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Title: Dreaming By Day

Author: Beth

Rating: PG *may change if I want it to*

Summary: What if Buffy hadn't moved to Sunnydale, how would Angel and her ever meet?

Spoilers: None completely AU *well it still has vampires and stuff but hey the whole AU stuff is hard!*

Disclaimer: Would you like me to answer that, or shall I just glare? But really everything in this fic is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. 

Notes: All right I know there are tons of challenges and stories where Buffy never moved to Sunnydale and stayed in L.A. instead and then Angel moves there well mine is the same way just with a Beth twist I hope you like.

Notes2: Thank you soooo much Nina for helping me think of a name I love it!!

Dedication: To Nina for always making me laugh and for encouraging me to write this fic thanks Nina!

Feedback: It would be adored!! Tell me what you think. What should be changed, what was good...anything!! frenchy16@zoominternet.net


Buffy is sitting on a blanket spread out on the ground in the cemetery. Several papers are scattered around her.

"Well I could stay close to home and go to UCLA," Buffy concludes.

"Buffy are you sure you should be going to college at all? I mean you have slaying," Pike asks.

"Pike, my whole life doesn't have to and is not going to revolve around slaying. Plus come one UCLA isn't too bad right?"

"You got good enough scores to go anywhere you want. What does Wes have to say about this?"

"Over the last few years he's relaxed a lot more I think he's ok with it. You know at least that's how I figure it will go when I tell him. Plus I'm going even if he says I can't and he knows it."

"All right then Buffy tell those UCLA people to prepare they are going to get a new student named Buffy Summers. You know maybe a few psychologists on call 24/7 would be the best idea."

"God Pike you can't even be helpful for one minute can you?"

"Well I can help yah stake that vamp." Pike says as he points over at the vampire rising from his grave at that moment. Buffy just rolls her eyes.

"God Pike is that all you think about? Fighting?"

"Oh no I think about other things."

"We are not even going there."


"We aren't going there again, Faith." Angel states.

"But Angel, L.A.? I mean do you really have to go?" Faith pleads.

"Faith, we've killed the master. Fought and won against every 'big evil' that came our way and we closed the Hellmouth in that last fight."

"Well, how do we know more evil things won't come?"

"Even if they do I'm sure you can handle yourself I mean you are the Slayer. Plus you still got the gang."

"It still won't be the same without you here in Sunnydale. You were my first real friend I made. Plus who am I suppose to go Bronzing with?"

"Faith trust me with the way you dance I am sure you won't be too lonely at the Bronze." Faith grins mischievously and Angel grabs one of his suitcases and places it in his new GTX convertible. Faith grabs the last two and follows Angel's actions. Angel turns to Faith and gives her a hug. "Give me a call if you have any problems."

"Yeah you too."

Angel climbs into his car an starts it up.

"I'll call yah when I get everything set up in L.A." Angel pulls away and looks back to see Faith waving good-bye. Angel is off to L.A. to begin an adventure of unknown desires.

Part 1

"I can't believe Doyle sent me to another one of these clubs. Doesn't the Powers That Be understand that I am not a people person." Angel complains to himself as he looks around the club . Loud music is blaring from the speakers on all sides and bright lights blink on and off throughout the entire club making it very hard for angel to find who he is looking for. But finally near the edge of the club he finds her. A beautiful blond girl. She is dancing seductively with a guy rubbing very closely with him. Angel growls softly in his throat. 'Why is that beautiful girl dancing with scum like that. Wait no Angel is a.' Angel's thoughts are interrupted as the blond girl leads the guy out of the exit. Angel starts to follow them, slowly at first but then more quickly. It seems that Angel had lost her until he hears the man's scream coming from the next alley. Angel runs over there shadows cover everything only one streetlight illuminates the alley. But even with angel's vampiric sight he still can't see anyone in the alley. He cautiously creeps though the alley. He hears a sound behind him and turns around only to have two feet connect with his chest throwing him to the ground. Angel starts to try to get up but the beautiful girl stands over top of him and rests her foot forcefully in top of him.

"Are you following me?" the girl questions.

"You seemed like you might have needed some help." Angel answers her cautious of what he says.

"Oh right and I am going to get it from a vampire."

"Miss I have no idea what you are talking about." the blond girl opens her mouth to respond when someone calls her name.

"Buffy!" Buffy looks up at the voice and sees Pike and Wesley running toward her.

"Guys what are you going here, I told you I was going out tonight. And I am a little bit busy right now." Buffy says annoyed pointing down at the ground.

"With who?" Pike asks.

"The vampire lying down on the ground."

"Buff hate to break it to yah but there is no vamp there." Buffy looks down and sees Angel is gone.

"Damn it. Well are you two happy now? I lost him."

"Well maybe it is for the better Buffy. You start college tomorrow." Wesley suggests.

"Ug, don't remind me." Buffy starts walking and Pike rushes up and puts his arm across her shoulders.

"Aww come on Buffy what happened to my whole life doesn't revolve around slaying girl?"

"She realized she is happy to starts college so she can get away from you pike." Buffy laughs as she elbows Pike in the gut.

"Very funny," Pike moans out as he tried to catch his breath. Buffy giggles as she continues walking. Wesley just rolls his eyes and follows Buffy and Pike.

The alley is all quiet as a dark figure steps out from around the corner.

"Another Slayer? Is it even possible?" Angel questions to himself.


"I've never heard of that happening before. I thought only a new Slayer was suppose to be called when one dies."

"Thanks Doyle, you just basically repeated what I all ready knew." Angel says annoyed.

"Just trying to help yah out. I'm as stumped as you are."

"Doyle, where's Cordy?"

"I believe 'Delia is at the mall."

"But I called you both last night asking you to be here this morning."

"Well I guess she figured shopping was more important."

"Right and what important events could happen at the mall?"

"100 dollars. That's all she's giving me. Doesn't my mom understand I need more then that to buy nice back to school clothes? I mean where does she expect me to shop? Wal-Mart?" Buffy complains as she walks around the mall trying to find some nice clothes within her price range. "Is there no place that sells fashionable clothes at cheaper prices?"

"I have been asking myself that question for a couple of months now." A voice says barging into Buffy's thoughts.

"Excuse me?" Buffy questions the women now standing in front of her.

"Oh I'm sorry was this just a conversation between you and yourself?" the women asks.

"Oh no, I'm just a little preoccupied in my shopping."

"Focus on the fashion that is my motto. Hi, I'm Cordelia. Cordelia Chase." Cordelia offers her hand to Buffy who takes it and shakes.

