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How Could An Angel Break My Heart

This is sort of a sequel to A Little Homemade Ass Kickin'


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Title: How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Author: Nicky

Synopsis: Buffy laying in bed during the sixth season, thinking about Angel and Cordelias relationship, and how she wants him back.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything. The song is by Tony Braxton, and Babyface. It is an absolutely beautiful song.

Timeline: Season six Buffy, Season three Angel. Or I guess more like next season of both shows.

Distribution: My website, all the list that I am on...and anyone else who asks.

Authors Notes: Blah, blah, blah!! Oh yeah, I wrote this in exactly five minutes. Thanks.

Feedback: Of course. My email is nickypoo2004@yahoo.com


She sat and stared at the sun sizzling behind the horizon. He couldnt look at the sun. He would combust. And right now, she wouldnt mind combusting, and flailing into bits that drift far away from where she was. She half smiled. She wondered where he was. Wait. She knew. In the arms of his new lover. Her enemy. Cordelia. She had never thought that when Angel told her to move on, that he would, and not her. She was so blind sighted. She knew. A tear ran down her cheek. The sky was such a pretty orange, blue color. She wanted to freeze this moment in time.

I heard he sang a lullaby
I heard he sang it from his heart
When I found out thought I would die
Because that lullaby was mine

She had to admit that she would always think of him as hers. Even when Rileys kiss was on her lips, or when Spikes cold body was warming hers, she wished that everything would disappear. And that Angel would walk toward her in the sunlight, and she would hear a beautiful thump, thump sound. She loved him, even in her ignorance, she loved him. She closed her eyes, and imagined him kissing Cordelia. She began to cry.

I heard he sealed it with a kiss
He gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because his kiss belonged to me

And then she knew. He would always belong to her. He stole her heart at sixteen, and he had yet to give it back. She wryly smiled. Sometimes, she wished more than anything to have her heart back. Her chest always felt squeezed, and sometimes dying would be better then the pain that was her love for him. He was in Cordelias grasp now. In her arms. When Cordelia told her that she would have Angel one day, she never believed her. She should have listened. She should have cared.

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

She wiped another tear away from her pink cheeks. She had wished so many nights for him to tell her that he was coming back, that he loved her still. But that had never happened. She didnt believe in wishing anymore.

I heard her face was white as rain
Soft as a rose that blooms in May
He keeps her picture in a frame
And when he sleeps he calls her name

God she hated loving him. Yet, she lived to do so at the same time. He had told her that he loved Cordelia now, and that she should just get over what they had. He said that what they had was beautiful while it lasted. Those words ran over and over in her head. While it lasted. She had been so caught up in the fantasy of them that she didnt even see it coming to an end. But she swore, that when Angel had told her it was over, his eyes were pleading with her. To take him away. To take him away from all the pretending. The pretending that he didnt need, or want her. She should have done it.

I wonder if she makes him smile

The way he used to smile at me
I hope she doesn't make him laugh
Because his laugh belongs to me

When she thought of him looking at Cordelia, she cringed. She had enjoyed kicking his ass. She had to admit. She wanted him to feel her pain. She could see it in his eyes. He hurt. And somehow, she could see that it wasnt just physically. He had felt the wrath of her heart. Her very broken heart.

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

She needed to move on. Like he said. Forget. Why did those words sound so familiar, and yet so foreign? She knew she would never forget. You just cant pick up the shattered pieces of your heart, and put them back together. It just doesnt work that way. Her heart was shattered. Not broken. It was unfixable.

Oh my soul is dying, it's crying
I'm trying to understand
Please help me

And somehow she could feel herself falling. At pace that she couldnt control. She closed her eyes. She wanted to fall. If he didnt want her, she wanted to fall forever.

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

And she did. She fell inside herself. Her tears mixed with her pain. She was falling, and no one could stop her. Except for him. His words, his love, his arms.