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Summary: The story is set in the present time with David married to Jamie, and her being pregnant as well as Sarah being engaged to
Freddie. Also the interview with David bad mouthing is also 100% real.
Disclaimer: I Own no one
Notes: I know that I have another story that  has yet to be finished but I just got another idea.
Part 1:


"So how are you and the baby doing today?" David asks Jamie as he
walks into thier bedroom.
"Fine , and how's my stud muffin of an Angel?" Jamie asks as she
stands up and moves to wrap her arms around his waist.
"I missed you today, a long day of filming, that's too much time away
from you!" David confesses.
They move to kiss but are interupted by David's Cell phone going off.
"Hello?" David asks into the phone.
"Hi, David. It's Roger ( David's Mananger ) how's the wife and soon
to be little angel?" Roger asks David.
"Good, but why are you calling so late?" David questions Roger.
"Well good news! I've just got you an interview with Entertainment
Tonight." Roger tells David
'That's great, but what are they interiewing me for?" David asks
"Your new marriage, past flames and romances and your future with
Angel, his role, what to expect in the new season." Roger explains to
During this conversation Jamie has come up behind David and wrapped
her arms around his waist and places soft feather-like kisses all
along his back and further down causing David to have difficulty
understanding and listening.
'Yeah, sure Roger! Look I have to go so I'll see you tomorrow then!"
With that David hangs up and turns off his cell phone and turns
toward Jamie.

            Part 2:

The next morning the interview has been set and confirmed. David
arrives at the Angel Set bright and early. David walks toward his
trailer when his cell phone goes off.
"Hello?"David asks
"David it's Roger again, Remember last night I asked you to do the ET
interview?" Roger asks.
"Um, yeah? Why, when is it?" David asks
'You didn't let me finsih last night, theinterview is tonight!" Roger
"What?" David exclaims
"Yeah, you said yes last night and I've confirmed already so it's set
for tonight." Roger explains to David.
"Um, okay whatever! So I'll see you tonight then right?" Roger asks
"Um, actually I'm going out of town right now, and right now I'm at
LAX waiting for my flight." Roger explains.
"Okay, have a safe trip Roger, see you when you get back!" With that
David hangs up his phone and returns it into his jacket pocket.
David mumbles to himself and then walks toward his trailer when he is
intercepted by Joss.
"Hey David, how's the married life deal for you?" Joss asks.
"Great, exactly how I pictured it and more."David brags to Joss.
"Great for you man, so what's new with you?" Joss asks.
"Um actually I'`dlike to talk to you, you see Roger had scheduled me
for an interview with ET tonight and i was wondering if I could have
the afternoon off to go to the interview?" David questions his boss.
"Yeah sure, just make sure your here birght and early tomorrow
morning, and I'll see you then." Joss exclaims and walks off.
Then David continues his walk toward Make-up.

      Part 3:

"So, what would say is the word that best describes your marriage,
Mr. Boreanaz?" the interviewerer asks David.
"Amazing! Everything I'd ever dreamed of and more!" David exclaims.
"So, how is it that the two of you young birds met?" asks the
"We met at a Valentine's party earlier this year at the Playboy
mansion and it was love at first sight!" David replies with a small
smile playing on his lips.
"Now, I can't tell you how happy I am for the two of you, but it's
time for us to dig down into the dirt, so who have you had a flame
with in the past?" the interviewerer asks.
"Well there was my ex-wife Ingrid, a couple other models nothing
serious and now my beautiful wife Jamie." David states
"Well since your officially taken, and it's the past, I as well as
thousands of viewers would like to know if you and your former co-
star Sarah Michelle Gellar have ever been an item?" the interviewerer
"And before you answer please give us the truth?" the interviewerer
states solemly.
"Um, actually, well... we were together for a brief period of time
and things didn't work out, we broke-up and became distant as well as
lost touch of one another." David replies.
"And how long exactly was this brief period of time?" the
interviewerer asks.
"5 and a half months from the middle of season 2 to the end of season
3 of Buffy." David replies honestly.
"And it just didn't work out, or what?" the interviewerer asks.
"It didn't work out!" David responds.
"So was this a very serious relationship between the two of you?" the
interviewerer asks.
"yes it was very serious, I thought that she was the one. I could
talk to her for hours and she could always rely on me!" David
"And what changed?" asks the interviewerer.
"We were serious and when the media and public started to question
our relationship with one another, it shook Sarah up. You know that
she has stated in many interviews that she wants her private life to
be private, and well it wasn't that private at the moment and she gto
scared in my opinion." David explains.
"And what happened from thier?" asks the INT.
"She told me that she wanted to keep our relationship secret, so she
asked her manager what she should do, and he said to be seen with
other guys. SO that's what she did." David states.
'And did that make you uncomfortable or jealous?" the INT asks.
"Both actually, but I loved her so I did what she asked. But when I
talked about it with her she and I had a large fight and it I came to
the conclussion that she was embarrased of me, that I wasn't a big
enough star for her name. And when we had a fight about her keeping
me private all my insecurities and opinions came right out in the
open." David tells.
"wow and then you two broke-up I assume?" the INT asks
"Yeah, we did!" David states.
"why did you feel like answering my questions today, unlike in other
interviews?" the INT asks.
"I don't know, I just wanted to get that off my chest!" David explains
"well that's enough for our interview and I'd like to thank you for
your time and thoughts! Thank you dearly!" the INT states
"No problem! Hope I'll be here again!" David states

Part 4:

"Yes, we do have sex!" Jamie states into the phone.
"How many times a day?" Jamie's friend Patricia asks.
"Guess?" Jamie teases.
"Um,,, 8 times a day!" Patricia answers
"No way could we do it 8 times a day! Only 3!" Jamie explains
David walks into the room during this and silently laughs to himself
at hearing 8 times a day. Jamie has still yet to notice David in the
"So are you really pregnant?" Patricia asks
"Well Pat, can you promise to keep a secret?" Jamie states to Patricia
"Jamie you've known me even before you were a playboy girl, don't you
think you can trust me?" Patricia responds.
"well ok your right!" Jamie states
"well are you?" Patricia asks again
"wow some isn't patient!"Jamies retorts
"Damn right! Now spill girl!" Patricia states
"well, the truth is that I am "

      Part 5:

"not pregnant!" Jamie confessess.
"WHAT?" Patricia asks in shock
"I am not pregnant or have ever been pregnant with David's child."
Jamie adds.
"So why'd you tell him that your pregnant?" Patricia asks.
"I don't know? Maybe so he'd marry me!" Jamie states.
"Really?" Patricia asks in shock.
"yeah, I guess the only reason he married me was because I'm
pregnant! " Jamie states
"wow, are you going to tell him the truth?" Patricia asks.
"No, and you aren't go to either!" Jamie replies to Patricia.
"Are you sure, isn't he going to notice you not gaining the extra 20
pounds, or having a baby by May?" Patricia questions.
"I'll just fake a misscarrage or something like that! Look Pat, you
can't ever tell him, if he ever found out I don't know what he'd do!"
Patricia states.
"You don't have to worry about telling me, cause I already know!"
David was silent up unitl that moment and anger and hurt were
stricken over his face.
"David what are you doing here and now?" Jamie asks full of fear.
"I came home early from filming, and it looks like your day has been
very busy!" David exclaims while indicating towards the phone in
Jamie's hand.
"Look Patricia, I have to go, I'll talk to you later!" With that
Jamie hangs up the phone and gives her full attention towards David.
"Why?" David asks his tone full of hurt
"Why what?" Jamie asks trying to play it off that he might now know.
"You know damn well what! Why did you tell me that you were
pregnant?" David exclaims his voice angry for her trying to cover her
earlier actions.
"because you wouldn't of married me if I wasn't, am I right?" Jamie
"No,... I mean, maybe in the future! I only married you this early in
the relatioship because you were pregnant and I didn't want our child
to be considered a bastard child, but given the earlier information I
don't think that will be an issue now!" David states
"See, you were my best chance at being a star and now I've screwed
that up!" Jamies confesses.
"Yeah, well you should of thought about that earlier." David states
upset at Jamie.
"So what now?" Jamie asks about thier current situation.
"Well, I think that we both got married for different reasons, and
now that I think about it I don't think we both got married for
different reasons." David replies
"Do you mean that....." Jamie does not have a chance to finish
because David interupts her and states.
"I know that we both got married for different reasons, I don't think
this is going to work! And before you say anything else I'm going to
tell you why! This marriage was a sham, we got married because you
lied to me and that's not the best grounds for a marriage! So I think
that we should get a divorce!" with thayt David walks out of thier
home and leaves.

