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            Title: Its Been.

            Author: Joana LSlayerP

            Disclaimer: Sad to say I own known of them.

            Spoilers: Yeah Ill be recapping a few things.

            A/N: THIS IS A FUTURE FIC, and is Buffys POV.

            A/N 2: For some reason I get fic ideas in the weirdest places. I got this idea when I was in the shower.

            A/N 3: The babys name is my friends babys name. I dunno if I spelled it right.

            Feedback: Always! Please?

            Dedication: Thanx to Beth who betad this for me!




            Its been 5 years, 5 LONG years to be exact. Years of pain, agony, suffering, defeat, death, and whatever you can imagine.  But it all happened for a reason, a reason that I cant explain.

            I sit here now in the kitchen of the mansion, our home, in Sunnydale.  At first I wanted to move somewhere else but here, possibly it was going to be LA. But it didnt happen.  As much as I wanted I couldnt leave Sunnydale, too many memories, too many things to leave behind.  This is my place, the place I fit it, where I belong.

            The Hellmouth was closed 4 years ago. In that first year hell broke loose. Demons and vampires were everywhere. And yet we were there to save the day. Most of the death happened that year. No wonder huh? With all those things running around who knew what would happen.  But Im glad, were all glad, that its over. Finally. Spending our high school years and college battling these monsters was a pain. Having so many injuries and just doing all of that was a pain in our ass.

            Still yet today I still wonder what if the Hellmouth was open? What if we were still fighting today? What if none of this had happen? What if I wasnt the slayer?. What if I wasnt the slayer? Still think that this very day. What if I never became the slayer, never met Willow or Xander or Giles. Never went to Sunnydale. Never met my Angel. Now that would have been weird. What would my life turn out like if I never met any of them? Crappy I tell you.

            5 years ago I wouldnt be married to the greatest man on earth. I mean yeah we were together before that but the last 5 years were special. Angel had come back to me a changed man, not as much stubbornness. Angel was granted his humanity with his vamp skills still in tact and were as happy as we could be. He made sure nothing bad happened to me or anyone else. He had become very protective. I remember when Riley came back again just for a visit with his wife. While he was there for that weekend he hadnt seen Angel yet since he was working in LA with Cordy and Wes. For some reason Riley wanted to talk to me, and when he did he brought everything back up, his stupid vamp whores and me not loving him, uhhh hello can we say get over it. He was dumb, I forgot about him. Once again we shared words both of us getting mad almost ready for me to kick his ass, but he walked away. And I already know that this was going to get back to Angel no matter what. One name. Spike.

            Even though Spike and I had that thing when I came back, we dealt with it. We were both lonely, had nowhere to go. And when Angel found out he did find Spike and hurt him as well. But Angel also paid the price for sleeping with Darla. Well back to the story Angel found out from Spike, which by the way made the whole thing sound like Riley started the whole thing making me the innocent bystander. Well make the story short Riley got his ass kicked! Hehe! Thats my Angel!

            Can you believe in those years Spike and Angel became friends? Well not exactly, Angel still doesnt trust Spike alone with me, thats how protective he has become. But I love him so thats fine by me. Spike and I are also friends too. I wanted to hate him so much but I just couldnt. He said his sorry and said he was different."Different in I have a soul now, which I hate, I'm very sorry." Now that I never thought he would say. To me! I was shocked!

            Willow is well Willow. We took care of her magic problem. We sent her with Giles back to England after the Hellmouth was closed and for the next year. She came back like the old Willow we knew and loved, but we all still know she craves for it but we make sure it doesnt get to her head.  Oz also came back. Still the same Oz I tell ya. He had heard about Willow when he was somewhere in the world, and really was worried about her. After being able to control his wolfiness he went here right away. Its weird how Cordy is with someone now. I mean I know she was with Xander, but Groo is totally different. They are so cute together. Anya and Xander are friends now. I know they miss each other deeply but I think they are better off as friends. They had lots of talks and came upon that getting married was too fast and both were not ready.

            Wow a lot can happen in 5 years. Dawn is in her junior year at UC Sunnydale. She is majoring in the arts. I think Angel rubbed off on her. Hehe. She has changed a lot too. No more stealing, so all the stores will let her back in now. She has matured in her own way. I'm proud of her.

