat down in the corner seat and Cordy took the seat behind the desk. "Ok Buffy what do you need to say?" said Cordy.

"Cordy, when I was in heaven you heard that I saw Doyle. Well Doyle gave me a message. He wanted me to tell you that he was sorry. He's sorry for the visions he didn't know they were going to cause you so much pain, and for you to go to angel when it gets to the point when you cant take anymore. Lean on angel and Wes and Gunn. Your not superwoman. You're a Princess, You're his Princess always and forever. He said he would always be watching over you," I told her When I looked up I say that Cordy had tears in falling down her cheeks.

"Oh Cordy. He loved you very much and he wanted to make sure that he got the chance to say it," I whispered

"Oh god Buffy, I Loved him too and I never got the chance to tell him," she cried.

"Your wrong Cordy. Remember he's always watching over you." I said.

I walked over to Cordy and gave her a hug and said," Sit down one day and just talk to him and say goodbye tell him everything you wanted to say."  I gave her one last look and walked out the door.

I looked around the room and saw Angel, Gunn, Fred, and Wes cooing over the baby and I just looked at them and realized they are a family. They don't need us here. They are truly a family. "Well guys, ready to go?" I said.

That made everyone look up. The fang gang looked Happy except for Angel who looked confused but was too busy to actually care because he had to change a nasty diaper.  The Scooby's looked startled for a moment and then nodded.

They all said their goodbyes to the other gang and to the baby and Angel said, " Thank you for all the gifts." 

Anya said," You should be considering I don't know you and I spent a lot of money on you and for all I know you could have gone evil on seeing Buffy." Angel actually blushed and turned around.

"Anya honey remember what I said," Xander said.

"Whatever it's the truth," Anya said.

"Well, umm have to order something from the Magic Box soon," Wesley murmured. The grin on her face could have lit up LA.

I jus groaned and walked over to Conner and picked him up. When no one was looking I sneaked into Wesley's office and took off my chain I had on my neck. "Dear sweet Conner, please don't forget me. I love you so much; I love you as much as I love your daddy. I want you to have something sweetie," I told him. I placed the chain around his neck, which held my claudaggh and my silver cross necklace. Well it wasn't the ring he had given me but it was pretty close thanks to ebay. I tucked it under his little shirt and I gave him a little kiss.

"Now little man its all yours. Oh god Conner I'm going to miss you so much. I love you but I want you to know that you are loved and that your daddy loves you and all those people out there love you as well. You have family out there. They will protect you with their lives. Your Auntie Cordy will make sure you have everything including a pair of cute leather pants and probably a leather jacket," I tried to giggle but just tears came out.

"I have to leave now, I promise to check up on you. You wont know that I'm there because things wont work with your daddy and me. He's made that when he erased the day. He wants me to have a normal life. Kind of a joke though huh! I've died twice! But you little man you can have a normal life something I cannot give you. Sticking around me would probably get you killed. Your daddy told me once that he could never give me children and now look at you, silly huh. I'm so sorry Conner," I sobbed

I kissed him once more and I walked out the door and handed him to Fred who gave me a confused look and I never looked back.
I never knew that Cordelia was standing on the other side of the door. I didn't know that she had heard everything I had said.

"Well they seem nice," muttered Fred, when everyone the Sunnydale gang left.

"Um.. yes, that's an awkward way of putting it," muttered Wes

I just stood there staring at the door. My love my soul mate who had died, came back from the dead. Had showed up with this story this extremely amazing story that there is no way in hell I would believe except I saw the love she felt for Conner and I knew Buffy.
She had walked out the door, she had left me like I had left her so many times. I was so lost in thought that I never heard anyone leave. I looked up to see an empty lobby except for Cordy who was holding Conner. She looked as if she wanted to tell me something.

"Did they all leave?" I asked. Honestly I didn't care, I was so lost in my own thoughts.

