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The Better Half Of You


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Title: The Better Half Of You

Spoliers: None

Timeline: None

Summary: Now that Angel is gone, and Angelus lives Buffy still wants to have a relationship with the man she once loved, only when they have a fight, Angelus causes Buffy to slip into a coma and into a complety different world.

Dedication: To BtvsAtvs,  AngLsBuffyAlways, and Powerau for telling me this would be a good story.

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It was going to be a long night for Buffy Summers the vampire slayer, who just finished dusting a dozen blood sucking demons.

" Will my life ever be normal?" she asked herself.

" Hello lover." Came that voice that always sent shivers up her spine.

Buffy stoped and looked at him.

" Angel." She said uneasy.

" Angelus I think you mean." He said with a lopsided smile.

" I thought we had an understanding beloved. You dont leave the mansion unless I give you permission or else I come with you." He said stepping closer to her.

Buffy held up her stake.

" You dont own me  Angel-us, I dont belong to anyone,...not anymore." She said with a touch of sadness in her voice.

He was only an inch away from her now.

" Oh, but you do." He said as he grabbed her and held her tightly pressing his mouth hard on hers.

"Oh god, how could these be the lips that I onced loved to have on my very own, how can this be the same man, the man who I loved more then my own life."

Angelus threw her back urgently and hissed at her.

" You need to stop thinking about him beloved, he is gone and I am here, and nothing is ever going to change that."

Buffys anger finally broke through.

" I was wrong to think that I could have anything to do with you, hoping that somewhere deep down inside Angel was still there, I was wrong. You are nothing but a self centerd bastard!" Buffy yelled at him and ran towards him with her stake in hand.

Angelus grabbed her by the arms and swung at her. Dodging the punch Buffy elbowed him right in the stomach.

Clutching his stomach Angelus went down on his knees.

" Never come near me again!" Buffy told him, and she turned to leave.

Angelus's tempered flared.

"DONT YOU EVER TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" He said angrily as he grabbed her by the arms and threw her up against a tree really hard.

" The last thing that  Buffy saw was the shock and horror on Angelus face."


Sunnydale Hospital.

Giles, Jenny, and the rest of the gang were waiting in the waiting room when Buffys mother Joyce enters the room.

" Where is she?" Joyce asked frantically.

Giles stood up and went towards her.

" They've taken her to the operating room. Whatever happen to  buffy  its casued a big o gap in her head. They said there may be internal bleeding and their going to see what they can do."

" Wont that only make things worse?" Joyce said, scared as hell for her only daughter.

" Not unless they can stop it." Giles told her.

" How about some coffee?" Giles asked her grabbing her arm and leading her towards a chair.

" Please." Joyce asked nicely.

Two hours later Dr. Mclenard steped out.

" Mrs. Summers?" he asked.

Joyce stood up and went towards him.

" Yes, is she going to be ok?

" We were able to stop the bleeding luckily, but....."

" But what?"

Giles and everyone else looked towards the doctor.

" I am afraid that she has fallin into a coma, but it could be only temporaily.

" How temoprarily." Giles asked him.

The doctor looked down towards the floor.

" We dont know, a couple of days, weeks, maybe even months?" he said.

" I thought you said it was only temporaily and your saying probably months?" Xander said to him coldly.

" I am sorry, I will keep you all posted, Mrs. Summer, you may go in and see her if you would like."

Joyce looked around.

" Yes I would like that very much."


Joyce walked in to romm 215 and her heart almost shattered. The last time Buffy was here was when she was sick, how could she be back here again. Who would cause her this pain?

Joyce pulled up a chair and went over to sit by her daughter.

Buffy, honey can you hear me?"

No movement came from Buffy just a slight indication that she was still breathing, but she never moved.........


"ooooooooooooo" Buffy said as she grabbed her head.

"  Get going Summers!" A girls voice said to her.

" What?" Buffy asked in confusion.

" That mans  lunch your holding in your hands is getting cold, so take it over there right way." The plump little old lady said.

Everything was so cloudy, none of this made any since to her. The last thing she remember was that she and Angelus was in a middle of a fight.

