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Heat in The Kitchen

Is it me? or is it getting hott in here?


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Pairings: B/A (DUH) W/O J/G X/C F/S
Rating: Erm PG? There is nothing bad in here at all. YET! Who knows what IÕll cook up in the kitchen?
Summery: Total AU Fiction. Buffy and Angel meet at work and thereÕs heat in the kitchen.
Dedication: To my encouragment and friend Christina. YouÕre great!

"I'm Home!" Buffy Summers shouted through the silent
apartment. She
dropped several shopping bags and removed her shoes. Her room mate
emerged from the kitchen where she had been making dinner.
" So......?" Willow asked anxious to hear about what her
best friend
had found.
"It's so beautiful." Buffy grinned. But her face fell as
she slumped
onto the couch. "And so expensive." She sighed.
"It'll take me
forever to save up for it on my allowance that mom sends."
Willow sat next to the blonde.
"I wish I could help out but I'm having trouble getting my
Buffy hugged the red head. She knew that Willow would cut off her own
arm to help her out. And she'd do the same. They had been best
friends for years. Ever since Buffy had moved from LA to Sunnydale
when she was fourteen. And Now the two girls were in their senior
year at Sunnydale High and sharing an apartment.
"It doesn't matter Will." There was a moment of silence
Willow jumped up.
"Hey! Maybe you could get a job!" She suggested happily.
"I saw a
notice in *The Victoria Coffee Shop* Window asking for Part Time
"Is there any wonder why I love you?" Buffy asked.
The petite teen was determined to buy that prom dress. Even if it
meant greasy hair, awkward customers and giving up her shopping


A pair of New Stiletto heals clicked firmly down the sidewalk. Buffy
was ready. She looked great in her grey skirt suit and with her hair
pulled back off her face. She worn natural but flattering make up and
in her arms she held a black folder full of all her details. This
interview was going to be a breeze. But even with her confidence and
attitude she couldn't help but feel nervous and as she reached
door of the cafe she felt her heart beat faster and adrenaline course
through her veins. Taking a deep breath she walked into the small,
cheery diner. She became more and more nervous as she got closer to
the counter. She had never been this scared in her life and suddenly
looking good for the prom didn't seem so important. Her mind
went blank and she panicked when she couldn't remember the name
the person she was supposed to ask for. Jenny. Jenny Giles. That was
it. Reaching the counter she came face to face with a member of

"Hi, I'm Bu..."
"Buffy Summers right?" She nodded not quite sure what to
say. "I'm
Jenny Giles. I was expecting you for an interview." Buffy smiled
followed the middle aged women to a quiet corner of the cafe. Jenny
offered her a seat before sitting down herself. "Don't look
worried." Jenny chuckled. "This is just a casual chat."
Buffy grinned
stupidly and felt like an idiot.
"I'm sorry. I've never done this before. Erm... this is
application form and references." She handed over her paperwork
Jenny flicked through the pages.
"This all looks great." She praised. "Now I just have to
ask you a
couple of questions and if that goes well I'll call my son
show you around."
"So why did you apply for this job?"
" Well I can't live off my allowance anymore and I want to
independent and the best way to get that is to get a job."
" And why did you want to work here?"
" Well everybody here is very friendly and it seems like a
place to work so this was my first choice."
"Ok Buffy. That's great. I'll just call out Angel and
you can have
the tour." Buffy smiled to herself as Jenny disappeared into a
room. Her and Willow had been preparing interview answers for weeks.
She was ready for anything.
Except Angel. As she looked up into his Chocolate eyes her world fell
apart. "Buffy This is Angel. My son and head chef here. When you
start you'll be under him."
I'd like that Buffy thought wickedly as she looked over the hunk
tall, dark and handsome in front of her.
"Hi, It's nice to meet you." Angel's deep, sexy
voice sent chills
down her spine.
"Hey, Same here." She managed to stammer out. She shook his
hand and
felt bolts of electricity shoot around her body.
"Ok then. Are you ready for the grand tour?" He took her arm
and led
her into the back. This was going to be the longest hour ever.


"So is this your first job?" Angel asked casually as he led
around the small, tidy kitchen.
"Yeah I'm only eighteen so I'm still at school."
"This is the main cooker." Angel explained. " I do most
of the
cooking though so you won't be expected to do much. Just keep the
customers happy and waitress."
"Sounds good. So how about you? Are you at school or
college?" Buffy
was anxious to find out more about this handsome stranger.
"I'm twenty Four so I've finished college. My major was
art but I
minored in catering so I help mom out here. Hopefully I'll get a
job soon." Angel could have sworn that her face fell at this
news. He
couldn't take his eyes off the blonde beauty in front of him and
wanted to know everything about her. "But that won't be for a
He said quickly so she knew he'd be sticking around. The smile he
rewarded with was dazzling. She was amazing.
Finishing with the kitchen the couple ended up behind the counter.
"You'll be expected to serve tea and coffee. Its just a
scoop of
coffee or a tea bag in the bottom of a mug and just pour the hot
water onto it. There are more complicated drinks you'll have to
Let me show you one. This is my favourite. Cinnamon and apple
Buffy watched with interest as Angel set to work. She watched how he
concentrated carefully on the tiniest details and she felt her self
falling in love with him.
*Woah. You've only just met him girl. Slow down* She thought to
"Here." He offered her the mug. She sipped the foamy drink
not to burn her lips on the hot liquid.
"Mmmmm That tastes amazing." He flashed her a smile.
"Erm Buffy? You have a little foam." He touched his cheek.
"Oh God." She muttered totally embarrassed as she wiped her
randomly trying to clear the foam. Angel's deep laugh rang
the cafe.
"Here." He brought his hand up to her face gently removing
fluffy substance. His hand lingered on her cheek and brushed a bit of
hair back from her face. Their eyes met and they couldn't look
from each other.
"Angel? Buffy? Oh there you are." Angel's hand quickly
dropped to
his side and his head snapped up to look over to his mother by the
kitchen door. "Will you give Buffy her uniform and tell her the
she will work? I've just got to run out to the shops and pick up
"Yeah sure." He waited until Jenny had gone before turning
back to
Buffy. "This way." He said softly, taking her hand and gently
her into an office. "The uniform isn't that bad." He
joked. "What
size skirt?"
"Huh? Oh eight." Buffy was handed a medium length, black
"Same." Buffy supplied. Angel pulled out two red blouses and
them to the blonde.
"Here's an apron. You should wear black shoes and you should
your hair pulled back. Like it is now." Buffy nodded to show she
"When do you want me?" She asked.
"Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4:30 until 7:00. Saturday 10:00
until 3:00 and Sunday 3:00 to 6:00. Is that ok?"
"That's great." She reassured. "So I'll see you
on Tuesday?"
"Yeah. I look forward to it. oh and Buffy?"
"What's the real reason that you applied for this job?"
She grinned.
"I have to buy a prom dress. Now all I have to do is find a
As Buffy left the Coffee Shop Angel smiled to himself. In that last
answer he'd got all the information he'd needed. Buffy
didn't have a
date for the prom which meant that she was single. Maybe he actually
had a shot.


