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Nothing To Lose (Offspring)


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Title:1st in the"Nothing to Loose series." (Offspring)

Spoliers: season 3 spoliers

Timeline: Sometime around offspring.

Summmary, What if Angel was trying to convince Buffy that he still loved her, instead of trying to tell Cordy that he had feelings towards her, when Darla shows up declaring that he was going to be a daddy?


Dedication: To those who send feedback thanks...the sequel to The Better Half Of You...is taking a little bit longer to come out, but dont worry it will.

Part 1 Offspring...

Buffy was sitting in her brand new office when Xander and the rest of the gang came in.

" Hey Buff, any news on that Gorhim Creature?"

Xander asked as he plopped himself down on the couch.

Buffy smile at her friend.

" Only that he has been around for nearly half a century tormenting every person that comes in sight, and feeds on their innocence."

" Yuck." Exclaimed Willow.

Buffy laughed, and stood.

" Hey Will, will you finish looking up info on him while I go make a copy." Buffy asked.

Willow jumped up.

" You know I will, me being t he computer freak and everything."

Buffy smiled at her friend and got up from her seat and went to the copier Machine.

" Hello  Buffy." Came his voice. The voice that sent a shiver up Buffy's spine. She turned around.

" Hello Angel." She said trying to stay calm.

He looked really good. Blue jean shorts, and white tank top and brown sandles.

" What are you doing here Angel." Buffy asked as she crossed her arms.

Angel's eyes showed a hit of pain and regret.

" I'm here to see you Buffy."

Buffy only stared at him.

" Why?" Was her question.

He came up to her., and took the paper that was in her hands.

" Whats this your working on?" He asked.

Buffy grabbed it back as quickly as he took it.

" Its important. Nothing that you need to get into. I asked you a question, and I want it answered right away.

" I miss you." He said bluntly.

Buffy let a small little laugh.

" Yea, sure you do."

Angel came and took her into his arms.

" I mean it Buffy, I miss you like hell, I just want you to know that I wont ever stop loving you. He kissed her cheek.

Buffy pushed against his chest.

" HOW DARE YOU! You gave up the right to kiss me, after you slept with Darla!.