            I still think about my mom. How can I not? I still miss her so. Still think what if she would still be here. But Im glad she is in her peace now. No more pain, worrying, all of that. I bet she is looking down on us and smiling. We also talk about Tara. I miss her. We had become close when I came back. She was the only one that understood me. I'm sure Jenna would have loved her. But no that bastard had to take her life and ruin what have been good.

            Right now I see Angel outside talking to Groo. Everyone else is in the pool or just chilling outside in the shade. Damn he looks good! Groo too.

            3 years Angel and I were blessed with a baby girl.  Jennalyn Christine Summers. We had Angel change his last name to Summers. Giles had found out his last name when he was still human, but Angel insisted that we use mine because he said his name has all this evilness behind it, meaning when he was turned and all of that. Jennalyn is 4 years old now and will be 5 on January 15. She is the cutest thing ever. Everyday Angel would bring in a toy or something for his baby girl. I tell him not to spoil her too much but he says he cant help it. Jennalyn has light brown hair and light hazel eyes with hints of dark brown. Angel is teaching her so much now, trying to make her talk and crawl and walk, anything, even when to cry when something is wrong. She also has the cutest sad face that no one can refuse.

            I remember when Jenna was 2 and Spike was playing with one of her toys, I think it was a tickle me Elmo. Yeah it was a tickle me Elmo. Well Spike was playing with it when Jenna came crawling towards him.

          He was sitting in the living/play room on one of the leather couches with Willow. Jenna stopped crawling and sat in front of him on the floor. She stuck her hands out towards the toy but Spike didn't see cause he was having fun with it. Willow saw her and nudged at Spike. "What?" "Jenna wants her toy." He looked at her. "In a bit ok?" he said going back to the toy. Jennalyn then began to cry. "You shouldnt have done that Spike." She said taking the toy from Spike and kneeling down with Jenna trying to make her stop crying. But she didn't stop. "Awww come on Jenna I didn't mean it. Look its Elmo!" Spike said trying to make her stop. Just then Angel came running in and picking up Jenna who then stopped crying when she saw her daddy. "What happened?" He asked whipping away her tears. "Spike made her cry." "I didn't mean to." "He wouldn't give her Elmo." Spike looked at Willow. "Sorry mate." Angel just looked at his baby girl. He tickled Elmo so that it was moving and put it to Jenna's stomach which made her laugh and walked into the kitchen. Angel had made Spike stay outside till he said it was ok to come back in.

            Does that sound like the old Angel? In a way, yeah. Hehe. Can you imagine me a mom? I was in shock at first, and then when I told Angel he fainted. I wasnt sure if I was going to be a good mom, but I made it. And look at me now, married with the cutest little girl, and all my friends here with me. Come to think that I am, or should I say was the slayer all of this happened for a reason. Who knows what will happen next. Only way to find out is to do what I'm doing now. Enjoy what I have and cherish it.

            "Mommy wat r yoo doin?" Jenna said walking up to her mother. "Hey baby girl." She said picking her up and placing her in her lap. "I was just thinking baby." "About wuuuuuuttttt?" "Ohhh just about everything sweetie." "Wut bout me n daddy?" "I'm always thinking about you and daddy. How can I not? You are so cute, theres no other baby I would want to think about." "Yay!" Buffy smiled. "What is daddy doing?" "He iz outside wit unkie Groo an unkie Ander." Y"ou wanna go swimming baby girl?" "Yeah! I wanna wet daddy!" "Ok, lets go." She said making their way outside. "Mommy wut r we don morrow?" "We are gonna with daddy to LA." "Why?" "So we can go watch daddy, and if he needs help I can help him." "Can I help daddy?" "Sure you can." Once outside Buffy put Jennalyn down and she right away ran to Angel hugging his legs.

            "Hey, there's my baby girl." "Hi daddy!" She said kissing his cheek. "Where is mommy?" "Over der." She said pointing to where she and Cordy were talking. "Mommy said we are goin to help yoo morrow." "Yeah you are." "You get to do whatever you want." "Can I paint anything I want?" "Sure, if mommy lets you." "Yay."

            "Jenna how much do you love daddy?" "I luv yoo lots! "she smiled kissing his cheek? "How much?" "Dis much!" she said sticking out her arms. Angel then tossed her into the air making her laugh. Buffy looked over to the sight before her eyes, her baby girl and her husband. All she could do was smile.

             Angel and Jenna then joined Buffy and the others at the table. Buffy looked at her family and friends. Happy as they can be. Everything was perfect. There is nothing left to say but


Life was good.


The End!


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