She nodded and handed me my son and she headed for the door she looked back once and I could have sworn she wanted to say something but she quickly walked out. "Goodnight Cordy," I whispered and walked upstairs with my new son.

I entered our room, it was very strange to think that. I am now sharing a room. Cordy had suggested earlier tonight that we should buy him some baby furniture. I guess she's right because for now all he has is a dresser drawer.

I had tried all day to get him to eat and the only time he had eaten anything was when Buffy was holding him. Maybe Gunn was right, maybe all he needs is a woman's touch?

"Come on Conner take you ba'ba I'm begging you. How come you did it for Buffy and not for your ole man? What does she have that I don't have? Well ok I'm taking that back but she's not your mom and she left us. I really wish she was your mother but she's not Conner. Its me and you and we have Auntie Cordy and Auntie Freddie she's a little nutsie and we have Uncle Wessy and we have Uncle Gunny," I whispered but I couldn't help but look around. They would have killed me had they heard me use their names like that but it had made Conner stop whining.

After about 10 minutes I gave up on the bottle thing. Hell not that I blamed him, the stuff smelled bad. I can only imagined the taste and there is no way I was tasting it.

"OK Kiddo lets see what Bu.. I mean the Scooby's brought you," I said pulling off his shirt. I wasn't paying attention and I reached under to pull his shirt off. "OUCH, DA"OWWW", I yelped. I suddenly remembered there was a minor present. However my hand was throbbing. I pulled my hand out to exam it and it had a burn mark on it the shape of a cross.

"What the..," I whispered

I gently pulled his shirt off and I was instantly confused and angered and hurt and love. What did this mean? Did she not love me or does she love me? Tears came to my eyes. There was my cross I gave her but most of all there was a claudaggh. It wasn't the one I gave I know that because I found that on the mansion floor. It was almost the same one. She must have bought one. Conner had her cross and ring on his neck.

I slipped it off his neck and held it up so I could get a better look at the ring but as soon as I did Conner started screaming. "I'm sorry Conner," I whispered and I held him and then I tried rocking him but nothing worked then I ended up placing the chain back on his neck and he calmed down again.

"Seems she has the same effect on us both," I whispered.He let out a little sob. "Now lets try that bottle again," I said. No luck, it was going to be a long night.

Cordy's House

"Dennis can you please get me the box of tissues I think I'm going to need them, and almost like magic a box of tissues appears. What would I do without you Dennis?Well I'm glad I have you looking after me," I whispered.

"Buffy said I should go to Angel with my headaches. I can't do that, Dennis. If Angel knew he would do that protective thing he does. He would try to save me he would think it was his fault. He would blame himself for my visions. It's not his fault. It's the PTB," I screamed

"Do you hear me you bastards? You took Doyle away from me. You have made my life Hell with these visions. I'm dying I know that. You knew that a human couldn't take these visions that's why Doyle had them. You let Buffy die and it destroyed Angel and then you turned around and let her come back. Now she will never be happy, what the hell is wrong with you assholes," I screamed.

"Oh God, If Buffy's right and you do listen then I have to tell you that the day you died a part of me died with you Doyle. I loved you. We both miss you," I whispered

I fell on the bed and cried my heart out. I sobbed till I fell asleep and I never felt the covers being drawn up over me.

Somewhere on the Road to Sunnydale

What the hell is wrong with Xander, I really thought he had outgrown this CD. Rubber ducky my ass.

"Xander do we have to listen to this?" I asked.

"Look Will's, who's driving?" he said before starting to sing again.

"Oh god," I groaned. Tara just placed a hand on my shoulder. I gave her a smile before turning to look at Buffy.

She had fallen asleep but she's crying in her sleep. When we had first heard the tale. It had shocked us. Well some of us anyway. I knew she wasn't in a Hell dimension. We had a body to bury unlike Angel whose body went with his soul. The others really had no clue and were to lost in their grief and just wanted her back. So convincing them wasn't really hard. As for Tara, she had been harder but she went along with it for me.