Buffy went over to where a balding short man waited impatienly for his dinner

As she sat his plate down the man said.

" Dont expect a tip missy," The man said angrily at her.

Buffy turned away so fast that she accidently knocked over the mans water."

" HEY!" The man cried.

Buffy was about to walk back over to him when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

" Let me get that." A soft voice said behind her.

That voice. It couldnt be. It just cant be."

Buffy turned ever so slowy to stare in chocolate eyes of her lover.

" Angel?"  Buffy aske quietly?"

The man who appeared to be in his late twenties gave her a lopsided smile.

" You must be the new girl, my name is Liam, but people do call me Angel. My grandmother gave me that name when I was a little boy.

Buffy only stared at him, while he took a rag out of his apron and started to whip up the spilt drink.

When he turned back towards her a flash of white teeth  were shown to her.

" And your name would be?" he asked.

""ah..um...Buffy, Buffy Summers."

" Buffy ha? what a pretty name." He said as he walked back towards the kitchen.

Buffy stood back and was in complete aw with this Angel."

" Oh Boy."


By closing time Buffy was ready to leave work, of course she doesnt remember how she got her but oh well at least she has a job, but another thought went through her, where did she live?"

At the same time she thought that, Angel came through the doors.

" Boy, talk about a long day."

Buffy laughed.

" Yea, tell me about it, I dont think there was one thing that I did right today."

Angel looked at her and smiled.

" Oh don't worry about, you will get a hang of it. It took me awhile but I caught on like they told me I would." He said as he started to put his leather jacket on.

Buffy remember the time that her Angel gave her the same looking Jacket, but that was then.

Angel came up towards her.

" Hey, you ok?" he asked concern showing in his chocolate pools.

" Yea, everything is just peachy." She said as she gave him a small smile.

" You sure?"

" Yea."

" Can I walk you home." he asked her softly.

Buffy turned back around with tears in her eyes.

" I dont know where home is."

The walk to Angels apartment didnt take very long, in fact they were there in less then 10 minutes.

" Its not very big, and its kind of messy, but if you want you can stay here for the night if you want." Angel said looking at Buffy with a slight smile on his face.

Buffy smiled back.

" You sure you wouldnt mind?"

" Nope, its been awhile since I really have had anybody here, so its nice to have a beautiful lady in my presence again." Angel  exclaimed.

Buffy blushed, but yet smiled at him.

When they entered the apartment  it was pretty small, but really well decorated. Old picutures hanged from the walls, and there had to be at least a hundred books on his bookshelf. A leather couch and a matching chair were put back into the cornor. The lights in the apartment were pretty dim but she thought that was how she prefered it.

" Make yourself at home, I am just going to go change and get out of this dirty Bucks chicken Hut uniform and be right back." he said before he left the room.

I can't believe that I am here, in Angels apartment. I mean its not the same as my Angels old apartment but its still nice, but strange. Something about this whole thing is strange.

" Ok, I am back."

When Buffy turned to look at him, he was gorgeous. He had tigh leather pants on with a matching top to go with it. Oh god, was she loosing her mind?

" Would you like something to drink?" he asked poliety

" Ah, no thanks I'm fine."

" So tell me about yourself Buffy." Angel said as he sat right by her on the couch.

" I am 17 years old, I live in Sunnyhell..I mean Sunnydale California, I am the only child, and my dream is to be a professional ice skater." She said with a smile.

" And....do you...I mean...I bet you do..but I cant..." He was starting to get embarrased.

Buffy smiled at him.

" Do I have a boyfriend?"

Angel only nodded so he wouldnt sound stupid again.

Buffy looked to the ground.

" No, you-I mean he went away." Buffy said sadly.

Angel scooted a little closer to her.

" You mean he died?"

Buffy turned to look at him.

" You could say that."

Angel wrapped his arms around her and gave a friendly hug.

" I'm sorry."

" Its been awhile but its getting a little easier."

" Its never easy loosing someone you love............"  he said


" I dont know if she is going to make it." Joyce said to her ex husband on the phone.