Buffy Checked her watch for the fifth time in a minute as she paced
about her small room. Standing in front of the mirror she smoothed
out a non-exsistant crease from her skirt and grabbed her lip gloss
applying another coat to her already shiny lips.
There was a timid knock on the wooden door.
"Come in!" Buffy snapped a little too harshly. Her red
roommate put her head cautiously into the room.
"Hey Buff, erm ready to go? Don't Wanna be late for your
first day."
She waited for something to be thrown at her, like last time.
Buffy sighed and fell back heavily onto her bed.
"I'm sorry Will." She apologised. "I'm just so
nervous. Come on in."
Willow took small steps into the cozy chamber and sat on the edge of
Buffy's bed.
"Don't worry. You'll do great." She encouraged.
"I'm not so sure. It's my first day of my first job ever
and to top
it off I have to act cool in front of the guy I have a crush on."
Willow grinned at the mention of Angel. She remembered the day Buffy
had come back from her job interview. She'd asked how it had gone
all Buffy had talked about was this Handsome, older guy. She'd
had to
sit through half an hour of Buffy's gushing until she'd
finally found
out if her best friend had gotten the job.
"Well if it helps you look great." Buffy gave a small smile.
You ready?"
"As I'll ever be." The two girls stood up and left the
silently. "Hang on Will. I'll be out in a minute!" Buffy
through the hallway before running back into her dorm to check her


Angel kept his eyes on the door and waited for the blonde haired
high school student that would make his heart beat race and his
entire body shake. That was the kind of effect that Buffy Summers had
on him. He had only met this girl once and he couldn't get her
his mind. Angel's stomach did a little flip as he saw a flash of
Blonde hair by the door, but he sighed in disappointment as he
recognised the girl as Darla Davies, a regular at the cafe. As she
walked toward the counter Angel did his best to look too busy to talk
to her.
"Hey Angel hunny. How are you today?"
"Hello Darla." His voice was cold. "I'm ok. Very
busy as you can see
so I'll just get back to work." He started to back up slowly
the kitchen.
"Come on baby. Don't be that way. All I want is one
kiss." Angel
looked behind Darla meeting with Buffy's hurt eyes. She had heard
what Darla had said and was devastated to find that Angel was
"We've talked about this, Darla. We're friends, nothing
more. Now if
you'll excuse me I have to help Buffy with her work." He held
out his
hand to Buffy and she took it, smiling softly. Angel led her into the
"Friend of yours?" She joked, looking out through the glass
of the
swing doors at the resentful, blonde customer.
"Not really." He grinned. " She's been after me for
ages but I'm not
interested  in her that way." He reassured her.
"Will says hi by the way." She murmured absently.
"Who's Will." He asked harshly, Jealously flaring up in
"My room mate. She's called Willow. I told her all about
you. She
said hi." Angel felt like an idiot.
"You told her all about me?" He asked hopefully.
" Uh huh. So you wanna show me the ropes?"
"Yeah." Angel set about showing Buffy all about working at
Victoria Coffee shop." Work was about to get a whole lot more


"Yes sir? What can I get you?" Buffy asked politely from
behind the
counter. The older customer scowled at her.
"Chicken Curry." He answered gruffly after a slight pause.
"I'm sorry we don't have any left. Maybe I could get you
else?" Buffy suggested with a smile.
"Excuse me?" A woman's voice called for service. The
blonde student
rolled her eyes before plastering a fake smile on her face and
turning to face the individual.
"My Jacket potato is cold." She scolded.
Buffy sighed as she took back the plate. She had only been working a
few hours and she was already sick of this job. Her hair was greasy
and she stunk from the fried foods, she had stains all over her
uniform and the customers were pests. She knew that whoever walked
through the cafe doors was extra work for her and she automatically
hated all of her purchasers. If it wasn't for Angel she would
pack up
and leave right now.
As she turned to check the potato the women and the man, from
earlier, began to talk.
"This place used to provide good food and service." The man
began. "Now look at the kind of underqualified school children
bring in."
"I know exactly what you mean." The women agreed. "The
chef doesn't
look much better. Look how young he is." Buffy glanced at Angel
was slaving away in the kitchen. He was doing his best. She felt
tears begin to well up in her eyes.
"I've waited in this queue for twenty minutes and
they've run out of
what I wanted."
" It's just not good enough. The standards have gone right
A single tear dropped down Buffy's cheek. She knew she
shouldn't take
the comments personally but she had been on her feet for hours
without a break and she was considerably tired. Dropping the plate on
the floor she ran into the kitchen.
Passing an extremely confused Angel she sped into the toilets at the
back. Once there she fell to her knees and sobbed. It wasn't
The staff were doing their best and the customers didn't
anything they did.
There was a timid knock on the door before Buffy heard a small creak
and footsteps getting closer.
"Buffy?" Angel's soothing voice reached her ears. Oh God
He couldn't
see her like this. She tried to wipe the wet streaks from her
face. "God Buffy. What's happened?" Angel asked
concerned. He dropped
down to his knees and took her hand.
His tenderness caused a fresh wave of emotion to sweep over her and
more salty tears were spilled.
"Don't cry sweetheart. It can't be so bad." Angel
pulled the petite
girl into his lap and stroked her hair gently. Burying her head into
his muscular chest more sobs tore through her tiny frame. Angel held
her until she had calmed down enough to tell him what had happened.
"Oh god I feel so moronic." She groaned. "And I got you
all wet."
She looked at his soaked shirt.
"You could never be stupid." He smiled down on her.
They were drawn to each other by their desire and Angel lent down to
Buffy. Brushing her hair away from her face he tilted her chin up to
him. Wiping the remaining tears from her beautiful face, with the pad
of his thumb, he lent inward.
Buffy closed her eyes as she waited for the sweet caress of his lips
on hers. As their lips touched tingles ran down each of their bodies.
The kiss deepened with intensity and soon their tongues were duelling
ferociously. They broke from the passionate moment and they were both
speechless. Panting heavily Angel placed a single kiss onto
"Feeling better?" he whispered.
"Oh Definitely." She snuggled further into his embrace.
"I've been wanting to do that ever since I first met
you." He
"Me too."
"So Buffy. Wanna go on a date with me?" He asked.
"Hmm let me think. I guess I could make a little time for
you." She
"Well if your gonna be like that." He went to get up but was
back down by Buffy's strong grip.
"Your not going anywhere. When do you want to go out?"
"Tonight. I'll pick you up at eight."
"It's a deal." They sealed their plans with a kiss.
"So think we should get back to work?"
"Awww. Do we have to?" She pouted. "I wanna stay right
Angel pulled her up with him and gave her a playful shove into the
"Get back out there you slacker." He flirted, grabbing a tea
and hitting her on the ass with it. Buffy squealed and playfully
glared at the dark haired chef.
Taking a deep breath she strode back out behind the counter to deal
with the angry shoppers. The situation didn't seem so desperate
She had Angel and as long as they were together she could face
anything, even awkward customers.


Buffy entered her dark apartment a few hours later. Flicking on the
light switch she collapsed onto the couch. She had been on her feet
all day and was exhausted. After a few minutes of just staring at the
ceiling she decided it was time to start preparing for the big date
with Angel. Glancing at her watch she sighed. An hour and a half to
get ready, definitely not enough time to look amazing. It was time to
call in the team. Picking up the phone from its cradle she pressed
two on her speed dial. After four rings somebody answered.
"Hello Queen C." Buffy had to hold in her laughter at
greeting. She had been friends with Buffy's group for almost a
now and she still hadn't completely escaped her old rituals.
"Cordelia hey. I've got a code red situation here will you
come help
"Hey Buff. You actually got a date? Wow! Tell me
"When you get here I've only got an hour and a half to get
"Oh my God! Why did you leave it so late!" Cordelia Scolded.
"Get a
shower I'll call Faith and we'll be there in twenty." The
went to put down the phone.
"Wait! Find Willow too. She isn't home."
"No Probs Buffy. See you in a bit." There was a click on the
and the call was disconnected.
Buffy Forced herself onto her weary feet and headed for the small
bathroom to get rid of the grease and smell of the cafe.