      Part 6:

"So Sar, honey do you wanna watch tv?" Freddie asks as Sarah walks
into their living room
"Yeah sure, what's to watch right now?" Sarah asks as she takes a
seat beside Freddie on a couch.
Freddie channel surfs and while surfing Sarah sees a brief glimpse of
David on  ET and asks Freddie to stop.
"Freddie, stop let's watch this." Sarah states.
"Why do wanna watch that chump, after all that crap he said about you
and Buffy in his last interview I would think that you would never
want to see or watch that guy again." Freddie states.
"Yeah, well I just want to see if he'd changed his mind on his
previous interview, or says something to make up what he said
before!" Sarah replies.
"Ok, whatever!" Freddie states as he turns up the volume of the TV.
Together they watch the interview of David from the previous night.
Sarah watches silently as David tells all the nation about thier
relationship from the past. OF how he was heart broken and jealous.
"I didn't know half the things that he said! I never gave him the
chance to explain." Sarah states to herself.
"Well that was an interesting watch don't you think Sar?" Freddie
asks as he looks toward his fiancee.
"yeah, sure, um.. I'm kinda tired I think that I'm going to turn in
early today." Sarah states and walks toward their bedroom.
Sarah walks into their room and closes the door behind her, their she
goes over to her closet and removes a shoe box buried at the bottom
of all her things. She removes the lid and takes out it's contents.
The box is full of things from when she and David were together. She
picks up one of the most recent picures of them together and stares
at it.
"I can't believe that I jepordized our relationship by jumping around
with other guys just to hide our relationship and now your married."
Sarah states to herself.
With that Sarah replaces all the things in the shoe box and returns
it to it's place and prepares for bed.

Part 7:

  The next day at the Buffy Set, Sarah arrives at the set to see
Alyson and Alexis sitting around  together.
"Hey you guys, how's it going?" Sarah asks the two
"I'm fuessing you haven't heard yet have you?"  Aly asks Sarah
"Heard what?" Sarah asks
"About David!" Alyson states
"what about him? He's ok right?" Sarah questions
"Physically fine, but emotionally I don't know, He hasn't been to the
set yet and he was due at 4:30." Alexis states.
"What happened to him?" Sarah asks
"Jamie and him are getting a divorce!" Alyson states.
"What, why?" Sarah asks
"Rumour on the market is that they had a large fight and he just blew
up and called up his lawyer to draw up the papers for the divorce."
Alyson states
"What ever the foigh twas about it must of been big, in all the years
I'v eknow David he's never blown up and did things that
irrationally."  Sarah states
"well your right on that part Sar." David states from behind her as
he walks toward the trio.
"David, what are you doing here, you were suppose to be on the Angel
Set, not the Buffy Set!" Alexis states
"yeah I know, but Joss is on the Buffy Set and I really need to speak
with him so if you guys will excuse me I'll be on my way!" David
replies poliety and walks away.
"Um, you guys I'll catch up with you later, I'm gonna go...." Sarah
replies while pointing and directing herself to David's retreating
"Yeah sure, catch ya later Sarah." Alyson replies as she and Alexis
go off for lunch.
"David, hey wait up." Sarah states as she runs to catch David.
"Sarah what do you want?" David asks
"I ah... ah, just wanted to talk to you about your ET interview from
the other day." Sarah states.
"yeah, what about it?" David asks
"Um, you told about us right?" Sarah states
"Yeah, I know you were against us to go public back then and now, but
I thought I was having a new future and I wanted to have a clean
slate in case it came back in the future."David tells truthfully to
"Um, that's ok that you told. I'm not  really mad at you  or
anything!" Sarah states
"Well thanks for that now if you don't mind I have somewhere to be."
David states and begins to walk away
"David please wait." Sarah pleads as she stalks after David.
"Sarah what?" David replies
"I heard what happen and I'm sorry. If you ever need anything or
anybody to talk to you can talk to me." Sarah states.
"Thanks Sar, I'll probably see you later." With that David walks
quickly away from Sarah and towards Joss' office.

