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Just An Ordinary Day


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Title: Just An Ordinary Day
Author: Elizabeth
E-mail: Gymnastixgurl07@aol.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, yadda yadda yadda. Don't own the songs either, lyrics
are owned by Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, and Vanessa Carlton.
Summary: Buffy begins to deal with her new place in life, plus the happy
little family enjoy a day at the pool.
Spoilers: Um, let's just say everything up to IWRY, after that I'm off into
my own little world.
Rating: PGish.
Feedback: Oh, yes please! It's an essential part in my writing process.
AN: Okay this is the second piece in my series, I highly suggest reading the
first fic, I Wish, before otherwise things might get a little confusing.


//⦠And as he spoke, he spoke, ordinary words, though they did not feel
For I felt what I had not felt before, and you'd swear those words could heal
As I looked up into those eyes, his vision borrows mine
And I knows he's no stranger, for I feel I've held him for all of time⦠//

Buffy pulled the silk robe tighter around her body, wiping her tired eyes as
she made her way down the steps and towards the noise, which sounded like it
was coming from the kitchen if Buffy guessed correctly.

It was weird, even though she had never lived in this house, or actually, had
remembered living in the house, if her assumptions were correct, she knew her
way around it rather well, it was as if she actually had been living in the
house for the past couple of years.

Walking through the hallway she stopped right outside the kitchen, leaning on
the doorframe, watching Angel interact with her children-with their children,
she corrected herself.  Aidan was sitting on the counter top, his racecar
pajamas still on, he was trying his hardest to try and get a little finger
into the bowl of pancake mix.  Buffy chuckled to herself, she would never
understand that boy and his love for pancake batter, it was strange.

Courtney giggled as her father turned in circles, dancing around the kitchen,
pulling small fingers from batter bowls and flipping pancakes. Her pudgy
hands clutched pieces of bananas, which Angel had set in front of her earlier
to eat.

Buffy didn't know how she got her, wherever here was, or for how long she
would be allowed to stay, but she was not about to waste a minute of this
paradise. Walking into the room, she wrapped her arms around her husband,
resting her chin against his back. "Guess who?"

Turning around Angel captured her lips in a soft kiss, resting his forehead
against hers. "I don't know, some leggy women I met on the streets last
night?" He joked, earning him a playful slap from his wife.

Courtney deciding she wanted in on the fun held up her arms, "Momma uh."

Walking over to the highchair, Buffy picked up the infant, combing her
fingers through the light brown shoulder length hair. "Does my baby girl want
some attention?" Buffy cooed, holding the child up to eye level. "Does my
baby want some attention from Mommy?"

The girl smiled showing her couple of baby teeth, which were emerging, moving
her hands covered in banana slime to rest on her mother's cheeks.

Buffy made a face, "Oh, no hands on Mommy's face. Messy hands." Buffy said to
her daughter, moving to the sink. Grabbing a paper towel she wet it and began
to clean off the messy sticky hands of her daughter.

"Mommy, I hewped made the pancates." Aidan said proudly, pointing to the
plate of pancakes, and to the bowl of batter sitting next to him.

"Really, that must mean they are going to taste extra good." Buffy said with
enthusiasm. Kissing her son on the head.

Aidan nodded, as Angel helped him off the counter, telling him to go wash up
for breakfast.

Buffy set Courtney once again in her high chair, as she began pulling dishes
out of the cabinets. For a second she almost forgot that this wasn't her
life, or it wasn't the life she remembered living. It was kind of strange,
but as the minutes rolled on, Buffy's memories of what did and didn't happen
began to blur. She remembered that she had come to Angel yesterday because of
a divorce; yet at the same time, she clearly remembered waking up in Angel's
arms yesterday, she remembered the four of them going to the pool, it was
Aidan's first swim lesson, they had packed a cooler and had stayed till a
little after twelve.

