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A Little Homemade Ass Kicking


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Author: Nicky

Distribution: I dont give a damn

Synopsis: Buffy kicks Angels ass.

Timeline: 6th Season Buffy, 3rd Season Angel

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Email: nickypoo2004@yahoo.com

Buffy swaggered into the Hyperion hotel. Angel was passionately kissing Cordelia. Cordelia, true to her Queen C self, was moaning ostentatiously. Buffy grimaced. The sight was a disgusting display of non chemistry. Buffy was appalled by their lack of even looking like they had affection for each other. She stopped dead in her tracks. "BACK AWAY FROM MY MAN BITCH!" Buffy sternly yelled. Angel guiltily shoved Cordelia away from himself. He wiped off the corners of his mouth, and Cordelia gave Buffy a satisfied smirk.

"Buffy," He sheepishly said. "How nice to see you. And here, at the hotel!" He gave her a plastered smile, and then he looked at Cordelia. Cordelia stepped forward. Her shoulders were rolled back, her head was raised, and an air of bitchy confidence was following all of her movements.

"Hes not your man anymore Buffy." Cordelia smugly said. She touched Angels bicep mockingly. Angel swallowed hard. He was frankly scared of what could happen here. Two women, Cordelia fairly strong, and newly demon. And Buffy...well Buffy was unpredictable. Buffy paced the marble floor back and fourth, back and fourth. She gazed through Cordelia. Cordelia wavered a little bit.

"You see CORDY," Buffy sarcastically said as she looked into her eyes, "Its not you I am mad at. Its Angel." Angel raised a brow. He pointed to himself.

"Me? What for? What did I do?" Buffy laughed.

"Dont give me the tortured soul, I left you for your own good bit. You promised me the world, and gave it all up when things got rough!" Angel nervously moved toward Buffy.

"Please, you have to understand why I did it. I did it because I loved you. I still do." Cordelias eyes became big and angry. She bit her lip angrily.

"Looks like you were always second best Cordy. Next to me. But Angel, Ive come to make you pay your dues. Oh, and you better believe it is nothing fun!" Angel back away from Buffy a little. He could feel her anger coming over him in waves of heat.

"Buffy, you are scaring me." She laughed again.

"You said forevers the whole point. But what really you meant was, until you couldnt stand me anymore. I understand. Well, you made me feel weak, and helpless, and that is what I am going to do to you now." Buffy smiled. Her lip gloss reflecting the light from a lamp, and it gave her an eerie powerful look.

"I dont understand." Angel whispered.

"I am going to kick your ass. And maybe a little of Cordelias. It all depends really."

"Shes crazy! A freakin crazy slayer!" Angel gave Cordelia a hush look. She stepped into the background.

"Buffy you dont want to do this!" Angel comfortingly said. Buffy looked at him, and considered her options.

"Yeah, I do." She kicked Angel in the stomach with fierce speed. He groaned and fell to his butt. Cordelia ran towards the weapons cabinet. She turned to open the door and there in front of her was Buffy waving her finger back and fourth. "No so fast Cordy. You couldnt want to hurt anyone would you?" Cordelia ran up the stairs and Buffy laughed as she watched Cordelia scramble towards safety. Angel stood to his feet. An angered and hurt look pasted to his beautiful face.

"Buffy, you are out of line! Cordelia is innocent. Leave her out of this. If you want to kick my ass, thats fine! Just leave her alone." Buffy nodded curtly.

"Fine. Well play your way Angel." She licked her lips seductively. He turned his head and looked away from her. "Lets see what youve learn since youve been away. Are you stronger?" Angel gave Buffy a satisfied smirk.

"Yeah. I am." She nodded.

"I can feel it. Youre strong." Angel gave her a duh look. "But, unfortunately, not strong enough."

"Really, you think so. I heard you were sleeping with Spike. So why do you care if I am with Cordelia?" Buffy slightly winced.

"Spike...he was nothing. Just a transitional thing really. I was messed up inside. He said he cared. You know me. I cant be alone. I do bad things when I am alone." Angel slightly nodded.

"And so I remember. Well, I am curious to see this strength you brag about. Lets see it." Buffy shrugged, and took off her coat."

"You know I am going to leave you eating my dust." Angel half smiled.

"Well see about that." Buffy ran jumped into the air. Her body bend and twisted, as it completed a front tuck arial, she landed on her feet behind Angel. He was too slow, and she kicked him in his back. He groaned, but quickly recovered and punched her in her gut. She slightly stumbled, and then jumped and roundhouse kicked Angel in the face. He angrily turned his head, and his face transformed to that of a demons. Buffys lips curled into a smile.

"Things are finally getting interesting." She whispered. Angel ran towards her, a battle cry of absolute frustration coming out of his mouth. She stood her ground. Her feet firmly planted on the marble floor. Angel swipe kicked her feet, and Buffy jumped into the air. Her legs tucked underneath her. Angel punched her in the stomach, and Buffy landed on her back. "Uhh!" She called as she landed with force.

"Dont underestimate me Buffy!" She jumped to her feet. A look of pure determination, and the proof that she could pay him back for the pain he caused flashed across her green eyes. Angel gulped. Buffy jabbed into Angels cheek. His neck snapped back as her fist connected with his cold flesh. She kneed him in the chest and he doubled over in pain. His eyes stung with salty tears. Buffy bit her lip. Should she stop now? She was so angry. She kept fighting. She jumped and spin kicked Angel in the shoulder, knocking him to his back. She landed in a heap on top of his quivering body. She lifted her body enough to see his face. His eyes were closed in defeat.

"I havent seen you from this point of view in awhile Angel." He groaned. "I miss you." She softly whispered in his ear. She lowered her face to kiss his lips. He moaned again. Then she punched him in the gut. "When you are ready for a real woman, call me." Angel wearily stood to his feet. She turned and smiled at him before she closed the door to the Hyperion Hotel. Angel looked down at his shirt, which was covered with dust. He growled. She really did make him eat her dust. And with this came on final realization that Angel would never forget. Dont ever mess with the slayer. He wiped the blood off his lip, and headed up the stairs to comfort Cordelia. And yet somehow Angel knew he would see Buffy again, and under more pleasant terms.

Buffy smiled to herself. She had whispered something else to Angel before she left.

She leaned over him. He frowned slightly. "I still love you!" She stood to her feet, and gave him a slightly apologetic smile. Angel's eyes grew wide. He thought she'd hated him. She turned and left.

Maybe he would come back to her. Maybe he did believe in them like she did. Maybe forever really was the point.