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      Buffy and Angel to me are the BEST Couple!!!!!!! I'm a total B/A shipper. And i sitll believe that they will end up together and happy in the end!!!!! Buffy/Angel 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Buffy and Angel. The forbidden couple of all time. Buffy loves Angel, Angel loves Buffy!
      Angel has loved Buffy every since she was called. They had a rough beginning with not really trusting each other, but soon enough it was all good. THey were somewhat happy. Till her 17th birthday Buffy and Angel slept together for the first time, Angel then achieved his True moment of happiness and turned back to Angelus. Since he was Angelus again stalked, killed, her and her friends. 
     When it was time to kill Angelus right before she was gonna kill her love she saw a glow go though him and now he was her Angel again. But it was too late, she had to do it. He didn't remember anything. She kissed him, told him she loved him, then killed him. It was the hardest thing she had to do.
Buffy then ran away from home, but soon she came back. She then made her way to the masion where she killed her love. She said goobye and left. Soon there was a light and it was Angel. Her Angel. When she found out he came back she didn't tell her friends. They weren't too happy about it when they found out.
     Buffy and Angel started seeing each other again. They were somewhat happy again.
     They had run in's with Joyce and The Mayor, talking about their relationship.
     It had gotten to Angel and he broke up with her.
     Few days before Prom he broke up with her and said that he was leaving after the assencion. Angel got poisoned, by Faith, Buffy saved him.
When all the fighting was done Angel saw Buffy. They looked at each other for a while, before Angel turning back and walking away.
     Angel now resides in LA and Buffy still in Sunnydale.
     Angel made an apperance during Thanksgiving, from a vision Cordy had. He went to help Buffy, but made sure Buffy didn't know he was there. But she found out and went to LA. They talked, went looking for a demon Angel killed it, his blood mixed with its and came out with a heartbeat.
Angel Buffy spent the day making love, eating, and kissing. It was perfect. But then Angel had to kills the demon again, Buffy helped.
    Angel knew he couldn't fight being human. He went to the Powers That Be, and asked to turn him back. Buffy was heartbroken. The day was erased, only Angel remembers the day that 'supossibly' didn't happen.
Angel had visited Buffy after her mothers funeral,they talked and shared a kiss.
    Buffy then died, again. Angel was heartbroken. Cordy then got a call from Willow saying she was alive. Angel and Buffy then met somewhere and talked.
    This is what was left.
    For Now