"Ok B! Where are you hiding?" Faith and Cordelia arrived at
blonde's residence twenty minutes later. Willow stood behind them
silently. She was very sullen and broody because she had been into a
heated make out session with her boyfriend Oz, when her friends had
"In my bedroom." A muffled voice sounded through the
apartment. The
three teenagers headed for Buffy's room and they found the blonde
her knees with clothes thrown everywhere. She looked up at her
saviours. "Help!" She pleaded. Cordelia took charge.
"Ok Faith, Hair and accessories and Willow, Makeup." The
girls set
about their tasks. "And Buffy Tell me everything about this guy
I pick out your outfit. Tonight Cinderella, with the help of your
fairy God Mothers, You're gonna look incredible."

Buffy was ready. An hour of changing and poking and pulling and
prodding had paid off. Applying a spritz of perfume to Buffy's
Cordelia, Faith and Willow stepped back to admire their work.
"Perfect." Cordy consented grinning. Totally beat Willow and
fell back onto the bed and talked quietly.
"Thank you so much guys. I wouldn't have been able to do
without you." Buffy showed her gratitude. There was a loud knock
the door and adrenaline coursed through Buffy's veins at the
of Angel outside.
"I'll get it." Willow offered. "That way you can
make an entrance.
"I'll come with." Faith jumped up following the red head
out the
"Me too." Cordelia agreed.
Buffy listened from the door of her bed chamber.
"Hi, Angel right? Heard so much about you. I'm Willow and
this is
Faith and Cordelia."
"Erm Hi, Is Buffy Ready?"
"I'll go get her."
A second later the May Queen rounded the corner.
"Oh my God! He is so cute. Hello salty goodness. How come you
that and I get Xander? " The brunette caught a look of jealousy
Buffy's face. "Oh, don't Worry. He's totally into
you. Come on. Ready
to wow?"
Checking her appearance once more in the mirror Buffy took a deep
breath and made her way to the living room where her Angel was


Angel's breath got caught in his throat when he set eyes on
She looked unbelievable. She was wearing a red, strappy dress that
fell to mid-thigh and her golden hair flowed in ringlets past her
shoulders. Her eyes sparkled and her face glowed.
"Wow Buffy you look....." He struggled to find a suitable
word "astounding."
"You look pretty good yourself." It was true. He was wearing
dress pants and a blue, button down shirt. A leather jacket was hung
over his large, muscular frame and in his hand he held a single blood
red rose. The couple were now face to face with each other and the
other three people in the room watched them with interest.
"This is for you." He handed her the flower and kissed her
gently on
the cheek.
"Thank you." She gave him a dazzling smile. "Willow?
Will you put
this in water for me?"
"Yeah, Sure. Now off you go and have a great time." She
waved them
out of the door. "Bye." She called after them.

The duo pulled up outside "The Bronze" about ten minutes
later in
Angel's black convertible.
"Did I mention that I loved you car."
"Once or twice." Angel chuckled. Pocketing the car keys he
around to the passenger side to help Buffy out. Taking her hand in
his they headed towards the loud music and entered the club
Once inside they found a table and sat down.
"Do you want a drink?" He asked politely.
"No thanks. I'm good." She fiddled with her hands
nervously. "This
is stupid! Why are we so uncomfortable?" She asked more to
than to Angel. "Lets dance." Grabbing his hand she pulled him
the middle of the floor. He rested his hands on her waist and she
wrapped her arms around his body and put her head on his shoulder.
They swayed gently to the music.

Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it ok
There's always some reason
To feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day

Buffy looked up at Angel and smiled.
"I love this song." He whispered leaning down to capture her
lips in
a kiss.

I need some distraction
Oh beautiful release
Memories seep through my veins
It made be empty
And weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

They Broke the kiss gently and Buffy rested her head against Angel
"I'm so glad I couldn't afford a prom dress." She
"Me too." He agreed.

In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there

"This could be our song." Buffy suggested. "It's
"It is."
The couple became lost in each others eyes and at that moment they
both realised that they loved each other. As they became caught up in
another kiss they forgot that they were in public and their hands
began to roam over the others body.

So tired of the straight line
And everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
And the storm keeps on twisting
You keep on building the lie
That you make up for all that you lack
It don't make no difference
Escaping one last time
It's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees
In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

The mood and the kiss was broken when the gentle lulling of the song
died away and a more upbeat song began to play.
"Lets get out of here." Angel said leading his date out of
Bronze and into the chilly night air.

A few hours later Angel's convertible pulled up in front of
" I had a great time tonight"  he remarked "Can we do it
"We better had." She threatened playfully.
After they had left The Bronze earlier, the couple had walked in the
park and sat under a tree just talking and sharing passionate kisses.
They had told the other everything about themselves.
"Here's your Jacket back." Buffy said beginning to shrug
the leather
jacket off her shoulders. Angel had lent it to her when she had
gotten cold.
"Keep it. It looks better on you." She smiled and touched
her lips
to his gently.
"I have something to ask you." He voiced. "About the
prom. Would you
like to go with me? That is if you want to....and if you haven't
Pressing a single finger to his mouth she silenced him.
"I'd love to go with you." There was a moment of
comfortable silence
before Buffy spoke again. "It's late. I'd better get
goin'." I look
of disappointment flickered across Angel's face. "I'll
see you
tomorrow at work?" She inquired.
"Yeah. Come here." He pulled her onto his lap and gave her a
kiss goodbye.
Sliding gracefully out of the car she began to back away from the
vehicle. Blowing her a final kiss he pulled away and sped off down
road. The blonde watched Angel until he was a dot on the horizon,
before turning and running up the steps to her apartment. She was
sure Faith, Cordy and Willow would be waiting up to hear everything
about her amazing date.


An annoying buzz woke Buffy from a peaceful slumber and an amazing
Angel dream. Lazily she reached for the alarm clock on her bedside
table but after an unsuccessful minute of fumbling around randomly
she gave up and cracked an eye open to survey her surroundings.
She wasn't in her cozy bedroom in her little bed. In fact she was
a rather uncomfortable position on the couch in her living room.
Faith was asleep at her side and Cordelia was sprawled out on the
chair. Willow was nowhere to be seen and Buffy assumed that she had
been aroused in the night and had gone to her room. The four girls
must have fallen asleep while talking about Buffy's date.
Rising onto aching legs she padded softly to her chamber to shut off
the irritating ring. Accomplishing the task successfully the Blonde
grabbed her robe and went to take a shower before going to work.

An hour later Buffy emerged from her bedroom washed and changed and
raring to go. Rounding the corner to the Living room she heard the
soft voices of her friends talking. Faith was still on the sofa but
Cordelia had moved to sit next to her. Willow had joined the two and
she was seated on the floor. All three were in pyjamas and their hair
was messed and make-up smudged.
"Morning sleeping beauties." Buffy greeted entering the
kitchen to get her breakfast.
"Hey Buff. Your in a good mood." Cordelia observed.
"Wonder why."
Faith and Willow found this extremely funny and they fell about in
fits of giggles.
"What have you two been drinking?" The petite girl asked
from behind
the breakfast counter. She peeled a banana  and cut a piece off the
end, popping it into her mouth.
"Nothing. We're just happy." Willow replied after she
had calmed
enough to answer.
"What are you three up to today?" Buffy inquired.
"Going to the beach with our beaus." Faith answered.
"Shame you
can't come with but then again I'm sure you and Angel will be
hot and sweaty in the kitchen." Buffy blushed madly and finishing
breakfast she grabbed her hand bag and headed for the door.
"Yeah sure Faith. We're not you and Spike you know. We can
our urges." She threw back before departing for *The Victoria