"The names Buffy Summers."

"Buffy? What kind of name is that?"

"I don't know Cordelia kinda sounds like a normal name." Buffy sarcastically states.

"Finally someone to exchange witty banter with." Cordelia chuckles.

"Oh that is my specialty."

Cordy and Buffy both laugh and involve themselves in a convo throughout the entire 5 hour mall trip until Buffy looks at her watch and notices what time it is.

"Oh my gosh. It's almost 5 o'clock I have to meet my Watch... I mean pick up my watch in 15 minutes." Buffy lamely covers.

"Well you are wearing one right now can't you just pick it up tomorrow. I thought we could hang out some more."

"No, see this watch isn't mine its.my friends! Yeah and he needs it back tomorrow so you see I need my watch."

"Ok well why don't you just stop by at the place where I work tomorrow and we can go for lunch." Cordy reaches into her purse and hands Buffy an Angel Investigation card.

"Oh cool an Angel like for Angel Investigations that's cute."

"Glad you like, the guys' I work with couldn't seem to grasp the concept. They thought it was a lobster for heaven's sake!"
"Well that's men for yah. Well I got to go. See ya tomorrow around 12." Buffy says as she starts to back up.

"Ok." Buffy then turns and runs towards the exit. "Weird girl."


"Sorry, sorry. I know I'm late but you won't believe how bad traffic is." Buffy explains as she quickly puts her bags in the corner of the room. The room seems to be a gym. It has blue exercising mats laid across the floor. Weapons hang from pegs all around the walls. A balance beam, dummies and a glass cabinet of weapons are on the sides leaving the middle open.

"You don't drive Buffy." Wesley confirms.

"Well those sidewalks can get pretty packed especially with all those workers and kids and.."

"Shoppers?" Pike finishes.

"Oh shut up Pike."

"Buffy how many times do we have to go through this your duty comes before your fashion." Wesley explains for what seems like the hundredth time.

"Yes but I wanted to look good for those vamps since I will be the last thing they see."

"Feel sorry for them." Pike mumbles under his breath only to be scowled by Buffy.

"Well all right then shall we just do a quick spar before we go out to patrol?"

"That's fine. But don't you think you need to get your pads Wes? Wouldn't want yah to get hurt." Buffy snickers.

"Oh no my ribs need a break. You will be sparing with Pike today."

"Do you think his tiny body can handle it?"

"Excuse me! I have taken you on before."

"Yes and didn't I have my hands tied behind my back."

"Well yeah."

"..and was blindfolded." Wesley chuckles over in the corner. "All right let us begin. Positions please." Buffy and Pike both stand in front of each other and get in fighting stances. "Begin!"

Buffy stands completely still wanting Pike to make the first move which he of course does. Pike releases an onslaught of punches on Buffy only to have everyone of them blocked. Buffy then begins her offense and snap kicks landing her foot directly in Pike's solar plexus. The wind rushes out of his lungs but several seconds later he straightens back up. Pike again directly begins his offense this time landing a few solid kicks and punches. Buffy tries to kick him again but Pike grabs her leg and twists but Buffy uses the momentum to twist right out of his grip and into a spinning kick right into Pike's jaw. Pike grips his jaw, slightly angered he runs to Buffy and grabs her shoulders trying to lift her. Buffy grabs Pike's elbows and flips herself over Pike all while flipping Pike over her. Buffy lands solidly on her feet while bringing Pike crashing down on his back on the floor. Pike finally opens his eyes and looks up and sees Buffy standing over top of him. Buffy offers him her hand and he takes it lifting himself off the ground.

"Beaten by a girl must feel pretty bad." Buffy concludes.

"Oh yeah." Pike manages to choke out over the pain. Buffy and Wesley laugh as Wesley lifts the first aid kit up in the air.

"So you met a girl at the mall?" Pike questions while wandering the streets on patrol with Buffy a couple hours after the spar.

"Well its not like I wanna date her. Its nice to have someone to talk to."

"Hey you talk to me."

"Yeah about fighting and cars. I'm talking about girls tuff."

"Oh you mean like boys and makeup."

"Yes things you do not know about."

"Well I don't know I think that Brad Pitt guy's kinda hot."

"Well sorry to burst your bubble but he's married now."

"To who?"

"Jennifer Aniston you know the Friend's girl?"
"Man she was hot. Had big.intelligence level too."

"Yeah I'm sure that's what you are looking for in a girl."

" So is Cordelia a cute chick?"

"How should I know?"
"Well maybe you should bring her over to meet us."

"Oh yeah and what am I suppose to say. Oh hi this is my friend Pike he is a sex crazy virgin and this is Wesley my watcher he shows me how to kick evil's butt. Oh yeah if I haven't scared her enough that will do the trick."

"Well you don't have to mention the virgin part."

"How about we go over an fight those vamps and just stop this conversation right now?"

"Fine with me."


Buffy walks through the office door looking around. It seemed like a nice office a little dusty yes but what place isn't

"Cordelia!" Buffy calls out. Not hearing an answer she walks around the office. Noticing the elevator Buffy steps in, thinking maybe Cordy was downstairs. When the elevator stops Buffy walks into the apartment. Amazed by the wonderful array of sculptures and paintings and..darkness. Hearing some noise behind her she turns around. What she saw next amazed her more then the sculptures.

"Can I help you?" the man says holding up the towel around his waist trying to keep some of himself private.

"I.I." Buffy stutters too fixated on the muscular and wet guy only in a white towel in front of her to make out a complete sentence.

"Buffy I thought I heard you come in." Cordy says as she herself walks off the elevator. "Oh Angel this is Buffy, Buffy this is Angel my boss." Cordy states not even phased by Angel standing in a towel.

Angel fixes his towel and grabs it by one hand offering the other to Buffy. "How do you do," Angel greets while shaking Buffy's hand. "I would stay and talk longer but I really do need to get changed. I hope to see you soon." Angel walks casually over to his room and shuts the door.

"Are you ready to go?" Cordy asks Buffy.

"Uh huh." Buffy answers not even hearing the question cause she is too busy staring at the door wondering why God didn't let that towel drop.


"That is your boss!" Buffy squeals at Cordy who is sitting across from her in a booth during their scheduled lunch meeting.

"Yup that's our Angel."

"Angel. Name fit's the guys. It's like he was sent from heaven with that godlike body."

"Oh yeah I went through that phase but trust me Angel is not someone you would want to go out with."

