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My Hero


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Title: My Hero

Author: The one and only *Leighann*

Disclaimer: They dont belong to me, unfortunatelyhowever, if they did, I am pretty sure they would be none of the C/A, B/S, etc. bull shit. *G*

Summary: I was in a pretty angsty mood. This is a one parter. We know the prophecy about Angels humanity and how it will be restored if he survives the End of Days. However, they never told us what he had to do to become humanIn short, Buffy dies so Angel can become human.

Spoilers: None

Rating: PG14

 ~Increible angst. Just so you know.~


       My Hero by the Angel of faith, *Leigh*



  When youre a slayer, you get used to the idea of dying. In fact, most of my predecessors didnt live past 25. To me, death was something I couldnt escape.


  Yes, I guess no one can really escape death, but it was different with me.


  Death stalked me. I was always one step ahead of it. When I wasnt careful, it would creep up behind me and breathe its icy breath down my back.


  Death was inevitable. It was always there. And no matter how cautious I was, of how many times I had saved someones lifethe entire world for that matter, death was always therewatching mewaiting for me to mess up so it could pounce on me


  Death was my biggest fear.


  But, I grew up. I had to. So many things prevented me from living out my normal life, that I grew up and accepted my responsibilities as Protector of the World. The Champion.


  The Chosen One.


  But, as I continued on, and as each apocalypse became more and more drastic, I realized that it wasnt death that scared me. It was something a lot deeper. Something that had been instilled in me since the day off the Prom


  Dying alone.


  As hard as I tried to push back the truth behind me deep rooted fear, the same harsh truth kept popping back up into my mind.


  I was scared of dying without saying goodbye


  To Angel.


  Angeleven after so many years of longing and pain, I still loved him. And, as I drag my broken, bloody, and semi-lifeless body next to his, all the years of denial of my love resurface. After all those years. I still love him.


  Buffy? He asks wearily. He gently touches my face. I can feel him tracing the curves of my cheek bones with hiswarm hand.


  I try to smile at him, but it hurts so badly.


  Theres so much pain.


  Theres so much blinding pain.


  Its okay. The war is over. Nothing bad can ever touch the Earth again. Its over, I say to him.


  I can feel his tears splashing softly against my soiled cheek, and his rough torn hands cupping my face.


  I knowI know He says. If I were anyone else, I would be able to take what he just said for the face value. However, it is Angel, and if theres one thing Ive learned from being around him the last hardest and yet most wonderful four years of the End of Days, its that with him, you cant take anything for face value.


  He knows this is the end for me too.


  You know, the last few years have been the best of my life, I say to him. If it werent for you, I dont think I would have lived through the first war.


  Angel smiles faintlyreally, its more like a mouth twitch, because only the corners of his mouth rise, and even then, its just barely.


  Buffy He says. I love it when he says my name. Its like a song rolling off his tongue. And the way he says iteven as I lie here broken in his armshe says it like Im still the most beautiful person in the world, even though, at 32 I am looking ratherwell, less than perfect.


  You would have made it. Youre strong, Buffy. Stronger than you know. Thats why I loved you so much. Why I still love you. Youre strong, and you influence everyone else to be stronger. Its really me who should be thanking you, he says quietly, as he caresses my messy and tangled hair.


  I reach up with much difficulty, and manage to gently run my fingers over his regal cheek bones, and in his dark hair. I look deep into his chocolate eyes and knowjust know, that everything will be all right.


  BuffyI He starts. Unfortunately, I dont give him enough time to answer. I push my index finger against his soft lips and shush him.


  Listen I say as I drag my finger from his lips down his chin and neck, and to his broad chest. I rest a hand over his once dead heart and listen.


  From beneath my hand, I could feel his muffled heart beat.


  Do you hear it? I asked him gently.


  Its a good sound. Thump thump. Thump thump.


  Angel grasps my hand and holds it against his heart. I can feel his tears sliding down his face and onto my neck.


  I hear ityou did thisfor meyou were the reason all of this happened


  I can feel some tears pushing past my eyelids.


  Noafter all you did for meafter all these yearsI am finally glad I can repay you, I say to him.


  Buffythis isnt just a favor. You are lying here dying because of me.


  As much as I hate to admit it, he was the reason.


  He was always the reason.


  When I heard about the prophecy, I felt my heart swell.


  Who knew the cost would be my life?


  I hear a muffled sob come out of his throat, and I reach up and begin running my hands through his hair again.


  No. Angel. If I can give you, even half of what you gave me, then it isnt nearly enough. This wasnt a favor.


             It was a gift, I say. Suddenly, I am awash in memories of falling asleep after a hard nights slaying, and being read to by the fading moonlight. Memories of smiles, and kisses and secrets in the dark fill my mind as I begin to feel my hand become heavy, and my vision become blurry.


  AngelI love you I say to him.


  Angel gently pressed a kiss to my swollen and battered lips, and then shushes me.


  I love you. More than anything, he says to me in between sobs.


  I groan as a fresh wave of pain is replaced by a calming numb feeling.




  ShhLoveclose your eyes, he says to me.


  I feel my tears push past my eyelids and run rivers down the sides of my face.


  Close your eyes


  I close my eyes and feel myself drifting off, and the pain lessen. Even without my eyesight, and the lessening of my other senses, I can still feel Angels presence beside me, and just before my world stops completely, I hear him whisper,


  Buffy you have no idea what youve given me. Youre more than a friend, lover, champion


  Youre my hero.