When she entered the cafe the first thing Buffy noticed was a member
of staff she had never met before. He was a tall man with longish
hair that hung in his eyes. As he flicked it to the side she noticed
the grease that almost dripped off it. She made a mental note to
avoid him as often as possible. Focusing her eyes on the glass of the
kitchen door she could just make out Angel's muscular figure
the steam and heat of the cookers. The greasy waiter was looking at
her now and, ignoring his obvious stare, she brushed past him and
strode into the kitchen.
"Hey baby." She purred. Angel's shirt was clinging to
him like a
second skin he was sweating so much. She was definitely enjoying the
"Hi." His lips curled into a wicked grin and he grabbed he
the waist and pulled her small frame flush against him. Pushing her
to the wall he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Buffy jumped
up onto Angel her legs wrapping around his waist. They just
get close enough to each other.
"Angel I......." The voice trailed off behind the two lovers
they quickly broke apart. Buffy's eyes fell on a middle aged man.
had greyish hair and wore glasses and a tweed jacket.
"Dad!" Angel exclaimed. "What are you doing here? I
though you were
taking a day off."
"I was just getting some paperwork and it seems that I walked in
a very...erm...unfavourable moment."
"Erm this is Buffy Summers," Angel introduced
his "girlfriend" "Buffy this is my dad. Rupert
Giles." Straightening
out her clothes and running a hand through her untidy hair she
stepped forward.
"Hi, Nice to meet you" she squeaked, she was clearly
embarrassed and
her face held a pink glow.
"Yes likewise. Angel can I speak to you a minute. In my
Giles gave Buffy another glance before entering the small office
facility at the back. Angel followed with a solemn look on his face.

Buffy was bored. She had been at work for two hours now and she
hadn't seen Angel since their first humiliating encounter. She
stuck serving customers with "fish boy" Riley Finn who was
about as
exciting as a pasta shell.  She only had another half an hour until
closing and she just prayed that she could keep her sanity until then.
"Buffy, will you do the dishwasher while I take a break?"
asked her with a goofy grin on his face. Giving him a quick nod she
advanced into the kitchen, more in search of Angel than anything
else. Scanning the mass of stainless steel machinery and surfaces she
established that her "boyfriend" wasn't there. Sighing
she began the
dreary process of filling and un-filling the industrial dishwasher.
Feeling a familiar pair of arms slip around her waist from behind she
leaned back into the secure embrace.
"What kept you?" She questioned.
"Got the lecture." He replied simply, kissing gently down
neck. "You have to come to dinner tomorrow night."
"What!" She shrieked suddenly pulling away and turning to
him. "I cannot ever see your father again after the position he
us in!"
"He isn't that bad baby. He was just a bit shocked.
You'll love him
and he'll love you." He assured her, leaning in for a kiss.
"He better had." She murmured before giving into the
temptation and
joining her lips with his


"And Dad be nice. I want it to last with Buffy and it won't
if you
give her the "Nobody's good enough for my son"
speech." Angel pleaded
to his father, silently praying to God. It was ten minutes before
Buffy was due to arrive at his house for dinner and Rupert Giles was
in a rather awkward mood. Angel's father had always scared off
son's potential girlfriends with his difficult nature and Angel
didn't want to lose Buffy. He poured himself a shot of whiskey
downed it, attempting to calm his nerves.

"God Angel's house is huge!" Xander exclaimed from the
driver's side
of his car. Buffy was speechless as she stared at the giant mansion
towering above her. It was a large white building with three floors,
and was illuminated with floodlights. The colossal gardens were
perfect down to the finest details. "I totally get it now. Can I
out with Angel too?" Xander Joked goofily. Buffy hit her dark
friend on the arm lightly, indicating for him to shut up.
"Oh God! Do I look ok?" She was wearing a knee length red
skirt with
a low cut black top. A thin, simple cardigan was hung around her
shoulders and her hair was pulled back into a French Twist with a few
lose strands framing her flawless face. Suddenly she felt remarkably
"You look great Buffster. Now go show `em what your made
of." Xander
encouraged giving her a playful shove out of the door. Stepping
firmly onto the gravel driveway Buffy stood up straight. Smoothing
out her clothes and checking her hair she headed up to the giant
double doors and pressed the doorbell.

An ample ring echoed around the extensive building and Angel jumped
up and answered the door before his father could. Pulling down the
large handle it swung open to reveal the determined face of his
girlfriend. He face relaxed when she realised that it was Angel on
the other side of the threshold.
"Hey honey. Don't look so nervous." But inside Angel was
anything but confident. Stepping into the grand foyer she looked
around admiring the expensive decor.
"Your house is huge." She uttered before placing a single
kiss on
his lips.
"I'm glad you approve." He chuckled taking her small
hand in
his. "You look beautiful. Ready to go meet the parents?"
"Uh huh. Bring it on!"

It was about an hour into dinner and everything was going
surprisingly well. It turned out that Rupert knew the Librarian at
Sunnydale High, Wesley Whyndem-price. Everybody was being extremely
polite and the atmosphere was actually quite comfortable.
"Mmmmm That was delicious Mr Giles." Buffy complimented
laying her
fork gently onto her empty plate.
"I'm glad you enjoyed it Buffy and please call me
Rupert." Angel
smiled at the interaction between his father and his girlfriend.
" I
must say I had doubts about you before this dinner. After the
position I found you and Angel in you can appreciate my concern."
Buffy blushed wildly and looked down at the table. "But I can see
your a very level headed young women." Giles finished getting up
clear the table. Buffy jumped up.
"Please let me." She offered holding out her hands to take
"No.You're our guest. Why don't you go for a walk with
Angel. The
gardens are lovely at this time."
"Thanks Dad,"Angel said before taking Buffy's hand and
leading her
into the landscaped grounds of the mansion.

  "Wow. This is beautiful." The teen gushed as she gazed at
colourful flowers and shrubs. Statues were placed carefully between
the bushes and ahead Buffy spotted a lit conservatory and they
entered it hand in hand.
"Buffy?" Angel's soft voice woke Buffy from her magical
"Hmmmm." She inquired turning to face him.
"I love you." He said sincerely looking deeply into her
eyes. "I know I haven't known you long and...." The
following words
were cut off by her mouth on his.
"I love you too," She murmured as they broke away. They
kissed again
and got caught up in the passion of the sweet caress of lips. Hands
began to roam and soon he was slipping his fingers up her tight top.
She gasped and jumped away.
"I'm Sorry." He apologised pulling her into a warm
"I want to I'm just scared. Give me time."
"Always. We have all the time in the world." He promised.


A month had passed since Buffy and Angel had declared their love for
each other and the night of Sunnydale High's Senior Prom was upon
them. Angel paced nervously inside his large room anxiously awaiting
the night ahead, he was almost ready to go. But across town a crisis
was upon four teenage students who had to look phenomenal.

"BUFFY ANNE SUMMERS! If you don't get your butt out of that
in five seconds I will knock down the door and kick you ass!"
shouted fiercely through the thin partition. It was the only thing
that separated her from her potential murder victim.
Buffy had been in the small en-suite for almost forty minutes and
Faith was majorly pissed off. Just her luck that she gotten stranded
sharing a bathroom with Buffy, Queen of Bathroom hogging. A small
click indicated that Buffy had opened the lock on the door and Faith
burst in fuming. It was quite a sight. The Brunette had her dress up
around her hips and her hair pulled into a messy bun. A small make-up
bag was held under her right arm and her left hand was bunched into a
severe fist.
"Well you should have got ready at yours." The blonde
stated, matter
of factly, applying a layer of liner to her flawlessly shadowed eyes.
"Well the limo is picking us up here so I really had no choice.
Anyway I don't see why I couldn't have just shared the mirror
"Somebody's Miss Cranky before a big night out." Buffy
taunted. "I'm
sure Willow and Cordy aren't having any problems in the other
"That's because they know how to divide their mirror
time!" Raising
one finely plucked eyebrow Buffy observed the image before her, she
had to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Faith questioned scowling , but a
small smile
pulled at her lips and before long the two girls were in hysterics.
"Sorry for yelling B." She managed to get out through her
"Sorry for abducting all the mirror space." The other girl
"Now, Lets see what we can do with your hair."