Things have been so hard lately, Dawn has been stealing, Buffy has been walking around like a zombie, Xander and Anya are getting married. It was really hard to believe. Giles well Giles was sitting beside me getting drunk. He had been doing that quit often since Buffy's death and since she had come back it had been less but tonight well as soon as she passed out he had pulled out a small bottled of Scotch and gulped it down.

Spike, Spike was probably sitting at the Summer's home waiting for Buffy to get home. He was actually babysitting Dawn. When she had found out that he had kept his promise. She had given him the basement. What the hell was she thinking? She had looked at me and said" Willow you pulled me from Heaven, I don't think Spike can do anything worse." I will remember those words till the day I die. I leaned against the window and tried to stop the tears from falling.

"Rubber Ducky you're the one you make bath time lots of fun," Xander sang

"Shut up Xander," Anya said

"But honey," Xander pouted.

"Look shut up and ill let you play in the tub when we get home," she winked.

His grin grew," Alrighty," He whispered and started humming.

"Xander," she cried

"Hey you didn't say I couldn't hum," he winked back at her.

"Oh just keep your eyes on the road," she said.

I just groaned, I can't believe they are getting married.

Cordys House
I was having this wonderful delicious dream but damn that alarm clock. I tapped the snooze button and snuggled up to the warm body next to me.Wow, I could get use to this, I thought. I smiled. What a dream. I don't want to wake up, because he will be gone, I felt the tears come down.

"Shhhh, don't cry," he whispered.

Hmm my dreams don't usually talk back. I opened my eyes a little and jumped out of bed with a shout. "OMG, no you're not real and I'm still dreaming. Ok if I just pinch myself ill eventually wake up," I whispered. So I did what any rational girl would do I pinched myself it didn't work so then I screamed.

"Cordy, Princess would you stop that its really to early in the morning to listen to your screaming," Doyle said.

I just looked at him and continued to scream and I ran to the window and flipped up the blinds. OK I have worked with Angel long enough to know the dead come back weird. Well ok, there was Buffy last night, she talked to me and that's weird enough. The sunlight hit Doyle, and nothing.

"I'm not a vampire, princess," he said falling back on the bed. Hmm I ran and got a stake anyway, and I grabbed the phone to call Wesley.

"Ya know, are you going to call people all day or come back to bed with me?" he asked. I poked my head back in the door.

"Why would I do that? You could be some kind of pod person, or better yet a zombie. No offence buster but I saw you die. Remember you had to go all Hero on us. Ohhh instead of just breaking the thingy you had to jump. I never understood why you and Angel and even Buffy for goodness sake do that crap. Sacrifice yourself." I trailed off because he got out of bed. He was heading my way. He didn't have a shirt off and he sure did look good and I missed him.

He cupped my face with his hands," Princess, I missed you," he whispered and he kissed me. This was real I felt the tears the emotions I had been saving for the last year everything since his death but also I knew he was taking my visions from me. He was saving me.

He pulled back," I love you, I have since I met you," he whispered.

I nodded," How are you here," I chocked

He pointed upward," They heard you," he grinned. I started to smile I haven't felt this good in well forever and I tackled him. I sure hope Angel doesn't expect me to come to work anytime soon.


"Oh man you look rough," Gunn said.

"Well thank you," I snapped.

"Eek," Gunn smirked walking away.

"Don't try talking to him, Conner was up all night. I had to use earplugs. At one point Angel was actually banging on my door," Fred said.

Gunn looked astonished, "He did what?"

"Yup can you believe it? Mr. I can do it myself needed help, except I was not help. Conner doesn't want to eat. Seems he's also attached to that necklace around his neck, which Angel is not talking about either. So if you get near Conner, which I'm sure, Angel will let you. Because I think he's about to crack, don't take it off, makes the kids scream louder, "She said trying to sneak up the stairs.