" What do you mean  you dont think she is going to make it, the doctors told you that the coma could only be temporarily didnt they?" Hank said to  Joyce.

" Yes Hank, but she has not shown any kind of  improvement in fact its getting worse I think." Joyce said near tears.

" Just hang in there, I will be on my way down as soon as possible I promise.

" G'night Hank." Joyce said and then she hanged up.

" You have to get better Buffy, you have to come back to me..." Joyce said to herself as she laid herself down on her bed and started to cry.


The next day at work Buffy was in the back washing up the dishes when Angel came through the doors.

" Hey!" He said with a genuine smile.

" Hey." Buffy said back not really paying attention, due to the headache she was feeling again this morning."

" It is getting pretty busy out there, I tell you it sucks to be demoted down to dishwashing." Angel said teasingly.

" Hey its better then what I was doing before, cause then I dont have to deal with people and there attitudes." She said trying to smile

" Hey, I think I found apartment." Buffy said.

Angel frowned on that.

" That was quick, you know you are more then welcome to stay at the apartment with me as long as you need." Angel said hopefully.

" Thats ok, besides I dont know how long I am going to be here."

"What do y ou mean?"

Buffy didnt know how to tell him, that this wasnt her world, she didnt belong here, no matter how much she wanted to..

" I mean, I dont know how long I am going to be in town."

Angel studied her, and then went to her.

" Thats crazy, you just got here, you can't leave already."

" I dont know when I am leaving."

Angel moved closer  and started to dip his head.

" Thats good, because, I wanna learn about you more."  Then he kissed and he kissed her good

Buffy was the first to pull away.

" Why did you just do that?" Buffy asked confused.

Angel backed away and just kept looking at her.

" Because I wanted to do that the day that I met you."

" Well you shouldnt, Angel, I can't get involved."

" Buffy I....."

" No, let me finish, you look so much like my-- look this isnt the time to talk about this." She said unhappily.

" Meet me at my place,  then we can talk." He said kissing her hand and walking out the door.

Buffy felt like she could cry and die at the same time right there and then. Then the headache came back.'


Buffy walked up to Angels door and was about to knock when door flew open.

" I thought that was you who was coming." Angel said with a teasing smile.

" Who else did you think it might be?"

The smile faded from Angels face.

" Buffy we need to talk.

She nodded and then stepped through the door.

" Please have a seat." Angel said offering her the chair.

Buffy put her hands in her lap.

" Angel......I dont belong here. I dont even know how  I got here.. One moment I was having a fight with-- a friend, and the next moment I was hear. For all I know I could be in hell, but this can't be hell, because --" Buffy tears threatened Buffy's eyes.

"...because your here.....and you are a good person, and I know you would never think bad of me."

Angel got up and moved closer to her." Of course I would never think bad of you, but what I am about to tell you might make you reconsider how you feel about me."

"Don't you care what I am trying to say to you." She asked surprised.

" Yes I do but there is something you need to know?

" What?" Buffy asked worriedly.

" Buffy.....I.....I am engaged."

Buffy felt like her whole world stopped spinning,

"What? why did you kiss me?"

Angel took her hands.

" I dont know, I shouldnt have, I like you Buffy, I do but I love my finance', or at least I think I do."

Buffy stood up.

" Buffy dont go."

" I can't believe you even let me spend the night here, what did you fiance say when you told her?" She practically screamed at him.

" I am sorry Buffy, look I want us to be friends really I do.I care about."

" Hey this is your world no mine."

Angel frowned at her.

" What do you mean?"

" Look I better leave, ok. I will see you at work tomorrow." Buffy said while this world was falling apart right before her eyes.

" Buffy wait."

But she already left.


Hank arrived two days later then Joyce had planed, but for some good reason it brought comfort to her to know that he would be there for their daughter when she needed them the most.

" I am glad your here Hank, Buffy would be too." Joyce said giving her ex husband a hug.

" Well I need to be here for her, I can't let her die....I wont let her die."

" How is Mollie?" Joyce asked. Mollie was Hanks new wife, and she was expecting their first child  real soon.