"CORDELIA! Stop trying to push me out of the light." Willow
complained. Across the hall the other two girls were having the same
"I'm not! If your glass wasn't so damn small I'd be
able to see the
whole of my face instead of the measly quarter I can hardly glimpse
at." Cordelia threw back.
" Here have all of it. Your head's so big that you
couldn't see all
of it in the most enormous mirror in the world." Willow snapped
nastily. She immediately regretted the comment. "Oh Cordy I'm
She hugged the shocked may queen. "I don't know what came
over me."
"It's ok." the brunette murmured.
"I've got an idea. You have the mirror first and I'll
help you. Then
you can return the favour after you're ready."
      "Sounds fair." Agreeing on a plan of action the two
girls began
their mission.


"Willow the guys are her!" Buffy shouted through the cozy
flat. "Faith and Spike are already in the limo and Cordy and Xand
on their way down. Oz it waiting for you so you better get
Willow emerged from her bedroom fully dressed and looking just as
amazing as the two girls before her.
"What about you Buffy?" Oz asked, taking Willows hand and
the back of it gently.
"Oh Angel is picking me up in a separate Limo. He should be here
a bit. Go. Start havin' fun and I'll meet you there."
Agreeing the
couple made their way to the vehicle. As Buffy watched the stretched
car drive away she began to get nervous. She checked her reflection
in the glass again, smoothing her hair so it fell perfectly around
her face. She was so involved in her actions that she didn't
Angel pull up on the road and come in through the open door.
"You look beautiful." He whispered, startling her. She
quickly but relaxed when she saw a very yummy Angel in his Tux.
"Thank you." The couple kissed softly and he stepped back to
the woman he loved. She worn a pink, strapless dress that fell to her
ankles and clung to her every curve. On her feet were elegant pink
heels and her hair hung loosely to her shoulders.
"I love you." Simple, direct and easily the most complicated
he had ever said.
"And I love you." They kept eye contact until a beep from
impatient Limo driver was heard from the street.
"Ready?" He asked.
"You bet."


The prom was exquisite. The school gym was draped with decorations
and the music was classy. Couples danced closely and Buffy and her
friends were no exception. As she swayed gently in Angel's arms
realised that this was the night she had been waiting for.
"Yeah sweetie?" She seemed to be working up the courage to
ask him
"Will you....make love to me tonight?" She blurted out
before hiding her head in his chest. He gently lifted her chin and
forced her to make eye contact with him.
"If your sure. But I'll wait for you forever. You know
"I'm sure. I love you so much and I want the perfect end to
perfect night."
He captured her lips in a kiss, a taste of what was to come.
"Can I have your attention please?" A small voice spoke over
crackling speaker. It was Jonathan, the school nerd. "I've
been asked
to present an award. Is Buffy Summers here tonight?" Upon hearing
name she pulled away from the kiss and looked to the stage, all eyes
were on her and she suddenly felt very self-concious.
"This is an award for the most compassionate student. You always
to be there when somebody is upset or needs advice and we know we
don't always give you anything in return. So we give you
this." He
held up a small teddy holding a little gold trophy. " and on it
says Buffy Summers. `Class companion'."
Applause broke out across the gym and Buffy excepted her award with a
smile. She really had gotten her perfect High School Moment.


Buffy and Angel arrived at her apartment at around midnight. She
flicked on the lamp and smiled softly. Swallowing a lump in her
throat she found her voice.
"Do you want a drink?"
"No thanks. I'm not thirsty. Just come and sit with me."
He patted
the seat next to him and she took it curling against it. They became
caught up in a lusty make out session and and Angel slipped his hand
around her back, unzipping her dress.
"Are you sure?"
"Positive," she smiled. "Take me to bed."
This was all the encouragement he needed and he lifted her into his
arms easily carrying her down the hall.
"Which room is it?" He asked breathlessly in between kisses.
"On the right." He reached for a door handle. "No not
that one."
Finding the right room the two lovers fell back onto the bed. As
clothes were lost they became caught up in ecstasy. This was a night
neither of them were ever going to forget.


A stream of sunlight woke Buffy from a peaceful slumber, she groaned
and rolled over thinking back to why she hadn't closed the
the night before. The cobwebs of sleep were slowly cleared from her
mind and she suddenly remembered the single most incredible night in
the history of Buffy Summers. Reaching over to the other side of her
Queen sized bed she was surprised when she came into contact with
cold, empty sheets instead of a warm, muscular body. Sitting up
quickly she scanned the small room for something to wear, her hazel
eyes finally settled on Angel's Button down shirt from his
She rose on shakey legs and reached for the garment slipping it
around her slender shoulders and closing a few buttons. silently
padding towards the kitchen she heard the rattling of pots and pans
and rounding the corner she was met with the most appealing and
amusing sight.
Angel was bent over the stove with her fluffy pink wrapped around his
waist. Water droplets clung to the flexing muscles of his back and he
was humming softly to a classical song on the radio.
"Very Manly, Not at all disturbing." She teased gently. He
round instantaneously, alarm clearly noticeable in his chocolate
eyes. He relaxed considerably when he realised it was Buffy but then
blushed when he realised what he was wearing. The blonde let out a
soft chuckle and slinked towards him seductively, running her finger
around the edge of the towel. "It kinda turns me on." She
"Really? Well you wearing my clothes kinda turns me on." He
gesturing towards his clothing that swamped his petite girlfriend.
Buffy leaned upwards and gave Angel a lingering kiss. "I got up
and had a shower. I hope you don't mind."
"Of course not honey. What's mine is yours. Even if that
happens to
be my girly, fuzzy towel."
"Be nice," he warned, "Or you won't get any
breakfast." She gave him
an irresistible pout and he relented handing her a plate of bacon,
eggs and sausage.
"Mmmmm. It all looks yum. Thank you." He was rewarded with a
kiss and she flicked her tongue into his mouth before pulling away.
Angel groaned in frustration and pulled her towards him again kissing
her passionately. They broke away breathless and it took a second for
Buffy to think logically again. Taking her boyfriend by the hand she
pushed him into a chair and sat firmly on his knees gaining another
groan from Angel. Giggling she began to eat her fry up and before any
of them knew it the plate was empty.
"Wow you were hungry." Angel commented.
"It's your fault. I burnt off a lot of energy last
night." She threw
back. "Wanna do it again." He raised an eyebrow at her
What had happened to the shy little high school student from the day
"You have no Idea how much I want to." He admitted before
her off his lap and standing up. "But I promised mom that I'd
go in
early for work." She frowned and looked into his dark brown orbs
see if he was telling the truth. Her insecurities got the better of
"Was I not good?" She asked her lip quivering slightly.
"Baby it isn't that." he assured pulling her into a
embrace. "You were perfect. I just really have to go. Tell you
I'll take you out tonight. We can go straight after the cafe
He kissed her on the forehead lightly.
"Ok." Buffy was content with his answer and she kissed him
before breaking the contact.
"You'd better get dressed then. Come on." she watched
her lover head
for the bedroom and sighed happily. Things were finally going right
in her life.