"Ya know I have no idea how single mothers do this, hell back when I was human mothers were teenagers with multiple children. How in the hell did they do this? I know my father was never around. I never gave her enough credit," I muttered.

"Oh I'm sure you did," Wesley said

"Um you did read the Watchers Diaries on Angelus didn't you?" I whispered rocking Conner. Wesley looked like he was thinking about it and he went pale.

"Dude what's in the diaries," Gunn asked.

"My worse half," I said before thrusting Conner in Gunn's arms.

"Can you please get him to eat? He has to be hungry?" I said

I watched as Gunn tried but nothing. A few hours later Cordy came in with Doyle.

"Doyle," I whispered. I'm really starting to think people do not stay dead. First Darla, then Buffy now Doyle. How many bad guys come back?

"Hello, Angel, "Doyle said with his Irish accent. It was defiantly Doyle. I had missed the accent. I had missed him. But I couldn't help but step back. Was this a trick? People were coming back left and right these days.

"Angel, its really him, " Cordy said jumping up and down. She had a glow around her. I just felt like crying.

"Doyle?" I whispered

"Aye," Doyle said. I didn't want to know how it happened but I grinned and we hugged. I didn't care how it looked. I had missed my friend.

We all sat down and I explained what was going on with Conner. Cordy had suggested that we take him to the Dr. I guess that was a good idea since we haven't done that yet. But fear hit me. Was he normal?

Two hours later we finally made it to the ER. It really had been difficult since I was a vampire and it was daylight. I guess I should thank Enterprise. We had rented a minivan. I never thought the day would come when I would have to rent a minivan. Hell I was thinking about trading my baby of a car in for one of these. I groaned, so this is the life of a parent?

"Hello, I'm looking for a Mr., Angel," A nurse said.

I twirled around. We had all been gathered around the small waiting room and Conner had been passed around to everyone. We were all getting on each other's nerves. I was just about to go find someone when she had said my name. I didn't even bother to correct her. I snatched my son from Fred who handed him over gladly and muttered something about never having children. Not that I blamed her at this point. She was getting as much sleep as I was. I looked at the nurse who didn't even bother to smile. So much for courtesy. I shrugged.

"If you will come this way, we can get his vitals and you can tell me what's going on," she said. I just looked at her. Ok I thought
I watched as she tortured my son. Hell Even Angelus never did the temperature thing god that had to hurt. Conner was screaming.

"Ok, well as soon as we get a room we will let you know. You can have a seat back out in the lobby, she said never looking up.
I felt like ripping her throat out. I walked back out to the room and handed Conner to Wesley.

"Well can we go? Is he ok?" Doyle asked.

"He hasn't even been seen," I whispered and I felt like crying. I wish that Buffy was here.....


I'm just lying here in bed. I'm suppose to be looking for a job. Something to support Dawn and me. Since we are broke. I have to hunt for a stupid demon that freezes people and steals diamonds. At least it has good taste. I have a Social Worker coming at 3.00 p.m. for our weekly visit. The funny thing is she liked the Buffy Bot better than she liked me. I had to laugh at that. Hell Dawns schoolteachers loved the damn Bot. Me I'm just Buffy the person who died to protect the world been torn out of heaven, brought back to this hell to protect it again. Angel has a baby that's not mine. He had it by of all people by Darla. God couldn't it have been someone else. Maybe even crazy Dru. I think I could have accepted that. Well no I couldn't have. Maybe Harmony cause she's stupid?

I have a vampire without a soul living in my basement. That was just plain weird. I had found out he had kept his promise and I made him, physically made him move in. I went against what I felt and packed his shit up and moved him in. So now we have Opos by the O'J. Its kind of a nasty sight in the morning but for some reason I trusted him. I knew that I wasn't suppose to die that day on the tower that Dawn was. I just couldn't let her do it. I couldn't let another person that I loved die, so I jumped. I remember looking at Willow when I told her Spike was moving in and I told her that he couldn't do me any more harm that what she had done. The pain in her eyes was there but there was something else. She knew where I was. I know that, but the world needed me didn't it?