"Why not? He seems like a nice guy and for some odd reason I think I know him from somewhere. A club maybe."

"Oh trust me you don't know Angel from a club. He's not really a get together with people person more like a sit in the dark and read and brood kind."

"Yeah I kinda got that impression from his apartment. Do.do you think he might wanna go out on a date or something?"


"I mean maybe like a double date. You know you bring someone from work or something."

"Well I don't know about that."

"We only have one other guy who works with us his name is Doyle."

"Well what's wrong with Doyle."

"He's Irish."

"He's not very well off."

" Oh come on Cordy you should know that money isn't everything. I mean is he sweet?"

"If anything I could always fix you up with my friend Pike. He is dying to meet you."

"Ha, I think I'll take my chances with the Irish Man."

"So you'll ask?"

"I'll ask but I don't know Buffy, Angel isn't really a 'date' guy."

"Yeah sure I will." Angel answers Cordy's question.

" All right let me call Buffy and break the news. wait did you say yes?" Cordy questions totally amazed.

"Yeah I will. That is the girl."

"Well Angel I never knew you believed in love at first sight."

" I don't, I meant that is the other Slayer."

"You sure man?" Doyle asks.

"Yeah I mean she's so small..and nice."

"What does that have to do with her being the Slayer?" Angel ask Cordy slightly confused.

"Well Faith isn't exactly an innocent kind of girl and she has her mean streaks."

"So in other words you could be a Slayer princess?" Doyle jokes only receiving a slap in the stomach from Cordy as a response.

"Any way, yes I am sure. I only saw her a few minutes each time but no one could forget a face like that."
"Yeah the first time was from the ground, the second you were in a towel. This may ruin your reputation." Doyle kids.

"I want to know everything about this girl. How she became Slayer, what her past was like."

"..if she has a boyfriend?" Cordy asks automatically sensing Angel's discomfort as soon as she said it.

"No, that never even occurred to me. I.I have to go get some work done." Angel stalks into his office loudly closing the door behind him.

"Wow Mr. Grouchy."

"Nah he's just a little stressed." Doyle assures her.

"Oh, Doyle please try and find something nice to wear to the date I don't want people to think I am going out with a total spaz. Been there, done that." Cordy says while sitting down at her desk.

"Wait when was it decided that I was going on this Buffy adventure?"

"Why Doyle I just asked you out. Don't you want to go?"

"Of course but."

"All right then meet me, Angel and Buffy at the Sun Café at 8 tomorrow."

"I'll be there."


Buffy walks into the Sun Café immediately noticing the bright colors of the room. Orange booths and tables clutter the edges and a bright red bar is in the way back. Bright blue curtains shield the stage in the front. A Black clad figure sticks out in the entire room. Buffy looks a little closer and notices it is Angel sitting in a booth with Cordy and who must be Doyle. Buffy walks over and Angel stands up. Buffy at once notices his outfit. Angel has on tight black pants and also a tight dark blue shirt that hugs all of his muscles.

"Buffy so glad to see you." Angel lifts up her hand and kisses it lightly. Buffy feeling a little light headed after words immediately sits down next to Angel.

"Cordy this is great. How did you find this place?" Buffy questions.

"Well it has great food, it's cheap and has live bands."

"Sounds perfect."

"Speaking of perfect 'Delia I bought you this." Doyle says as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out on single red rose. Cordy looks at it totally stunned. Then up at Doyle.

" Thank.thank you Doyle." Cordy takes the rose and places it on the table and looks over to see the 'I told you so' look Buffy was giving.

"Buffy I have one for you too." Angel also hands one to Buffy who has the same amazed look on her face.

"Thank you."

"So Buffy have you always lived here?" Angel asks.

"All my life. My parents got divorced three years ago so I am living in L.A. with my dad. What about you?"

"Well I moved here from Sunnydale a few months ago."

"Oh so you know Cordy from Sunnydale? What is the odds that you two would meet up? So how do you and Doyle meet with each other."

"We met at a pub." Doyle lies.

"A pub?" Buffy inquires.

"Yeah Angel's Irish roots were coming to surface that night."

"So what about your parents Angel what are they like?" Buffy wonders.

"They're dead."

"Oh I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry it was a long time ago." Suddenly the curtains start to open to show the band playing tonight.

"I heard this band was really good. They're called Kane and the lead singer, Lindsay, is incredibly hot." Cordy comments.

Sure enough Lindsay took that as his cue to walk out. Lindsay is wearing black leather pants hugging all the right places, a light blue button up shirt that seems maybe one size too small. The guys may have been grumbling about it but the girls were all very happy due to the fact that every single of his muscles could be seen. A gold chain is hanging off his neck slightly reflecting the green from his eyes. Lindsay brushes his hair out of his face and grabs the microphone.

"We are going to start off this set with our new song Let it Be."

Well the answers is always the same,

Won't you please just let it be.

Cause I've been there and all I can say,

Is that it slips away from me.

"Buffy would you like to dance?" Angel asks.

"I would love to." Buffy takes Angel's offered hand and both he and she walk out to the dance floor followed by Doyle and Cordy. Angel wraps his arms around Buffy's waist as Buffy's arms rest on his shoulder. They silently start to sway, each drowning in the other's eyes.

With the memory of yesterday's grace

She spins away from me,

So I can go on.

As cold as the void of the night,

The dark's surrounding me.

'I'm falling for her. I can't believe it. But how can you not, those eyes, her hair, that body. She's been taunting me all my life in my dreams. But I've got to get back to business. I've got to learn about her.'

"So Buffy other then your mom and dad do you have any other family?"

She leaves me there every time,

As alone as I can be.

And I drift with the thought of her eyes,

She's all that I can see.

Buffy suddenly shocked that she could no longer just admire Angel's soulful brown eyes takes a few seconds to answer.

"Well no other family that I'm really close to. I have a friend named Pike that I hang out with and kid with."

"Oh boyfriend?"

"God no! Only in his dreams! No just a good friend," Angel lets out a breath he didn't even realize he was holding. "What about you do you have a girlfriend?"

"No I don't have a girlfriend. I never found the right girl."


But I will go on.

Every long night,

Every whisper,

Every song that never saw it coming,

And she says it's oh so right.

"No brother or sisters? What about cousins?" Angel asks trying to change the subject off himself. Buffy looks down sadly and tears come to her eyes. "Oh Buffy what's the matter? I didn't mean to make you cry."