" Oh she is doing good, getting ready for the baby and all."

Joyce tried to smile in despite of herself.


Buffy showed up to work  45 minutes late so that she wouldnt have to face Angel. She knew that Angel  was suppose to leave 10 minutes before she got there so she just didnt show up until afterwards.

By the time she got off work Angel was  waiting for her outside.

" You have been avoiding me." Angel said with a smile.

" I still am." Buffy said coldly.

" Buffy look I know I hurt you I didnt want to."

" Look I get it ok, I told you I wasnt going to be in town that long anyways so it really doesn't matter." She said as she started to walk away.

" It matters to me, I hate to see you hurt, and I dont want you to leave."

" You have a fiance Angel, You cant have me."

Angel just looked at her.

" Whats her name anyways?

" Cordelia."

Buffy's head spun and till she no longer saw anything."

Buffy's world felt like it was falling apart all over again, exspecially since Angel left....or rather died.

" I can't even have him in this world."

She dragged herself into the tiny apartment that she would rent until her time in this world would be up.


" I guess I can't blame him." I need to get back home before, I fall more in love with him then I am already.


Do you think she will ever wake up?" Willow asked her best friend Xander.

Xander was watching the almost lifeless body of one of his good friends, then turned his back back towards her.

" You know Will, I once thought that I had all the answeres figured out, but now I dont know anymore. I wish we were there to protect her from him." Xander said coldly.

Wilow touched his shoulder.

" Not that I am on his side or anything, but maybe is isnt Angelus fault."

Xander stood up abruptly and glared  at Willow.

" How can you say that Will? Angelus isnt the sweet, kind and loving kind of guy anymore. He is a killer always has and always will be. I know that he did this to her."

" Is that right?" Came that silky dark voice.

Xander swung on him.


" You know you ought to control your temper kid, not good for your health."

" Do you not have at least an ounce of guiltyness in you?" Xander asked standing face to face with him.

For a brief moment Willow thought she saw a little bit of pain in Angelus 's eyes, but as fast as it came it was gone.

" You know I could walk over to that machine and snap her pretty little neck, and there would be nothing that you could do."

Xander went over to protect the sleeping Buffy.

: Your right, maybe we couldnt do anything, but I wouldnt be to sure that the security guards and the Orderles couldn't."

Angelus walked straight up to Xander a threw a boquet of flowers in his arms."

" Give her my love." Angelus said.

Then he was gone......

Buffy's world felt like it was falling apart all over again, exspecially since Angel left....or rather died.

" I can't even have him in this world."

She dragged herself into the tiny apartment that she would rent until her time in this world would be up.


The she broke down and cried.

" I just want to go home, I just want to be with my friends, my mother...and even Angelus."

Then there was a knock at the door.

" Who is it?" she said whimpering.

" Buffy, its me  Angel, I need to talk to you."

" GO AWAY!" She wanted to tell him.

She went to the door and there he stood, perferct, black leather paints, a tight tank top. Her eyes almost squeezed out of her head.

" May I come in?"

She backed away to let him through.

" May I ask you something?" He asked suddenly.

" Sure."

" When I told you that my fiance's name was Cordelia how come you looked as though you were ready to kill something?"

" Angel, there is so much you dont understand."

He took both of her shoulders.

" Then tell me." He said gently.

She walked out of his grasp and went to sit on the one chair that the landlored had provided her with.

" Angel.........I am not from here." She told him.

Angel looked at her strangely yea you told me that before, but what are you implying.

" I am implying that I am not from this world."

Angel just looked at her, and nearly burst out laughing.

" Ok, then were are you from, mars, Jupitar?" He said teasingly.

Buffy frowned at him.

" Angel this isnt funny."

His playful smile deepened into a deep frown.

" Your not kidding are you?

Buffy looked to the floor.

" I dont know how I even got here, One moment I was fighting with my ex boyfriend, and the next thing I knew I was here."

Buffy got up and started to pace. When she turned around Angel was right beside her. He took her into his arms.