She really wanted to ask Giles about this, but was pretty sure that at least
in this reality, the Giles she knew would well basically think she was crazy
for even asking- apparently she was the only who remembered her other world.

Angel placed a kiss on her neck, stirring her from her thoughts. "You 'kay?
You've been in your own little world all morning."

"Huh?" Yeah, fine." Buffy said startled. Although Angel didn't believe her
for a second before he could prod more Aidan came running back, yelling he
was ready for some breakfast.


// ⦠I'm gonna soak up the sun ⦠//

"Loot mommy. Loot daddy." Buffy heard her son call out, from the pool. He was
clinging to the side his swim teacher only inches away. Seeing that he had
his parent's attention he began furiously kicking his legs, making the
biggest splashes he could.

Both parents clapped, as Buffy gave her little boy two thumbs up, before the
teacher once again regained the boy's attention. The adolescent carried the
boy towards the middle of the pool and instructed him to lye on his back,
they were going to learn how to float.

Buffy lay her head back against the pool's plastic beach chairs, closing her
eyes to block off the sun's bright rays. For the second time that day Buffy
could help but think of how great her life was, it seemed as if she had taken
a vacation to paradise. She loved her life- she had it perfect.

She remembered a week ago, Willow and Xander had taken a trip to LA. The six
of them: Buffy, Angel, Willow, Xander, Courtney, and Aidan, had gone out for
some brunch. Angel had agreed to watch the children, an act Buffy greatly
repaid for later that night, so that the three best friends could spend the
day together catching up and talking about old times.

Shaking her head she wondered where that though came from. Looking over she
saw her daughter sitting on the sand, her daughter scooping sand up into the
small plastic bucket, before she dumped back out, only to repeat the actions.
Angel sat on the chair next to her, reading one of his crime and mystery
novels. She shook her head; Angel reading a novel, from the twenty-first
century- it was a new sight.

Buffy stood up from her lawn chair, walking the couple of inches over to her
husband. Moving the book out of her way, she sat herself down in his lap,
placing her arms around his neck. Kissing him on the lips, she parted his
mouth with her tongue. She couldn't explain it; she just got the strongest
urge to kiss the man sitting next to her. "Mm, have I told you how much I
love you?" 

"Not in the last couple of minutes, no." Angel joked, pulling her in for
another kiss.

"Has anyone told you two that PDA's are so out of fashion?" A new voice
asked, coming from the brunette woman standing over the couple.

Buffy reluctantly pulled away from her husband, but kept her hold on him,
needing the contact. "Hey Cordy. What brings you here?" She asked; it was
weird seeing Cordelia at a pool, a pool surrounded with infants and young
children splashing and playing about, it was a scene that didn't scream out

"Like I'd miss my favorite nephews second swim lesson." She stated, sitting
on an empty beach chair.

"You missed his first one." Angel stated with a grin. Both women rolled their
eyes at the man's comment.

It was then that Aidan ran over, a smile on his face. "Aund Cordy. Did you
see me swim?"

Buffy stood up from Angel's warm and welcoming lap; fetching a towel she wrapp
ed it around her son, drying him off.

"You were great, I think you deserve some ice cream." Cordelia stated,
receiving glares from both parents. Little did she know that said, great kid
had already had some candy and an ice cream pop. "That is of course if your
parents say it's okay." She added, winking at the boy.

Turning to his parents, he stuck out his bottom lip, "Pwease cad I ged ice
sceam? Pwease." He begged, walking over to both parents, giving them each a
hug and a kiss. He then said the magic words that topped the cake, "I lof

Both parents sighed, it was heard to resist such a charming little boy.
"Let's get you into some new clothes and then you and Aunt Cordy can get some
ice cream, but only if Aunt Cordy takes your sister along with her, deal?"
Aidan shook his head rapidly, turning to the brunette women, practically
begging her to take Courtney, stating she's not all that bad. Causing all
three adults to laugh.