"No it's just a few years ago me and my cousin Celia were at the beach and her and I were seeing who could go out the farthest in the ocean. We got swept out by the riptide pretty far and it got too rough for us and we got pulled under. The next thing I know I am on the beach and this guy is giving me CPR. They said I was legally dead til this guy revived me. But it took them hours to find Celia

and by the time they did she was all ready dead." By the end of the story tears were pouring down Buffy's face.

Every cold night,

Every shiver,

Every time I didn't feel it coming.

She says it's oh so right.

"Awww Buffy I am so sorry. I didn't mean to bring back bad memories." Angel says hugging Buffy. For some odd reason Buffy feels very comfortable in his arms as if she belongs there. Angel's soothing motions and words finally calm Buffy into little sniffles.

As heartless and cruel as can be,

She moves away from me.

Still I need to be hers every time,

With all that I can be.

Angel leads Buffy over to sit down in their booth. Buffy seems to have calmed down a bit and in order to break the silence and continue his mission to find out as much about what he believes to be a very beautiful women, Angel asks, "So what do you do for fun?"

As she calls in the deep of the night,

She takes all I've got form me,

So I can go on.

Part 7

"Faith? What are you doing here?" Angel questions as he sees his visitor at the door.

"Umm that would be my fault." Willow says as she pokes her head around the corner.


"Yeah Dead Boy we all came!!" Xander declares as he and the rest of the gang steps into the office.

"I don't think this office is going to hold us all it is so tiny. " Anya states in her tactless way.

"Uh honey I don't think now is the time to be discussing Angel living space I mean we are guests in his.home." Giles answers.

"Willow why exactly are you all here? And why is it your fault? What did you do this time?" Cordy questions from her spot still in Doyle's lap.

"Well see Angel called me to help research on these shadow things that attacked you and Doyle. And well I needed some help since I couldn't find anything so I asked Giles and when I did Anya of course was there so she heard about it. And then Anya ended up telling Faith who decided that we were all going to come and help yah out."

"Yeah it was time we visited our favorite Undead American." Xander jokes.

"Ok but then why is he here?" Cordy asks while pointing to Xander.

"Well we were all going to come do you think we would leave Xand there at the Hellmouth by himself to get killed I don't think so." Faith answers.

"Why? You wanted to see him get killed yourself?" Cordy wonders.

"Ha ha very funny," Xander sarcastically states, "I'll have you know I only came here cause Will wanted me to. I would have been perfectly happy missing out on Queen's C's insults and hanging with my girlfriend Nina."

"Oh you mean you would have wanted to stay home to have sex?" Anya inquires. Xander turns a bright shade of red.

"Oh come on Xander what you blushing for you know Nina is like your little sex toy. You guys are always at it." Faith says as she adds to the situation.

"You are just jealous." Xander retorts.

"Jealous? Oh come on Xander I had you once and trust me that was enough to last me several lifetimes."

"Amen to that!" Cordy shouts.

"Um, can we get back to the discussion at hand." Giles declares over the discussion.

"Right, well after Giles and I started researching we finally came up with something in MAG's Book of the Unknown. They are Altec demons." Willow states.

"They only attack out of the shadows. Which makes them one of the most dangerous demons because they can attack from anywhere at anytime. Every shadow they could be inhabited in even during the day every tree that is in the sun, where a car stops in the shade these  things can pop out in the car, they are everywhere. Once they have knocked you unconscious they try to drain the life force out of you. That is their food."

"Those things are scary sounding." Doyle comments.

"Thank you Mr. States the Obvious." Faith insults.

"Hey, no insulting of the boyfriend!" Cordy argues.

"Cordy.Faith.stop this is not the time." Angel says as he hears the phone ring. Cordy reluctantly gets out of Doyle's lap and answers it.

"Angel Investigation we help the helpless...oh hi Buffy.you wanna talk to Angel? Ok..yeah sure you and I can hang out sometime this weekend..ok I will talk to yah later..." Cordy lifts the phone off her ear and hands it to Angel, "Buffy wants to talk to yah."

"All right I will take it in my office." Angel rushes into his office and closes the door. Cordy hangs up the phone and takes up her place back up in Doyle's lap.

"So who's Buffy?" Faith asks.

"It Angel's new girlfriend. He really likes her. Only thing is she is a Slayer."

"Two Slayers but how can that be?" Giles inquires.

"Well according to what Angel found out she was called before Faith and then she died but was brought back to life through CPR. But since she was technically dead Faith was thereby called."

"But how can he be going out with her? She is a Slayer and he is a vampire." Xander interrogates.

"Well she doesn't know he is a vampire and he says he is just trying to get 'information' out of her but I know he really likes her." Once Cordy is done explaining to everyone Angel steps out of his office with a slightly far off look.

"So Angel we heard about you new girl."

"Thank you Cordy for spilling my personal life."

"Anytime it is what I do best. So what did she want?"

"If you must know she wanted me to meet her tomorrow night at the beach."

"Aww that is so romantic. Oz we should do that sometime." Willow remarks.

"Anytime you want baby."

"Well enough about dating I think we should start researching on how to get rid of these things," Angel states as he lifts up some of his books and hands it to everyone, "Willow you can use own computer to research on the web. It is going to be a long night."


Buffy is walking along the beach loving the feeling of sand between her toes. She wasn't so sure about coming to the beach again after what happened to Celia but decided that this would be the best place to do what she had to. Suddenly large arms wrap around her. Angel bends down and kisses her on the neck. Buffy smiles and turns around and kisses him.

"What a nice welcome."

"Thank you I try."

"Modest you are not."

"Well I am just glad to be out of that office."

"Why?" Buffy asks as she starts to trail kisses down his throat.

"Some old friends of mine from Sunnydale came to visit and they brought the whole gang and they are just driving me crazy."

"Well maybe I can help you not be so tense." Buffy starts to trail kisses all over Angel's face. His chin, his nose, his cheeks and finally his mouth. They both melt into the kiss until Buffy breaks it off and pulls open Angel's shirt. She starts to rub her hands over Angel's chest and massages his shoulders. Angel closes his eyes and starts to relax into Buffy's touch. Suddenly Angel opens up his eyes not feeling Buffy's hands on him anymore. When he opens them he sees a black object swinging down towards his head. Angel falls to lay in the sand. Buffy puts down the ax ,that she had hidden in the sand dune right next to where Angel and her were standing, and leans over Angel's now unconscious body. She threads her hand through his hair and massages the place where she had hit him with the ax.