Angel knew he shouldn't be doing this, he loved Cordelia, or did he?

Buffy saw his gaze turn to her lips.

" What are you doing?" Buffy asked as his lips came closer.

Angel brought his arms around  her waist.

" To tell you the truth, I dont know." The heal sealed his lips over hers.

His kisses were passionate or so it started out, then it started to get more
gentle and more carefree, Buffy was the one who broke away.

" Angel, we can't do this, you are engaged, and I dont know how much longer
I am going to be here." She said sadly.

Angel gathered her more closely against his chest.

" Buffy, I figured out the other day, that I am not in love with Cordelia, I
am in love with you." He said as he kissed her temple.

Buffy couldnt help but get closer to her.

" I love you too Angel, thats why I can't let this go to far.
But before she could protest any longer, he was kissing her again.

" Oh god" She thought.
" Were going to make love..."

He stared down at her, and smiled.

He lowered her tank top straps, and moved his hands into her shirt to snap
what was keeping her bra on. His hands, oh how she loved his hands.

They made it all the way to Buffy's room before they started to tear at each
others clothing.

Buffy ran her hands along his chest down his stomach, and towards his manly
hood. Angel groaned in pleasure. Why couldnt she have it like this in her
world? When was she going to have to go back? More importantly how will she
go back."


Once Angelus got back to the Mansion, he was angry.

That damn fool." He thought of Xander.

As he started to pace the floor, he saw a piece of paper laying on of the
tables that he owned. It was a picture of Buffy. Angelus never saw this
picture before." He smiled and ran his fingures around her her face
memorizing her face.

" How could I of done this to you Buffy?" He said to nobody.

" I could lose you for good now." After he heard himself say this he growled
and throught the picture on the floor.

" What am I saying, I should be glad that your dying, now I can rule the
world,like I had once planned before you came into my life."

He looked at the picture once again, and yet again he smiled."

Buffy laid awake after Angel had fallin asleep after they made love. Angel was so beautiful when he was sleeping, and it almost made her cry when she thought about when the enivitable happened that she would have to leave him, and go back to her world. Or would she go back to her world. Angel in her world was gone, he wasnt ever coming back, and she had to live with that, but could she live with the fact that the man who now has the face of her old lover is back there destroying people and there homes? Taunting them, and terrorizing them, and nowing that there would be no one to save them? Buffy bit back a sob. Angel started to stir. He opened his eyes.

" Good morining." He said with a smile.

Buffy laughed. It was quit morning yet.

" Sorry to burst your bubble, but it isnt morning yet."

Angel chuckled.

" It seems like I have been asleep for most of the night." He said as he gathered her close. Buffy stiffend. How could she of made love to Angel,he was engaged with Cordelia.

" Angel?"


" What about Cordelia?" she asked.

Angel sat up.

" I dont know whats going to happen with us, I know we can't get married now, but..."

" Angel you said you didnt love her, but do  you?"

Angel looked into her eyes.

"Never in my life have I ever been sure about anything until I met you Buffy Summers, you seem to just pop into my life from out of nowhere, but it feels like I've known you forever."

Buffy's heart broke. He had always known her.

" You couldnt be farther form the truth." She said quietly.

Before Angel could answer his cell phone went off.

" What!" Angel demanded.

" Hi honey!" Came a cheerful voice.
" Cordelia."

" Hey whats up?" He asked casually.

" Guess what, Geoff is letting me go a week early, so I can come home and begin to plan our wedding?" She said dreamly.

Cordelia had been in New York for weeks now doing her fashion show or whatever the hell she did down there, and now he was letting her go?

Angel's smiled faded.

" Thats great, I guess I will see when you get back." Angel said a little sad.

" I love you." she said.

" Yea, well goodbye!" Then he hung up.

" Sorry about that." Angel said as he gathered her close again.

Buffy no longered smile, she knew that right now and then, that she had to end this right now.


A month has gone by, and still Buffy made no atempt to move, as Joyce stood by her side, she wondered if anything was ever going to be the same."

" Oh Buffy, you just have to wake up, you are needed here, the world needs you,....I need you."