"So her name is Buffy?" The badly dressed man asked in a
"Yeah she's amazing. I've never felt this way about
anybody in my
whole life." Angel was on his break in the Victoria coffee shop
he was getting reacquainted with his old college friend Alan Francais
Doyle or Doyle as everyone called him.
"Well good on yer mate. It's about time yer settled down
with a
lass. You were a right wild one back in college."
"Oh God. Don't remind me. A few years ago I would have slept
Darla I was so desperate."
"Darla......." Doyle hadn't heard this name before.

Buffy pushed the heavy glass doors and entered the cafe trying to
weave around several customers blocking her path without pushing
them.  She'd seriously overslept and now she was tardy for work.  She
shoved past Riley who had opened his mouth to ask her out again and
ran into the back room to get her apron. Rushing through the kitchen
she couldn't help but overhear Angel and Doyle's voices.
// wonder what they are talking about?// She thought. // it wouldn't
hurt to listen for 5 seconds right?//  she was his girlfriend and
they didn't keep secrets from each other. she pressed her ear to the
thin partition that separated her from the talking men.
"So she's small and Blonde?" Doyle asked
"That about sums her up. Nothing special." Angel replied
// How can he say that after last night?//
"And she loves you and you don't love her?" The Irish
man continued.
"Not a chance. I'm desperately in love with somebody

Buffy had heard enough and she turned on her heels salty streaks
marred her beautiful face. Blinded by tears of pain she stumbled into
the mass of customers the foul smell of fried foods assaulting her
nose. The constant chatter of the crowd stopped abruptly and all eyes
turned to the obviously distraught waitress.
"Buffy what's wrong." Riley asked grabbing her arms and forcing her
to look into his dull orbs.
"Is this hell?" She breathed before breaking free of his grip and
running into the cool autumn breeze.

"Here we go again. Back to Buffy." Doyle sighed resting his
head on
his hand.
"It's always going to be Buffy. Forever." Angel pledged
to himself
and to the rest of the world.


"Come on Buffy! It's been a week and you haven't left
the apartment.
He's called fifty times a day. I think you should at least talk
him and let him explain." Willow Rosenburg was not exaggerating
was seriously considering getting another phone line installed
because Angel was always ringing and nobody else could get through.
"I was so stupid Will. I jumped into bed with the first guy who
he loved me. He's only after another round. Then he can be sure
I was `nothing special'"
The red head looked down at the pathetic blonde. She was sprawled out
on the couch in her yummy sushi pyjamas which she hadn't taken
off in
six days. Empty boxes of cookies and numerous cartons of cookie dough
fudge mint chip Ice cream were scattered around the room. Faith,
Cordelia and Willow had tried everything to cheer her up. They'd
bitched about Angel, had a girls night, even sunk as low as to
renting out Disney movies. But they'd just made Buffy cry and
about why the girl always got her prince charming. 
"What about work? You can't pretend your sick forever.
They're gonna
start getting suspicious and then you'll lose your job."
"What does it matter. I bought the prom dress I might as well
"You have college coming up and your mom said you have to buy
your own stuff remember?" Willow desperately tried random
circumstances to get her friend motivated. "Go into work today
show Angel that you're strong. Please Buffy. You can't stay
locked up
forever." Buffy stared into Willow's pleading eyes and
relented with
a sigh.
"Fine I'll go in. But if it's too hard then I'm
resigning and never
going back."
"I can deal with that." Willow agreed. "Now get up and
have a
shower! You look like shit. And please put those PJ's in the wash
there's a funky smell coming from them." Buffy chuckled
before heading for her en-suite to attempt to wash away as much pain
as possible.


"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God." The Blonde High School student had
standing outside The Victoria coffee shop for almost ten minutes now
just repeating those two words. She really couldn't go in there.
was too difficult.
"Buffy?" Upon hearing her name she spun around to meet the
eyes of her colleague Riley Finn.
"Riley." She greeted, a fake smile plastered to her face.
you been?" *Like I care*
"A little worried actually." He admitted taking her small
hand in
his. " Are you OK? You haven't been in for a while."
"I'm fine. I just had flu that's all. No Biggie."
She lied, not
making eye contact.
"I missed you. Would you like to go on a date sometime?"
Buffy just
stayed silent and stared blankly through the window of the cafe. She
was trying to think up an excuse, anything to get her out of this
situation. And then her eyes fell on Angel who was sitting at a table
with Darla and all logical thought was ripped from her and replaced
with earth shattering agony.
"I'd love to." The words just fell out of her mouth and
before she
knew it she was arranging a time and a place with Riley.


"Oh God Buffy!" Angel rushed over to where his
`Girlfriend' was and
pulled her into a hug. "Where have you been? I've been so
Buffy pushed him off her and raised her head to meet his confused
"Just stay away from me. I can't believe you. You're
acting like
nothing's happened and it just makes me sick."
By now the entire population of the cafe was staring and the two
lovers but neither noticed.
"Love? What's wrong. What's happened?" He reached
for her arm but
she stepped away.
"Look. I'm here for one reason and that is to work. Now if
excuse me I have customers to serve. Why don't you go back to
because your wasting your time with me. I won't give you what you
want." With that the conversation had ended and Buffy stormed
the kitchen leaving behind a very bewildered Angel.

"Oh God it was terrible." the blonde sobbed into Faith's
hair. "I
yelled and he acted like he was all confused. I just don't
why he's pretending that he still cares." He tiny form shook
the brunette and Cordelia and Willow watched helplessly from the
breakfast bar.
"Hey B. Lighten up. You've got a date tonight. Don't you
want  to
start getting ready?" Faith suggested.
A muffled "No", don't care" came from Buffy before
more tears fell
down her face.
"Tough Buffy. You've gotta enjoy yourself tonight."
Cordy Commanded
grabbing her hand and dragging her to the bedroom. "I will
moping in the house but you will not go out on a date looking crappy
and that's final!"
"I'll get it!" Buffy shouted as she ran through the
lounge to answer
the door. "Hey Riley." She greeted. "Would you like to
come in?"
"Yeah Sure." He grinned goofily and flicked a oily bit of
hair off
his face.
"On second thoughts why don't we just go." *I so
don't want my
friends to meet him.* She thought practically pushing the loser out
of the door.
"I thought we'd go and see a movie." Riley started
offering his arm
to his date. "There's this really good Superman film

The voices became fainter as the couple descended the stairs and
Angel stepped out of the shadows by the door. In his arms were twenty
four long stemmed red roses and a solitary tear ran down his cheek as
he watched the couple leave.
"I guess she doesn't want these." He whispered to
himself as the
flowers fell from his grasp and hit the floor. "And I guess she
doesn't want me."


"Ewwww You kissed Him?" Willow squealed.
"You kissed
the greasy rat that just dropped you home." She stared in
at her embarrassed friend who had her head buried into the settee.
The whole date had been a nightmare. After sitting through three
entire hours of Superman the Movie she had had enough but then
had to watch Riley doing his `famous' Joker impression and
try to fly
as he had walked her home. Then of course there had been the
disastrous end of date tradition on her doorstep.
                  "I didn't kiss him. He kissed me." She
herself pathetically. "Erg Will! It was disgusting. All dry and
lipped. Not at all like An...." Buffy trailed off and she felt a
fresh wave of pain hit her and tears began to fill her emerald
coloured orbs. She forced them away quickly but her best friend
noticed and slipped a comforting arm around her shaking shoulders.
miss him so much. Why did I have to fall for a player like
               "Well you're seeing Riley again today at work.
you can make Angel really jealous. Show him what he's


                           "So do you know what I did for ya last
night man?" Doyle asked the brooding figure in the corner of his
bedroom. "I went up to see Buffy. Ask her what was goin on."
head snapped up instantly upon hearing the name of his beloved.
                          "And..." the dark haired man asked.
did she say." There was a hint of hope lining this single
but his eyes were still haunted by Buffy's cruel words and the
of seeing her with Riley.
                          "Nothing man. I went up to her
and found these on the floor." The Irish man held up a bouquet of
crumpled roses. "And at first I thought nothing of it but then I
the card." He lifted the small label to eye level and read it

`Our love is the greatest plan ever made. That one beautiful
linked together our entire relationship and mapped out my entire
future. You gave me real intimacy and no matter what you do I will
Always love you. Forever. Your Angel.'