Part 8:

Later on after David's meeting with Joss, David is walking towards
his car when he spots Sarah sitting alone quietly eating her lunch.
David sees that she is upset and is concerned for her  for he knew
that an upset Sarah equals a soon to be ill Sarah so he walks towards
"Hey, can I sit down?" David asks
"Sure, it's a free country." Sarah replies as she continues to push
around her lunch on her plate.
"Hey what's wrong?" David asks
"Like you care?" Sarah replies
"Of course I care, I may not seem like it right now but you know I
do." David replies to Sarah
"The thing is just that!" Sarah replies
"What? I don't get it?" David replies
"Your concerned for me, but you bad mouth my character and me to all
your interviews. And you seemed as if I was no longer on this planet,
is that the way that you treat all your ex's?" Sarah asks.
"Sarah you know that isn't right! It's just our break up was so
sudden and unexpected. It came totally out of the blue and right
after it you went around bouncing with Freddie and now look." David
"Well what was I suppose to do, you were off at parties and clubs
with who know's how many women and what did you expect me to do, huh,
sit around and wait for you to come back to me after I broke up with
you?" Sarah replies.
"Sarah , it's the past and look at you today your engaged to
the "hottest male" many tennage boppers." David replies sarcastically.
"Yeah well you were married to Miss Boob-a-rama." Sarah replies
"DO you wanna know the truth behind my marriage, it was all a scam,
we got married because I thought she was pregnant and we were gonna
have a baby, but she wasn't." David states.
"You mean she had a miscarriage?" Sarah replies suddenly feeling
sorry for David.
"No if only she did have a miscarriage, Jamie was never pregnant to
begin with, she only married me because I was a rising Star and she
was going down." David replies.
"Oh David, I'm sorry!" Sarah replies
"Yeah well so am I" david states.
With that stated, Sarah walks closer toward David and embraces him in
a hug. After a moment they pull apart.
"Why'd we ever break up?" David replies
"I don't know anymore." Sarah replies as she once again hugs David.

Part 9:

After a moment they once again pull apart and the look into each
other's eyes.
"David I need to be honest with you. I never wanted to break up with
you. You meant the world to me and when Joss said that if we didn't
break up he would cancel my contract and my career in Hollywood."
Sarah stated
"You broke up with me because of your career?" David asks in shock.
"No, not just mine, yours two. Joss threated to not only reck my
carrer your too. I knew how much acting meant to you and you would be
crushed if you lost it so I made to decision for us." Sarah states 
with tears in her eyes and turns her head away sudddenly ashamed of
her actions.
"Sarah, why?' David asks.
"Because you mean everything to me, You were my first real
relationship and I was confused on what I had to do. I know I should
have talked to you about it, but I know you. You would have given up
your carrer for me and I couldn't let you do that ." Sarah replies as
her body wracked with sobs.
"Sarah, baby... don't cry. You know I hate to see you cry." David
replies as he slowly takes Sarah into his arms.
" I never wanted to break up with you, really.. you have to believe
me.. I don't want to marry Freddie.. I don't wamt to marry Freddie."
Sarah mummurs into David sweater
"It's ok.. it's ok... baby your going to make your self sick." David
replies as he whispers into her ear and gently rubs her back.
"You have to believe me, I never wanted to marry Freddie and I don't
want to marry Freddie. I only want to marry you." Sarah replies.
"I know baby. You remember the day you broke up with me?" David
replies as he wait for her answer.
"Yeah." Sarah replies queitly.
"I was going to propose to you that night" David replies .
With this new information Sarah is once again wracked with sobs that
over take her small frame.
"Hey, it's ok. It's ok!" David repeats over and over again to Sarah.
"No it's not, I don't know what to do?" Sarah replies through her
Sarah continues to sob and soon her body in exhausted and she soon
falls into an exhausted slumber.

Part 10:

Some time during the afternoon David has moved Sarah into hewr
trailer and now Sarah awakes to find her self lying on her bed in her
trailer with David under her stroking her hair.
"Hey." Sarah replies to David as she looksup at him.
"Hi." David responds.
"So what now?" Sarah asks,
"I don't know but whatever you want I'll support you." David replies.
"Yeah I know, but i don't know what to do?"Sarah replies.
"What do you want to do?" David asks
"I want to be with you!" Sarah replies as she tightens her hold on
"I want to be with you more than anything in the world. Sarah I know
I've made alot for mistakes in my life but you are the one thing in
my life that was never and will never be a mistake." David replies to
"That's exactly how I feel" Sarah replies
"So what are you going to do about Freddie" David asks
""Break up with , there's nothing else to do!" Sarah replies,
"Well since that's taken care of what do you say we get reaquanted
with one another." Sarah replies as she moves her head towards
David's mouth and soon nomore words were spoken or heard.

Part 11:

6 Months later, Sarah and David are happily living together and very
much in love.
"David honey, can you hurry up remember we have to meet everyone at
7:00 for dinner, and  it's already 6:00. Come on you look gorgeous!"
Sarah calls into thier bedroom.
"Coming let me just get something! "David replies as he reaches into
his underwear drawer to
retrieve a small box and places it in his inside jacket pocket.
AT THE RESTAURANT: They are meet by the gang(meaning Buffy and Angel
cast members) and soon dinner is finsihed and they are all sitting
around talking while having drinks and dessert.
"Excuse me all, if I could have everyone's attention for a moment."
David asks the table.
"What's going on David? " Sarah asks.
David does not comment on her question right away but bends down on
one knew before her and then speaks.
"Um, Sarah the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one. I
was just to naive to realize it. You make me complete and I hope
you'll make me complete forever. Sarah Michelle Gellar, will you make
me the luckiest man in the world and marry me?" David asks as he
takes out the ring and shows it to all.
Sarah has utter shock written all over her face and suddenly she
"YES! Yes I will" Sarah replies as she pulls David up and kisses him
hard on the lips.
David smiles into her mouth and they break apart while David places
the ring on her finger.
"Congratulations you guys!" The gang all states.
"And If you guys can listen for one more announcement!" Sarah replies
as she reaches for David's hand.
"Umm, I don't have a speech prepared and don't really know how to say
this but here goes. I'm Pregnant and about 3 and a half months."
Sarah announces to all.
"Double congratulations, you guys!" Charisma replies
"I'm going to be an aunt!" Aly replies
"Are you serious?" David asks
"Yeah and I'm not lying ! Here look!" Sarah responds as she reaches
into her purse and pulls out several sonogram pictures to show to him.
"I love you!" David professes.
"I love you more!" Sarah replies as she presses her lips to his.
For the rest of the night they celebrate the new engagment and soon
to be baby

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