"I'm sorry my love. But I had to." Buffy then grabs Angel's arms and drags him over to her car and throws him in the back seat. Buffy sits down in the driver's side of the car and grabs the steering wheel of the car making her knuckles turn white. She finally starts the car and drives off towards her and Wesley's gym room to finish the plan.

The next night

"Has anyone seen Angel?" Willow asks as she looks at the clock on the desk.

"Nope just figured he was with Buffy." Cordy confirms.

"Yeah but for a whole day? What could they be doing the whole day..oh" Willow says as she figures out the answer to her question.

"And where were you during sex ed Will?" Xander jokes.

"Learning more then you Harris." Cordy insults.

"Ouch, had to hurt the ego." Doyle comments. "IS this a normal thing between you two? This insulting each other every chance you get."

"Yes!" everyone in the room answers.

"Everyone we must get to the problem at hand. I am sure Angel is just fine. Now has anyone come up with anything else about these shadow demons?"

"Just the stuff we all ready knew G-man." Xander answers.

"We are getting no where with these books. Isn't there another way we can get info around here?" Faith questions with a bored look on her face. If she didn't get a good fight in soon she was going to pop.

"There is one way. But I'm not sure you guys will want to try it." Doyle replies.

"We will try anything at this point." Anya states.

"All right but I warned yah."


Wesley slips his glasses off his face and wipes them with a cloth. It seems to be a habit for Wesley whenever he was under a lot of stress Buffy assumed. Anything to get her mind off the task at hand would have been appreciative. Buffy finally turns around and looks at an unconscious Angel sitting chained to a chair. He is very well beaten. Bloody gashes run all over his arms from the knives, burns gather on his back from the hot pokers stuck there. His beautiful face is all bloody and bruised from the punches Buffy was forced to give.

"Wesley please don't make me continue." Buffy begs.

"Buffy you must just put yourself in the right state of mind."

"What state of mind must I put myself in to be able to torture this innocent man!"

"This thing neither man nore innocent. He was the Scourge of Europe. He killed several innocent people. Drove some to the brink of insanity and then killed them in the worst ways he could think of. And now suddenly he is not killing people but helping them and he expects is to believe that he is doing this from the goodness of her heart! I don't think so."

"But if he is helping people shouldn't the Watchers Council be thankful they have someone else to help them?"

"No matter how many people he saves it will never make up for all of the people he did kill. The Watcher's Council when we found out about how Angelus has changed into what he is now we wanted to know how, so that we may do the same to all vampires there by making the world a safer place."

"But if it was for the better good then why did I have to lie and kidnap him why couldn't I just ask him? I am sure he would want the vampires to be like him too."

"Are you really that stupid Buffy? How are we to know when a vampire does change to be like Angel that they will turn to the side of good or for how long if they do? We just want to know to make it easier to kill all the vampires."

"But.but.with souls they would be like real human beings. I couldn't do it.."

"Buffy what has happened to you? You were to go down as one of the greatest Slayers of all time. Now what? Love for this creature has blinded you! Grow up Buffy and see 'Angel' for what he really is."

Buffy just shakes her head no trying to hold back the tears but by now they are freely running down her face. She runs from the room slamming the door in the process which makes Angel stir.

"Ahhh good my friend shall we continue? Or are you ready to talk?"

"Never." Angel chokes out. Wesley just shrugs and lights a match.

"Have it your way." Wesley tosses the match onto Angel which makes him scream out in pain.

"Buffy are you all right?" Pikes asks as he bends down to sit next to Buffy. Buffy tears start to slow as she calms herself.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Buffy says ash she wipes away the tears from her face.

"You sure. I mean I believe you but the puffy eyes might give it all away." Buffy slightly laughs and Pike smiles at her response glad to see his friend cheer up even if it is for a second. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yeah there is I don't really think you should be here Pike."


"I don't think you should have to see this."

"Oh come on Buffy you and I have done worse. I've seen worse then what was going down in that room no matter how sick it may be."

"Just please Pike. I really need to just do this one alone."

"All right. I'll come back in a few hours to see how you are doing." Both of them stand up and face each other. Buffy gives Pike a hug.

"You know I love you right Pike?"

"Yeah I know Buffy."

"Your like a big brother to me." They then separate as Buffy heads back towards the gym's main door. Pike turns around and walks in the opposite direction.

"Great after 4 years all I get is brotherly love. When am I going to get my dues." Pike grumbles under his breath.


"Buffy!" Wesley exclaims, surprised to see his Slayer still here after everything he has made her do and what was said. "I am sorry for everything that I said. I am just a little stressed right now and I took it out on you and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry." Wesley then gives Buffy a tight hug.

"I know Wes. I do understand where you are coming from."

" I'm glad. I must go make an important call. Are you ok staying here?"

"I'll be fine. Go ahead." Wesley nods and leaves to make his call. Buffy walks over to kneel in front of Angel.

"Angel. Angel?" Buffy softly whispers. Angel's eyes flicker open and Buffy backs up slightly hurt by the hatred she witnesses in his eyes. "Angel. I'm so sorry. You've got to understand.."

"Understand what! Understand that your tortured me! Understand that you told me you loved me? Understand that I let my barriers down and loved you back!" Angel yells.

"Understand that you lied." Angel growls under his breath.

"Oh god Angel I didn't lie." Buffy cries as she puts her hand on his face. Angel forcefully pulls away. "Angel please you've got to understand. I do love you."

"If you loved me you never would have chained me here and tortured me and let that guy torture me while you stand to the side. I don't know what you think love is but this isn't it. If you loved me you would let me go."

"If that's what it will take to show you." Buffy pulls out the keys for the chains, that she had stole from Wesley when he hugged her, and lets them dangle from her fingers.


"A karaoke car? Doyle sends me to a karaoke bar!" Faith says aggravated. " I thought I was gonna get in a good fight tonight not a round of Barry Manilow."

"Ahhh so you must be Faith,"

Faith turns around to see a horribly dressed green horned demon standing behind her. Faith immediately falls into fighting stance. "Who's asking?"

"Well aren't you the feisty one. The names Lorne I am the owner of Caritas. Now this is a sanctuary so you just relax yourself there a little honey. Doyle told me you were coming."

"Ok so how much do I have to pay you to get some info out of you?"

"Oh no darling you don't pay me all you have to do is sing."

"huh? I am not following yah here."

"I can read your soul when you sing. It's my gift. Just sing us a line or two and I can tell yah what you need to know"

"All right buddy whatever you say,"

//Of all the things I've believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
It feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend
And I said,

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to//

Faith sings.

"Beautiful, just beautiful."

"So what did you see?"