"Wow man. That's some deep stuff."
                 It came from the heart." He admitted. "But
obviously doesn't feel the same way. She's already moved onto
boy, Riley Finn." He spat.
An alarm beeped from the cabinet across the hall and Angel crossed
over to it stealthily and checked the time.
"I've gotta go to work." He sighed.
"Will Buffy be there?"
"Yeah she started an hour ago. Maybe I could try to talk to her
again." Angel said. He was trying to be optimistic but without
soul mate he always ended up in the dark place again. He headed for
the door his trademark black duster trailing out from behind him.
"Hold on!" Doyle called. "Isn't the cafe closed?
it's six o'clock."
Angel paused at the door and answered without turning round.
"Yeah. We have to clean up ready for tomorrow. Just me, Buffy

He stayed still for a second considering the impending disaster he
could be walking into, before exiting and leaving a sympathetic Doyle
in his wake.

                         Staring through the unpolished glass of the
Victoria coffee shop Angel noted that Buffy and Riley were already
there, and looking pretty cozy. He stood silently contemplating
walking away. Deciding against it and pushed open the light door
quietly so the couple wouldn't notice him.
"Get off me Riley! Look I don't want to date you." Buffy
trying to push away the large waiter.
"Why not sweetheart?" Riley demanded pulling her to him and
into her ear. "That's not the signal you gave last night."
Buffy shivered with disgust and tried to escape again but his grip
around her waist was bruising and she wasn't strong enough.
"Come on Baby. You know you want to."
His hand pulled at her top before trailing up to her breasts. The
struggling stopped and sobs tore through her tiny body, tears wet her
face and hit the floor as Riley forced her against the wall and
reached for her trousers. She closed her eyes and waited.

Angel rushed over to the scene pulling the boy off Buffy and pushing
him to the floor.
"Get the fuck away from her Finn." He ordered "What do
you think your
doing?" He stared down at the `animal' and kicked him
sharply in the
ribs. "She's mine and you will never touch her again. Do you
me?" When Riley didn't answer he reached down to his body and
him up by the scruff of his neck so he was face to face with the
scared boy. "Do you understand?" He spat coldly. The younger
nodded and Angel punched him in the nose before dropping him. Blood
dripped onto the mopped floor and Angel grinned, satisfied that he
had won. "Now get out and don't come back again or I will
kill you." Riley scrambled away holding his broken  nose with one
hand and his bruised ribs with the other.

Angel tried to regain control. His body was trembling with rage and
he clenched and unclenched his fists trying to refrain from hitting
the wall. A small cry brought him back to reality and he spun around
to where Buffy was. She was curled up on the floor shaking and
whimpering helplessly and he stepped forward and carefully took her
into his large arms. She relaxed into his familiar embrace and he
just held her as her tears wet his shirt. He rocked her back and
forth. Stroking and kissing her soft hair.
"Shhh, I'm here. Everything will be alright. I love
you." She
suddenly tensed in his arms and her muffled cries came to an abrupt
"You're a liar." She accused, pushing Angel away. He rolled
onto the floor caught off guard by her sudden statement. "You
loved me." She continued. "You just wanted to get me into
bed. You're
a player Angel and I hate you for it. I hate the fact that I
was `nothing special' and the way that my heart aches without
you. I
wish you'd just leave. Just go away and never come back!"
He watched on powerless to stop her as she ran to the door. He sat
frozen on the spot and stared at a flash of Blonde hair streak past
the window.

For the first time in his life Angel cried. He let the tears come and
the pain swallow him whole as he just lay on the floor. He was the
shell of the man he used to be. A slave to love and an incomplete
soul yearning for its other half. But the anger soon came and he
stood on steady legs reaching for the phone.
"If she wants me gone then I'll go." Dialling a
memorised number he
waited for an answer on the other line.
"Hello Boston Art institution."
"Hi, My name is Angel Giles." he stated. "I was offered
a job at
your Boston gallery a few days ago. I decided that I will take the
opportunity after all"
"That's wonderful news sir. Mr Snyder will be so pleased.
When can
we expect you?" The perky secretary asked.
"Tomorrow. I'll get a flight out first thing in the
morning." With
that Angel placed the phone back on the hook and strode briskly to
the exit.
"Bitch doesn't need me. Well I don't need her


"Oh God. Angel I've missed you so much." Buffy sighed
leaning into
his muscular chest and tipping back her head to look into his
sparkling chocolate pools. "Where have you been?"

"I've been right here the whole time. All you had to do was
Leaning down he captured her lips in a gentle kiss before breaking
away and resting his forehead on hers.
"It's so beautiful here."

Two sets of eyes stared in wonderment at the scene before them. Above
the ocean the sun was just rising and even the tiniest detail was
bathed in a golden light. The water seemed to dance as tiny waves hit
the beach before slowly retreating back into the aquatic blanket from
which it came.

Turning in his embrace Buffy stood on tiptoe and brushed her nose
against Angel's before kissing him with a ferocity that surprised
them both.
"Stay with me?" She whispered.
"Forever. That's the whole point. I'd never go away. Not
even if you
asked me to." His breath tickled her neck and she giggled. Buffy
drunk on love and she'd never felt so amazing.

A gentle breeze swept past the couple and the blonde shivered,
withdrawing further into the warm arms wrapped firmly around her
waist. Her feet sank into the soft sand and she relaxed perfectly
content with her life. Every fibre of her body told her that this was
where she belonged and she wasn't about to disagree.

A faint pounding from the distance disturbed the silence and suddenly
Angel stepped away from her and began to move backwards.
"Angel? Where are you going?" The beat began to quicken and
clearer as Buffy's soul mate began to get further away.
"Don't leave
"Stop me." Angel beseeched from the horizon. But Buffy
couldn't she
stood rooted to the spot and her vision began to swirl around her.
She watched as Angel's face began to blur and she screwed her
"Make it stop! Make it stop!" She repeated over and over
again. But
nobody came to save her. She was alone, and as she sat up in her bed
she realised she would be for the rest of her existence.


The rhythmic banging had not subsided even though Buffy had arrived
back in painful reality and after a while she realised it was because
somebody was at the door.
Wiping the tears from her eyes and cheeks she checked the time on her
small bedside clock. *6:00am. Nobody in their right mind would wake
up at this hour yet alone visit me!*

Plodding clumsily through the darkness she managed to find her way
through to the living room, where she fumbled around on the wall for
the light switch. Finding it she scrunched up her eyes as the
dazzling light filled the room.