I sighed and got out of bed, Alright Summer's pull it together today you have to show the world, your alive.


I was sitting in our room. The Dr. had not told us good news. I had walked straight up here and laid down with him. If he didn't eat soon they were going to place an I.V on him. I had told Darla that I would take care of him and look at me I was a failure at getting him to eat.

"Conner why is it you wont eat," I whispered.

"Maybe its because he wants the other half of his soul? He wants to that comfort," Doyle said behind me. I didn't bother to look at him.

"Angel, Buffy would give up anything for Conner. She never knew she was coming back. She gave up a piece of her soul. She's probably walking around like she's missing something," he said.

"So why did she leave?" I asked

"Well that's simple, because of you," Cordy said. That's when I turned around.

"What is this, gang up on Angel?" I asked.

"Look Angel, I heard Buffy talking when she gave Conner that necklace it wasn't meant to hurt you. It was meant for him to remember her by. She loves him, but she's afraid for him. You left her Angel so she could have a normal life. Look at it. Just take a long look. Nothing about it is normal. You have the child she may never have and she is afraid that Conner would be hurt in her world but she's all you got at the moment" she added before turning away. Doyle nodded and walked away with her.

She was right I knew that. Everything she said made sense. With a sigh I laid Conner on the bed and packed a bag.  I sure hope Buffy is in a good mood.


Well, lets see, my resume sucks, its not like I can say, hey I'm a Slayer, and I save the world on a daily basis. Basically you're a live because of me. Oh wait lets see, oh I died but I came back and kicked some butt, then I joined the Initiative then well I died again. Yup my resume sucks. Well I can say that I waitress but that's not going to pay the bills. What am I going to do; I sat on the steps wondering about this when Spike came out for a smoke.

"Ya, now your thinkin to hard," he said.

"Well when you have mouths to feed that don't come from the butcher in a small itty bitty container then we will have this conversation," I snapped.

"Honestly Slayer, I can get you the money," he grinned. I just looked at him.

"No thanks," I mumbled. There is no telling what my part would play in the deal.

"Suit yourself, just tryin to help," he smirked. I snorted

"Go away Spike, just because I let you live here doesn't mean You can talk to me besides I'm still upset about the Social worker thing," I snapped. He flinched, good.

"Well I'm actually sorry about that, I didn't mean to teach little bit to drawl tattoos on her arm. How was I suppose to know she was going to draw demons on her hand?" he mumbled. I just stared at him.

"Look I had bought her some art stuff after you died ya know, to help her grieve," he whispered backing up. Ok now I felt bad but still demons.

"Demons though Spike?" I snapped.

"Well how was I to know she was going to do that? Besides the Witch said it's a good demon," he said backing up in the house.

I just sighed; if this keeps up she's going to be taken from me. The night can't get any worse. I was about to walk in the house when I saw Angel's car pull up. I take that back the night could get worse.

I pulled up to see her standing on the porch and by her posture she was not in a good mood. I actually stumbled.

"Angel," she called out. I grabbed Conner and headed towards her.

"Buffy," I said.  She opened the door and I saw that almost everyone was there including Spike.

"Spike," I growled.

"Peaches," he grinned

"What the hell are you doing here?" I growled

" I live here," he grinned

I looked at Buffy who was grinning at Conner who was cooing. She looked up at me. "Oh ya, they all do. Willow and Tara. Xander and Anya have their own place of course and so Does Giles you know that but Spike I made him move in. He kept his promise to look after Dawnie for me. Kind of a big brother thing," she told me. I just stared at her. She's lost her mind.

"Look I'm here for a reason," I snapped. Maybe a little too hard because I saw all the emotion leave Buffy's eyes.

"I'm sure you are, what's the problem now. Some big bad? Apocalypse?" She whispered. She looked tired but I had problems of my own at the moment.