"You see that boy over there?" Lorne says as he points to a guy who had just walked in.

"Yeah what about him?"

"How so?"

"Sorry that's for you to find out." Lorne then takes that as his cue to walk off.

"Well it's worth a shot." Faith walks. Over to the boy. "Hey sweetness. What's your name?" The boy looks Faith up and down slightly confused as to why this girl would be coming up to him.

"Name's Pike."

Part 10

"Can I at least have my pants!" Pike yells from outside Faith's hotel door. He stands in only his boxers and boots after Faith had thrown him out. Faith opens the door dressed only in Pike's shirt and throws him his pants.

"Hoped you enjoyed the experience." Faith then slams the door in a very stunned Pike's face. Pike just stands there for several more minutes before he climbs into his pants and starts to walk back to Wes's gym. "That was my favorite shirt too..oh man I had sex. I gotta tell someone." Pike suddenly grabs a guy off the street. "I just had sex."

"That's nice do you want a reward or something."

"Well.not really." The man just rolls his eyes and continues to walk down the street. "I really need some guy friends even though scaring people on the streets is pretty fun too."


Pike opens the door to the gym finally getting the last button on his shirt. He walks around the corner and walks into the room where Angel is being held. Minutes after the door shuts it opens slightly and Faith peeks her head in. Looking around to make sure no one is there she eases herself in and shuts the door quietly.

"Wow that Lorne is a great guy. He sends me sexual release and a lead on our case. I gotta send him a fruit basket. Do demons even eat fruit?"

Faith rounds the same corner Pike just had seconds before hand. She can hear shouts coming from a room down the hall. Faith gets up on her tiptoes and looks through a window at the top of the door. She sees Pike and a blond girl, who she assumes is the Buffy Pike was talking about constantly while they were together, having a very heated discussion getting slightly louder by the second. Faith looks around the room and gasps when she sees a very beaten Angel chained to a chair.

"Either this Buffy chick is really kinky or Angel is in need for some serious help."

Faith starts to put her hand on the door knob but for once decides she better not do this by herself. She makes her way her way out of the building and across the street to a pay phone to get ahold of the gang.


Pike walks in the gym room and sees Buffy reaching down to unlock the chains from around Angel.

"Buffy! What are you doing?" Buffy stops where she is and looks at Pike.

"What does it look like Pike. I am letting him go."

"Buffy..but he is a vampire. We can't just let him go free."

"No, he is more then that. He is the most kind and caring man I have ever known and I don't know the whole story about his past and I don't need to know."

"But how do you know as soon as we let him go that he won't just go kill some innocent person. Making jokes about how he made the Slayer fall for his trap or something us guys all do."

"He wouldn't do that." Buffy whispers.

"But how do you know that! Buff god we don't know if we can trust him and the Council wouldn't hurt him if he cooperates so just let them have him."

"Thank you Wesley. But I am sorry if I just don't trust the Council. Don't you find it just a little weird Pike that they made me lie and capture him when all they wanted was info? Why not just let me ask him I am sure if it was for the better of the world he would have helped right? And if not then I could have kicked his butt."

"It does seem a little strange when you put it that way."

"Pike.please. Help me. I need to get Angel out of here before Wesley can do any more harm to him."

"Fine.but only cause I love you Buffy." Buffy gazes into Pike eyes and Pike sees tears glistening in Buffy emerald ones. Buffy sighs letting out some of the sorrow that she was holding in and reaches down again to unlock the chains.

"I would not do that if I was you." Buffy and Pike quickly look up to see Wesley standing in the doorway.

"It's over Wesley. You can't manipulate my mind anymore I am taking Angel home."

"I don't think the Council would approve of that."

"They're in England I don't think they can tell which side I am on."

"Oh trust me, they do." Wesley waves his hand outside of the door. 15 Council goons come into view. "Don't let them leave" Wesley orders.


Part 11

"I found something!" Willow shouts as she jumps off the couch with a book in hand.

"What is it Wills? Xander asks curious to know what willow has found out and glad to take a break from all the researching.

"All right these Altec demon things aren't only out in the night."

"You mean these things can attack in the day. Oh wonderful lets add to the problem." Cordy comments.

"Well they can attack in the day but according to this book they don't like to."

"Why not?" Doyle asks.

"'Cause in the dark they can blend into the shadows and they can't be hit as we all reayd found out. But in the sun where there are no shadows they can be hit."

"So you are saying if we get them into a well lit place we can kill these things?"

"Well not exactly."

"Well come on Will spit it out!"

"Well the Altec demons can be hit and kicked and stuff in the light but they can't be killed. We have to find the main source."

"Which would be what?"

"It is basically this big ball of light. Its where the Altec demons go to rest up and gain strength. If you destroy the main source then all the Altec demons will die."

"Wonderful so all we have to do now is find this main source and destroy doesn't sound too hard." Cordy remarks.

"Except for the fact that we have no idea where this main source is." Giles confirms.
"Well this book says the main source lies where no light can touch it and that only the brightest light can destroy it."

"Where no light shines? Where is that?" Oz wonders.

"Willow get on the computer and look up mysterious deaths." Giles orders.

"That is going to come up without of results I mean this is L.A." Cordy observes.

"Right cross reference it with power outages or anything that would make the whole city dark."

"I'm on it" Willow starts to type furiously on the keyboard trying to come up with something. Suddenly the phone rings beside her. "Would someone please get that."

"Geez and I thought I was bad she is sitting right by it and she doesn't even answer it." Cordy grumbles. "Angel Investigation we help...Faith? What's the matter? Oh my god are you serious? That bitch! How could she do that? Yeah I will send a few people down there to help yah. Just wait there don't do anything stupid." Cordy then hangs up the phone and turns to the now curious group. "It seems that Buffy was just using Angel. She is torturing him right now for someone called the Council whatever that is. We've got to get down there to help Faith out and get Angel out of there."

"The Council I should have guessed they were in on this." Giles states.

"Got grudges we don't know about there G-man?" Xander questions.

"The Council is who I work for they pick out the future Slayers and run the whole corporations. They are not a trust worthy group which is why I never told them about Faith working with a souled vampire for that reason. If the Council is involved we need to get Angel out of there soon."

"All right well Oz and I will go down there to help Faith with this Buffy girl." Xander volunteers.

"Faith says they are at this gym downtown its right across from the RW packaging plant on 14th street. It's a black building. Oh and bring my cell phone with yah just in case. Now go!" Cordy commands. Xander and Oz pick up a few weapons from Angel's collection and hurry out the door.