Xander Harris walked in followed by his girlfriend Cordelia, and  Willow."

" Hey Mrs. S. how are you doing?"

Joyce Smiled at her daughters friends. " Oh I think I'm doing better. They say it could be any day now, she could just wake up."

Xander gave his best friends mother a small but geniune smile, and came around to hug her.

" Hang in there Mrs. S. I'm sure Buffy will be just fine.

Tears sprang from her eyes as she huged him back.

" God Xander, I hope more then anything that your right."

The next morining Angel was left alone in bed, while  Buffy sat in her comfort chair staring into the fire.

" Good morning." Angel said as he wrapped his arms around her.

" Morning." Buffy said a little less happy.

Angel kneeled before her.

" Ok, whats wrong?"

Buff was silent.

" Come on Buffy, tell me whats wrong." Angel pleaded.

Buffy turned towards him seriously.

" I should'nt have let this happen."

" Let what happen?"

" Come on Angel, you know what I am talking about. I mean us."

Angel got to his feet.

" Your not regreting last night are you?"

Buffy looked back to the fire.

" Your engaged. I had no right."

" Buffy, I told you, once Cordelia gets back, I am breaking it off with her. I love you.......Dont you.....love me?"

" Love has nothing to do with this Angel, Its whats doing whats right, I am trying to fix a wrong and make it right." She said as she got to her feet to look at him.

Angel frowned.

" You do regret last night."

Buffy looked at him.

" Last night was the most passionate thing that I have felt in a very very long time, last night was a dream come true for me, I loved every minute with you." She said with tears threating to fall from her eyes.

" I feel a "but" coming on." He said.

" I can't be with you Angel, last night can never happen again. I do care for you, I honestly do."

"...but do  you love me?" He said dreading what was coming.....

" No."

Angel just looked at her.

" I thought what happen last night...I thought........I thought you wanted to be with me."

The tears came now.....

" If I could take back what went on last night, I would." She said lying right through her teeth.

Angels breath  caught in his throat.

" So what are you saying?"

" I 'm saying its over Angel." Buffy said as she cried even harder.

Angel didnt make an attempt to move.

" So thats then huh? "

" I'm sorry Angel." She said barely a whisper.

" No your not."  He returned angrily. Then stomped out of the apartment.

Buffy broke down and cried.


2 weeks later.....

Buffy was at work when she heard the news, the news almost tore her heart out.

" Yea, Angel is getting married today. I am so happy for him.He and Cordelia were so made for each other." One of Buffy's co-workers to hold her. Buffy put on a pretend smile.

" Good for him, he deserves to be happy."

Buffy felt like dying inside.

I've been bound to leave you, we've known that for a while
I'm sure it's something I can't do if I can't leave you with a smile
I don't know how far I'll have to go till I'm sure those eyes won't cry
And in my mind I've left enough to know that I can't leave you
With a bad goodbye

She didnt know how, but she had to say goodbye to him. She asked Cindy where they were getting married, and she told him. She ran as it fhere was no tomorrow.

Goodbye, easier said than done
Goodbye, there's no good when you're the one
Whose goodbye you swore would never come
And in my goodbye you're finding none

When she reached Saint Hills Church, she could tell that there were alot of friends and family in there, but she needed to get to him. Her headach came back then, and it hurt really bad. She grabbed her head, but kept going she had to get to him..

I'm still bound to leave you, I surely don't know how
My heart won't let me put you through
What my mind said should happen now
I don't know where we'll go from here, there may be no way to fly
And the cloud I'm in just makes it all too clear that I can't leave you
With a bad goodbye

Everything was becoming fuzzy and unclear, as she descended towards the step she fell right on them......

How can we be so far between where we are and one more try
And any way I look, I've only seen that I can't leave you
With a bad goodbye ...goodbye.......goodbye.....

"Oh my god!" Came a familar voice.

It was his voice. She knew all that much, but she couldn't see him.

" BUFFY! BUFFY!, can you hear me? Oh god, someone get an anbulance."

" Angel?" She said groggily.