"No nothing like that, Look Conner wont eat for anyone but you and if he doesn't eat he's going to be placed in the hospital. So please do me a favor and feed him," I pleaded.

"Oh I can do that. Just give me a bottle," she said.

She quickly grabbed Conner and I watched as she hummed to him. The little boy seemed to calm down. He grabbed a lock of her hair and he seemed to recognize her. I couldn't watch them anymore so I went into the kitchen.

"Its amazing isn't it?" Willow whispered.

"What is?" I played dumb

"The connection they have. Almost the same as you two have," she whispered and turned around and walked away.

I thought about it for a moment. We had always had a connection. Conner and Buffy seem to have one two I assume it was the soul thing. I walked back in to the room and handed Buffy the bottle and watched as Conner sucked it down. I was jealous that she could get him to do this and I couldn't. Buffy must have sensed this.

"Angel why don't you stay over night and give him the next bottle. Ill just get up with you," she whispered. Conner had fallen asleep.

I agreed and I took the couch and Buffy had pulled a small cradle out of the attic that use to be hers and Dawns. Well technically hers. Conner fit perfectly in. I defiantly need to get the kid some furniture. She came down a few hours and woke me up to give him, his bottle. However Conner refused to drink. I was so frustrated that I took it out on Buffy.

"This is your fault Buffy," I yelled. She looked at me startled.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm a failure of a father, I cant even feed him. I finally get to have children and I can't even keep him," I yelled. I didn't care if I woke anyone up. I heard footsteps running down the hall. Buffy was shaking. She was holding Conner who had started crying by this time.

"Angel, I'm sorry I never meant for this to happen. It's not my fault," she cried. I could see the tears starting to form

"You're a wonderful father," she told me and she thrust Conner in my arms. She backed up and wrapped her arms around her. I looked up to see Willow and Tara and Dawn on the Stairs and Spike was standing by the kitchen. All were frowning by this time I didn't care.

"Even in Heaven Buffy you had to play with my life. You had to give my child a piece of your soul," I yelled. I felt my own tears fall.

"I I thought you would be happy. I thought you would have wanted a child. You said once you would never be able to have children and when Doyle said Darla was pregnant I tried," she cried.

"Yes, well thanks to you, my son wont eat. I can't feed him. He's yours now Buffy, I guess you got what you wanted after all, Monday morning you will have money in your acct and and Conner will legally be yours," I cried out before giving my son one more kiss and thrusting Conner into Buffy's arms and I walked out the door with a slam. I didn't want to see the look on her face.

I just stood there. I held Conner and cried. Everyone else just stood there in shock.

"Oh Buffy he didn't mean it," Tara said.

"Of course not," I mummbled but I wasnt so sure. He had just left his son.

"Buffy you ok?" Willow asked.

I just nodded and walked upstairs with Conner. Of course he didn't mean it right? A part of me knew he did. My heart broke. I was so mad at Willow for bringing me back! I laid down on the bed and held Conner and cried. I cried for me and for Angel. For Conner and even for Darla who had staked herself for her son.
Two days had passed since that day. As soon as Angel had entered the hotel Fred had called me in a panic. As soon as she had calmed down and told me about the no baby thing I had immediately called Willow who I knew was living at Buffy's.

We had a long long chat, well into the morning. I had found out what he had said to her and that he had left the baby. I had wanted to run over to him and stake him myself, but Doyle had placed a restraining arm or ok kisses on my shoulder that stopped me. Instead Willow who had felt guilty about bringing Buffy back had found a nice gift for Angel. That's when I came up with this brilliant plan which of course made everyone groan but I thought it was perfect but one problem we had to keep it a secret since it was tonight. We had all done a great job of it. No one showed up for work today, well except Fred who lived there and kept an eye on Angel so he didn't run out in the sunlight or anything.

"I think I look beautiful," I said before I twirled.

"Yes, you do love," Doyle said.

"And you look handsome," I grinned. He did look eatable in that tux.