Aidan dragged his father to the men's room, so he could change out of his wet
suit and into some clothes, while Buffy placed the little girls white
sundress covered with tiny pink and yellow flowers over her head before
placing the natural colored sandals on her feet.

Aidan ran over to his now, favorite aunt, with Angel trailing a few feet
behind. Throwing his wet swim trunk on the floor near his mother, he grabbed
Cordelia's hand, as he started leading her out the pool.

"Hey, wait up. We need to get your car seats and place them in Cordelia's
car, and don't I get a kiss goodbye?" Buffy asked, bending down and placing
her cheek out to be kissed.

Sighing the boy walked to his mother, placing an over dramatized kiss on her.
With that the five of them walked out of the pool into the clear afternoon.

As Buffy and Angel hoped in the now empty car, Buffy leaned over to capture
his lips in a steamy kiss, "Whatever will we do with the afternoon all to
ourselves. No children to bother us." She asked a wicked gleam in her eyes,
as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Running her finger lightly up and
down his thigh.


// ⦠I recognized the way you make me feel
It's hard to think that you might not be real
I sense it now the water's getting deep
I try to wash the pain away from me ⦠//

Dinner had been made and enjoyed, there was only one criticism from Cordelia
too who had stayed. Dishes had been washed a new load of laundry had been
started, and both children had been put to bed and were now fast asleep.

Buffy hoped into bed, snuggling close to her husband, resting her chin on his
chest she looked up at him. "Can I tell you something?" She asked, sounding

He looked down at her, placing the work he had been looking over on the bed
stand. "Does this have to do with your strange behavior?" He questioned.
Seeing her slowly nod, "Tell me."

"This might sound strange." She began unsurely, trying to collect her

"Love, we used to live on a hellmouth. You are a vampire slayer; I was a
vampire who had a soul, recently turned human. We now have two beautiful
children and are married. I don't think anything you tell me can sound
strange." He joked, trying to lighten the mood. He saw her and became
serious, "I'm listening."

Taking a deep breath Buffy began to explain, explain everything. How they had
broken up several years ago, how Buffy knew she was pregnant with Aidan but
too scared to tell Angel, so she left him. Left a life they could have known.
She told him about how she met a man, Kevin, and feeling guilty and lonely
began to date him. When she told him she was pregnant he assumed the baby was
his and asked her to marry him.

Slowly she explained how she began to love him, not like she had loved Angel,
but in a different way, in a safer way. Buffy explained how over the years
their marriage had gone from good to bad, and then from bad to worse, finally
resulting in a divorce. She told him that over the year before the divorce
Aidan had lost his "spark." He became unusually shy, he withdrew from the
world, his tempers would change drastically all in a matter of moments- one
second he'd be overly aggressive, the next he'd be crying his eyes out,
throwing things around the room. His speech took a turn for the worse; he
began using "baby talk" and had frequent bed-wettings. Buffy had taken him to
a specialist who had suggested he might have a serve case of depression. She
explained everything up till the night before she went into that hotel bed,
waking up in a different reality, this reality, a happier reality.

Angel sat there stunned, shocked, and not knowing what to say.

"Strange, huh?" Buffy asked meekly, scared of what Angel might do, what he
might say? Would he leave her, knowing this was all some crazy universe.

He pulled her to him, capturing her lips with his own, needing the
reassurance, needing to know she was real, that she would not vanish over the
night. Running his hands greedily through her hair, up and down her body,
pulling her smaller frame closer to his larger one. Through the kiss she felt
his pain, his fear.

Vigilantly pulling back she placed a slender finger over his lips silencing
his protest about to form, "I'm not going anywhere. I'm here forever." She
assured, both herself and him.

"That's the whole point." He whispered; as she leaned down to kiss him once
more. There were still issues that needed to be discussed especially in light
of the recent information, but both parents were exhausted, so talk was held
off for a night, as both fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

// ⦠Just a day, just an, ordinary day
    Just tryin' to get by‚¶ //