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Buffy heard on knock on the door about ten minutes after she had gone back
to bed, "Come in."

Faith poked her head through the door, "Hey B, get up. We've got a lot to do

"Do we have to?"

"If you want to stay alive, it's essential."

"Ok, gimme ten minutes."

"Hey, there's stuff in my closet if you want something to wear."

Buffy looked at the pile of dirty, wet, blood stained clothes she had had on
last night, then back at Faith, "Good idea, thanks."

Faith smiled, and then closed the door.

Buffy got up again, hopped in faith's shower, took five minutes to wash her
hair and everything else, then she jumped out, wrapped a towel around her
hair, then rummaged through Faith's closet and settled on a pair of khaki
shorts and a black spaghetti-strap shirt. She finished with exactly one
minute to spare. She had learned to get ready quick from all of her
sleep-late-on-school-days experiences. She pulled the towel off her hair,
ran her fingers through it, and then went downstairs.

When she got downstairs, she was greeted by the group sitting around in the
living room, "Hi, what's going on?"

She glanced at Angel and noticed him staring at her. Angel was looking at
her and wondering how, even after she was practically beaten to a bloody
pulp, she still managed to look good.

Kyle patted on a chair stool, "Sit."

Buffy obeyed and sat between Kyle and Faith, "What's up?"

Kyle had a serious statement on his face, "I imagine you are pretty freaked
out about tonight. I'd tell you to stay here, but you need to be with ALL of
us, so you'll be safe. Faith will help you learn how to..."defend yourself,"
today, so you will have a better chance."

"Don't worry about me, I'll be ok. Besides, I want to do this. Someone
finally helped me realize that there's no going back now. So, I can either
stay and fight, or stay and die; and I can tell you this, I sure as hell am
not going to let one of those stupid little assholes get the better of me.
So, I'm with you all the way." Buffy looked at Angel and he smiled at her.

After her little "speech," everyone smiled at her; Faith patted her
shoulder, "Way to go B. In that case, we'd better get started on your
"weapon training," cuz it's gonna take a lot of work."

Just then, Xander walked in.

Buffy smiled, "Hey, did Willow get to school ok?"

"She's fine."

"Thanks Xander."

He smiled, "No problem." He went over and sat next to Cordelia.

Cordelia looked at Xander, "She must be the one you carried out of here."

Xander smiled, "Yea, she's a fighter."


Cordelia got up, grabbed Xander's hand, and excused them, "We'll be right

She pulled Xander into the backyard and shut the back door so no one would
hear them.

Xander just looked at her, "What's going on? Are you ok?"

"You like her don't you?"



"Willow? Hardly, I was just doing a favor for Buffy."

"Don't give me that, I hear the way you talk to her on the phone, and I can
see the look in your eyes when you talk about her."

"Ok, you do know you're speakin' gibberish, right? Why would you think that?
I don't even know the girl!"

"Yea, well..."


Xander and Cordelia heard Faith shout from inside.

"We'll finish this later." Cordelia glared at him.

Xander sighed, "Whatever."

They went into the living room and saw a tall man hugging Faith and Dru.

Cordelia grinned, "Groo!"

The man looked at Cordelia and smiled, "Hey, Cordy."

Cordelia darted over and hugged him.

Buffy studied the stranger. He was very tall, about Angel's height, same
hair as Angel, and he dressed like Angel. He had on jeans, a red shirt, and
a leather jacket. When Buffy thought about it, she realized they all dressed
like that. There were a few differences; Groo had deep, penetrating eyes,
and a smile to die for; he was very crush worthy.
Groo shook hands with all the guys, but he hugged Angel.

Groo saw Buffy starring at him, "Hi, and you are?"

"Oh! I'm Buffy. Don't take this the wrong way, but...Groo?"

Everyone smiled, "Actually, my real name is Mark Groosalugg, don't ask how
anyone can have that for a last name, but I do. Anyway, Mark sounds like a
geek and I hurt anyone who ever calls me Groosalugg, because it sounds like
a demon name, so everyone calls me Groo."

Buffy smiled, "Sounds....complicated. Well Groo, nice to meet...you." She

Cordelia left Groo's side, and went to Xander, "I'm sorry about the whole
Willow thing. I guess I was kinda..."

"Jealous?" Xander grinned.

"Yea." She hugged him.

Angel seemed to have taken over, "Faith, take Buffy in the back and teach
her something that will be useful for tonight.  Cordelia, Xander, Dru, and
Spike, you go see if you can find out who all we'll be up against tonight.
Kyle, Groo, and I will go track down Jack and find out what his plans are
for the evening."

Faith grinned, "Come on B; let's get you in fightin' mode." She grabbed
Buffy's arm and dragged her into the backyard.

Everyone else went their separate ways and planned for the big night.