"Hey guys I think I found something." Willow calls from the behind the computer. The rest of the gang crowd around the computer and look at the screen. "If you look here every 30 years or so there is a streak of deaths all seemingly at night and then they suddenly stop totally."

"Yeah so what's the big deal?" Anya asks.

"Right before they suddenly stop there is a solar eclipse."

"Ok not following you here Willow." Cordy states.

"Oh Willow good job. What Willow is trying to say that during a solar eclipse there is total darkness just like the book said. That is when the main source comes and reenergizes the demons. And then after the eclipse it leaves and doesn't come back for another 30 years or until the next solar eclipse." Giles explains.

"So basically the demons kill just a little person by person for 30 years not really drawing notice to themselves. Til the 30 year mark comes around and then they kill as many people as they can before the main source comes." Cordy clarifies.


"Well according to this chart the next solar eclipse is tonight."

"Great isn't it always? Haven't you ever noticed that whenever there is a problem and only a once in a lifetime chance to kill it, the chance is always that night we figure it out. Its like a curse or something." Anya confirms.

"All right..well we know when its happening but where is it coming to?" Doyle asks.

"Well L.A. is a pretty big place. Everyone split up and look for some sign that it would be landing there." Willow decides.

"Like what?" Cordy questions.

"I don't know."


"Come on Wes you don't want to do this." Buffy says as she looks at all the men now surrounding her and Pike.

"Buffy you left me no choice. You and Pike were going to let this creature go and I just couldn't let you do that."

"No Wesley you are all wrong we weren't going to let Angel go we were just making sure his chains were tight." Pike reassures Wesley.

"Oh Pike do shut up!"

"Wesley..please." Buffy begs as tears start to fall from her eyes. The one man she has come to be more her father then her own is betraying her.

"I'm sorry Buffy." Wesley then turns around and walks out the door. "Do whatever you want with the girl and the boy but make sure the vampire is still alive." Wesley orders as he leaves.

"This is going to be fun." one of the Council members grunt.

"Oh please do you really think you can take us. I mean come on Buffy is the Slayer. You are so going to get your ass kicked."

Buffy then grins at Pike and turns to one of the Council members. The Council member has a baseball bat in his hands. The guy swings his bat at Buffy without any wasted motion. Buffy throws herself backward, letting the metal baseball bat rocket over her head. Moving smoothly, using her strength and speed and skill, she executes a back flip and lands on her feet meeting the Council guy as he charges her with the bat above his head.

Throwing her left arm up, Buffy slaps the guy's wrists, pushing the blow out and away from her body. She steps in, holding a stake, that she always keeps handy in her pocket, holding the stake with the sharp end jutting down from the bottom of her hand like a knife fighter. She rakes the sharp end of the stake across the guy's face, cutting him from left ear, across his nose, and all the way to his right cheek.

The man howls in pain as dark blood rolls down his ruined face. He draws the baseball bat back for another swing.

Buffy swivels into a roundhouse kick, getting all of her weight into it, pushing her foot on the ground and following her hips through. The man sails back and struck the wall knocking him unconscious. Buffy turns around to see that Pike has somehow gotten hold of a knife off the wall and is slicing up one of the Council members.

//He seems to have learned a lot more from me then I had guessed//

Buffy turns around and sees two men run through the door each holding a weapon in their hand. Thinking they are part of the Council Buffy stalks towards them as they head toward Angel and start to unchain him more. Buffy hits Oz across the face and knocks him to the floor.

"Look Buffy I know you want Angel and stuff but I swear you don't want him. I mean he broods..a lot and he uses too much gel in his hair and." Xander babbles as he shakes hoping that this tiny girl won't beat him senseless.

"You mean you aren't part of the Council?" Buffy asks.

"No," Oz lifts himself up from the ground and stumbles over to stand by Xander and tried to get back his composure, "we are here to bring him back to the office."

"Oh good," Buffy breathes a sigh of relief.

"Um Buffy a little help over here!" Pike yells. Buffy looks over and sees that the rest of the Council members are circling Pike and crowding him into a corner.

"Shit," Buffy whispers under her breath. "Can you guys unchain him and take him some place safe. Please?"

"Yeah course we can."

"Thanks." Buffy then runs over to the crowd of Council members around Pike.

Xander and Oz start to unchain Angel. "How do you think he stays asleep during all this?" Xander asks looking down at Angel. Oz just shrugs and looks over at the fighting Buffy.

"Do you think we should help her?" Oz questions.

"I was just thinking the same thing. Come on Dead Boy isn't going anywhere." Xander and Oz run over to help Buffy.

Xander taps one of the Council members on the shoulder and the man turns around swinging straight for Xander's head. Xander ducks, dropping to one knee, then bounces back up as soon as the man's hand passes over her his head. Putting his shoulder into his weight behind the blow, he drives his hand into the man's face hard enough to turn his head.

Driven backward by the blow, the man still unleashes his hand toward Xander's face. Moving quickly, Xander raises her left hand, catches the blow across his forearm, and uses the force to his advantage as he spins and delivered a backhand blow to the man's temple. Off-balance and dizzy the man falls to the floor. Xander looks around and sees that all of the Council members are on the floor either unconscious or injured and afraid to get up.

Xander, Oz and Buffy all run over to finally unchain Angel and Xander supports Angel trying to make the now awake vampire stumble out the door. The cell phone in Oz's pant's pocket rings surprising both Buffy and Pike.

"Hello..yeah Cordy where are you? Under the hospital? Why?..oh. Well Xander, Angel and I will be right there."

"What's up Oz?" Xander asks as Oz hangs up the phone.

"The gang found out that the main source only comes every 30 years during the solar eclipse which is happening right now. They found this light coming from under the hospital and that's where the main source is. There are lots of Altec demons protecting it so we need to get down there."
"All right lets go."

"Wait! Do you guys need any help?" Buffy questions before they can leave. "It's the least I can do."

Xander and Oz look at each other and Oz just nods his head.
"Fine you can come we will need all the help we can get." Buffy nods her head and motions for Pike to follow her out.

Part 12

Buffy, Pike, Xander, Oz and now a semi functional Angel climb down the ladder into the sewer tunnel underneath the hospital. A bright light is shining right in front of them and they can sorta make out a few figures fighting in the brightness.

"Ok so what now?" Pike asks.

"Now we kick some major demon ass!" Buffy shouts as she goes running into the light. Xander and Oz just shrug their shoulders and run in with her.