"So you called Angel and told him to get on his tux that David was holding a party at the last minute?" I asked.

"Yes and he wasn't too happy," he said.

"Well I think he will get over it," I said grinning.

"Come on Princess, your chariot awaits," he said. We walked out to the limo that Giles had rented for us. Thank you Giles.

"Hello, Angel," I said grinning again like a fool.

"Why are you grinning and you look nice, Cordy," he said. I felt guilty about not telling him. You could tell his heart was broken. I looked over to Wesley who was just nodded and I grinned at him and he winked. A few minutes we pulled up and I let everyone get out except Angel.

"Look Angel, I just want you to know. That I didn't approve of what you did but I want you to be happy," I told him. I know he was confused and I hopped out of the limo.
What was all that about? I had been sad all weekend and I sure as hell didn't want to go to a party but Cordy insisted since we needed the money. I had seen the Lawyer today and now we really needed the money. Conner was officially Buffy's. I sighed and got out of the limo, "What the hell," I whispered. Why are we at a church? Why is David having a party at a church?  I looked up to see Cordy tapping her foot at the door.

"Come on Angel times a wastin," she yelled.

I sighed

I headed for the door and got the strangest feeling. I wanted to turn around and go back to my bed with the lights off but Cordy wasn't going to let me do that. I ran and caught up with her and I opened the main chapel door and I froze. Now I'm even more confused. Why are the Scooby's here and dressed up as well and David is not here?

"Um what is going on?" I asked.

I turned when I heard a coo, and if my heart were working it would have stopped. I saw Buffy in a beautiful white wedding dress, grinning. It was almost the one from my dreams. She was holding my son who was dressed in a small tuxedo.

"Well I can answer that if you want me too," she said. I just nodded, she was beautiful.

"Well you see, I have this beautiful son now, and I'm a single mom, its kind of hard these days to raise children on your own. Plus you know there is this whole thing about your soul being bound," she said grinning. My jaw dropped.

"Anyway Conner and I decided that we really want a daddy and a husband in our lives. So when we got cornered by our friends who made this all possible we couldn't turn them down," she added her smile was huge and Conner was squealing.

I just stood there, I had no clue what to say but I saw her smile wobble and I realized that she thought maybe I didn't want her and I ran and crushed her and kissed her.

"Oh god no I want you and my son. No our son," I whispered in her ear. Conner let out a squeal and I realized that I was squishing him.

"Hey, bloody bloke can we get on with this? I have a poker game at 9," Spike said. I frowned.

"You brought him?" I asked.

"Oh please do you think I could have stopped him, he mentioned something about wanting to see Angelus getting married. Something about telling everyone he knows," she grinned.

I frowned maybe that wasn't so good for my image after all

She giggled, "The Scourge of Europe's marrying the Slayer." I heard a few other people snicker.

"Alright lets get this done," I said trying to hide my smile.


Hmmm, blah, I didn't want to get out of bed, but it was feeding time. I leaned over and realized Angel wasn't there. I slipped on my slippers I really need to talk to him about carpet. It's really cold, just because he's a vampire. I head down to the nursery and I see my husband rocking our son.

"Hey," I whisper.

"Hey," he says.

"Its feeding time," I yawn and walk over to him and he hands me our baby.

I sit down in the rocker and open up my gown. "Come on Alex, be a good boy and nurse for mommy," I whisper. I'm a little grumpy its 2 in the morning.

I heard Angel grin.

"Go away," I snap

I heard him laugh as he walked away. I gazed at our son. Who would have thought that six months after we got married that I got pregnant. Seems Angel isn't shooting blanks like he thought he was. After I had delivered Alex with no medicine thanks to the stupid DR. I had immediately gone to birth control as soon as I could. Ha no more babies quite yet. I was very happy I have two beautiful children a loving husband. A sister that had stopped stealing since Angel had his friend Kate show her what a Foster home looked like and no Social Worker on my ass.

Life was good

The End