" Yea baby, I'm here." He said smoothing her hair.

She tried to smile at him but couldnt."

" I'm...sorry...I....I'm sorry I sent you away, I realise now that I can't be affraid anymore......I do love you Angel, and now.....I'm too late." She said softly.

Angel smiled at her through his own tears. He looked good in a tux.

" I dont kkkknow whatssss happeningggg to me." She said as she started to shiver.

" Its going to be ok baby, trust me, everything is going to be ok." He said as he kissed her on the lips.

Buffy smiled at him...and then everything went black........


Joyce had been at the hospital for the past twenty four hours, sound asleep when the doctor came in.

" How you doing Mrs. Summers?"

" Better than one is expected to be." She said as she managed a small smile.

The doctor smiled back at her.

" How is she?" the doctor asked.

" The same I'm afraid."

" Well I will be back in an hour to check on her again...and well take it from there." He said as he left.

Joyce went back to sit by her daughter and took her hand. Joyce looked at her.

" Are you ever going to forgive me, and come back to me?" She asked her.

Then as if her prayers have been answered she felt a hand squeeze her very own. Joyce jumped in shock, and then Smiled.

" Buffy?" She asked with emotions in her eyes....

Buffy's eyes fluttered open.........

" BUFFY! BUFFY!" Joyce cried as she saw her daughter open her eyes.

" Mom?" Buffy said softly as her eyes kept fluttering open and shut.

Joyce kissed her daughters temple.

" Oh thank god I didnt loose you."

The Doctor came right in.

" Well I see thats she awake." He said as he looked into her eyes with that annoying little light.

" Everything looks fine, so signs of damage."

" When can she come home?" Joyce asked quickly.

" I want her to remain her overnight at least, and if everything goes ok, she can come home tomorrow."

" I was hoping--"

" Where am I?" Buffy asked confused.

" Your at the hospital honey, you had really bad fall." Joyce said smoothing her hair.

" OH THANK GOD BUFF!" Xander said as they all rushed into see her.

" For a while there we thought we might actually loose you." Willow said happy to see her friend.

Buffy gave a small smile, and then asked

" Where's Angel."


Angelus was pacing the room

" damn her, how dare she put all these feelings inside of me, I wont have it. DO YOU HEAR ME I WONT HAVE IT!!!!!!" He growled and then vamped out.

Then a bright blue light appeared, whatever it was it was very unclear.

Angelus tried to step back.

"  What do you want?" He growled.

"What I have wanted for a long time."  The haunted voice said.

" And that is?" Angelus snarled.

" My body back!"

Then the spirit flew into Angelus causing him to fall unto the floor in pain.

Moments later when he got up he whispered....



" Buffy, Angel has been gone for a while now, he is not coming back." Xander said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

" I  saw him, he was real, he was human. I did see him. He hurt me in that world too." She said sadly.

"  What are you talking about Buffy?" Willow asked.

" He was engaged to Cordelia."

Cordelia who was sitting in one of chairs drinking one of her cappicinos spit it out as fast as she say her own name."

" I WAS WHAT???????" She screamed.

everyone "shh'd her.

" I never felt so alone after that, knowing that I couldnt have him in that world either." Buffy said as a tear escaped one of her eyes.

" Oh Buffy thats horrible." Willow said as she gave her friend a hug.

" It's a bunch of crap if you ask me." Xander said.

'Xander!" Cordelia said slapping his arm.

" Well I am only saying-"

" Stop what your saying ok, just shut up!" Willow yelled at him.

Buffy turned to her side.

" Angel." she whispered


Later that night...

Buffy was sound asleep thanks to the medicine they had dosed her with, when  a figure step through the door.

" I love you." a voice came.

Buffy thinking she was dreaming reasponded.

" I love you too..., please come back to me.....please?" She said beggingly.

" I'm here love, open your eyes, I'm here."

When she opened her eyes, there he was...

" Angel?" She said a little  chokingly.

Angel smiled at her...

" Yea baby, I'm back.." She went into his arms and stayed there until she feel asleep and he right beside her, just like it was ment to be....