Buffy starts to pummel the first demon she sees. With the light from the main source the Altec demons can not hide, especially from a Slayer. Buffy looks around at all the people fighting in the sewer. Too many if you ask her. Willow and Giles are over in the corner trying to figure out what the brightest light is while Faith is doing her best to protect them from the demons. Cordy and Anya are together hitting an Altec demon over the head repeatly with what seems to be a pipe from the sewer. Pike is holding his own now pinning a demon to the ground.

"Buffy these things won't die!" Pike yells over all the fighting.

"It is not possible just knock them unconscious put them out of the fight. We have to figure out how to destroy the mains source." Willow answers to Pike's realization.

Buffy lashes out with her foot, kicking a demon's feet out from under him. Still on his back, partially stunned, the demon swings his fist at Buffy. Straightening her arm, Buffy reflects his punch. She then grabs a piece of glass from the side and raises it above her head and beheads the demon. Much to Buffy's disgust the demon is still breathing.even without a head.

A demon drives his fist into Pike's face. Pike's head snaps back. Before Pike could recover, the demon was on him, gripping his head in both hands. The demon strains and starts to twist Pike's head. The muscles in Pike's neck starts to quiver and feel as if they were tearing loose from the incredible strain it was under. The demon keeps twisting his head. Pike claps his hands together, and drives them upward, smashing through the demon's hold. The demon's grip breaks. Pain shoots Pike's neck and across his shoulders as he rocks on his feet. The demon launches a flying kick. Pike dodges to the side, sweeping his left arm out to push the demon's feet father away. The demon's feet collide with the wall but his forward momentum comes to a sudden stop, the demon drops and rolls back, getting to his feet. He comes for Pike, arms outstretched. Pike blocks the demon's hands against his left forearm, the drives the other hand into the demon's stomach twice. The demon faints back but when Pike steps in to go on the attack again, the demon drives his elbow into Pike's forehead. Driven backward, Pike slams against the wall behind him. The demon was on him before he could recover. Pike slams his open palm straight up, catching the demon on the chin hard enough to daze him. As the demon stumbles back, Pike catches him with a roundhouse kick that hammers the demon against the wall, knocking it unconscious.

Giant hands clamp about Angel's neck. The demon lifts him up like a rag doll and pins him to a wall. Angel has no idea what is happening, due to his weaken state, he thrashes and fights and wrenches at the demon's hands. He couldn't break the demon's grip. The demon's grip closes, tighter and tighter around Angel's throat.

"Angel!" Buffy shouts. The demon whips around, Buffy fist slams into his face. The demon loses his grip on Angel. He falls to the ground, trying to gain back his composure. Buffy round house kicks the demon hard in the chest causing him to fly backwards and smash into a wall. Buffy kneels beside Angel. "Angel are you ok?"
"I'm fine." Angel knocks away the hand that Buffy offers to him and pulls himself up from the ground.

"Angel, please. Let me help you. You are too weak."

"And whose fault is that?!" Angel yells.

"Angel I said I was sorry. I didn't mean to."

"You didn't me to? How can you not mean to punch and kick and burn me? This was no accident Buffy. You did this and now you have to live with the guilt. Cause I'm not going to help you ease it. You deserve it." Angel then turns and starts to walk away from Buffy.

Tears comes to Buffy's eyes. She runs after Angel and turns him around to face her. "Angel. I love you. I know I do. I don't care what you are, or what you did or any of that stuff. And I know that sorry will never cover the things that I did to you. I'm not asking you to forgive me. I'm just asking you to understand...that I love you."

"Good. I am not sure if I could ever forgive you for the torture, both physically and emotionally that you caused me. But I do understand Buffy. I know you love me. I feel the same way. I love you too. And if these last few days have not proved that fact that we do not belong together I don't know what does. Buffy please just leave me be."

Angel then again turns to see all of his friends staring at him. All of the Altec demons in the sewer at the time are now lying on the ground. But the main source is still streaming a powerful bright light. That is increasing in strength second by second. "What are you all looking at? We need to find out how to destroy this thing before it can leave with all those souls."

Angel begins to walk over towards the main source. "Angel, do be careful we aren't quite sure how powerful this thing is." Giles warns.

Angel doesn't listen to Gile's warning and continues walking, He seems to be mesmerized by the light of the source. Angel starts to reach out his hand to touch it.

"Angel no!!" Buffy runs forward and jumps onto Angel's back pulling him down to the ground.

Angel shakes his head, clearing it of any thought that seemed to have been forced in there a few seconds ago. "It was weird suddenly I felt.drawn to it. Like this warmth was wrapping around me and calling me towards it."

"Oh boy that can't be a good sign" Xander comments.

Angel looks up at Buffy who is still on top of him. Angel suddenly reaches up and grabs Buffy's head and pulls her down for a kiss. After Buffy gets over her initial seconds of surprise the kiss becomes passionate. A light orange glow seems to be produced from the couple.

"Does everyone else see that?" Cordy asks.

"Yeah what's happening?" Faith questions.

"I don't know but I think we should all back up." Pike announces. The gang including Pike back up and see the orange glow from the couple growing larger now coming off in waves. A bright white light then flashes off the couple. The main source starts to shake violently and begins to curl up into a little blue ball. Just when the ball is about the size of a basket ball it implodes. Shaking the entire sewer. Once the shaking stops the bright white light disappears. Everyone looks over at Buffy and Angel and see that they have finally separated and are now lying perfectly still.

"What exactly happened here?" Faith asks.

"They were the brightest light." Willow mutters.

"Excuse me Wills. Care to explain it to the rest of us." Xander comments.

"In the book it said the brightest light will destroy the main source. I guess..the love that Buffy and Angel shared when they kissed brought forth that light. Which destroyed the source."

"Who knew we had that much power huh?" Buffy jokes.

"Yeah. That was.." Angel begins.


"Yeah that defiantly sums it up." Buffy gets up off Angel and reaches down to help Angel up.

"Angel.I love you." Buffy whispers.

"I love you too Buffy," Angel says as he starts to back up. "I just don't think I can ever trust you." Angel turns around and walks out and climbs up the ladder. The rest of the gang just each look briefly at a shocked Buffy and then turn to follow their friend up the ladder. Pike turns and pulls Buffy into a hug. Buffy's knees lock and she falls into Pike who lowers them to the ground. Buffy grabs for Pike shirt for his arm for anything that would that she could hold onto, and starts to wail. Tears are cascading down her face. Her cries can be heard echoing through the entire sewer communicating the pain that has broken her heart.