"Hold on!" She shouted to the irritating banging.
"I'm coming!"
Turning the key in the lock she flung the door open to reveal a very
badly dressed man, who she glared daggers at.
"Yes!" She snapped.
" Now lass. Is that the way you talk to a fella who is about to
your ass?"
"No this is the way I talk to somebody at six o'clock in the
morning!" Buffy threw back. "Do I know you?"
"Nah. I'm a mate of Angel's. Alan Francais Doyle."
He introduced
himself. "So can I come in or do I have to stand out here all

Buffy relented and stepped away from the entrance. The Irish man
flashed her a cheeky lop-sided grin before striding into the warm
chamber. "Nice place you got here. Do I get a tour?"

"Definitely not. Now either sit or stand but whatever you dedide you
better tell me what you're doing here." The blonde was
increasingly impatient by the Angel's impudent friend and her
and posture showed Doyle that he should just get to the point.
"Ok lass. Keep your panties on." He gave her a knowing look
and she
stepped forward ready to throw him out of her home. "I just want
know what you said to Angel that made him pack and run off to
"What? Angel's leaving?" She was stunned. "Why? Did
he run out of
girls to sleep with in Sunnydale?"
"Wow Buffy. That's below the belt. The guy is deparatly in
love with
you. Can't you see it?"
"I heard you two talking. He told you that I was `small and
and nothing special' if I remember correctly. Does that sound
something a man in love with me would say?"
"Slow down. You only caught half the convo. Angel was talking
Darla when he said that! I think he described you as amazing and
breath taking."

Buffy's hand flew to her mouth and she struggled to breath as she
recalled all of the terrible things she had said to her lover.

"I have to find him Doyle! NOW! Where has he gone?" The
in her eyes and voice was heart breaking.
"He took a cab to the airport half an hour ago. If you hurry you
might catch him! I've got my car down stairs I'll give you a
Buffy rushed for the door but a firm hand on her shoulder stopped her
from getting any further.
"What?" She exclaimed.
"Don't you want to change?" he asked looking down at her
night wear and snoopy socks.
"No! Just get me there!" she expressed before rushing out of
building. "I can't lose him."


"Can't you drive any faster!?" Buffy yelled to the annoying Irish man
on her right hand side.
"I'm doin me best lass. My foot's right down!"
"My grandma drives faster than this!"
"Well your grandma probably ain't distracted by that tiny night dress
you're wearing."
Doyle threw back with a grin.

The blonde blushed  and stared through the passenger window watching
as trees and houses shot passed in a blur of shapes and colours. They
seemed to be driving so quickly but the seconds appeared to creep
past, stretching out the time she would have to wait until she saw
her Angel again.
*I have to catch him. I can't just let him leave me.* She thought
herself. Tears welled up in her eyes as she asked the one question
she had been urging herself not to.
"What if I'm too late. What if he doesn't want me
anymore?" The pain
in her voice was so unbelievably distinct that Doyle found himself
unable to answer. They just sat in awkward silence and an occasional
sniffle came from Buffy.

It was a incredible relief when the vast, white airport emerged on
the horizon. The petite girl examined the aeroplanes queued on the
runway ready for takeoff, wondering which one was going to take her
soul mate away from her, or if one already had.


" Flight 316 to Boston, Massachusetts is almost ready for
Would all passengers please make you way to the departure
The dreary voice of a steward rang out through the enormous building
before cutting off with a crackle.

Angel sighed and stood from the hard, plastic seat. Picking up his
bag he swung it over his shoulder and made his way to the departure
gate watching the mass of people rush around trying to organise
themselves for their holidays. Families stuck close together, moving
as one being with their bulk of luggage and disposable cameras.
Business men talked on their mobile phones, checked in with just a
laptop computer or complained about the delays that were going to
make them late for an important meeting. Angel didn't fit into
category. He was one lonely man whose heart was calling out to the
love of his life. But she wasn't answering and he subconsciously
further into depression and anguish.

"Hello sir. May I check your ticket please?" A overly
member of staff asked him.
"Erm yer. Of course." He handed her his ticket and she
closely at the print.
"This all seems to be in order. Just go straight through. The
will be boarding in a few minutes. Thank you for flying with American
Airway and we hope you enjoy your journey." Angel gave the girl a
small smile before walking past the point of no return. He was going
to Boston. Nobody could stop him now, nobody could reach him, not
even Buffy.

"ANGEL!" Buffy screamed weaving through the countless number
people, as she tried to reach her boyfriend. She could see him at the
gate and she was so close.

"Mommy. How come that girl gets to wear her bedtime clothes when
had to get dressed?" A little boy asked pointing to the frantic
blonde women.
"I don't know dear. It's disgraceful." The women
scoffed pulling her
son away from Buffy who had just dashed past them.
"Angel!" She yelled again as she got nearer, running as fast
as her
slippered feet would allow her.
The high school student watched helplessly as her lover began to walk
slowly through the bright tunnel that would take him away from her
"I'm sorry miss. You can't go any further without a
ticket." A firm
hand on her shoulder prevented distressed teen from passing.
"But I have to stop him I can't lose him!" Her eyes
searched around
wildly for a glimpse of Angel's spiky brown hair.
"Angel!" she
cried. "Angel, Angel, Angel." Her voice died away with every
repetition of his name and she finally broke down sinking to the
floor and crying at her failed attempt of capturing her only
happiness. She had lost. And as a small crowd gathered around her she
realised that she didn't care. She was void of all emotion except
pain that was devouring her whole, and she didn't want to stop it.

"What are you doing here?" A distinguishable voice asked,
through her mental walls and cutting through the din of the tourists.
"Angel?" She asked, rubbing her eyes as she staring up at
beautiful face. "Are you really here?" Standing on trembling
legs she
reached out to trace his features but Angel pulled away and grasped
her hand.
"Haven't you hurt me enough?" He asked coldly. "Or
did you have to
come and rip away every last shred of my dignity?"
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I love you. Please I can't
lose you.
You're my everything." He stood silently for a moment,
studying her
for any trace of evidence that she was lying. Content that she was
being truthful he pulled her small frame onto his and breathed in her
scent. He was like a man who had been starved of oxygen and he was
filled with wonderment  at every inch of this wonderful woman. They
both cried. Cried for all the wasted time and all the hurtful words
that had been exchanged. But mostly they cried tears of joy and as
their lips met the people around them irrupted into applause.
Everybody had been truly touched by the love that radiated off these
two humans and they all pulled their loved ones closer to them.
"Would the remaining passenger for flight 316 to Boston,
Massachusetts please go to gate 18 to board." The speaker
the atmosphere and the couple were brought back to reality.

"Angel?" Buffy said quietly.
"Yes love?" He whispered.
"You have to go."
"No way. Everything I've ever wanted is here. It's
always you Buffy.
Nothing is going to take you away from me again. Not Riley, not
Darla, not stupid jobs, nothing." He promised before capturing
lips in his.
"But you have to. We'll be ok." She committed. "You
can't miss out
on this job." A tear rolled down her cheek but it was kissed away
with a gentle caress. "You know I'm right."
He nodded and hugged her tightly kissing her silky hair.
"I love you."
"I love you too." She said with a small smile which he
returned. "Now go! Before I try to stop you." He picked up
rucksack and let go of her hand striding away from the only thing
that had ever made him happy.
"WAIT!" He heard Buffy shout from behind him and he spun
around. "One last kiss?" He didn't hesitate, only ran
back and swept
her into his arms spinning her small body around and kissing her
passionately. They were both crying as they pulled away and no words
were spoken as they memorised the face of the other. As he left Angel
placed a small slip of paper in her hand before exiting.

Buffy watched until he was out of sight and she wiped away the many
tears that had fallen. Her hands shook as she unfolded the scrap of
paper. On it were five simple words that made her heart soar.
"I'll be back. I promise."

And she smiled her first genuine smile in weeks because she knew that
his promises were always kept. And when her Angel returned she would
be waiting.