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All us S/D believers still believe that they DID have a relationship at one time.
How could they not?
They have been seen together on serious ocasions flirting and what not.
They showed their affection on and off screen!
And on, on screen all I can say is WOW! That is some chemistry going on!!!
But now here comes the sad part!
When everyhting was going fine, them together and happy I suppose.
they go and break up whatever they had had. Why? I ask Why!?
I have read and heard from people and magazines or whatever that they were having problems with David's former wife Ingrid.
But I don't know if that is true.

Now they are different shows and networks and for some reason have lost touch with one another.
Why? I do not knoe.
David is married to a former playboy girl, Jamie Bergman, who is an actress on the show 'Son Of The Beach.
When i heard this I was furious! I couldn't believe it!!!
They have only known each other for a few months and he pops the question while hiking or whatever!
AND! here comes the best part! She pregnant! Is that only reason they rushed to get married?
I mean come on David? did ya at least think about it?
I'm still pretty mad about this.
As for Sarah
She herself is engaged to actor Freddie Prinze Jr.
They have known each other for quite a while now, they both starred in the movie 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and just kept in touch I guess. They are now to appear together in the movie 'Scooby Doo'.
I was mad when i heard that they were engaged. But now I'm happy for them. They make a cute couple. (But I STILL think she looked cuter with David.)
They have not set a date for when their wedding will be
Overall. I'm glad that they are happy.
But why with other people?!?!
What happened you two?!?!?!
You were and still cute together! and the chemistry! the chemistry!!!!!!
BUT whenever I see Jaime or Freddie on TV I'll start yelling. hehe.
Even though they are married and about to be married I'm STILL A S/D believer! and always will be!!!!!